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  1. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    They are a political establishment and we provided a very substantial amount of funding, they'd have us back. No UK party that wants to be in power will even talk about returning though, a few might like to think everybody has changed their minds but just like before the last GE that is nonsense. Even a lot of remainers wouldn't be happy about overturning the referendum result.
  2. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    No but their customs officers might as well be!
  3. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You don't remember the emergency parking measures frequently required to prevent totally blocking that part of the motorway network with cross channel traffic prior to leaving the EU I assume?
  4. Difficult to be sure, it was already in a critical condition following a severe bout of remainerism.
  5. I do think there is a risk of going the opposite direction to the official line with the figures of doing exactly the same thing they have been doing and making 1+1=3. There might have been only 17,500 deaths due only to Covid and I would agree that makes a nonsense of the restrictions put in place. However it's not true to say that makes it similar to a bad flu season as that would also include the vulnerable who only had flu as a final cause rather than the sole one.
  6. I'm still waiting for the study that shows how effective the mask is after being handled, put in a pocket and covered in snot for hours because that is how they are generally used. Many hospital theatres no longer use the masks after studies suggested their effectiveness is very much reduced after just a few minutes of being in contact with your face.
  7. Poor grammar there Ruff so I'll correct it for you It is unreliable, incorrect and lies.
  8. Scrap the unreliable daily Covid data updates before people become addicted to them, say experts (msn.com) Talk about closing the stable door, think that horse has bolted and bred a new herd before they noticed!
  9. Vince

    60 most difficult sports....

    I've seen studies in the past that put MX second only to soccer. I have read that top class riders can have a heart rate of 92% to 96% of their max for an entire race which can be near 40 minutes. I know that even in my younger days when I was training and pretty fit we were racing 10 minutes plus two laps which would normally be 13 or 14 mins and I'd have a job to breath or move for 20 minutes after a race. I can't imagine that there is anything that gets near to matching the demands of the Tour de France though.
  10. I think Starmers time at the head of the CPS and his departments response to what I believe to be the biggest crime of my lifetime, the grooming scandal, should rule him out of being in charge of a corner shop let alone a country.
  11. It should be compulsory if you leave the banner you were elected under.
  12. You even quoted the part where I said 'at the last election' and still went on to answer what you wished I said instead
  13. Much worse than a very healthy majority?
  14. I think the present PM is a clown and personally I would like to see him resign immediately. However for the Tory government to be at risk now or in the next election you would need to have some credible opposition and I cannot see that being available any time soon. In fact as long as they choose the next leader correctly (not Gove) I think their position will be stronger than at the last election.
  15. How many people were allowed at a social gathering?

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