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  1. Who says it was an error by GD ?, I still haven't seem confirmation one way or the other whether the 8 day rule stands in the NL and either way, why is there more than one interpretation of it ?, if the rules are not crystal clear than the BSPA must be held to account for tonights utter farce, it's a rule should be legal or not, there should no be any doubt whatsoever and the fact there is shows the governing body has totally failed, cheating the paying public and the outcome of a cup final, heads MUST roll for this.
  2. david2905

    Nl Track Of The Year Is....

    Need 4 corners before you can be voted a good speedway track.
  3. david2905

    National League Agm

    As BrummieStormer says, immediate best decision would have been to leave the champions as first past the post, longer term Eastbourne should really look at rebuilding their track to a more conventional shape. Mention has been made of team running Eastbourne close at home, how much of this was due to some decent performances by heatleaders though ?, the Greenwoods and Ellis's can probably give it a fair go, but what did the away sides tail end score in these meetings ?, tracks like Perry Barr and Kings Lynn are much more typical and far easier to suss out after a first ride and score some points.
  4. david2905

    National League Agm

    Because at EL level, Poole, Swindon, Coventry etc hoover up all the expensive foreign talent, leaving many other teams to feed off the scraps, additionally the trick track nature of Arlington is far worse at NL level due to the inexperienced nature of the majority of the riders, handing a massive advantage to those who ride it every week, at least EL riders will have some experience of such tracks and even then a number still can't hack it. If experienced EL middle order riders have trouble with certain trick tracks, how in any way is it right to expect a NL 3 pointer riding the place for the first time to stand a chance ?.
  5. david2905

    National League Agm

    Indeed, suggests to me some clubs were swayed more by the possibility of 1 or 2 extra nights of revenue and coverage than the fact they have made Eastbourne 2016 champions before it's even 2016...
  6. david2905

    National League Agm

    All looks alright apart from the return of bloody play offs, can't think what club that favours with a trick Sussex triangle over 2 legs If your not good enough over a season then you are not good enough period, why should a ridiculous home advantage win the day ?.
  7. david2905

    Birmingham Brummies 2016

    Without being disrespectful, how realistic is it for others, to get near those mentioned regardless of points limit ?, I think us and Eastbourne giving Cradley some competition has certainly upped the ante in the NL, which helped to attract Belle Vue IMO, even if IOW were coming back regardless. Also there's a risk of many heatleaders being left in limbo with a low points limit, remember last year we got Adam Ellis pretty much because PL clubs were turning their nose up at him, what happens if they do the same to the like of BWD, Greenwood etc and NL clubs say they are too high to fit ?.
  8. david2905

    Birmingham Brummies 2016

    I reckon we'll be top heavy again with Zach & Perry, we had years of teams with strength through the order that always fell short, sometimes agonisingly at the final hurdle, often turning victory into defeat from heat 12 onwards, IMO it's no coincidence the top heavy side assembled by Phil Morris was the one that finally got us over the line and I think that has given GD plenty of food for thought, certainly this method of team building has done Poole no harm at EL level often being a 2 man team with Holder/Ward. Yes that means there's likely to be a weak link in the middle order, but no one is truly solid through 1-7, and being able to swap them with the likelyhood of strongly performing reserves gives some options if that does indeed happen, I doubt the like of Kirby & Wilson will feature next year.
  9. david2905

    Brummies V Kings Lynn Wed 29th July

    Eastbournes 3 cornered wonder baffles even more at this level with inexperienced riders so saying you win at home on it is hardly something to be proud of, Rye House are far more worthy of recognition in bringing down the Brummies.
  10. david2905

    Birmingham V Kent 15/7/15

    I think it was Shanes who was riding a demon line in heat 15, bombing out into the dirt at a pace that would have you in the fence at any other track and picking up a hell of a lot of speed down the straight and Zach had to work extremely hard to keep him behind, a real gutsy racer, who I woulden't be upset to have as a guest.
  11. david2905

    Birmingham V Kent 15/7/15

    Us in the stand coulden't fathom why he didn't put Ben Morley in heat 15 either. Although unlucky in the end, the scoreline does flatter Kent a bit, with some silly falls by Ellis, Kirby and Wilson throwing away over 10 points between them.
  12. david2905

    Birmingham Brummies 2015

    I'd be surprised if GD has made an error, he's more savvy than most when it comes to the rulebook and how to play it to best advantage.
  13. david2905

    King’s Lynn V Birmingham Wed 8 July

    That's one hell of a "patched up side" Brum are fielding, 4 points if they perform as they should.
  14. david2905

    Wilson-dean Or Wajknecht

    Looks like we'll be finding out tomorrow.
  15. david2905

    Wilson-dean Or Wajknecht

    He's beating all comers when since he's been started to be put in heat 15, and the occasional other heat where he faces them now, certainly had the better of Clegg and Halsey at PB, which keep in mind is Cleggs home track too, easier said than done for him to ride at NO1 when he started on 3.00 and the man he's trying to dislodge from that position is considered to have had a bad night when he's only scored 12!. I reckon Drury will have a real headache about who to send to the rider championship when the time comes, isn there a wildcard or something where both could get in ?, I think Zach and Ellis would be battling as much between themselves as anyone else.

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