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  1. Hel'n'Back

    Leicester 2019

    MOTO3/2/GP, British/World Superbikes outclass speedway at the moment
  2. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2019

    I'm not impressed with the change to Sunday meetings as we follow other motosports which happen on a Sunday plus family commitments. Good luck to Sheffield Speedway and I hope you will attract more support from families but you will have lost regular supporters who cannot now regularly attend.
  3. Neutral viewer and the Referee made totally shocking decisions tonight! Getting fed up of Referees messing it up...
  4. Hel'n'Back

    Torun 2018

    Well done Tai!
  5. The home straight was in darkness too!!
  6. Obviously Scunthorpe don't like the track the same as at Sheffield
  7. Don't understand, so next year the Leicester Lions will be riding at Owlerton, when they have a purpose built stadium at Leicester?
  8. Some shocking decisions from the referee, so many heats should have been pulled back with riders jumping the start.
  9. Agree, last weeks meeting was far more entertaining than last night but then the weather was a spoiler last night.
  10. Hel'n'Back

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Well done Sheffield, we retain our title!
  11. It was unfortunate for James as he was leading a race and had an EF.
  12. Hel'n'Back

    Lakeside v Sheffield 13 July

    I think Sheffield have found a gem in Broc, first visits to Scunthorpe and Lakeside and top scorer!
  13. Hel'n'Back

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Abit like Sheffield last year with injury woes..... good luck
  14. Cooper Riordan has already been confirmed as riding. Can't wait to see him ride after seeing his spins after recent meetings.

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