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  1. Times of racing for the weekend, going to be a busy one! Sat AM 9.00am - 11.00am Rookies and Youth Senior Practice (This session includes manditory practice for all riders in Pro and Hooligan 10.30-11.00am) Sat Show 1 12.15pm -1.00pm Pro and Hooligan Exact format TBD Sat Show 2 2.30pm - 3.15pm Pro and Hooligan Exact format TBD Sat PM 4pm-5.45pm DTRA Racing Restricted and Minibike Clear pits for speedway by 6pm Sunday Sun AM 9.00am - 11.00am DTRA Racing Vintage and Youth Jnr (This session includes manditory practice for all riders in Pro and Hooligan 10.30-11.00am) Sun Show 1 12.15pm -1.00pm Pro and Hooligan Exact format TBD Sun Show 2 2.30pm - 3.15pm Pro and Hooligan Exact format TBD Sat PM 4pm-5.45pm DTRA Racing Thunderbike and Youth Inter
  2. Vince

    Board Track Racing

    I agree that safety fences are there to protect spectators, after all riders would be better served by having nothing or a nice soft pile of people to run into. However given the number of spectator fatalities and injuries I would question that the board track fences were adequate.
  3. Vince

    Board Track Racing

    That is pure porn!! So good that if I quote it then it will be seen twice. I've got quite a few dream bikes but that is the absolute top of my list.... at the moment anyway
  4. Could it partly be some people going to meetings because they can't get their Speedway fix on TV at the moment?
  5. This is from the Minibike class, #3 is Paul Sheldon and #505 the latest female racer to take part in the series Toria James. Not sure who 101 is. We now have several women/ girls racing with the DTRA. Most successfully is Leah Tokelove who has been promoted to the Pro class this year and promptly kicked my arse in 2 out of the 3 races we met in! In the states there have also been some good female racers. Nicole Mees has now retired but was up near the front in many GNC races and Shayna Texter is still a front runner with a few more ladies not far off that level.
  6. Vince

    Board Track Racing

    I'd have loved to have seen this live, proper pioneer stuff. 100mph plus on tyres you wouldn't trust on a bicycle and clothing suitable for a brisk walk. https://www.filmpreservation.org/preserved-films/screening-room/beverly-hills-board-track-racing-1921
  7. 'Twas me, winning the B final just means you didn't qualify in the top 10 to go direct to the A so not as good as it sounds, think I actually qualified 13th after some very poor decisions in the heats! Eventually finished 11th in the main (because somebody fell off ) so it wasn't a great day but OK for an old fart, it is getting tough to get to the A final at all these days. Wish I had got the holeshot and led the whole race, led into turn 1 but was 2nd coming off turn 4 and stayed there for about 5 laps until I managed to get underneath Gary Birtwistle with a pretty 'robust' move. After all 11th or 12th gate pick in the A final is worth dying for
  8. This Sunday, April 9th sees the opening round of the DTRA Championship at Rye House. The meeting will be split into two halves. The morning meeting will consist of Minibikes, Rookies, Restricted (Intermediate) and Junior youth groups. Starting at 11am it will be approximately 30 races including finals. The second part will follow on from this, I would estimate it starting about 2pm. The groups will be Pro, Thunderbike, Vintage and Youth Inters and seniors. Again just over 30 races including the finals I think. Each rider has 3 heats, starting from each of the 3 rows in 12 man races. Points scored decide who qualifies for the finals and where they start from. Entry is free for spectators, come along with an open mind rather than expecting to see Speedway and you should have a good time and see some competitive racing. 12 bikes on a Speedway track can get pretty interesting at times. As ever if you go come and say hi to No95 in the pm meeting
  9. Vince

    If You Were?

    Like the 4,3,2 system but don't like the idea of somebody judging effort affecting the score
  10. Vince

    If You Were?

    I think the move to narrow the gap between the top leagues is a good start as is the single average. It's very difficult to do but I think tracks need to be prepped for good racing rather than home advantage BUT fans want home wins more than good racing it seems so I'm sure promoters would disagree. Like a lot of what Danny Smith says, the laser lighting, good music, WiFi and apps are all things that would be attractive to younger newcomers (I guess!). I would add in that needle among riders creates atmosphere and should be encouraged. Even the odd punch up shouldn't be punished as long as it stays between riders. Anybody else at all who hits a rider, mechanic, track staff, anybody should be banned from the pits for life though. Moving meetings along smartly can only be good. However I would rather a meeting lasted 20 minutes longer if that time is needed to keep moisture in the track or other maintenance to give good racing. Do away with the family friendly image and make a big issue of just how dangerous Speedway is. Unlike most sports it wouldn't need to be exaggerated and again might get people through the gate. I would keep doubling up to British licence holders who have to give preference to our leagues. However stuff like the doubling up and tactical points makes not one bit of difference to getting new people in the gate and in my opinion that is where we should be concentrating. Get them in the gate, make sure it's as exciting as possible and try and create a good atmosphere for starters. They can be on the forum moaning about the details six months down the line but if the atmosphere was good they'll still go and watch.
  11. For youngsters a job that allows them time off for racing!
  12. Rich has been on the case and there is indeed a flat track class to be run at the Bristol clubs meeting in May. Will be good to see if there is interest from the riders, I will be entering for sure and know a few others who have expressed an interest so hopefully it will make for an interesting add on to the meeting.
  13. As posted by the Dirt Track Riders Association: Featuring different venues, varied formats, challenging tracks and lots of very competitive riders, 2017 promises to be a fantastic year for UK Flat track Racing. Series sponsors Maxxis Tyres have renewed and increased their valuable support for 2017,along with many other welcome sponsors. Maxxis Flat Track Nationals will be the largest Flat Track series that the UK has ever seen and this thrilling and inspiring race series continues to go from strength to strength. April 9th Rye House May 13th & 14th Peterborough (as part of the Motor Cycle News Festival) June 10th & 11th Greenfields Lincs. Day one on oval day two on TT course. July 7th Kings Lynn (Friday with Sideburns Dirt Quake event on the Saturday) August 12 & 13th Ammanford, Wales 1/2 mile. September 3rd Eastbourne. Personal addition: Will have to confirm but I believe only two events, the MCN Festival and Kings Lynn will have an entry fee but otherwise spectators have been free.
  14. Vince

