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  1. bluejam

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    I am fortunate that i haven't had to travel that far to OT this morning which makes things a little more bearableI really feel for those having travelled distances,booked hotels,taken time off work etc,etc only to be let down on the day!!
  2. bluejam

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    On my way to Old Trafford as I text and have just found out the match being off!!
  3. Folk such as UK Martin wouldn't give a flying fig for the footie on TV and leave a speedway meeting after 4 heats tbh There are life long supporters walking awayThere are obviously serious problems which aren't being addressed
  4. Blood pressure is ok so I'm toldSomething that Barry the Cat mentioned that were no issues until this season.Led to believe as I mentioned earlier that Brum now have a very experienced track person in John Priest so don't know why ardent supporters are heading for the exits after 4 heats Actually reading Marshall07 post seems to make a lot of sense!
  5. In what way do I need to calm down?Good to hear you have your track issues sorted
  6. WTFA clown complaining about Brum track after the debacle at your s h i t pit at the end of August
  7. No there were no issues as far as I remember(missed less than 10 meetings both home and away from the 2007 comeback till Alan Phillips decided to f**k it).Come to think of it there may have one issue when Somerset rode and wanted the track surface bladed
  8. Your team won after threatening to refuse to ride,so what exactly is the problem?Something Brum need to fix not Redcar
  9. But your team were refusing to race after heat 4So it's all ok cos you took the points
  10. Sorry bud I was just checking how many games i could make at the Ricoh Arena this coming season
  11. You're 2 pts down with 5 heats to goThe Bears should take all 4 pts
  12. I absolutely loved the place on a Friday night,
  13. Have you ever thought of moving house?
  14. Haven't the riders from the two teams done a track walk before the meeting commenced?

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