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  1. We move on to round 10 on Friday and Sunday with the Polish Extraleague riders championship sandwiched in between them on Saturday( see separate thread) Friday August 14th Gorzow v Rybnik programme start time 4.30pm 1st race 5pm Eleven Sport 1 and Premier Sport 1 (5pm) Friday August 14th Lublin v leszno programme start time 7.15pm 1st race 7.30pm Eleven Sport 1 and Premier Sport 1 (7.30pm) Sunday August 16th Grudziadz v Zielona Gora programme start time 3pm 1st race 3.30pm N sport and Premier Sport 1 (3.30pm) Sunday August 16th Wroclaw v Czestochowa programme start time 5.45pm 1st race 6.15pm N sport and Premier sport 2 (6.15pm)
  2. I i was Janusz Kolodziej i would not be happy- 14 points up away from home and taken out of a ride. Although he has not scored big points he has given it a right go !!!
  3. Yes pages 30 and 31 https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:7a0accab-7689-4e11-b1c2-6662b33c01b8#pageNum=3
  4. racers and royals

    European U 19 Championships Fri/Sun 14th/16th August

    I have found the names of some of the 9 seeded riders- these will be Two competitors from Poland and Denmark and one from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany Jan Kvech Czech Rep Tom Brennan GB Alexander Kajbusev Russia David Pacalaj Slovakia ( wildcard)
  5. Teams confirmed in Czestochowa. Czesztochowa 9 Holta 10 Doyle 11 Lindgren 12 Przedpelski 13 Madsen 14 Swidnicki 15 Miskowiak 16 Kowalski Leszno 1 Sayfutdinov 2 Kolodziej 3 Smektala 4 Lidsey 5 Piotr Pawlicki 6 Kubera 7 Szlauderbach
  6. Not sure that C More televising it has resulted in any changes. Looks as if they are taking the same production as last season and presumably having some studio set up at the main match track as they used to( always fun when the papers blew away !!)
  7. racers and royals

    British final 2020

    What date was it on ?
  8. Line- up for Saturday Tarnow v Lodz - Kurtz dropped Unia Tarnów: 9. Kim Nilsson 10. Peter Ljung 11. Michał Gruchalski 12. Artur Mroczka 13. Ernest Koza 14. 15. Mateusz Cierniak Orzeł Łódź: 1. Norbert Kościuch 2. Aleksandr Łoktajew 3. Rohan Tungate 4. Hans Andersen 5. Marcin Nowak 6. Piotr Pióro 7. Aleksander Grygolec
  9. Line- up for Saturday`s match Rawicz 9. Bartosz Smektała 10. Anders Rowe 11. Damian Baliński 12. Keynan Rew 13. Jaimon Lidsey 14. Krzysztof Sadurski 15. Wittstock 1. Steven Mauer 2. Sandro Wassermann 3. Wiaczesław Monachow 4. Marcin Kościelski 5. Lukas Fienhage 6. 7. Lukas Baumann
  10. racers and royals

    European U 19 Championships Fri/Sun 14th/16th August

    Yes 1. Dennis Fazekas 2. Drew Kemp 3. Kacper Lobodzinski 4. Esben Hjerrild 5. Petr Chlupáč 6. Mika Meijer 7. Mario Niedermeier 8. Steven Goret 9. Ricards Ansviesulis 10. Ben Ernst 11. Daniel Šilhán 12. Ernests Matjusonoks 13. Jason Edwards 14. Daniel Klíma 15. Markus Maximus Lill 16. Leon Flint 17. Jan Macek 18. Pavel Kuchař
  11. The E Winner league div 1 have announced the round 9 matches( Fri and Sat Wroclaw GP`s) Friday August 28th Gdansk v Torun start time 3pm UK time N sport Saturday August 29th Gniezno v Lodz start time 3.30pm UK time N Sport Sunday August 30th Tarnow v Ostrow start time 1pm UK time N Sport Sunday August 30th Bydgoszcz v Daugavpils start time 1pm UK time NOT ON TV
  12. racers and royals

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Czestochowa + 2 with Bet 365
  13. Just watched the last match of the round Indianerna v Rospiggarna and in all truth it was pretty boring racing. Indianerna are really weak with only Pontus Aspgren scoring a well deserved 15 point maximum with Max Fricke scoring 11 from 5. Rospiggarna were more solid with Rasmus Jensen 12 and Kai Huckenbeck 10 leading the way.

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