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  1. I think that in your haste to ridicule Gustix you misread the thread in the general Speedway section. Quite clearly a claim from the USA about which homegrown sport is the greatest is, like the baseball 'world' series, promotion that seems ridiculous to us. However it is exactly the sort of thing some people advocate for the promotion of Speedway! I'd agree that it probably wasn't in the right section but hardly crime of the century, if you don't like what Gustix posts or have no interest in flatrack why do you respond to him all the time? The Gustix hate thing from a couple of people comes too close to bullying for my tastes. You will never get fans who are at a Speedway meeting to appreciate much flat track any more than you would get them to appreciate a six a side football match on the centre green. We have done demo races at Speedway meetings that have been well received and we have had Speedway bikes at our meetings once or twice (including at Oxford where they ran some demo races). However in the UK or the US as far as I'm aware there has been no effort to integrate flattrack into Speedway. Given that one of our meetings takes several hours because of the number of competitors it would never be possible anyway. The DTRA pay to use the Speedway tracks they run at which is useful income as are our practice fees when we ride at training days or book tracks for flat track only sessions. Very notably I've never heard a Speedway rider or Promoter complain about our presence.
  2. Like the vast majority of motorsport then! If you actually went to a UK flat track meeting and spent some time in the pits you would understand that it does indeed have a unique atmosphere. Trying to understand it from Germany where the sport is virtually non existent is going to be impossible and I don't think anybody has claimed that it is drawing great spectator support. Interestingly a part of that unique atmosphere is that there is a lifestyle involved for many of the riders and bikes that brings photographers from all over Europe to DTRA events, I don't really get it but then I'm hardly 'on trend'
  3. Vince

    Sky To Pull Out.

    The ACU represent only one interest and that is their own and the FIM are a league above even that of the ACU in self interest. Now and again you'll get some very decent, well meaning people in both organisations. They will inevitably leave with very sore heads after banging them against brick walls for however long they last. The BSPA are a wonder of forward thinking honesty in comparison.
  4. Vince

    Sky To Pull Out.

    I've had BT after dropping Sky because they kept putting their prices up and offered new customers a very much better deal than existing ones for changing to fibre optic. Never had any issues in the approx 18 months I've been with them and only time I used customer services was when starting with them and they were very good. Price wise I spend about 70% of what I was with Sky for an equivalent package. For me it's great news as it means I can watch league Speedway when I get in from work once again. I really like the way they cover MotoGP and have no issues with the way the Speedway GP's have been shown. At least they haven't been shunted off the main channel because another sport is seen as a priority this week! See no reason to disbelieve Flagrag when he says it's because of the football costs, after all he is in a position to know better than those who argue differently. There is no way Speedway won't be around in 5 years and I'd happily bet it's not all that different to how it is now. For years I thought that Speedway would evolve into a largely amateur sport with a professional GP series like just about every other motor sport but it kept proving me wrong. Now I just see it as a remarkably resilient sport which keeps finding people with enough money and the will to keep propping it up (thats the majority of the much maligned BSPA!). We might not always like the decisions they make but it is their money to lose and I suspect a lot of us would change our opinions on certain subjects if we had to bet a fortune on the outcome. Forgot to also say that if this means more of the TV pot reaching the sport rather than one company that is also a good thing.
  5. Vince

    Mcn Festival Of Speed

    Yeah then they could race a rally car against an f1 car as they are two different sports as well
  6. Vince

