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  1. racers and royals

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    All times Polish time Round 1 Saturday March 30th Lodz v Ostrow Eleven sport 20.15 Sunday March 31st Gniezno v Gdansk Polsat Sport 14.30pm Round 2 Saturday April 6th Rybnik v Lodz Eleven sport 20.15pm Sunday April 7th Gdansk v Tarnow Polsat sport 14.30pm Round 3 Saturday April 13th Tarnow v Ostrow Eleven sport 20.15pm Sunday April 14th Gniezno v Rybnik Polsat Sport 14.30pm Round 4 Monday April 22nd(Easter Monday) Lodz v Gniezno Eleven sport start time TBA Sunday April 28th Rybnik v Tarnow Polsat Sport 14.30pm
  2. racers and royals

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Eleven Sport Poland. No information as yet on Foreign TV deals for Polish league as far as i`m aware so every chance Premier/Freesports will again show. The Extraleague i`m sure would like others to be interested in bidding ie BT or SKY but not sure that will happen. With all 4 matches in each round being televised live domestically in Poland- Eleven 2 on Friday`s and N sport 2 on Sunday`s it will be interesting how many matches per round they will make available or be able to sell to foreign TV stations.
  3. racers and royals

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Not sure if this has been posted before but " left turn" is the story of World ice speedway champion Dmitry Koltakov
  4. racers and royals

    Polish Speedway Awards

    " scenic horse" is right for Zmarzlik- he galloped away at the top of the averages- or you could say he won it in a canter.
  5. racers and royals

    London History Site

    Found photo here(bottom photo) http://community.betfair.com/greyhounds/go/thread/view/94094/31498343/photos-of-park-royal-white-city-and-charlton#flvWelcomeHeader
  6. racers and royals

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Round 2 world championship Day 1 Saturday February 9th Shadrinsk Russia
  7. racers and royals

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Keep up Bavarian - already posted on previous page by yours truly
  8. Forgot that. Blimey practice is going to be a long affair now. It`s going to be nearly long enough for the riders required for the Extraleague fixtures to make it there.
  9. racers and royals

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    As i say i don`t expect any sympathy but other bookmakers price up on the morning of the GP. I however being the no 1 Bookmaker betting on speedway always price up at least 7 days before them and unable to alter the spread once posted, i am therefore always sweating on riders getting injured and now no longer a random draw. I haven`t become No 1 by accident as i will prove once again in 2019
  10. This is from the GP website " Each rider will get the option to take four practice runs in groups of three during a free practice session. The order in which riders take to the track will be predetermined by the FIM – not by the 2018 championship positions." Presumably the meeting WC gets his chance along with the 15 permanent riders to choose his start position - in which case 16 does not divide by 3 !! Edit wonder if that should have read 3 practice runs in groups of 4 ??
  11. racers and royals

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    Not sure if you punters are going to have a lot of sympathy for the poor old bookie- but yesterday`s announcement of qualifying times setting draw positions makes my job even harder. You can be assured however that i will leave no stone unturned in ensuring it`s Bookies 1 punters 0
  12. He is talking about the free practice before the flying laps, which determine 1 to 16 start. Presumably the slowest in free practice goes 1st in the flying laps.
  13. racers and royals

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Grigorij Laguta is riding for Lublin after May 15th- his suspension ends on March 11th but lublin cannot include him until the transfer window opens.
  14. racers and royals

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

  15. racers and royals

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    Gorzow Zmarzlik Czestochowa Madsen,Lindgren,Zagar Wroclaw Woffinden,Janowski Torun Doyle,NKI Grudziadz Lindback,Laguta Zielona Gora Dudek,Vaculik Unaffected Sayfutdinov,Kolodziej,Hancock so 31st may 5 riders August 1st 7 riders

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