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  1. Vince

    Corona virus

    I'm pretty sure he said to me about riding some second halves as a teenager, lad called Flynn Scott used his old leathers. Like my old leathers they were several sizes too small for 50 year old Dave Be surprised if it's not the same feller
  2. Vince

    Corona virus

    Judging by the people emerging from our local co-op when I went past hot cross buns do so I'm sure you're safe with crumpets.
  3. Vince

    Corona virus

    I'm 95% sure it is him, he did a bit of Speedway as a youngster too then didn't race for years but I know he did some Grasstrack later on before the flat track. He's definitely from Essex and I think he is a year younger than me and I'm 58.
  4. Vince

    Corona virus

    I flat tracked with Dave (assume it's the same one) until he packed it in a couple of years ago, we were of similar ability and progressed through to the Pro's almost together so had some good races,think he is doing MX now. This is my first ever flat track race, I'd had one go on the bike beforehand you can see I am learning each lap. Dave Holman is the guy who won the race and went on to win the Restricted class Championship that year, it was close on the line, neither of us was sure who won at the time. So there I was thinking how I was Billy Big balls nearly winning against the fastest guy in the group, went out in the next race and broke my Tibia and Fibula and messed the ligaments up a fair bit. Back to earth with a bump - literally
  5. Nothing changes for me work wise still doing 12/13 hour nights, horses still need looking after so that's most of my morning done. Converting a Norton Commando for flat track so that takes up the rest of my time and if I finish that I've the Ariel I used last year to convert to a green lane bike. If I run out of things that need doing this will have gone on for a very, very long time!
  6. Be interesting to see what Josh could do with a season in a team with Jason Crump or Nicki Pedersen helping him out with his gating and set ups
  7. Vince

    Corona virus

    Seems to me that schools closing are likely to put many of the more vulnerable in harms way as in so many cases Grandparents will be taking on the childcare. So in a classroom where one vulnerable teacher might be at risk from say 30 students we could have 20 or 30 grandparents at risk from the same children. Whatever measures you take to try and limit the spread will always have consequences and the very best you are gong to do is slow it down a bit. My opinion is that we should let the majority of the population carry on as normal and put all resources into testing and helping the most vulnerable. Those people could be receiving some very good care already if those who are very unlikely to suffer more than a dose of flu weren't so selfish. Speaking to somebody working on the NHS helpline last night and she was telling me how at one time they had 200 calls waiting and dropped 2000 calls. People waiting an hour to chat about their cold and a GP refusing to see a vomiting child supposedly because of coronavirus when it's not even a symptom. How many of those dropped calls were from people in genuine need of help who were put at risk by the same selfish morons that think toilet rolls are the answer? It is mass hysteria whipped up by the press and now politicians have been put under pressure to act solely because of the public concern created.
  8. Vince

    Corona virus

    I thought this one of the better, more informative articles I have read on the subject. Not necessarily what we want to hear but seems like a realistic scenario.
  9. Vince

    Corona virus

    From a government report into flu vaccines :Since 2003, 860 cases of avian influenza A(H5N1) have been reported including 454 deaths, giving an overall case fatality rate of 53%. Cases have been reported from 16 countries. From 01 January 2018 to 09 April 2019, no futher cases have been reported. Looking at the fatality rate you have to wonder why we are arguing about whether it is 1% or 3% for the current outbreak. Remember bird flu was just as big a thing in the press a few years back as coronavirus is now. https://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/influenza-flu would seem to be a reputable source. Average of 600 people die annually in the UK from flu complications however there have been two recent winters where it has been well over 10,000. The latest bad winter of 2013 - 2014 had 11,000 deaths and it has to be remembered that this is against a background of the most vulnerable being vaccinated. The estimate of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths because of flu worldwide each year puts the current situation into some sort of perspective though in my opinion. I'm still not going to stay indoors, wear a mask or avoid people. If any good comes of this perhaps it will make all those minty buggers who leave the toilet without washing their hands change their ways!
  10. Vince

    Corona virus

    No, us is plural so obviously I didn't mean me! I meant us as a country generally and if an outbreak happened in the far North I could equally mean us in the south. But I meant a significant risk to this country in reality not in press and internet scare stories.
  11. Vince

    Corona virus

    I actually had to write risk assessments for Motocross tracks....that was a pretty silly thing to have to worry about too! It's possible to pick and choose the things you worry about. Until and unless this virus becomes a serious risk to a reasonable number of us I choose to worry about other things.
  12. Vince

    Corona virus

    So far in this century, like a cat with 9 lives I've managed to survive Mad cow disease (not the 80's version, the new one from the middle of last year) Sars (another coronavirus) TB Ebola a Flu pandemic Possibly Brexit - although that might be premature. and probably more that I cant remember. All of which according to the press were likely to result in vast swathes of people dropping dead worldwide. (possible exception for Brexit but I thought it was funny) As a child of the 60's there are another 39 years before that where I was fortunate enough to survive all sorts of certain death such as lead paint, wrapping asbestos string around exhausts and working on asbestos brakes, walking through a workplace without a bright yellow vest on, lifting more than 25kg all on my own and so on. So no matter what the press and internet tell me I'm going to keep riding my luck and carry on just as I am without giving a toss
  13. Vince

    Jason Pipe resigns

    No chance, as long ago as the 70's the ACU tried to do this in MX with the AMCA and it was put through the courts where the ACU lost. We've seen it in Speedway where riders were told that practicing at a track would see their licence revoked, that didn't happen either. The BSPA/ SCB might make the threats but it'll never be enforced because they risk the whole house of cards collapsing if people start looking too closely at the way riders are employed.
  14. Vince

    Rye House 2020

    Since BMR made the track changes at Rye there is a lot more dirt down to work with, certainly more than I remember at Arena. I have practiced there in the afternoon and seen a really good track prepared for the evening that has produced good racing. They have to keep putting water down during practice to avoid dust for the neighbours anyway which must help a lot.
  15. Vince

    Freddie Lindgren music video

    I've probably still got that in the loft, it certainly wouldn't have been overplayed

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