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  1. Bank Holiday in Poland line-up(taken from FIMspeedway.com Woffinden Zmarzlik Janowski Lambert Bewley Michelsen Lindgren Vaculik Thomsen Dudek C Holder Lidsey Chugunov Matias Nielsen Gusts Kowalski
  2. ZG have announced free admission to the fans on Sunday against Landshut as a way of apologising for the defeat at Gdansk last Sunday.
  3. Round 1 announced- with a mixture of the matches on Canal Sport 5 and Canal + online service Saturday April 9th Gdansk v Krosno start time 3.30pm UK time Canal + online(N Sport 7.30pm UK time) Saturday April 9th Lodz v Rybnik start time 3.30pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Sunday April 10th Zielona Gora v Gniezno start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Monday April 11th Landshut v Bydgoszcz start time 5pm UK time Canal + online
  4. 3 semi- finals with the top 2 teams from each qualifying for the final in Lublin(seeded) on Wednesday 17th August Gniezno semi Grudziadz Poznan Bydgoszcz Gorzow Gniezno Gdansk Rzeszow semi Czestochowa Tarnow Rybnik Wroclaw Rzeszow lodz Zielona Gora semi Ostrow Zielona Gora Krosno Leszno Rawicz Torun
  5. racers and royals

    DMPJ Polish junior team competition 2022

    Result from today’s final round in Group 2 Leszno 4 Bydgoszcz 2.5 Lublin 2.5 Rzeszow 1 cumulative final scores Lublin 12.5 Leszno 12 Bydgoszcz 11.5 Rzeszow 4 Lublin and Leszno qualify for Semi- finals.
  6. starts next week- top 3 teams from each group + best place 4th qualify for the Quarter finals. As in 2021 2 meetings on consecutive days on the same track. The ACCR team is i am assuming a Czech junior team. Meeting points the same as last year- 1st 4 2nd 3 3rd 2 last 1 Last season we had 86 matches in the comp- this season just 74 !!
  7. racers and royals

    Polish Div 2 Saturday 2nd July Live on TV

    Sunday’s matches line- ups Poznan v Rzeszow Poznan 9 K Fajfer 10 Holta 11 Gomolski 12 Loktayev 13 Seifert-Salk 14 Gusts 15 Buskiewicz Rzeszow 1 Miesiac 2 3 Krcmar 4 D Lampart 5 Wolbert 6 Salonen 7 Majcher Daugavpils v Pila Daugavpils 9 Kostigovs 10 Bach 11 Puodzuks 12 Kolodinskis 13 Ellis 14 Matjusonoks 15 Pila 1 Mroczka 2 Skupien 3 Jedrzejewski 4 Orwat 5 Ivacic 6 7 Ogrodnik
  8. Polish TV will only be showing 1 match from each round in 2022- Round 1 Saturday April 9th Rzeszow v Opole start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 round 2 Saturday April 16th Rawicz v Rzeszow start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 round 3 Saturday April 23rd Rzeszow v Poznan start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 round 4 Saturday April 30th Tarnow v Pila start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5
  9. To add a bit of interest to the 4 televised finals R & R bookmakers invite you too take part in this competition. Saturday 2nd July - Final 1 - Rybnik Saturday 6th August - Final 2 - Gustrow Saturday 3rd September - Final 3 - Lodz Friday 23rd September - Final 4 - Pardubice Each contestant is given £300 to bet with-if the money goes you are out of the comp. A bet MUST be placed in each of the four rounds min bet £20 per round-min bet per rider £10 NO maximum bet limit. You must bet on a rider scoring LESS or MORE than the spread to bet more you take the HIGHER figure and to bet LESS the lower. Example Madsen might be 11-13 for round 1 Example you want to bet £100 higher on Madsen ( at 13) and he scores 15 - you win 2( 15-13) X £100= £200 however if he scored 8 you would lose 5 (13-8) X £100= £500 There are 20 heats heat 21 does NOT carry points and then heat 22 is the point scoring final-max score on the night 18. No winning prize only the addition to the CV of "Winner 2022 SEC bash the Bookie" All bets can be edited prior to meeting start time-if a rider does not take part that part of the bet is void unless edited. If a rider starts the meeting and is injured and has to withdraw the bet STANDS however any points scored by the reserves are included in the injured rider`s score, If a rider is excluded for a starting offence any points scored by the reserve do not count I will post the 1st spread when the last 5 riders are picked and the wildcard for Rybnik next week
  10. Sunday’s matches line-ups Zielona Gora v Landshut Zielona Gora 9 Protasiewicz 10 Fricke 11 Tungate 12 Kvech 13 Buczkowski 14 Ragus 15 D Rempala 16 Landshut 1 Huckenbeck 2 Nilsson 3 E Riss 4 M Hansen 5 Berge 6 Blodorn 7 Bachhuber 8 Krosno v Rybnik Krosno 9 Szczepaniak 10 Lebedevs 11 Karczmarz 12 Milik 13 Musielak 14 Karczewski 15 Rydlewski 16 Rybnik 1 Pieszczek 2 Zengora 3 Klindt 4 Wojdylo 5 Lyager 6 Tkocz 7 Trzesniewski 8
  11. Sunday’s teams line- ups Lublin v Torun Lublin 9 Hampel 10 Bowes 11 Drabik 12 RR(ZZ) 13 Michelsen 14 Lampart 15 Cierniak 16 Kubera Torun 1 Przedpelski 2 Dudek 3 Lambert 4 J Holder 5 RR(ZZ) 6 Lewandowski 7 Zielinski Ostrow v Leszno Ostrow 9 Gapinski 10 Walasek 11 Hjelmland 12 Berntzon 13 C Holder 14 Grzelak 15 Krawczyk 16 Leszno 1 Doyle 2 Piotr Pawlicki 3 Bellego 4 Lidsey 5 Kolodziej 6 Ratajczak 7 Jablonski 8
  12. Round 1 Friday 8th April Czestochowa v Leszno start time 5pm UK time Eleven Sport 1 Friday 8th April Gorzow v Lublin start time 7.30pm UK time Eleven Sport 1 Sunday 10th April Ostrow v Grudziadz start time 3pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Sunday 10th April Wroclaw v Torun start time 6.15pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Round 2 Saturday 16th April Torun v Ostrow start time 5pm UK time Eleven Sport 1 Saturday 16th April Grudziadz v Wroclaw start time 7.30pm UK time Eleven Sport 1 Sunday 17th April Leszno v Gorzow start time 3pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Sunday 17th April lublin v Czestochowa start time 6.15pm UK time Canal + Sport 5
  13. racers and royals

