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  1. Jack Holder and Klindt fixture clash with UK on Thursday !!!
  2. I read somewhere that he is visiting his specialist in Germany i think today to get a decision.
  3. I think our only chance is if the club Unia decide to stream it- if they do it’s bound to be late notification.
  4. racers and royals

    2019 FIM Long Track

    Is that on the way back from Gorican ?
  5. racers and royals

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    polish U21 championship MIMP Thursday August 15th Tarnow
  6. Final match of the regular season tomorrow Dackarna v kumla Indianerna(1st match Kum 37 Dac 53) Live on Freesports 6pm Here is the current table after tonight 1 Vetlanda pts 27 2 Dackarna pts 26 2 Vastervik 25 4 Eskilstuna Smederna pts 25 5 Lejonen pts 21 6 Kumla Indianerna pts 21 7 Piraterna pts 12 8 Rospiggarna pts 11 9 Masarna pts 9
  7. Just 1115 in Hallstavik to watch Rospiggarna v Piraterna and they got extra value for money with a bonus point run-off between Doyle and NKI which the Aussie won to give Rospiggarna all 3 points. AJ led the way with 14 Doyle 13 and Rasmus Jensen 11 the other double figure scorers for the Hallstavik team. NKI with 13 top scored for the Motala outfit with Huckenbeck supporting him on 11
  8. 1869 watched Dackarna demolish Masarna 61-29 in Malilla.Dudek 13 paid 14 led the way with 3 on 11- magic, Berntzon and Piotr Pawlicki.Masarna tried hard with Smolinski looking fast for the 2nd night in a row. Special mention for Hellstrom- Bangs a real talent.
  9. For somone who is only 16 years old, Philip Hellstrom- Bangs is going to be some rider !!! remember the name.
  10. BET 365 think Dackarna will win by 26 and Rospiggarna by 6 tonight.
  11. racers and royals

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    He might be named but it`s R/R
  12. No Michelsen for Piraterna tonight- R/R is being used- that`s the 2nd time recently he hasn`t ridden in Sweden. This is what Piraterna facebook have said " Unfortunately, we will have to do without mikkel tonight.He has been drawn with a virus for a longer time and we decided that he returns home to his family doctor to cure himself. We're going RR for him tonight" I wonder if he will be ok for Lublin on friday and the challenge on Saturday
  13. racers and royals

    New Forest Training Track 1958-1961

    Could it be longer ago than 53 years, because that doesn`t tie in with the OP`s years of operation ?
  14. Rospiggarna R/R for Fricke again tonight. Lovely weather in Dackarna.

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