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  1. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Oktiabrskij v Togliatti Friday 3rd August
  2. Sportowefakty have published this article today regarding the Polish TV coverage of the 2 Chorzow meetings in September. this i`m sure will not effect Eurosport`s coverage of the SEC final round because they and TVP presumably are showing it for maximum exposure(TVP is a Polish national channel) Google translation At the Silesian Stadium, the speedway party was hosted 15 years ago for the last time. In the past, however, the facility in Chorzów was the largest speedway arena in the world and events such as the finals of the World Cup or the Grand Prix round took place there. The Poland - Rest of the World match, which is scheduled for September 1, will be the last meeting of this year with the participation of the team of Marek Cieślak. The fans will be able to thank the White and Red for, among others the bronze medal Speedway of Nations won in June. Two weeks later, on September 15, in Chorzów, we will meet the new European champion. The title will be defended by Andrzej Lebedev, while at the moment the nearest representative of Poland is Jarosław Hampel. Both events will be broadcast on TVP. The meeting Poland - Rest of the World fans will be able to watch on TVP2 and TVP Sport, while the 4th final of Tauron SEC will appear only on TVP Sport. In addition, broadcasts from both competitions will take place at the online TVP website. Poland - Rest of the World, 1 September, 15:30 Broadcast: TVP2, TVP Sport, SPORT.TVP.PL, mobile application 4th final Tauron SEC, September 15, 20:00 Broadcast: TVP Sport, SPORT.TVP.PL, mobile application
  3. racers and royals

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    6 riders within the spread but sadly Lambert wasn`t one of them !!!!! 9 carry on to the final round in the Slaski stadium Chorzow on Saturday September 15th- plenty of cash in the wallets should make it very interesting !!!! Leaderboard after round 3 Anzum £3100 Waihekea 1 £2850 iand £2450 Forsberg £2400 Racers and Royals £2100 Mikec £1900 Red flag £1000 losthammer £760 mickthemuppet £500 WE LOSE June 01 NO BET icescot - £100 Joe Beevers - £10000
  4. Confirmed- had a nasty crash in Poland on Tuesday- Lokatev replaces him
  5. racers and royals

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Bet 365 have their more /less market on 10 riders(20 heats only) my mid-spread also. R/R BET 365 Jonsson 8 7 Lebedevs 8 7 lindback 8 9 Sayfutdinov 11 11 Hampel 10 11 Madsen 11 10 Michelsen 9 9 Mikhailov 6 4 Lambert 8 9 Milik 8 8
  6. racers and royals

    Betting in 2018

    Markets up for the SEC 3rd round in Daugavpils
  7. http://www.maniak.tv/kanal-8 http://livemecz.com/transmisja4.php
  8. racers and royals

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    To bet Forsberg lost hammer June 01
  9. The best hope i think is JK speedway service racecards- not up at the moment - it might need someone requesting they do it on their facebook page. https://www.speedwayservice.at/en/info/jk-speedway-scorecards.html
  10. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Togliatti v Balakovo Wednesday August 15th
  11. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Holsted v Region Varde Wednesday August 15th
  12. racers and royals

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Kasprzak £100 more Milik £100 more nb edited well before 1st race
  13. If he scores a point tomorrow it should be a jovial trip
  14. How are you going to get back for Eenrum on Sunday ?
  15. racers and royals

    King's Lynn v Wolves 22/08/18 DOUBLE HEADER

    It`s called a PSA- public service announcement

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