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  1. bluejam

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Kenny Carter,Hans Nielsen,Per Jonsson.
  2. Do Laurence Rogers and Tai get on?
  3. On holiday in the area and when taking the train from Berwick Station this afternoon I noticed that there were flyers under every windscreen wiper in the car park for the £10 offer.Hope you get a huge crowd!
  4. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Searching through transport options over the weekend Neila via Google maps and Lime comes up(that's the scooters).Think you have to register before using them.It was quite funny actually seeing these scooters just abandoned all over Warsaw!
  5. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Yes it was City side of the bridge from what we've been told and it was a collision with a motor vehicle,so probably was what you saw. Our friend is home and OK.Cheers for asking.
  6. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Accidents waiting to happen indeed!!One of our party who decided to make his way back to the City after the GP on these scooters ended up in Solec Hospital after being knocked unconscious!!Kept in hospital for observation and also transferred to another hospital for a neurological CT scan!Medical advice was to fly home today and not yesterday as scheduled!!Other than that,it was a cracking weekend with Legia Warsaw being at home too on Sunday evening with volleys of tear gas being dispersed long after the match finished!!
  7. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Bialy i Czerwony Duzers!!
  8. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Been an absolute pleasure watching Rob Lambert here in Warszawa this evening!He has ridden his nuts off!!
  9. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Same Krafty,Nowomiejska 10.Bardzo Dobrze
  10. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Same Krafty,Nowomiejska 10.Bardzo Dobrze
  11. bluejam

    Warsaw 2019

    Hope this helps teaboy279:- https://bagbnb.com/luggage-storage/wroclaw
  12. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Is Charles Wright still available?
  13. bluejam

    2019 NL Season

    Has he got a valid train ticket.
  14. bluejam

    Speedway bike for sale

    Has Chris Bambury thrown it all in JJ?
  15. bluejam

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Crap track walk!!Purveys a 'Grandad' image of speedway in 2018. Attending Loomer Rd whoever you support will put you off speedway for life!!

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