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    Did they say why Dave ?
  14. Next week`s round 1 fixtures- all start at 6pm UK time Tuesday 3rd May Piraterna v Dackarna- Premier Sport 1 Lejonen v Rospiggarna Indianerna v Masarna Thursday 5th May Smederna v Rospiggarna- Premier Sport 1
  15. Might be a decent meeting to attend- semi`s have been cancelled straight final now. Meeting starts at 1.30pm https://www.acu.org.uk/news/2020/11/2021-fim-europe-individual-grass-track-final-heads-to-midshires-grasstrack-club/
  16. racers and royals

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    Confirmed teams from around 5.30pm UK time and live updates from 6pm Vastervik v Smederna https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Competition/DrivingSchedule/CompetitionLiveResult.aspx?Branch=Speedway&Columns=CompetitionInfo,Branch,Name,Organizer,FromDateShort,LiveResult&DateFilter=TODAY&pagesize=10&IsArrangeable=true&CompetitionId=13495 Indianerna v Piraterna https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Competition/DrivingSchedule/CompetitionLiveResult.aspx?Branch=Speedway&Columns=CompetitionInfo,Branch,Name,Organizer,FromDateShort,LiveResult&DateFilter=TODAY&pagesize=10&IsArrangeable=true&CompetitionId=13494
  17. racers and royals

    Danish league Wednesday July 6th Live on TV

    We move on to Fjelsted v Holsted next Wednesday July 6th start time 5.30pm UK time
  18. The eight clubs are GSK Liga Grindsted, Team Fjelsted, Esbjerg Vikings, Region Varde Elite Sport, Slangerup Speedway, Holsted Tigers, SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway from Vojens and Nordjysk Elite Speedway from Brovst. Brovst have signed Grzegorz Zengota
  19. racers and royals

    Tiger Woods car crash

    Just after 7 am Californian time Tiger’s car at high speed rolled over and he had to be taken out of a window and is now in Hospital. Could have serious leg injuries.
  20. racers and royals