    Rye House 2017

    It looks like a building site because it is, surely the fact that they underway with such a revamp can only be good. Seating was going in under the bar on Wednesday. It might not be finished but they are working on improving the things we read on here are needed to bring the sport up to date. Surprised nobody mentioned the big track changes, bends 3&4 are now more banked 4 especially and combined with the off camber the other end having already gone should improve the racing a good deal I think.
  15. Vince

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    I think that's just clever use of wording by the council to muddy the issue. Sounds like a brickie being held responsible for the footings collapsing to me. If somebody is contracted to supply a base built to a certain standard and using specific materials and when you check it out all looks fine then you would be right to assume they had delivered what was agreed. If things later change because that, now hidden, base is unsatisfactory it can hardly be the fault of the track curator who specialises in the shale surface.
  16. Biggest turn out of Flat track riders I've ever seen for a practice at Rye House yesterday Memberships for the DTRA are now closed because they can't support any more riders and entries for the first Championship meeting at Rye on the 9th closed early due to full line up in most classes. Fair to say that as a participant event it is thriving in the UK.
  17. I use leathers because I think they offer better protection in small crashes and rarely ride more than once in a week so have plenty of time to look after them. There is a bit of a hole in the leg where they touch the exhaust! However I would wear kevlars and an undersuit with no problems at all if I were riding more often as they are much more practical to look after. Especially with this armour http://www.d-starracewear.co.uk/covecbodyarmour.html underneath I believe they offer protection as good as more restrictive and harder to maintain leathers in the vast majority of instances.
  18. Sorry but league or not if it's costing you money to do something and you do it because you enjoy it then it's a hobby. It's certainly not a living for those who stay in the NL for whatever reason. The winter series is just a cheaper hobby at a lower level. There still aren't enough riders of an adequate standard trying to break into the NL to need to worry about those already there.
  19. NL isn't a career it's an expensive hobby for many or a stepping stone to the higher leagues for the talented few. Those riders who have dropped down the leagues have experience that is of great value to the youngsters, if they can pass that on and cover some of their costs what is the problem. Those riders who have reached a level are needed to fill team places, there's hardly enough as it is now, do away with them and there is no league. Why shouldn't riders turn up with good equipment if they are fortunate enough to be able to afford it, or more likely have grafted their asses off away from Speedway to buy? Dropping to amateur level is not really an option as the gulf between that and NL middle order rider is huge. At the end of the day it would be an issue if there were dozens of youngsters capable of riding at that level unable to get team places but unfortunately there aren't. As for the Aussie riders while there are some who leave Britain behind for the money there are just as many who have been loyal to the British leagues. If you want loyalty from riders then really the system needs changing so they can be offered some in return. British riders can be bought through by other means such as keeping them clear from the asset system until they have reached a certain average and giving them average reductions for team building purposes.
  20. Vince

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    Can I not very politely suggest you two eff off and bitch at each other like a pair of two year olds somewhere else.
  21. Changed the link to the Speedway museum home page. Have to go to the tracks page and it says that the track used for those 70's meetings was a different one to the one we use now.
  22. Vince

    Sky To Pull Out.

    Years ago when synthetic first came out it used to emulsify if mixed with the non synthetic but as far as I know that's no longer the case.
  23. Seems likely it was a Grasstrack / longtrack meeting as Tig Perry was a very good Grasstrack rider. I'm sure he was also the man who started Antig the Grasstrack and Speedway frame builder. Not sure if the track has changed but it's definitely quite a lot more than 440 yards now. http://www.national-speedway-museum.co.uk/
  24. Personally I think the change that has had the worst effect is the short stroke/ lighter flywheel engines. I think they make setup more critical and leave riders less of a margin for error. I also think that the new silencers (not popular but better get used to it because noise levels will be reduced again!) would have been far less detrimental to long stroke engines with heavier flywheels. Of the stuff you list: Leading link forks seem quite a lot more stable. Handlebars, personal preference and if somebody started flying with old style bars there would be plenty about in no time. I'm guessing that leading link forks made narrower bars possible as well. Offset cranks, understand the theory but think only a rider can tell the difference. Recycled oil, makes a huge difference to track surfaces that isn't good but total loss would be completely unacceptable these days. Silencers: as above, blamed for everything when in my opinion they were only a part of the problem. The sport will need to reduce noise levels further I'm sure, we may not like it but it's the way things are these days. Despite the lawn mower comments Speedway bikes currently are still pretty loud machines, especially if you have no interest in Speedway which is the vast majority of the sports neighbours.
  25. Young Brit Oliver Brindley came 4th in the AFT Singles at Daytona tonight, hugely impressive result and reinforces what I was saying about the standard of the top British lads these days.

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