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  1. racers and royals

    2019 SoN Draw

    From Speedway GP MONSTER ENERGY SON RACE OFF 1 LINE-UPS: CZECH REPUBLIC: 1 Vaclav Milik (captain), 2 Eduard Krcmar, U21 Jan Kvech. Also in squad: Josef Franc, Petr Chlupac (U21). GERMANY: 1 Kai Huckenbeck (captain), 2 Martin Smolinski, U21 Michael Hartel. Also in squad: Erik Riss, Lukas Fienhage (U21). ITALY: 1 Nicolas Covatti (captain), 2 Paco Castagna, U21 Michele Menani. Also in squad: Nicolas Vicentin. POLAND: 1 Maciej Janowski (captain), 2 Bartosz Zmarzlik, U21 Bartosz Smektala. Also in squad: Patryk Dudek, Maksym Drabik (U21). SLOVENIA: 1 Matej Zagar (captain), 2 Matic Ivacic, U21 Nick Skorja. SWEDEN: 1 Fredrik Lindgren (captain), 2 Peter Ljung, U21 Filip Hjelmland. Also in squad: Antonio Lindback, Alexander Woentin (U21). UKRAINE: 1 Andriy Karpov, 2 Aleksandr Loktaev, U21 Marko Levishyn.
  2. Let the concrete stay there but not on the racing side of the fence.
  3. With SEC qualification meetings at Poznan and Gorican on Saturday- the Polish TV action is only on Friday and Sunday this week.- all UK times Friday April 26th Extraleague Czestochowa v Lublin Eleven Sport 1 programme starts 4.30pm 1st race 5pm Friday April 26th Extraleague Zielona Gora v Grudziadz Eleven Sport 1 programme starts 7.15pm 1st race 7.30pm Sunday April 28th Nice Polska Rybnik v Tarnow Polsat sport programme starts 1.45pm Sunday April 28th Extraleague Leszno v Gorzow N Sport programme starts 2.30pm 1st race 3pm Sunday April 28th Extraleague Wroclaw v Torun N Sport programme starts 5.30pm 1st race 6pm
  4. Sorry Bavarian but i`m with the riders on this one- i would rather be asking how a proper Polish league track can be licensed when then have a concrete hazard on the track ? This was an important meeting for GP and SEC qualification places. Speedway racing is dangerous enough without placing extra hazards in the riders way !!
  5. Sunny intervals in Rzeszow today- hope the tracks in A 1 condition with no league speedway there this season.
  6. Not sure everything is rosy between Rybnik and Bewley. The Sportowefakty article is hard to understand but this is a Google translation of part of it " Daniel Bewley must change his behaviour - betrayed Piotr Żyto after the PGG ROW-Rybnik match with the Łódź Eagle." It could be something to do with Bewley being at Wroclaw last Sunday when Rybnik were in action at Gniezno.
  7. racers and royals

    Warsaw 2019

  8. racers and royals

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

  9. Not around tomorrow afternoon- TVP Sport come on air at 1.35pm UK time from the studio and at 1.55pm UK time from the track. They are scheduled to show it live on the internet(might be GEO blocked) https://sport.tvp.pl/tag?tag=transmisja+on-line Maniak are showing http://www.maniak.tv/kanal-10 possibly here https://supersportowo.com/stream7.html No Poland test match on May 1st now
  10. racers and royals

    Warsaw 2019

    Or if you like the 2nd part of qualifying- at 7pm they will have already had the 1st part of practice which has decided what order they will go to set their 1 minute flying laps to decide which position they chose to ride.
  11. Harris rode in France today https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/817487/liga-francuska-remis-w-morizes-zakonczyl-sezon-la-reole-mistrzem
  12. Nasty- inexperience from yellow is my view.
  13. No- this was going to be his Polish season debut. If you actually mean his Russian replacement yes.

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