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  1. Bryce

    UK born riders who returned as foreigners

    I stand corrected I didn't know there had been more than one Canadian at Hackney. Never too old to learn something new!
  2. Bryce

    UK born riders who returned as foreigners

    There was indeed. Shawn Venables was his name. No relation to El Tel I assume.
  3. Bryce

    People with odd, funny or silly names

    Back when I was a housing officer in local government I had dealings with a Mr and Mrs Kerr, who for some reason decided to call their son Wayne. There was also a Mrs Parrott who called her daughters Scarlet and Jade.
  4. What a fantastic meeting! Wembley 81 was a stunning atmosphere, with massive stakes and two fantastic races. A truly memorable occasion. Tonight had many more great races, on a hugely better race track. Thank you to both teams for a brilliant evening of entertainment. THIS is why we love speedway.
  5. Bryce

    Recommended Energy Supplier?

    We recently switched from Shell to Octopus. Transfer was very easy, with no complications or hassles. We saved nearly £30 a month too.
  6. Bryce


    What awful news. Alan Grahame was my absolute favorite rider during my teenage years attending Cradley every week. Despite the world class superstars he was teammates with, Al was the man for me. Never let the team down. Always gave it everything. I only recently watched the terrific interview he did on You Tube with Lee Kilby and was reminded what a great guy he was. RIP Big Al.
  7. Bryce

    RIP Colin Pratt

    I only had the pleasure of speaking to Colin a handful of times, but he was always a very approachable lovely man. A genuine legend in the sport. Condolences to his loved ones. RIP.
  8. Bryce

    Eastbourne 2021

    Yes he (or at least the club) did. It restarted as a private concern and was indeed quite lively. Cookie never missed a chance to express his contempt for on line fora. He couldn't accept that most members just wanted the club to do well. He seemed to consider supporters online to be some kind of menace, despite the fact that most were ardent fans of the Hammers, not to mention paying customers.
  9. My son's girlfriend is Spanish, so my wife and I have given Duolingo a go to learn some of her language. It's really good. Very easy to use on a smartphone and it's easy to make good progress with just 15-30 minutes practice a day.
  10. Bryce

    Corona virus

    The only motor sport interests listed are the owners of the likes of Silverstone and Goodwood. No speedway included as far as I can tell.
  11. Bryce

    Sheffield 2020

    It's legal to put whatever clauses you like in your contract, the riders are not forced to agree; they can choose not to sign and ride elsewhere. Of course, realistically if they want to make any money they don't have any other viable options. So whilst not illegal, it might be immoral.
  12. Some awesome riders discussed here, but I can't believe nobody has mentioned Erik Gundersen. Three titles, and who knows if he would have taken more but for his career ending accident. A wonderful rider, and an incredibly nice guy too.
  13. Bryce

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Which number issue do I need to dig out for that?
  14. Bryce

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    After the way he beat Olsen and Knudsen that night, does anyone really think Penhall would have needed help to beat Stancl? I was more concerned that Carter would try to knock Bruce off his bike, and judging by the way he let Kenny go away from him for the win, Bruce was too.
  15. Bryce

    AJ retires

    Lakeside legend. Best wishes to AJ for the future. Thanks for some terrific entertainment.

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