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  1. tonyd

    Wally Lloyd

    Wally Lioyd also had a motor spares shop in Ealing Road, Wembley. It was still there in the early 80s when I left the area, I don't know who owned or run it then but it was a well known and well supported shop for years.
  2. In terms of the success of Barry Bishop and Co at the Isle of White this year with keeping the track open, successful crowds, good access to riders, track, stadium and pits by the crowd along with well presented meetings with lots of races / action for your money I just wonder if other promoters / tracks could be thinking at affiliating themselves to NORA motorsport as well? With the loss of Eastbourne this year already, Newcastle possibly next year and Somerset a non starter this year along with possibly more to follow next year could it be worth the while of some teams maybe joining the Warriors shale track racing club at NORA motorsport and maybe having a bit more of a free hand in promoting and presenting a meeting than they do now. Who knows if even six or seven tracks moved across there would be the making of a possible start to league racing. Just a thought but it could be the start of the breakaway people are always talking about.
  3. tonyd

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    Sorry speedway does not need re-inventing the promotion of the sport needs re-inventing and the blueprint for it is already in place. One has to look no further than Barry Bishop and co of the Wightlink Warriors / Wightlink Wizards speedway club and the way they promote the sport not just on the island but across the board. Speedway GB effectively forced them out of the league with their accept this or pi$$ off attitude and when they did go and they joined another proper recognised organisation they still tried putting obstacles in there way to stop them running. And running they are putting on a show that attracts the crowds that enjoy the show and keep on coming back for more just look at the amount of races / entertainment the crowd get to enjoy for the same few hours that other tracks take to run 15 heats. (I bet the IOW get a bigger crowd to watch the tractor grade the track than some clubs get to watch a match). NO speedway doesn't need re-inventing its just the dinosaurs running this great sport (Directors and Promoters) that need re-educating or removing so someone / some people with a vision and understanding that the way its being run now and has been run for years is way past its sell by date. Speedway is a sport BUT the general public want ENTERTAINMENT for the dosh there spending and that is not just 14 riders over 15 races (and possibly 2 or 3 of the same riders with a different opposition vest on every match) Rant over.
  4. I think your right, I believe speedway in the UK has to take a couple of steps backward to be able to move forward to stand a chance of survival. Semi professional / amateur riders with weekend racing where possible I think would be a good starting point. A professional league with there super fast expensive laydown bikes and the rest on upright machines and before anyone says another bike is more expense remember many riders today have 3 or 4 bikes to run and maintain back in the 60 /70s most riders had one upright machine that they used and kept going for a full season. I wait to be shot down by some.
  5. Agreed but how much longer has the sport got in the UK being run the way it is at present. ?
  6. As for thinking a independent body would not work because they know nothing of the sport how about the way its run at present by team owners .......... be honest does it look like they know a lot about the sport ? They all know about there own club and its needs though.
  7. The sport is not on its arse at all because in reality the sport in this country is laying in an open grave waiting for someone to fill it in. Until someone (independent) grabs the sport in this country by the balls and says we are going to do THIS things will never change because the longer it goes on as it is the more earth there is going to be piling up on that coffin.
  8. tonyd


    The quote of “details to be revealed in due course” really means " if and when we think of something we will let you know"
  9. tonyd

    Jason Garrity

    I used to work on large motorway projects where drug and alcohol tests were the norm as there was a total zero tolerance to both on site. Every day a minimum of 10 people were tested, a simple test of pee in a special container, snap the lid down shake and place on desk. then you watched the container together with the tester to see if the crystals change colour. A simple effective test that caught many out. The only time it was known to give a false reading was if you were taken certain prescribed drugs and the testers always asked pre test if you were taking anything. (and don't speedway riders have to declare prior to a meeting any strong prescribed drugs they are taking?)
  10. tonyd

    Corona virus

    If speedway gets going next year even with the corona virus still around what will happen if there is a local outbreak and there is a localised shutdown? What will happen if the club involved cannot complete there fixtures next season due to it, will they be penalised or fined ? Worst still what happens if the shutdown results in the club closing down do the BSPA have a emergency fund to help out in this situation. So many questions that the clubs might want answered before putting pen to paper for 2021. This Corona virus is here to stay for a while yet.
  11. tonyd

    Corona virus

    I would say that speedway this season virtually imposable, maybe the odd track could stage an open meeting or two in October. Covid19 is going to be around for years to come and something that is going to have to be dealt with locally like Leicester each time. Come the winter they are already talking of a second wave with a big spike in numbers again and the possibility of further lockdowns and if that happens the 2021 season could be heading for a late start as well for some if not all. If this happens will speedway in this country as we know it survive?
  12. The longer this lockdown goes on will it create even further long term problems for our sport? We all know that no one goes into speedway promotion these days to make there fortune and the longer this lockdown goes on the possibility the shorter the season (or any season) we will see and the bigger losses they could entail. I would have thought promotions have already spent many pounds in readiness for this season which is now on hold. The problem is when the lockdown is over it will not mean crowds will be allowed to gather together again at sporting or any other such events straight away, the crowd ban could go on for a while yet after the lockdown is over. Could the unthinkable happen and with the longer this goes on some promotions / teams decide to cut there losses and not operate this year, giving it a miss and coming back to the tapes next year? Could some stadiums / track owners with no income coming in (and the longer this goes on) be thinking about cutting there losses and possibly selling up? Could some riders think that a shorter season is not worth coming back for this year and sit it out saving there equipment for next year? If and when the season starts will the riders at home around the world be able or be allowed to travel back to this (or any other country) to continue there riding here?. Come to that will some riders be allowed to hop around Europe to several counties each week? Could some teams find themselves short of riders if / when the season starts? Could when all this is over and normality resumes some people not want to stand around mixing in crowds again, this corona virus is not going to totally disappear overnight. This I know is not a happy read BUT it is just some of the thoughts I have had about the possibility's this virus could cause to our sport. There are probably hundreds more problems to add to the above as well. Anyone else got any thoughts or am I just talking rubbish?
  13. British speedway used to lead the world and my personal thoughts are that a revert back to two valve uprights is a must to save this sport in this country. True top riders might stay away to start with but on the flip side of the coin as someone said above most top riders have equipment in each country they ride in so what's to stop them having a upright setup here? Plus it will sort out the men from the boys a big part of uprights was throttle control something many modern riders would have to learn again. The other thing of course is that maybe other countries after a couple of seasons will see the cheaper running costs and think seriously about their long term future as well. With a revert back to uprights maybe its also time to bring back the track spare. Remember that tatty looking machine that was warmed up and parked at the back of the pits at each meeting and then ….. bike problems and the spare was rushed out for the home rider to jump onto, not his own machine or set up but every home rider could nearly always get it round the track into the points.
  14. tonyd

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    It's been a long time since the last post on here but does anyone know how Blair (and his family) is getting on? Hope he is doing well addiction is a terrible thing to live with, go through or recover from.
  15. I am supprised (ok maybe not) and disapointed that Speedway GB have not got a good write up on there site today along with a few pictures and maybe a short video excerpt of the meeting, after all this could be the way forward and save the day for this great sport we call SPEEDWAY.

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