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    There is talk that it`s RR for Chugunov- if so all can take a ride.
  21. Announced today that the final has been switched from Krakow to Tarnow
  22. 2 semi`s 1 Pardubice Saturday 21st May- teams GB, Holland, France and Czech Rep- start time 2pm UK time 2 Elgane Norway Saturday 18th June - teams TBC Final Krakow Poland Sunday 2nd October
  23. Draw Lista startowa Canal+ Online IMP - Finał 1 – Grudziądz w dn. 9.07.2022 r.: 1. Norbert Krakowiak (Zooleszcz GKM Grudziądz) -#16 - dzika karta 2. Maciej Janowski - (Betard Sparta Wrocław) - #71 3. Jakub Miśkowiak - (zielona-enegia.com Włókniarz Częstochowa) - #515 4. Tobiasz Musielak (Wilki Krosno) - #100 5. Grzegorz Zengota (ROW Rybnik) - #29 6. Bartosz Zmarzlik (Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów) - #95 7. Przemysław Pawlicki (Zooleszcz GKM Grudziądz) - #59 8. Kacper Woryna (zielona-enegia.com Włókniarz Częstochowa) - #223 9. Bartosz Smektała (zielona-enegia.com Włókniarz Częstochowa) - #115 10. Paweł Przedpełski (for Nature Solutions Apator Toruń) - #323 11. Janusz Kołodziej (Fogo Unia Leszno) - #333 12. Dominik Kubera (Motor Lublin) - #415 13. Jakub Jamróg (Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk) - #31 14. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Zooleszcz GKM Grudziądz) - #187 15. Patryk Dudek (for Nature Solutions Apator Toruń) - #692 16. Jarosław Hampel (Motor Lublin) - #33 17. Mateusz Cierniak (Motor Lublin) - #842 18. Krzysztof Buczkowski (Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra) - #277
  24. Google translation A new era of the Individual Speedway Polish Championship! The 2022 season will be unique when it comes to playing the struggle for the Individual Speedway Polish Championship. This year, a number of new products will be introduced to make the competition for the title of the best Polish player more attractive. One of the most important changes will be the Individual Polish Championships in the form of several final tournaments. Thus, the best domestic speedway rider will not be known after one final, but three. This will be the first time that IMP medalists will not be selected within one day since 1988, when the two-day final was held in Leszno, and all points were included in the classification. Previously, such a situation took place only in Toruń in the 1987 season. In the years 1953-1956 the Polish champion was selected in several rounds (three, four or five), but then the three best results were included in the final classification. We will know the Individual Polish Champion in the 2022 season after the three finals. For the first time in history, this struggle has gained a title sponsor and the contract is to be in force for five years. Thus, the valid name will be CANAL + ONLINE Individual Polish Championship, and therefore broadcasts from the IMP finals will be broadcast on Canal + at least until 2026. Not only has the formula of the final changed, but also the elimination formula. From 2022, they will consist of four quarter-finals and one semi-finals (instead of two - compared to previous seasons). From each of the first eliminations, the best four will be promoted to compete in the semi-finals. From this tournament, eight top players will advance to the IMP series of finals, with those ninth and tenth placed as substitutes. In addition, a guaranteed place among the finalists is given to the medalists from last year, regular participants of the Speedway Grand Prix series and the Individual Junior Polish Champion from the previous season. The last places will be filled by competitors with "wild cards", in the number and according to the rules established by the Main Speedway Sports Commission. It will be necessary, for example, in the event of a doubling of players, because, for example, Bartosz Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski are both medalists from 2021 and regular participants of the SGP series for the 2022 season. - I am very happy that people who have been showing great speedway for many years now enter the title sponsorship. Eventually, we will have a champion justly selected. Many times it happened that the judge did not notice who to exclude, etc. and that someone was missing out on the title. Now it will be orderly and fair - said Tomasz Gollob. The three final tournaments will be played on similar rules to those that have been in force in the Individual Polish Championship since 2013. The main series of 20 runs will be followed by a semi-final race and a grand final. The top two from the main part of the tournament will be directly promoted to the latter, and the next two places will be taken by the two best players from the semi-finals. The final order of the single finals will be determined by the last two heats of the day. The first four will be known after the final, the fifth place will be given to the third player of the semi-finals, and the sixth to the fourth. The results of the main series and the final race will be included in the points classification (there will be no points for the semi-finals). The novelty will be the awarding of an additional "eye" to the competitor who will obtain the highest number of wins in each of the final tournaments (including races 1-20 and the final). If two players have the same number of wins, the point will be awarded to the one with the higher final position in the tournament. Thus, a maximum of 19 points will be awarded for each competition - six for race wins and one extra point. The new formula was developed through consultations, which were conducted in a wider group of people closely related to the speedway sport. It included the chairman of the Main Speedway Sport Commission Piotr Szymański, Member of the Main Speedway Sport Commission, Zbigniew Fiałkowski, president of the Methanol Speedway Association Krzysztof Cegielski, the best competitor in the history of the Individual Polish Championships Tomasz Gollob, the current national champion Bartosz Zmarzlik and two-time champion from 2015 and 2020 - Maciej Janowski. - Another thing that opens us up to speedway. I think it's good that you don't have to focus on one minute that will be everything. I think it will catch on quite nicely - added Bartosz Zmarzlik. The new formula and the increase in the number of finals are also associated with a significant increase in remuneration for participation in tournaments for the Individual Polish Championship. The pool of prizes for each final round will amount to over PLN 500,000. The winner of a single final may collect up to PLN 20,000 in this case, and each item will be assigned an appropriate stake (for 16th place - PLN 7,500). The introduction of new rules for the organization of CANAL + ONLINE Individual Polish Championships is also connected with a number of novelties that will make it easier to obtain information about them. A dedicated website will be created devoted entirely to this competition, and in addition, appropriate profiles will be created on social media - on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These competitions will also receive a completely new logo, which will be associated only with the CANAL + ONLINE Individual Polish Championship. In the upcoming seasons of players and fans, there will be another hand that can be safely called a new era of the Individual Polish Championship. The changes introduced are to make this competition more attractive, and the assumptions are that these rules will apply for the next few years, until 2026 inclusive.
  25. racers and royals

    DMPJ Polish junior team competition 2022

    Today`s 3rd match(of 4) in Group 1 has finished in Torun- result Torun 4 Wroclaw 2.5 Ostrow 2.5 Krosno 1 Cumulative scores Wroclaw 9.5 Ostrow 9 Torun 8.5 Krosno 3

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