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  1. Vince

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    I think the MCF are good and the AMCA and YMSA a lot better than the ACU. That's the only ones I have experience of and as far as the ACU goes it's near enough all bad!
  2. Vince

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    The ACU make even the BSPA seem like a modern, forward thinking and efficient organisation!
  3. Flat track in the UK is an amateur sport run for the riders, it makes no pretence of being anything else. It is growing rapidly however and is in a very healthy state. I'd agree that to go and watch a whole UK flat track meeting can be a bit boring simply because there are so many races but the Pro class does provide some really excellent racing and the standard has gone up a great deal in the past few years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeBMZXvUGuc This is the pro class racing from the MCN Festival at Peterborough this year. It's worth noting when watching the final that Johnny Lewis is a very decent top level rider in the USA who will usually make the main (Final) in the top class there. My lad has a pretty good crash in the first race too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzXgLI6sCCw Round 4 from a very wet Ammanford valley. No final as it was just too wet so scored from the heat results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptGjNqs7z-s Next day from Ammanford on a better track with a very good final.
  4. Vince

    TV new deal?

    I like Keith Heuwen as well, think he's well informed and quite funny. Pair him up with an ex rider and he'd be ok.
  5. Vince

    TV new deal?

    I think NQ is OK, Tatum is very knowledgeable and has become good at the job and paired with Nigel Pearson they are a great team. Seems like I'm the odd one out but I like Pearson, he is enthusiastic and knows the sport and is far better than anybody else currently commentating Speedway in my opinion. The only one I really don't like on TV is Sam Ermolenko who can ruin a meeting for me. The best sport on TV recently has been Bristish Superbikes and that is on Eurosport so could be they'll do a decent job. No idea who films BSB but it must be expensive as the quality is excellent and they don't miss much.
  6. So I saw announced by the kart track on FB the other day. Have no idea what is happening but seems that it's carry on as they are for the time being.
  7. Fair comment, BZ type carbs then would be less expensive to produce and easier to set up although I guess everybody has got to grips with the Blixt by now. As for clutch plates I don't know the current prices but Haruschi's were 4 times the price of a standard Jawa fibre. Baskets and hubs from other manufacturers were double the price. However I do remember a certain Mr Woffinden doing just fine at Rye on Jawa plates in a std Jawa clutch! I just think that if you are going to go for standardisation you might as well go the whole way and level the field completely. One other thing I would say is that Josh Auty's comment about it being technique rather than engine power is true, however get a rider of the same standard beating you all the time because he is on better equipment will bite anybody. Something else I've just thought of is could the use of rev limiters also help such a system. Firstly they could help with reliability and secondly they could be used at service time to ensure the output from each engine is the same as long as they are tamper proof.
  8. Anybody know if the engines are short or long stroke? Not so much for cost but long strokes are less susceptible to set up and deal with difficult conditions better. To me that would make a far bigger difference than how many valves they have although two is a better option for standardisation I think. Standardise carbs and clutches too (BZ and Jawa maybe with jawa plates) and you really will have cut costs.
  9. http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.36718 Be an interesting meeting on the Isle of Wight and one of very few I can attend this year.
  10. Vince


    The use of guests only bothers current fans nobody new will give speedway a miss because of them and nor does mainstream media. In fact I would make the use of guests a positive when advertising the sport. How many sports are so dangerous that there aren't enough competitors to go round? Telling everyone just how dangerous speedway really is would be the best way to attract newcomers, especially the younger generation.
  11. Brilliant as it was I'm more in awe of the way a few top riders use the fence to drive them harder into the corners now. Think Jason Crump was the first I saw do it and it amazed me then and still does now.
  12. Clearly the weight of his balls helped with the grip
  13. Sporadic flat track events with no paying spectators but a couple of hundred riders paid £45 each to race at Peterborough the weekend and no riders wages to be paid out! It's no secret that most Speedway meetings make a loss. Add to that regular Speedway and flat track schools and at least you aren't running loss making events. I hope league Speedway does take place at Rye House again but it will need to be run by somebody willing to invest money rather than make a profit.
  14. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    I thought for a newly laid section of track it held up brilliantly, at least as good as many tracks we see which have been 'settled' for years.
  15. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    I imagine this topic will shortly be full of people admitting they were wrong and that the track changes made have worked out OK!

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