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  1. racers and royals

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Why don`t those interested in finding out what the Showground are doing to now provide access to blue badge holders send a POLITE email to Jason Lunn venue director at JLunn@eastofenglandarena.com
  2. racers and royals

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020 tickets

    There is nothing on the Thursday and Friday apart from the GP qualifying on the Friday evening. Sunday is a reserve date for called off Extraleague, Nice Polska league and Div 2 matches earlier in the season. There could also be a Polish test match on the Sunday- venue and opponents TBA.
  3. Taken from Sportowefakty 01.05 - MSC Brokstedt - AC Landshut09.05 - MC Guestrow - MSC Brokstedt06.06 - MC Nordstern Stralsund - MSC Brokstedt14.06 - AC Landshut - MC Guestrow27.06 - MSC Brokstedt - MC Nordstern Stralsund27.06 - MC Guestrow - AC Landshut04.07 - MC Nordstern Stralsund - MC Guestrow24.07 - AC Landshut - MSC Brokstedt15.08 - MC Nordstern Stralsund - AC Landshut05.09 - MC Guestrow - MC Nordstern Stralsund20.09 - MSC Brokstedt - MC Guestrow10.10 - AC Landshut - MC Nordstern Stralsund
  4. racers and royals

    SEC 2020

    5 from the SEC challenge final and 5 picks from FIM Europe/Onesport- the picks cannot be GP riders.
  5. racers and royals

    SEC 2020

    Yes- the top 5 from 2019 namely Michelsen G Laguta Madsen Woryna Smektala
  6. racers and royals

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    Thanks for all your hard work from me and my grandson.
  7. racers and royals

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020 tickets

    Why not buy from kup billet- you are not going to get two together at this late stage however some of the sections have a very few tickets quite close to each other(row apart). The alternative is paying through the nose on someone like viagogo or take a chance on the day with a Polish tout !
  8. Google Svemo old website- it’s still live.
  9. racers and royals

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    That is the general sale release date- 12 noon UK time 1pm Polish time on Tuesday February 4th. If you haven’t bought from Wroclaw before you will need to have registered a new account, on their ticket sales web page, which i would do before hand.
  10. racers and royals

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    That will be 12 noon here.
  11. The only implication is that it didn’t help him in being in the top 4 for the GP qualification spots( he finished 5th !!!)
  12. Like how old are the Holder brothers ? which he was pretty close with 32 and 23
  13. Best race of the night !!!(no not really)
  14. Final scores(my arithmetic) Fricke 71 J Holder 62 Tungate 59 C Holder 57 Lidsey 55

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