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  1. If the rider unavailability is down to the Olympique at Wolverhampton that in my opinion is a pathetic reason for not running tonight- the BSPA should have insisted that klindt and Lawson pull out of the individual meeting.
  2. I gather that the Rye House stadium management have worked quickly to get a sponsor for Wednesday http://www.corelighting.co.uk/
  3. Hi Pawel - care to translate it for us. i`m certain you will do a better job than google . you have been very quiet lately, do you think Rzeszow are going to take the Nice Polska league by storm in 2019 ?
  4. Whatever they finally decide- tossing a coin might be an option you haven`t considered- Workington have 4 home matches to fit in between Thursday(1st one scheduled) and next Wednesday which is the last day of the month. utter madness !!!!
  5. The SCB/BSPA are taking their time to get a statement out today !!!
  6. My error- misread Updates.
  7. Didn`t help much in the 9 heats run
  8. Conspiracy theorists(i`m not one of them ) will be having a field day- the Rye house owners the team the SCB/BSPA threw out of the league have the last laugh !!!!
  9. With 10 days only of the season left surely the SCB will call the result as it stands after 9 heats 15.12 If a Team Meeting (15 heats or more) is abandoned after the completion of Heat 10 the result shall stand. If this is the 2 nd leg and the result is a draw, although an Aggregate result is required, the result will be calculated using the results of both legs, but giving precedence to the Team with the greater number of Heat wins e.g. 5-1 and 4-2 and if that remains undecided, then it is determined by the Team supplying the greater number of heat winners. In exceptional circumstances where the result is mathematically sure, following referral to the SCB, the Meeting may be awarded. yes the result is not mathematically sure- but didn`t they award a result( at Redcar ??) when also not mathematically sure.
  10. racers and royals

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    That’s because they have cut the team budget for 2019
  11. It won`t be all is well tomorrow at 4.50pm(5.50pm German time)
  12. Interesting article by Bartlomiej Ruta on the Sportowefakty website regarding him being at the premiership final 2nd leg at kings lynn. The Google translation leaves a bit to be desired but the gist is there. " In the face: England is not as scary as they paint it. We can still learn from them (column) Polish games are more professional than English. With us, in theory, everything is well done, but we do not have the slack and do this sport for the supporter, not for the money. Each slip increases due to the sensational level. I did not plan to appear in person in the Premiership finals this year. A combination of happy situations made me watch the match between Kings Lynn Stars and Poole Pirates live from the stands. This great experience allows me to compare Polish and English approach to slag. Speedway in English: This is motosport! Here the bones have to crack! (reportage) The British are better organized to handle the match matting. Perhaps this is because the infrastructure itself is weak and managing it is simpler. It's easier to handle 5,000 supporters than twice as much. This is just a detail, but the match program is sold after entering the stadium, and this speeds up the ticket sales process. Big queues unload very quickly. We miss that despite the fact that online sales have been introduced. Nothing makes you nervous like standing in long queues. How little professionalism is there, the situation with my accreditation shows. Our editorial staff sent an e-mail asking for confirmation, but neither we got an answer nor was I on the accredited list. However, this was not a problem, because after showing the ID card and a few words without unnecessary discussions, I was allowed into the media sector. My friend came along with me and brought me to the competition. To tell the truth, it was his first slag in life and he is not a person working in the media at all. We laughed later that basically every Pole living in the Islands can get a legitimation from the Alibaba editorial office and easily get free for each match. With us it would not pass. In Poland, the roller and concrete tracks are a standard. A sticky surface is a rarity, mainly found in heavy rainfall. For the English, it's a standard and they see nothing wrong with it. I wrote in my report that the first equation of the track was ordered there only after the 8th race, which was quite a shock for me. Yes, I admit that it was simply not necessary before, because the competitors went the route without problems. I do not understand why we have to slaughter, taking some advantage of this aspect of clubs on our own facilities. Specialists from our country are loudly shouting that the above actions increase the safety standard for players. Unfortunately, I have not seen any statistical comparison of the number of falls or the effects of injury. Such talk about theory, but without practical support in numbers. This is weak and I understand the outrage of the British, whose matches are often twice as exciting than ours. The islanders are aware of the fact that it is a motosport, not a chess party. They do not want to kill the spirit of the speedway. I like this approach, as well as the fact that they organize this sport at a greater ease. With us it is somehow stiff. As if everyone associated with the organization had tense buttocks from the moment of the motive on the match day. There, every fan can enter the car park, shoot a photo with the player and talk for a moment. Even a simple match program is friendlier for the fans, because even though it does not avoid advertising, it gives an extra allowance for keeping statistics of the starting fields or races won. The attention to the fan is at a high level, even without such an important element that most of them have to stand the whole meeting because of the few seats. I have no doubt that in our professionalism, our PGE Ekstraliga devours British breakfast games. We can argue whether the safety aspect for the players is at the appropriate level during English meetings, but there is no point in discussing whether in their approach the slag is for the fan. It is completely. However, it causes dangerous situations where small children stand close to the track during races, risking their health or even life, but the parent should take care of it. You should not think for others. Only that with us when a tragedy hits, we are looking for those guilty around us, not in ourselves. In Poland, the supporter loses his speedway experience, gaining safety. Everything takes place more professionally, at the same time giving cops more peace in the preparation and status of the demigods. Maybe it's bad, but I prefer it when everything is done to the last button, not organized as a madman. Such madness, acting on a madman of concern recently took place in the case of Grzegorz Zengota and Falubaz. The pupil of Zielona Góra was said not to be very elegant. A year ago, he returned to his home club with great joy, and today he got a four-letter kick. He had already said goodbye in a similar style once and now he is doing it again. Zengota is a very intelligent and sensible guy. I do not believe in his sky-high demands. Besides, the entire case is perfectly summarized by Falubaz himself. One day they write that there have been several meetings with the player. I remind you that this is information from the club's official website. The next day the rectifications and meetings were only two. For both information, the brawn player's bumble requests. However, seeing the lie of one and correcting the second day, one can draw the conclusion that the meetings themselves were more or less the same: the first one agreed with the player for a meeting, and on the second one he was thanked for cooperation. In general, it would not surprise me. The magic of Falubaz"
  13. It`s not the Championship final- it`s the Championship SHIELD final 2nd leg- if you have a good memory that`s the competition that started off the season !!!!!
  14. racers and royals

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Nicki Pedersen stays with Vastervik

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