    Mcn Festival Of Speed

    We've run a flattrack meeting there the past two years with a British Championship round plus a Transatlantic Challenge with a star American topping the bill, Colin Edwards last year and Kevin Schwantz the previous one. Perhaps they are running some Speedway races alongside, always seemed crazy to me that they don't have the sport on show.
  7. Not convinced grass track is doing well in comparison to the 70s any more than speedway is. A few well attended meetings but equally meetings are being cancelled for lack of entries. I suspect you'd have to ride in every centre to get anywhere near the number of meetings you could get in the 70s
  8. I have never in the nearly 50 years I've been going to Speedway, talked about Speedway to people who weren't really aware of it or taken newcomers along had any of them ask that. The only time I've ever had any discussions about attendances is with people who are already involved as spectators or in other capacities.
  9. I'd agree with that, although it is possible that some of the higher ups in some companies who have been convinced to sponsor a rider or team don't actually realise how low the crowds are. I still completely fail to see how publishing attendance figures can benefit the sport. We all know that they aren't good so how will making everybody aware of that improve things? The only reason I can see is so that a few people can make some pretty uneducated guesses as to the net income of a track. I say uneducated because most of the guesses you read on here miss out some very vital and expensive costs. The truth is we have no need to know, if the sport was in a boom where we could use high spectator attendance to pull in sponsorship then it would be different but this is just curiosity.
  10. In truth apart from keeping a few current fans sweet what would publishing attendances achieve? I find it very difficult to see what could actually be gained. I suspect the biggest effect wold be to make those already putting sponsorship money into the sport wonder why.
  11. Out of the lads my boy started with at 14 it is very noticeable (with one exception) that those who did best were those who were dedicated and worked at it were the ones who succeeded and got into the higher leagues rather than the most talented. The exception is an immense talent with plenty of money behind him who has done pretty well but by the time he gets to my age will realise how much further he could have got with a better work ethic.
  12. I can see where you're coming from but personally I like the idea that success at Speedway comes from dedication and that is visible when it comes to fitness. It's always taken dedication but the fans can't see hours spent in the workshop or travelling but they can see if you can't be bothered to keep fit and if you don't you are giving something away to those who do.
  13. I'm sure myself and Sam would fit it in if we could and suspect you could make a full line in the right areas
  14. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    They give you a tablet, I was there bloody ages waiting for my Ipad but it never arrived.
  15. We would have to run day licences too as we are affiliated to the MCF, or get club membership and ACU licences for those who intended doing more meetings I guess.
  16. I would like to do a couple but in all honesty it probably wouldn't be a regular thing and we wouldn't be competitive against MX tyres and brakes in a MX class on the grass. Best thing might be to contact Anthony Brown on the DTRA website here and get him to ask for some feedback from the members. I feel sure that a meeting in the midlands with a flat track only class would attract a few.
  17. I think Speedway should be asking Monster Joe the best way to publicise the sport, no matter what your opinion of him he's done a great job of getting youngsters drinking crap!!
  18. Perhaps MCC are in dispute with the contractor that may require legal action to resolve and that is why they want to keep things in house at the moment. In fairness if the statement at the time had said "for some reason as the temperature dropped turn 3 reacted differently to the rest of the track for some unknown reason" the promotion would have been ridiculed and accused of making excuses.
  19. Vince

    Coventry 2017

    A lap so 2 to 4 seconds a race!!
  20. Vince

    Coventry 2017

    Go to a NL meeting expecting two teams of wobblers and you'll be delighted. What you'll see is some very decent Speedway riders lapping between 1/2 and 1 second slower than the stars!. They make more mistakes for sure but because of that I often find there is more passing. Watching the GP stars is terrific as they rarely go wrong but NL is just as good in a different way.
  21. Vince

    Gerhard Engine

    Not really, more like modern oils work over a larger temperature range, provide better lubrication and don't gel like 'R' if left, especially when the engines rev so much higher than they used to.
  22. I'd disagree in that we live more than an hours drive from our nearest track and I know several people locally who only watch Speedway on TV. I'd completely disagree about it being boring, of course sometimes it is but especially with the GP's you get some fantastic racing on the TV and the sport is made for it with it's short races. For me the only harm the TV does is when you see how empty the stadiums are it reflects badly, I think the BSPA should look at £1 entry for Sky matches. I know this has been proven not to increase crowds afterwards but for me it would be sensible use of the TV as an advertising medium and full crowds on TV would help the sponsorship chase.
  23. Vince

    Gerhard Engine

    Any idea why the rev limiter has taken so long? Surely that was the logical first step all along, they started testing a long time ago and it seemed like the riders who tried it liked it then the idea seemed to disappear. I've always liked the idea as I think it's simple, relatively cheap and easy to police. Very little lost by anybody if the idea didn't work but it seems to have been bypassed for a far more expensive and complicated alternative.
  24. I think Greg Hancock is a very decent bloke. In 2003 my lad had been on a Speedway bike twice and I had got him a ride after the meeting at Oxford. Just before he went out Greg Hancock came over and explained he had a carb he wanted to test and ASKED a 14 year old kid if he would mind if he went out the same time as him. Then said to Sam, just you go where you want and I'll either slow down or go around you. Since that time I have seen second half races and meetings cancelled because a rider wants to test something more than once and I'm sure that if Greg had asked they would have stopped Sam riding so he could test but he was a real gent about the whole thing and even came over and chatted about his riding with the lad. As an aside Sam wasn't into Speedway as a spectator and came in saying "that blokes quick isn't he" as he had no idea who he was
  25. 16 nights x 12000 = 192000 for the year which wouldn't be close to Speedways annual crowds. The point that you can't compare something that runs weekly throughout the country with something that happens once or twice a year locally is very important in my opinion. I can go and watch a good standard of darts (probably equal to PL Speedway) in my local for free and most certainly won't get trampled in the rush to find a viewing point.

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