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  1. brandonbee48

    Brandonbee 48 Rip

    Thank you to all of you for your kind words and tributes to Alan. He loved speedway, almost as much as anything in his life, and all of you added to his enjoyment of the sport in recent years. He often marveled at the technology that allowed him to watch the meets in real time in a way that he could only dream of a few years ago. Our pastor commented at the service on Saturday that he soon learned that, if he stopped by to visit on Sunday afternoons, Alan was polite to him but he knew that he was keeping him from something even more important to him - his speedway. To nw42, yes the photo that Alan posted was taken on the London Eye during our trip to England in May 2013. The trip was a delayed honeymoon after our wedding in 2012, and it was on that visit that we were welcomed by Tim and his wife. Thank you again to all of you for helping to bring such joy to Alan's life. Karen
  2. brandonbee48

    Polish And Other Match Videos 2017

    Thank you for Zorro's meeting though "Sound is blocked until you let us join Trumpland . Not kidding Take care. Alan.
  3. brandonbee48

    Polish Speedway 2017 News,line-ups, Rumours Etc

    Thanks my friend A nice "cheerer upper" on bitterly cold snowy day. Have just sent you a PM. All the best, Alan
  4. brandonbee48

    Coventry 2017

    Working fine from here in the USA. Regards. Alan.
  5. brandonbee48

    Polish Speedway 2017 News,line-ups, Rumours Etc

    Pawel, Hi my friend. I think your mail box is full. Tried to send you a PM. Hope you are well and "A Happy New Year" Regards. Alan.
  6. brandonbee48

    Polish Speedway 2017 News,line-ups, Rumours Etc

    Wonderful "Florrie, get the kettle on ". Take care. Alan.
  7. brandonbee48

    Polish Speedway 2017 News,line-ups, Rumours Etc

    Yes, there are many of us who enjoy these meetings early Sunday morning for me here in the USA and lunch time for those in the UK. Acts as a nice curtain raiser for the BIG BOYS speedway from Poland in the afternon/evening. Roll on April !! Alan.
  8. brandonbee48

    Melbourne 2016

    Take care all. Stay warm and healthy. Happy winter Join you in the spring. Alan.
  9. brandonbee48

    Melbourne 2016

    Congratulations to a true legend. Good ride by Greg to win it as well in style. The track looks very good with lots of close racing so far.
  10. brandonbee48

    Melbourne 2016

    Very early (4am ) here in the USA. Nice UK stream here http://stream4.freehdsport.com/bt2.html Lets hope this is a good meeting, though like most, i'm gutted for Jason Doyle. Good , safe racing is my hope. Alan.
  11. brandonbee48

    Melbourne 2016

    4am here in Trumpland but the alarm is set. Join you then. Alan.
  12. brandonbee48

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    So its 3 rugby matches for couch potato Saturday then. Thanks for letting us know.
  13. "Bummerowski ". I was looking forward to that, but very sensible to call it off early. Talking of weather we have a little bit of rain to deal with here- though thankfully to the S/E of chez nous. Take care. Alan.
  14. That was a brilliant meeting last night on a brilliant track. Full of passion and Kelvins "Proper speedway" If only there were 7 other stadiums/tracks (i'm dreaming ) the long term decline in British speedway could be arrested. I know it is difficult in the UK with planning regulations and general antipathy towards the sport and local communities being indifferent or hostile, but if we could get more like this we wouldn't be such a poor third to Poland and Sweden. Well done Belle Vue- you got it just right . You are a grand old club. Hyde Road was the spiritual home of British speedway and i hope this is a springboard to even greater success. Alan

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