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  1. My son's girlfriend is Spanish, so my wife and I have given Duolingo a go to learn some of her language. It's really good. Very easy to use on a smartphone and it's easy to make good progress with just 15-30 minutes practice a day.
  2. Bryce

    Corona virus

    The only motor sport interests listed are the owners of the likes of Silverstone and Goodwood. No speedway included as far as I can tell.
  3. Bryce

    Sheffield 2020

    It's legal to put whatever clauses you like in your contract, the riders are not forced to agree; they can choose not to sign and ride elsewhere. Of course, realistically if they want to make any money they don't have any other viable options. So whilst not illegal, it might be immoral.
  4. Some awesome riders discussed here, but I can't believe nobody has mentioned Erik Gundersen. Three titles, and who knows if he would have taken more but for his career ending accident. A wonderful rider, and an incredibly nice guy too.
  5. Bryce

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Which number issue do I need to dig out for that?
  6. Bryce

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    After the way he beat Olsen and Knudsen that night, does anyone really think Penhall would have needed help to beat Stancl? I was more concerned that Carter would try to knock Bruce off his bike, and judging by the way he let Kenny go away from him for the win, Bruce was too.
  7. Bryce

    AJ retires

    Lakeside legend. Best wishes to AJ for the future. Thanks for some terrific entertainment.
  8. Bryce

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Whatever the provocation (and there was most definitely provocation) the man threw punches at the very least. if he gets no ban at all while Kennett and Vissing do; it will be a complete mockery of a decision.
  9. it's almost as if the man in charge of the BSPA has a vested interest in allowing Craig Cook to ride. BTW, tonight is going to be my first visit to Ipswich speedway. How is the food in the stadium? Should I be considering eating before the meeting rather than at it?
  10. Prior to the parade Eastbourne staff and presenters had made it very clear to the crowd that the delayed start was due to the Glasgow team, led by Craig Cook, moaning about the track conditions. Hence the booing.
  11. Having seen the short video clip I am happy to say that my initial observation that Cook deliberately rode at the marshal, and tried to headbutt him were wrong. That's what it looked like on the night, but with the different angle of the video I can accept it was more likely an accidental collision, and a shoulder barge. What followed was still completely unacceptable. I suspect the reason Eastbourne haven't released the whole clip is that it will show several of their own people behaving equally as badly as Craig Cook and his associates. It's still a fact that if Craig had reigned his temper in there wouldn't have been a fight. It's also a fact that the home management deliberately wound him up beforehand. Nobody involved really comes out of this incident looking good.
  12. I doubt that the kids were especially traumatised by the events, but that isn't the point. The point was their physical safety could have been endangered. As for Craig Cook, I wouldn't be half so harsh with him if it had just been a bust up between two riders in the heat of battle. It wasn't. He assaulted a member of track staff and started a brawl. That's what I find unacceptable.
  13. I attended this match purely as a neutral. It was only my second visit to Eastbourne so i can't say whether the track was particularly different from usual. I can however say that I have seen many many meetings ridden on far more difficult surfaces. I was as surprised as everyone else when it was announced that the Glasgow riders didn't want to ride on it at the start. We waited while some track work was carried out. What followed was a sequence of utterly stupid actions. Jon Cook made a few snide remarks designed to whip the crowd up against the visitors.They took the bait and began booing the Tigers riders on the parade. Then Craig Cook decided he wasn't going to wait for the Eagles to be introduced and set off round the track, followed by a couple of colleagues. There WERE very small children present as part of the parade so track staff put out the red flags to get the two or three visiting riders to stop. Craig Cook decided to ride AT one of those holding a red flag. There was a reaction and then Cook clearly threw a head butt. A brawl ensued just yards from the small kids. When the racing finally started, Cook was still too busy have a hissy fit to ride in heat 1. It is true that the comments from Eastbourne staff were not helpful, and no doubt were designed to wind up Craig Cook in particular. So what? He's a professional sportsman. His actions were ridiculous. He definitely instigated the fighting. Again, I do not absolve those who retaliated from all blame, but there would not have been a fight if Craig Cook could control himself. Had this happened in a town centre he would have been arrested and rightly so. Mr Facena was man enough to apologize at the end of the meeting, and fair play to him for that. I'd be disapointed if he took no further action against Craig Cook. Cook let himself, his team and his fans down very badly. He was an utter disgrace.
  14. Bryce

    Your claim to fame

    I once did the bible reading live on Songs of Praise from my local church in Hackney. Over 20 years ago now!

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