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  1. Rye House 2018

    Plenty of dirt for the riders to collect and use to garden at the gate. Imagine out the pits onto the motoX track to the highest point wave to the crowd collect a bucket of dirt while your up there and then off to the starting gate to deposit the dirt in your selected rut ( while maintaining full control of the bike at all times)
  2. Tragedy Kenny Carter

    I have this book on my kindle and have read it several times. Kenny was not everyone's cup of tea and yes he had his demons. He also had a belief that he knew he could beat every other rider he came up against and second place to him in a race was like coming last. He also had an opinion on most things speedway and called it as he saw it and this alone turned many people against him, BUT to me all these things make a great speedway rider. One things for sure when he pulled on an England vest he was a proud man and in every race he had you could virtually see the red, white and blue pulsing through his veins.
  3. Chris Morton will he get involved in speedway again.?

    I don't see why not because there are plenty of others over the years who have dragged and dropped clubs, riders and the sport in general into the mire who have kept going within the sport in one guise or another.
  4. Swindon Stadium

    Looking at the plans for car parking alone I see that there are 456 car parking spaces, 13 disabled spaces (15 marked on drawing) and parking for 3 coaches. Don't want to knock anything but where is the overflow carpark going to be? I'm sure there will be more cars attending than that for some meetings. Also with only 3 spaces to park coaches will there be no more big meetings held at the Abbey? I think I've also seen more than 24 motor cycles attending ANY speedway meeting at any venue I have been to over the past 40 years. I just hope the council put a "Fit for purpose clause" in the specification / contract and stick rigid to it. Just my thoughts on first view of plans.
  5. That was the 1971 season when the Lions raced at Newport for a meeting because their season didn't start at home until June (if I remember right) and there was a problem slotting them in the fixtures . I always thought it was a strange choice of track to race the fixture on, thought they would have gone for one on the London tracks at the time so more home fans would have gone. ........ Also A young brilliant swede by the name of Tommy Jansson rode for Wembley and scored 1point
  6. Everyone has there opinion and there are loads of thoughts and comments on "should be's" and "could be's" along with "what if's" and "maybe's" but at the end of the day Swindon are play off champions over the two legs and the real winners for me (apart from Swindon) were ......................... British Speedway and all that viewed the matches either at the tracks or on the TV. I think it was a great advert for British Speedway and the riding and action in both matches for me was just BRILLIANT.
  7. I thought they all had shotguns because that way they cant just shoot themselves in the foot ............ they blow the bloody thing off.
  8. Coventry 2017

    How can you defend Sandhu, Horton, Brandon Estates or the BSPA ? , and at he same time how can you blame Sandhu, Horton, Bandon Estates or the BSPA ? After all the pages about Coventry, the stadium and the lot listed above the only TRUE fact that is known up to now is that there is no team running next season called Coventry Bee's. Everything else about whats gone on are thoughts and hearsay sofar, HELLS BELLS we are speedway supporters so we are expected to know nothing, say nothing and just continue to hand over our hard earned money to someone or other during the season and be grateful for what we get. The chances of 99% of us finding out the real truth about what is / has been going on in the near future is next to nil. Everyone please remember we are all as speedway supporters just mushrooms (as in kept in the dark and just fed a constant supply of Bullsh1t)
  9. Sky To Pull Out.

    I think your right as in league professional speedway as we know it. I think the sport will survive but on a amateur basis, its going to have to re-group, re-brand and be re-born to try and get back to the dizzy heights it once held.
  10. Tony Mole Retirement

    Mr speedway Tony Mole the man who time and time again has put his hand in his pocket and saved or resurrected so many clubs over the years all because of his love of the sport. The man has certainly earned and deserves his retirement and I for one would love to see him enjoying his speedway standing on the terraces without the problems and worries that must go with the promotion of meetings each week. I also believe that the very least the speedway authority's can do is GIVE THE MAN A TESTIMONIAL. Ok he may not be a rider but if there is one person who deserves one for his services to this sport called speedway it has to be Tony.
  11. Swindon 2017

    I hope Swidon have a clause in the contract stating that the new stadium and track has to be complete, fully operational and the track 100% ready and ridable before they vacate the exsisting stadium. We dont want another Belle Vue opening meeting fiasco. If not I can see a digger ploughing its way right cross the existing track and stadium as soon as the team vacates it rendering the team without a track to ride in two unfit stadiums.
  12. Most Luckless Performance In A Meeting By A Rider

    But then the bad luck turned to good luck for one of the russians who ended up borrowing and riding the one and only Bert Harkings bike on the night (which was proberly faster than the russians own at that time) but ........ ....... bad luck then struck again when I believe Berts bike ended up rather bent after landing on the dog track after the ruskies had a coming together with the unlucky Briggo that night.
  13. Your First Taste Of Speedway

    Wimbledon 1968 not sure who it was against now (something in my head says Halifax) but I was only 11 and I was just mesmerised at the time by the speed, the smell and the flying dirt (as I then thought) off the back wheel. I came away from that meeting dreaming of the next week and maybe one day riding in the team alongside my new super high speed hero Olle Nygren.