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  1. Lakeside 2018

    More difficult? No. More expensive? Yes. It's just another example of how tin pot the sport has become compared to times gone by.
  2. I can remember a young man coming out in a set of Bruce Penhall's leathers for second half rides at Cradley. He turned out to be David Cheshire, and although he never really hit the international heights, he was a full on entertainer on and off the track. John Boulger, John Titman, Phil Herne and Phil Crump all impressed, but the classiest Aussie of the time for me was Billy Sanders. I remember the shock when he passed away in such tragic circumstances.
  3. Lakeside 2018

    One thing Jon Cook can always be counted on to deliver is a positive spin on any statement.
  4. Memories good and bad.!!

    The Good 1. Wembley 81. What a night. 2. Cradley's 83 team. Sheer class from top to bottom. 3. Galvin, Schofield, Whittaker et al blasting around Waterden Road. 4. The Grahame brothers coming 1st and 2nd in the British Final. 5. Little Jan O becoming World Champion. The Bad 1. Lee Richardson being killed. (And indeed all other fatal or life changing injuires, but Rico's death hit me hardest.) 2. The truly stupid numbers of guests in the last few years. 3. Cradley losing out on the title after Penhall quit in 82. 4. Cradley and Hackney closing down. 5. The lack of respect for paying supporters routinely shown by the people running the sport at both national and local level.
  5. Lakeside 2018

    The same Jim Lynch who messed up the tactical situation costing Leicester an away win last season? He is a nice man, but perhaps not as on the ball as we would need our TM to be.
  6. Lakeside 2018

    I'm sure we'll be strong at home as is normal, but with that team we might actually get some points on the road. Looking forward to a good season now.
  7. Kelly Moran How Good.?

    As others have said, Kelly was a brilliant entertainer, and one of the most natural motorcyclists of all time. His well known lifestyle choices probably held him back in terms of overall achievements, but somehow, I doubt the guy had any regrets. I only spoke to him once, as a teenage fan, but he came across as a delightful man with a heart as big as his undeniable talent.
  8. Congrats to a thoroughly deserving world champion. Well done Doyley.
  9. Lakeside 2017

    He meant that 2017 Rye House charged less for top division matches than Lakeside did in 2016.
  10. Lakeside 2017

    As a Lakeside fan forum member who does regularly attend meetings I have to defend Kev a little bit. On said forum he has been consistent with his point of view, and all criticism has been constructive with the long term well being of the Hammers and their fans at it's heart. The same is true of most others who post there. We may be few in number in terms of membership but at least we have somewhere to put our points of view across. The debate can be lively but it's nearly always respectful. Personally I quite enjoyed our season in the NL when we had a meeting that is. Far too few fixtures in my opinion. Sadly the crowd numbers were pretty much halved by the change of league and on that basis NL may not be viable for the club going forward. Despite the current promotion's faults, they are the only game in town. I'd rather them than no speedway at all.
  11. Poll

    waaaay down at Lakeside
  12. Richard Hellsen was one of those riders that every team needs. The guy that always performs to a decent standard week in week out in support of the star names. The guy that never lets you down but rarely grabs the headlines. It was a pleasure to see him grace the Hawks racejacket at the tail end of his career, though I mainly remember him as a Kings Lynn stalwart. Jan Andersson must surely be a club legend for fans of the Reading Racers, and of course indoor speedway where he was nigh on unbeatable. Per Jonsson was a worthy world champion, and may have won it more than once but for his tragic career ending and life changing injuries. However, the most legendary moment involving a Swede in Britain was not a victory. It was that amazing cup final run-off between Michanek and PC.
  13. Bv Vs Lakeside Play-off Semi Leg 2

    As I said, I have nothing against Paul Hurry as an individual. Indeed, his team riding (a forgotten art) has been a pleasure to watch at times. Jon Armstrong too seems a really lovely guy from the brief chat I had with him at the last meeting. Having said that, their knowledge and advice can be passed on to the youngsters without them actually being in the team. Isn't that why Kelvin Tatum was the team manager in the first place? Just a personal preference I guess. I'd rather younger riders were given more opportunities. Of course, finding enough of said riders to fill a team could be a whole different story, and may well be an additional reason to keep the elder statesmen in the league. As long as they're not depriving a youngster of a place I'm okay with them riding. If however, youngsters are missing out to fit in the veterans, then I feel that is completely antithetical to the purpose of the league.
  14. Bv Vs Lakeside Play-off Semi Leg 2

    I'm not certain whether or not we at Lakeside broke the rules when we brought in Paul Hurry, but we absolutely trampled all over the spirit of what the NL is supposed to be about. I'm not having a go at Paul, who seems a decent enough gentleman, I just feel it wasn't right bringing in someone of that age into what is essentially a league to develop young talent. My highlight of the season was seeing Jason Edwards make his debut. Regarding the play off, Belle Vue do indeed have some terrific kids in their side and I'm very pleased for them that they've done so well. The R/R they used may or may not have been a wangle, but so too was ours with the sudden unavailability of our weakest rider. In the end, the best team deservedly won.