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  1. Vince

    Eurosport 2020

    That's all I remember him doing and I also thought he was very good at it. Got across the respect I've found that racers from other motorcycle disciplines have for Speedway, it's only their fans talk about 'going around in circles, the riders understand the skills required. Don't see how as a very knowledgeable and experienced Speedway rider his views are irrelevant. His comedic value was much appreciated when he was behind the microphone, in my house anyway. That's probably a good point, it would be a risk!
  2. Vince

    Eurosport 2020

    I think Kelvin Tatum and David Norris would be the dream ticket! However seemingly unlike most I do think that Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum are excellent, I also think Keith Heuwen was very good and David Rowe is good too, unfortunately Sam Ermolenko, as knowledgeable as he is, in my opinion is awful on commentary.
  3. Vince

    Jason Garrity

    I would think so!
  4. Vince

    Jason Garrity

    As far as drugs improving performance on a bike there was a grass track rider who suddenly improved his performances with the aid of amphetamines for most of a season. Certainly gave him a much bigger set of balls than he had without it, once people caught on and started suggesting he get tested he stopped riding. I think one of the reasons so many sports people go off the rails is that they miss out on going a bit wild in their teenage years and try to make up for it when they retire as they are still relatively young. I know two very good pro MX riders who did very well out of the sport in the 80's, probably earning more than their counterparts do now who have nothing left due to taking up drinking and partying with all the dedication they once had for their sport.
  5. Vince

    Jason Garrity

    He'll be bottom of the pile wherever he goes so hopefully his 3 1/2 years or whatever will be bloody awful.
  6. Vince

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Well I thought I was but seems the council put pressure on the track owner to cancel because of covid
  7. Vince

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Out on the horses at least 4 times a week all through lockdown, one of them needs the exercise or will not be here long worked all through as well.. Popped up the road to watch a pre 85 mx last weekend but best of all going racing next weekend in Wales for 2 days and get to try out the Norton finally
  8. I think the job market has changed so much since those days that working and racing is a lot more difficult. In the past the vast majority of jobs finished at 5pm which would allow riders to make home meetings after work or with a couple of hours off. Now with more and more jobs being run over a 24 hour rota hours are all over the place and it's very much more difficult to find a job that fits in. Also in the past Speedway was a much bigger sport and many employers were happy to help riders in their career allowing for time off and injuries, that just wouldn't happen now. Weekend racing would help a lot but is not possible for a lot of tracks and even that is becoming difficult with ever more 7 day working. Plenty of riders do work running their own business or part time during the season and there aren't so many that could really say they are making a good living out of Speedway, most will have to work at least the off season. At the end of the day it has to be remembered that the likes of Briggo had businesses to run because they used their Speedway income to set them up not the other way around. Certainly in comparison the money paid to riders in the past was a whole lot more than it is now.
  9. I always thought it was ACU policy to take away the race licence of anybody convicted of riding off road illegally anyway. As usual with the ACU they completely miss the point that 99% of illegal riding is done by the low-lifes that steal the bikes from their members not guys who spend all their money racing legally. However they do like to make sure they feel important in any given situation. Can you tell I'm not a fan of the ACU? My opinion is undoubtedly biased.
  10. Vince

    Speedway Crashes

    It's funny how the vast majority of Speedway fans say they hate seeing crashes and yet crashes and cock ups DVD's outsell all the others by a wide margin. I'm quite happy to put my hand up and say that I like watching crashes if nobody is seriously hurt and that includes my own and those of my kids! Good to see one from a different angle!
  11. Vince

    N.Klindt at Tesco

    Good to see riders out and about making a living, shows that they aren't earning like some think so they don't have money to spare for a crisis. I always found it strange that some slaughtered Tim Stone for driving a Tesco van rather than take wages out of the Speedway.
  12. The other thing that really surprised me when my lad started riding Speedway was that hardly anybody did their own servicing any more, not even the most basic stuff. In the NL at least most riders could easily buy a standard engine and maintain it for the season themselves with perhaps one full rebuild by a good specialist between seasons after all engines don't get much more simple. The problem only comes because the odd lad in the league has money to throw at the sport and turns up with better equipment than most PL riders, then the others have to try and compete with that. How much difference it actually makes to points scored is debatable but if somebody has better bikes than you then you'll always be convinced that's why he beat you! Jason Doyle and Anders Rowe per meeting costs will be very similar for sure. Semi- pro racing is so much more difficult in this 24/7 era than it was for previous generations, at least for those who aren't self employed.
  13. I think some sort of engine cost reduction is desirable but not uprights or two valves really because of the need for everybodys engines to become obsolete overnight. The cost reduction of having 2 valves v 4 is minimal in my opinion and changing to uprights would achieve nothing more than making the rest of the bike obsolete as well. As I've said before just the rev limiter set at a low level would make most of the expensive parts unnecessary on it's own. It has to be remembered that unlike just about every other motorsport having a less powerful engine will often make it more difficult to ride and in many ways harder to set up. I like the idea of a minimum stroke as well but not sure if you can get that with short stroke cases, however it seems that over time less revs would mean riders going back to longer stroke engines anyway. Sticking to laydown chassis also means that if engine rules are different for divisions or leagues you could quickly fit a different engine into your existing equipment or possibly even just different rev limiters. As for the standard of racing being the most important thing it seems entirely logical but what just about every promoter will tell you is that home wins produce the best crowds.
  14. Vince

    Corona virus

    But also even for spectator sports the post war years were a boom time despite it being financially difficult for business and life generally. It seems that when life gets difficult for people entertainment assumes a more important role.
  15. Vince

    Corona virus

    I'm not sure, it has often been the case that sports do well in difficult financial times.

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