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  1. racers and royals

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    Berkshire please - us Berks don’t want to be associated with Surrey !!
  2. Zach Wajtknecht coud be riding in place of Hajek- if he has recovered himself from injury.
  3. Good news for those going to Horsens for the GP - I think the 1st final of the world u21 finals is at Holsted on the day before(Friday) other rounds are I think scheduled for Leszno and Pardubice(Golden helmet weekend)
  4. Kai Huckenbeck is the wildcard and Martin Smolinski and Kevin Wolbert the reserves.
  5. racers and royals

    Betting in 2018

    Ljung over Kasprzak looks decent tonight.
  6. Kusmierz did the 1st leg and there were no problems.
  7. TV matches for round 1 are now known Saturday 7th April Wroclaw v Leszno N sport start time 2pm UK time and Rybnik v Pila 1st race 3.15pm UK time Eleven sport 3 programme starts 3pm UK time Sunday 8th April Lublin v lodz 1.30pm UK time Polsat sport and Grudziadz v Czestochowa start time 3.30pm UK time and Gorzow v Torun start time 6pm UK time both matches N sport plus Free sports in the Uk have the Grudziadz match LIVE Nice Polska league TV matches for rounds 2 and 3 are Saturday 14th April Pila v Gdansk 3.15pm UK time Eleven sport Sunday 15th April Lublin v Gniezno 1.30pm UK time Polsat sport Saturday 21st April Gdansk v Lublin 3.15pm UK time Eleven sport Sunday 22nd April Rybnik v lodz 1.30pm UK time Polsat sport Times for Extraleague round 2 announced- all on N sport Friday 13th April Czestochowa v Tarnow start time 6.30pm UK time Saturday 14th April Torun v Wroclaw start time 5pm UK time Sunday 15th April Zielona Gora v Grudziadz start time 3.30pm UK time and Leszno v Gorzow start time 6pm UK time A fixture change has been also announced Wroclaw v Grudziadz is now 27th May(was June 10th) and Grudziadz v Wroclaw is now 10th June(was 27th May)
  8. Draw FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship Final - 3 1. Robert Chmiel 2. Nick Škorja 3. Daniel Kaczmarek 4. Gleb Chugunov 5. Filip Hjelmland 6. Jan Kvech 7. Joel Kling 8. Robert Lambert 9. Frederik Jakobsen 10. Bartosz Smektala 11. Filip Hájek 12. Maksym Drabik 13. Andreas Lyager Hansen 14. Davis Kurmis 15. Dominik Kubera 16. Patrick Hansen 17. Patrik Mikel 18. Petr Chlupáč
  9. racers and royals

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    And Smederna 51 Rospiggarna 39
  10. 17 year old Czech rider Jan Kvech is the wildcard for the final round in Pardubice on Friday September 28th- start time 6.15pm UK time. meeting is live on the internet with commentary from Dave Rowe and Sam Ermolenko. reserves are Patrik Mikel and Petr Chlupac.
  11. Matic Ivacic is the wildcard and the reserves are Nick Skorja and Denis Stojs
  12. Jason Doyle and NKI have signed for Torun in 2019
  13. Big day next Sunday with some tense but great speedway in prospect Nice Polska final 2nd leg Lublin(38) v Rybnik(52) Polsat Sport and Eleven sport 2 start time 1.30pm UK time Extraleague 3rd/4th place play-off 2nd leg Czestochowa (39) v Wroclaw(51) N Sport programme starts 2.30pm UK time 1st race 3pm UK time Extraleague final 2nd leg Leszno(44) v Gorzow(46) N Sport programme starts 5.45pm UK time 1st race 6.15pm UK time- live on Freesports 6pm
  14. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Somerset v Poole semi-final 1st leg Monday September 17th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tObMSXTL0qwoole
  15. Speedway best pairs 1st round Torun Sunday March 25th(Polish) short version- all heats(Polish) English commentary
  16. racers and royals

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    NKI pulled out of Kings Lynn meeting tonight- don`t know how serious ?
  17. racers and royals

