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  1. Always an interesting topic for the day after the Cardiff GP !!!! Announced tomorrow- anyone prepared to put their reputation on the line with the date they think it will be ???
  2. Next Monday the BT sport schedule is showing that Swindon v Leicester is the TV match. Please do the sensible thing and change that to Kings Lynn v Poole( or even Wolverhampton v Belle Vue)
  3. R and R bookmakers are delighted to announce that the competition is back for a 6th year, and thanks to the generosity of the last 4 winners I have been able to donate the winners prize to Speedway charities. last seasons winner Mickthemuppet asked for the prize to go to the " kim Jansson fund" sadly I have not been able to do this as twice(via PM) I have requested from Mick details on where to send the cheque to- this information has not been forthcoming. If I don`t hear shortly , I will send the money off to the BEN fund. I and all the other major bookies have enjoyed a month with the sun on our backs in Barbados and am now back raring to get stuck into my yearly battle with you "speedway punters" RULES Each contestant MUST place bets in all 10 rounds -in the event of having no money left they are out of the competition Each player starts with £400. MAXIMUM BET PER GP IS £200.minimum bet per GP is £20(or total balance if less than £20) minimum bet per rider is £10. All bets can be edited upto the advertised starting time of the meeting. If a rider is injured before a round starts then the bet is voided on that rider, or bets can be amended upto the meeting start time. If a rider starts a meeting but is injured and cannot continue THE BET STANDS but any points scored by the reserves count towards the injured riders score. If any rider is excluded for a starting offence the reserve points scored do not get added. To ensure fair play bets for the final round may be required to be PM`d to me instead of normal posting. If a meeting is called off at heat 16 then the spread will be adjusted to 4/5th`s of the original. If a meeting is called off at or after 20 heats the spreads stand. HOW TO PLAY One must bet on a rider to score MORE OR LESS than the spread-the HIGHER figure is taken for MORE bets and the LOWER for LESS bets-the mid between the two is what I expect them to score-and they add up to 138 which is the total points available in a GP EXAMPLE These might be 3 of the spreads for the 1st GP of the season Woffinden 10 - 12 .Hancock 7 - 9 Cook 3 - 5 Player 1 might think Woffinden will score more than 12 in Warsaw so bets £100 MORE. If Woffinden scored 15 he would win (15-12 =3) X £100 which is £300. If he only scored 8 he would LOSE (12-8=4) X £100 which is £400 and be out of the competition. Player 2 might think Hancock will score less than 7 and bets £200 LESS Hancock scored 5 so wins (7-5=2) X £200 which is £400. If he scored 11 he would LOSE (11-7=4) X £200 which is £800 and he would be out of the competition. Player 3 might think Cook will have a stormer and bet £200 MORE than 5 . if he scored 8 he would win (8-5=3) X £200 which is £600. however if Cook scored the mid-spread of 4 he would LOSE (5-4=1) x £200 which is £200 . As soon as the wildcard is announced and I have some 2018 form to go on I will post the spread for the opening GP in the Polish capital Warsaw on Saturday May 12th
  4. Day before the match no thread does that mean no interest ??
  5. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Polish U21 teams pairs(MMMPK) Gorzow Friday July 20th
  6. Speedway best pairs 1st round Torun Sunday March 25th(Polish) short version- all heats(Polish) English commentary
  7. JK speedway service Cardiff race card https://www.speedwayservice.at/images/racecards/2018/SGP2018-05.pdf
  8. Sabmar TV are scheduled to show this meeting on the internet from Gorzow start time 4.30pm UK time Teams are known but line-up not announced yet. 1, 2, 15 – Betard Sparta Wrocław 3, 4, 16 - forBET Włókniarz Częstochowa 5, 6, 17 - ROW Rybnik 7, 8, 18 – KS Stal Gorzów. 9, 10, 19 - Fogo Unia Leszno 11, 12, 20 - Falubaz Zielona Góra 13, 14, 21 - Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów
  9. racers and royals

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    10 left to bet Joe Beevers Forsberg Robbie B - TO BE EDITED Susans 1 iand J-D Anzum Speedway sliders Allthegearbutnaeidea Panthers 89 Paddy the rebel
  10. racers and royals

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Draw http://www.speedwaygp.com/draw/146
  11. Peter Ljung is the wildcard with Oliver Berntzon and Joel Kling the reserves.
  12. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Vastervik v Lejonen Wednesday July 18th all heats short version
  13. Confirmed as being shown live- coverage starts at 4.10pm UK time
  14. It’s not Swedish TV- it’s not on TV there. All 4 matches are shown live on the internet with the “ match of the wek” shown internationally namely UK and Poland. This match has multi cameras hence the inerviews in English.
  15. Just finished watching Vetlanda v Dackarna and it was a typical match from there- Boring !!!!!
  16. This thread is dedicated to the memory of Brandonbee 48 It looks as if this season should be a bumper year of televised Speedway from around the world. I will update this OP with what Matches are being shown- the details will be found in the relevant thread(mainly in the international sectio Friday July 20th Polish U21 team pairs final(MMPPK) Gorzow start time 4.30pm UK time live on the internet Saturday July 21st Cardiff GP BT Sport 1 programme starts 4.15pm UK time meeting starts 5pm UK time Sunday July 22nd Nice Polska league Pila v Daugavpils Eleven sport 2 start time 3.15pm UK time Sunday July 22nd World U21 finals 2nd round Leszno start time 5.30pm UK time Eleven sport 1 and live on the internet English commentary Monday July 23rd Swindon v Leicester BT sport 1 and Eleven sport 1 start time 7.30 pm .
  17. Really nasty heat 2 crash at Vetlanda both riders under the airfence with bikes ending up on top of them under the fence
  18. Just watched the race- heavy crash at the end of the back straight lap1 He got away with it as he walked back to the pits- could have been a lot worse.
  19. racers and royals

    Cardiff Accommodation

    I`m training it with my Grandson and a certain Mr P
  20. Table after tonight- 4 rounds to go 1 Smederna pts 14 B 2 total 16 2 Dackarna pts 13 B 3 total 16 3 Rospiggarna pts 14 B 2 total 16 4 Vetlanda pts 12 B 2 total 14 5 Indianerna pts 10 B 1 total 11 6 Vastervik pts 9 B 1 total 10 7 Lejonen pts 6 B 1 total 7 8 Masarna pts 2 B total 2
  21. Great away win for Dackarna after yesterday`s home defeat. Pretty sure the clubs will think these 2 matches in 2 days has been a great success.
  22. I am not impressed by the Smederna team managers use of Michelsen tonight- should have had at least 1 extra ride( and if he had scored 1 more point i would have won my bet !!!!!)
  23. I am mighty impressed byOliver Berntzon`s riding this season- he has come on a bundle.

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