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  1. tonyd

    Mildenhall New Owner

    I think that is a valid quote he has made AND what many many supporters have been saying on various speedway forums and pages for years.
  2. Something needs to be done about riders contracts as it stands at present a rider signs for a club to ride for them for a season but he hits a bad patch and ends up being dropped and replaced OR another rider gets injured and to fit a new rider in to the averages rider X gets dropped and replaced by a lower averaged rider either way rider X who has invested £xxxx in machinery for the season ends up teamless and unemployed. On the other hand a rider who falls out with the promotion for whatever reason and refuses to ride ends up with a fine and a minimum 28 day ban. In either scenario it's always the rider that ends up suffering with no protection at all but the promotion just carry on. I would love to see riders contracts challenged in court because I bet they are not worth the paper they are written on in many cases.I
  3. tonyd

    Rye House 2018

    If Rye are to return in 2019 then I think they should enter the National League with a team, after the fiasco this year they need to ........ 1) start from scratch again 2) walk before they can run 3) build up the fan base again (and the fans belief in BMR again) 4) Build a team they can afford and survive the season 5) ensure they run on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Ambition is great and BMR had / have plenty of that but for that you also have to have deep pockets and it seems you have to ensure your face fits and be in with the right click of people when your sitting around the table at the big HQ. BMR need to look back over the Silver years, many people moaned about Len (including me) as a promoter, his teams, and his presentation but and its a BIG but at least he gave us speedway virtualy every weekend throughout the season for a great number of years.
  4. tonyd


    I dont think all promoters loose money year on year, some do some dont BUT I do believe that speedway must be a nice tax offset if someone has a thriving buisness outside the sport.
  5. tonyd

    Rye House 2018

    Rye House has been a weekend track since the birth of speedway, even when Len ran the odd mid week match over the years the crowds were down compared to Saturday nights.
  6. tonyd

    Advertise in Asda

    Everyone thinks that ....... in fact everyone knows that ........ and if the speedway ruling classes had any sence then this would be the number one item on the agender at the next and every future BSPA meeting BUT I think there is more chance of collecting rocking horse droppings than this happening.
  7. tonyd

    Fewer meetings and Rain Offs

    We were spoilt for choice back in the day Steve Then back in the 70s I lived in Wembley (just off the A40) and 70/71 I could walk to wembley stadium as a kid to see my beloved Lions and after they closed it was off to Wimbledon. For this I had to get a lift either from parents or friends BUT there was always some speedway supporter I knew around my area who went each week and had a spare seat in the car. When I was 18 I had passed my test and owned a car and the world was my oyster and I was spoilt for choice, Monday Reading. Wednesday White City, Thursday Wimbledon, Friday Hackney. The weekend was Swindon Saturday or maybe Canterbury, Sunday was maybe Eastbourne. Or maybe a weekend of it with Canterbury Saturday and onto Eastbourne Sunday sleeping in the car or a tent. Cannot say I done all the tracks every week but if I had enough for a tank of petrol entrance fee and a programme then I was off. Then while on the road you would get a toot and a wave from a passing speedway fan when they spotted your car adorned with various speedway stickers or sun visors (or the big action speedway rider a lot had in our back windows). Happy days never to return.
  8. tonyd

    Fewer meetings and Rain Offs

    Hawk127 has hit the nail squarely on the head in the above post " All very sad and no doubt many more will get out of the habit of going" I know I have already. From being a regular at Rye I stopped going each and every week in about 2008/9 and just started picking and choosing my meetings. Moved to the East Midlands in 2012 and not been to a meeting since coming up here and now get my fix via television, internet, youtube and dvd. Sad I know and Im sure many on here will say im not a true supporter BUT watching it this way I dont have to drive for xxx amount of miles each way, stand around in a clapped out stadium and go home £30 or £40 lighter in the pocket and moan about the meeting or lack of meeting at the end of the day. Plus the best bit of watching speedway my way is that if its crap there is always the off switch or something on another channel. High speed bikes with lay down engines and slick tracks I think killed it for me its all open throttle and hang on today ........ what happened to throttle control and riders natural skill and ability? I think whats even sadder is that im 61 this year and I just cannot see myself attending another live meeting
  9. tonyd

    Rye House 2018

    Plenty of dirt for the riders to collect and use to garden at the gate. Imagine out the pits onto the motoX track to the highest point wave to the crowd collect a bucket of dirt while your up there and then off to the starting gate to deposit the dirt in your selected rut ( while maintaining full control of the bike at all times)
  10. tonyd

    Tragedy Kenny Carter

    I have this book on my kindle and have read it several times. Kenny was not everyone's cup of tea and yes he had his demons. He also had a belief that he knew he could beat every other rider he came up against and second place to him in a race was like coming last. He also had an opinion on most things speedway and called it as he saw it and this alone turned many people against him, BUT to me all these things make a great speedway rider. One things for sure when he pulled on an England vest he was a proud man and in every race he had you could virtually see the red, white and blue pulsing through his veins.
  11. tonyd

    Chris Morton will he get involved in speedway again.?

    I don't see why not because there are plenty of others over the years who have dragged and dropped clubs, riders and the sport in general into the mire who have kept going within the sport in one guise or another.
  12. tonyd

    Swindon Stadium

    Looking at the plans for car parking alone I see that there are 456 car parking spaces, 13 disabled spaces (15 marked on drawing) and parking for 3 coaches. Don't want to knock anything but where is the overflow carpark going to be? I'm sure there will be more cars attending than that for some meetings. Also with only 3 spaces to park coaches will there be no more big meetings held at the Abbey? I think I've also seen more than 24 motor cycles attending ANY speedway meeting at any venue I have been to over the past 40 years. I just hope the council put a "Fit for purpose clause" in the specification / contract and stick rigid to it. Just my thoughts on first view of plans.
  13. That was the 1971 season when the Lions raced at Newport for a meeting because their season didn't start at home until June (if I remember right) and there was a problem slotting them in the fixtures . I always thought it was a strange choice of track to race the fixture on, thought they would have gone for one on the London tracks at the time so more home fans would have gone. ........ Also A young brilliant swede by the name of Tommy Jansson rode for Wembley and scored 1point
  14. Everyone has there opinion and there are loads of thoughts and comments on "should be's" and "could be's" along with "what if's" and "maybe's" but at the end of the day Swindon are play off champions over the two legs and the real winners for me (apart from Swindon) were ......................... British Speedway and all that viewed the matches either at the tracks or on the TV. I think it was a great advert for British Speedway and the riding and action in both matches for me was just BRILLIANT.
  15. I thought they all had shotguns because that way they cant just shoot themselves in the foot ............ they blow the bloody thing off.

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