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  1. Looks as if Premier Sport have decided that the Punters will not be interested in the 3rd/4th place play off 1st leg on Sunday !!!!! Edit 2nd leg not on schedule either.
  2. Links for today`s 1st semi - live on BT Sport 2 programme starts 4.30pm 1st race 5pm http://kergel.ucoz.lv/ http://www.drhtv.com.pl/drhtv-2.html http://assia.org/live/mix-sport6/?lang=pl https://daddylive.me/stream/stream-73.php
  3. Lindgren fit and rides. Grobauer replaces the injured Smolinski for Germany.
  4. racers and royals

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    All UK Covid 19 deaths reported today 158 1st dose vaccinations 48.5 M 2nd dose 44.2 M
  5. Yes - Kubera is better at the moment and Rafal Dobruchi obviously has more faith in him presently.
  6. 6 days before the 1st day.
  7. Sunday’s line-ups Leszno v Gorzow Leszno 9 Sayfutdinov 10 Kolodziej 11 Lidsey 12 Doyle 13 Piotr Pawlicki 14 Sadurski 15 Ratajczak 16 Gorzow 1 Wozniak 2 Thomsen 3 Vaculik 4 Karczmarz 5 Zmarzlik 6 Jasinski 7 Nowacki 8 Lublin v Wroclaw Lublin 9 Kubera 10 G Laguta 11 Hampel 12 Buczkowski 13 Michelsen 14 Lampart 15 Cierniak 16 Wroclaw 1 Woffinden 2 Chugunov 3 A Laguta 4 Panicz 5 Janowski 6 Liszka 7 M Curzytek 8(Bewley)- not named
  8. racers and royals

    Polish Extraleague Signings 2022

    Bellego is definitely leaving Bydgoszcz
  9. now live http://kergel.ucoz.lv/
  10. 73rd running of this big individual meeting .Starts at 11am UK time and is live on CT Sport Czech TV channel. Riders TBA
  11. Livee updates from 6pm https://rs.dmusport.dk/loeb/5469?fbclid=IwAR1t0s43aLFYO0aHNsxJcuIuzd87Sbn8bh6oLGB6iSsABSs2_-_U-FvasBc
  12. Timings confirmed Sunday September 26th Landshut v Opole 1st leg start time 11am UK time Motowizja Sunday October 3rd Opole v Landshut 2nd leg start time 1pm UK time Motowizja
  13. Timings confirmed Sunday September 26th Ostrow v Krosno 1st leg start time 1pm UK time N Sport Sunday October 3rd Krosno v Ostrow 2nd leg start time 3.30pm UK time N Sport
  14. racers and royals

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    All UK Covid 19 deaths reported today 201 1st dose vaccinations 48.4 M 2nd dose 44.1 M

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