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  1. This fixture was arranged less than two weeks ago to avoid a clash with football on TV
  2. pemburyeagle

    Plymouth v Poole 13/7/21 CL

    Didn’t Jason Crump make his debut for Plymouth at Scunthorpe some weeks ago…….
  3. pemburyeagle

    It might be all over for Rye House

    Whilst the south-east has lost far too many tracks, don’t forget Eastbourne........
  4. pemburyeagle

    Brothers In Speedway

    As we are delving into the past, let's not forget the Eastbourne contribution - with considerable support from other teams (as well as Paul and Martin Dugard, and Kennetts already mentioned). Paul Woods and his brother Phil Dean and Darren Standing The Danno brothers Bob and Eric Dugard Chris and Barrie Geer Scott and Stuart Robson Andy and Alan Grahame Mick and Andy Hines Paul and Steve Bosley I'm sure there are many more.........
  5. The correct spelling is Kieron. I believe his only appearance for Eastbourne was as number 8 in a league fixture at Swindon. Sadly Kieron died in the early 80s
  6. With apologies to Martin Goodwin and Richard Greer the vote from Pembury goes to Kelly Moran

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