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  1. Vince

    Kelly Moran - 'A Hell of a Life'

    As a 16 year old I was waiting to go out for my first ever laps of a Speedway track on a grass bike at Eastbourne following a meeting when Kelly came over and very politely asked if I would mind him either going out before or with me. There was no need for him to ask, as the big star at the time he could have just gone out or even had my ride cancelled so he could get some laps in. Genuinely nice guy who always seemed to chat to everybody and was helpful to youngsters riding, although if I'd been a fan of his team he would have driven me mad at times when he turned up totally unprepared to go racing. Incidentally about 25 years later it was Greg Hancock did exactly the same with my son at Oxford. Very different to some riders of the time who forced the cancellation of a whole set of after meeting races for youngsters so they could test engines (although to be fair that may have been the Promoter saying it was the riders as at least one of the riders was horrified when he found out afterwards)
  2. That reflects my understanding of the situation, as far as we have been told it's is all if's and maybes but I find it hard to believe that there hasn't been enough research that the truth isn't known. It really wouldn't suit the chosen narrative which has now been centred on cases based on a far from perfect test if even the worst of the options you mention was used. If asymptomatics could only transmit in exceptional cases it would make a complete nonsense of the testing regime. I can understand taking the safest route while there is uncertainty about the virus as they will be held responsible but they should at least be honest about it as well as the full consequences of lockdown. In my opinion there are going to be a lot of changes the way this virus is looked at and treated in coming years but the full story will quite probably not emerge in our lifetime at least.
  3. I've yet to see it confirmed that asymptomatic cases spread the virus or if they do just how much. I've seen it said that it's likely but that's about all, however I have seen it confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine reduces transmission from asymptomatic cases by 75% so presumably that information must be available as fact somewhere. Not so much a conspiracy theory as I'm not saying the government did this to gain control just that Governments throughout history have been reluctant to relinquish any power they have gained. The investigative journalists give every appearance of all but having disappeared when covid is the subject.
  4. Fall in Covid deaths ahead of estimates as calls for quicker lockdown easing grow (msn.com) Seems reasonable if we are following the data to expect restrictions to be lifted earlier if the figures support that rather than just allow for later lifting if the figures support that. Seems like the R rate has gone the same way as 'flattening the curve' and 'not over running the NHS' as another lockdown reason that no longer exists. We are now onto cases irrespective of whether they have symptoms and still apparently don't know if asymptomatic cases spread the virus or to what degree if they do. I say apparently because I cannot imagine that nobody knows just that nobody wants to tell the plebs who pay their wages. Still think governments everywhere will be very reluctant to give up the extraordinary powers the public have allowed them in the past year.
  5. I agree to a large extent. The virus will mutate into different strains. Then we differ though because I don't believe we can keep restricting people's work and private lives in case one of those strains is more serious. We have to get back to normality. A proper normality at that not some halfway house with the spectre of another lockdown never far away.
  6. Fresh air good, (well as fresh as it gets in Wolverhampton ) outside for more than an hour bad. That is a fine policy, somebody out there is in stitches and has proved the old saying 'you can fool some of the people all of the time etc' wrong!
  7. Obviously we should listen to the experts - take your pick which ones! Brazil variant may spread more easily and could evade immune system, scientists find (msn.com) Vaccine expert explains why we should calm down a bit about new variants of Covid (msn.com) Must admit I'd struggle to calm down any more about new variants since I've never believed that viruses do anything other than continuously mutate, just need somebody to tell the government.
  8. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    The doubling of VAT is a disgrace that is attributable directly to the HMRC and the government should have dealt with it immediately that people became aware of what is happening. There is no excuse that I can see for this being allowed to continue as it should be easy to rectify temporarily to allow companies to operate and then deal with properly over time.
  9. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Had a YZ450 not so long ago, changing a spark plug was a bit of a pain but only took a few minutes. However the correct plug was £47 which was equivalent to the price of a Dunlop or Michelin MX rear tyre!
  10. I think you are right in many ways but am still to be convinced that an upright is any cheaper to run than a laydown of the same specification.
  11. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    So a smaller investment per country and a lower percentage vaccinated.
  12. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Only £11.5m per country, a paltry amount in comparison to the UK (not forgetting that a good chunk of that EU investment came from UK money as well!
  13. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I've got a Vito van that I absolutely love driving, 160hp, brilliant auto box, comfortable. I like it so much that a couple of years ago the missus was seriously unimpressed that after she booked a weekend in the posh hotel on the cliff at Tintagel I insisted on taking the van rather than her Megane as it's a fair way to drive However the other day I had to replace the alternator (it still charged but they now have a clutch on the pulley that had seized) and it took 4 1/2 hours in total because you have to take the complete front off the van to get at it. Not forgetting that I trained as a mechanic. Mercedes quote 4 hours but they've done it before! Given the price of a genuine alternator and labour that means an alternator would cost well over £1000 to replace if you put it in the garage which is crazy just because they didn't design in a gap big enough to remove it. I could easily do an alternator on a Mercedes 508 or similar in 20 minutes. That old mini might have been less powerful and probably less reliable and refined but at the end of the day it would still reach the speed limit and get you anywhere you wanted so as far as doing the job was just as good really.
  14. Vince

    European Union - In Or Out?

    As its a Guardian article I'm sure it will be acceptable to the remainers https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/feb/28/i-hate-to-say-it-but-britains-doing-ok-even-germany-envies-us
  15. Big mistake, soon as they saw the police they should have pretended to break into a car, steal a bike or mug somebody. They would have no chance of being caught then as the officers would be rushing back to get a crime number for the victim.

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