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  1. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Is Charles Wright still available?
  2. bluejam

    2019 NL Season

    Has he got a valid train ticket.
  3. bluejam

    Speedway bike for sale

    Has Chris Bambury thrown it all in JJ?
  4. bluejam

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Crap track walk!!Purveys a 'Grandad' image of speedway in 2018. Attending Loomer Rd whoever you support will put you off speedway for life!!
  5. bluejam

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    I only went as I'm on holiday in the area and it was a chance to catch up with my good buddy Paulco and other folk I haven't seen for close on 5 years! It's been beach weather everyday this week until this evening!You just couldn't make it up!! Congratulations to Sheffield Tigers(the last time I went the OTA Sheffield won the Pairs event too v Brummies). Talking with a long established rider(someone I used to sponsor)who was telling me how really knackered British speedway has become.He actually is thinking of throwing it all in!!How has speedway in the UK reached this level?
  6. bluejam

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    A few years ago you'd be there with flags,inflatables and bottles of Bollinger!! It's fairly obvious at the moment(or maybe have been since season commenced)that Brum are a 4 person team.Who do we replace the under performers with at NL level? Enjoy the win!
  7. Tram 22 to Bila Hora will take you very close to Marketa. If you want a beer near Marketa there is no better than this brewpub:- https://www.klasternisenk.cz/ Avoid pubs and bars in central Prague.Too touristy and piss take prices!
  8. bluejam

    Stoke v Brummies NT Sat 21st April

    That was an absolute privilege watching The Brummies at Loomer Rd this evening.I even bumped into the legendary Potters supporter,Vog!
  9. bluejam

    Warsaw info

    http://www.piwpaw.pl/ Open 24/7
  10. My first ever trip to Poland for a speedway meeting was in 2010 to Zielona Gora v Leszno meeting(couldn't speak a word of Polish,but am good at it now ).Stood in Sektor K with the Falubaz kibice(supporters).17,000 in the stadium and was almost full an hour before racing commenced.Away supporters were frogmarched from a meeting point to the stadium(more police than supporters).The atmosphere is like nothing else you will experience at a speedway meeting and if you're unfortunate you'll get tear gassed by riot police trying to leave the stadium,but don't let that put you off.
  11. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    And was in the same pub as myself in Prague last Monday,same flight coming home,and followed me up and down the same escalator at Tottenham Hale Station and then got on the same tube train as me. I thought I was being stalked!!
  12. 32 heats of speedway racing for £11.Beer £1.20 a pint,glorious sunshine,great atmosphere and the local rider wins the event.What a great weekend!!
  13. Very enjoyable meeting.All 23 heats done and dusted in 2 hours and 15 minutes.Take a bow Christine Turnbull!Think this venue should hold a GP.Much improved since my last visit back in 2012.

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