    Grand Prix Calendar and Venues 2019

    At least you and i have heard of Alastair Cook who only played for England for 12 years and a certain Hamburg resident has never heard of him It`s like me having never heard of Beckenbauer
  18. I am assuming you are referring to Miesiac and Zmarzlik
  19. Bet 365 think Somerset will win by 10 tonight.- think it might be nearer 6 myself.
  20. racers and royals

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    The penultimate round and it`s time for the chasing pack to put pressure on the leader !! Spread for round 9 Teterow GP Saturday September 22nd - start time 6pm UK time Woffinden 12 - 14 Zmarzlik 12 - 14 Janowski 11 - 13 Hancock 10 - 12 Doyle 10 - 12 lindgren 9 - 11 Laguta 7 - 9 Safutdinov 7 - 9 Zagar 7 - 9 Pedersen 7 - 9 Vaculik 7 - 9 NKI 7 - 9 Holder 6 - 8 Huckenbeck 4 - 6 Pawlicki 3 - 5 Cook 3 - 5
  21. R and R bookmakers are delighted to announce that the competition is back for a 6th year, and thanks to the generosity of the last 4 winners I have been able to donate the winners prize to Speedway charities. last seasons winner Mickthemuppet asked for the prize to go to the " kim Jansson fund" sadly I have not been able to do this as twice(via PM) I have requested from Mick details on where to send the cheque to- this information has not been forthcoming. If I don`t hear shortly , I will send the money off to the BEN fund. I and all the other major bookies have enjoyed a month with the sun on our backs in Barbados and am now back raring to get stuck into my yearly battle with you "speedway punters" RULES Each contestant MUST place bets in all 10 rounds -in the event of having no money left they are out of the competition Each player starts with £400. MAXIMUM BET PER GP IS £200.minimum bet per GP is £20(or total balance if less than £20) minimum bet per rider is £10. All bets can be edited upto the advertised starting time of the meeting. If a rider is injured before a round starts then the bet is voided on that rider, or bets can be amended upto the meeting start time. If a rider starts a meeting but is injured and cannot continue THE BET STANDS but any points scored by the reserves count towards the injured riders score. If any rider is excluded for a starting offence the reserve points scored do not get added. To ensure fair play bets for the final round may be required to be PM`d to me instead of normal posting. If a meeting is called off at heat 16 then the spread will be adjusted to 4/5th`s of the original. If a meeting is called off at or after 20 heats the spreads stand. HOW TO PLAY One must bet on a rider to score MORE OR LESS than the spread-the HIGHER figure is taken for MORE bets and the LOWER for LESS bets-the mid between the two is what I expect them to score-and they add up to 138 which is the total points available in a GP EXAMPLE These might be 3 of the spreads for the 1st GP of the season Woffinden 10 - 12 .Hancock 7 - 9 Cook 3 - 5 Player 1 might think Woffinden will score more than 12 in Warsaw so bets £100 MORE. If Woffinden scored 15 he would win (15-12 =3) X £100 which is £300. If he only scored 8 he would LOSE (12-8=4) X £100 which is £400 and be out of the competition. Player 2 might think Hancock will score less than 7 and bets £200 LESS Hancock scored 5 so wins (7-5=2) X £200 which is £400. If he scored 11 he would LOSE (11-7=4) X £200 which is £800 and he would be out of the competition. Player 3 might think Cook will have a stormer and bet £200 MORE than 5 . if he scored 8 he would win (8-5=3) X £200 which is £600. however if Cook scored the mid-spread of 4 he would LOSE (5-4=1) x £200 which is £200 . As soon as the wildcard is announced and I have some 2018 form to go on I will post the spread for the opening GP in the Polish capital Warsaw on Saturday May 12th
  22. 10536 at Wroclaw and 13053 at Gorzow
  23. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Gorzow v Leszno grand final 1st leg Sunday September 16th all heats short version
  24. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Wroclaw v Czestochowa 3rd/4th place play-off 1st leg Sunday September 16th all heats short version
  25. racers and royals

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Rybnik v Lublin Nice Polska final 1st leg Sunday September 16th all heats short version

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