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  1. ray c

    Poole 2019

    agree with you got t o have employment i believe
  2. ray c


    Never looks if bt take it serious enough to many weeks missed with no speedway
  3. It will be quite fitting if we win the league and it is matt ford last season it will be a honour for him !!!
  4. You got to admit though it as been more pleasant on here this morning
  5. Shovler dont needs gavans help to get banned he can do it easily on his own
  6. Give the pirates a bit of credit for a change
  7. Come on you pirates watching on the i pad in torquay on holiday
  8. Loram v hamill that was classic at poole many years ago
  9. Just an opinion in which you quote many times
  10. lets be honest our two reserves may struggle against allen and summers
  11. Not at all not expected to win are we
  12. 12 point deficit last time was to many over the two legs .All points to a somerset win really but stranger things have happened. ?
  13. We need to be close coming up to heat 13 because that is where it could be lost
  14. ray c

    Poole 2019

    quite agree but do you think jack would want to come back to poole im sure his career has come on bundles racing with doyley . so he actually may prefer to stay where he is depending how the leagues pan out next season of course
  15. ray c

    Poole 2019

    I think you should mind your own business and get back to cloud cuckoo land !!!
  16. I think we got to keep it close and keep it to eight points to win the second leg and that will be tight exciting though !!!
  17. ray c

    Poole 2019

    Living in Poole all my life and many years ago Wimbledon dons and the Wembley lions were the big names Poole was was was just a little provincial team can't compare really
  18. End of the day they got to gate gating is imperative if the track is the same as last time !!!
  19. Kelvin will be there they can have a loan of his
  20. if the track is the same as last time and if our boys cant get out the gate the score line could be the same as last time 51 39 or similar
  21. ray c

    Poole 2019

    Reading the article could or does imply that this could be matts last season at poole will be interesting to see how it all works out
  22. Free sports I would think same as last night and premier sports as well ?

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