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  1. Bryce

    Apology to starman

    Keep on battling with it mate. As you know from our discussions, you're not alone.
  2. Regarding surveying fans at meetings, I am almost certain that permission for such a thing would not be given at Lakeside. Jon Cook's attitude has always been that fans with an opinion are a pain in the behind. The club has been better than many at tweeting and updating the website, but hardly earth shatteringly impressive. These mediums are of course for telling us what they want us to know. They are not for us mere paying customers to express an opinion. The club did have a quite lively official fans forum, until Mr Cook got annoyed at the notion of it being used to criticize the club and closed it down. The bottom line is that the members of the BSPA do not want to hear from us the fans. Their attitude is we should be quiet and be grateful for whatever they serve up to us.
  3. Bryce


    That was the implication given to the crowd at Lakeside on Friday by Jon Cook.
  4. Bryce


    This is a huge part of the problem. Just look at the situation with Friday night fixtures being removed. One promoter (and a MC member at that) seems happy to potentially force up to 3 clubs out of business just so he can have a better choice of guests.
  5. He was unhappy about the way Lakeside and other Friday teams fixtures were removed without warning. He said that ongoing discussions are to be had, and that whilst our next home fixture is in 2 weeks against Peterborough, this is only provisional as the official permission to run it has not been given yet. He stated that decisions were being made to benefit one club at the expense of several others. He didn't name names, but the implication was pretty clear that the culprit is Mr Godfrey at Scunthorpe.
  6. A very enjoyable meeting with lots of good races. Much credit must go to Sheffield who gave a real battling performance. The two 5-1s in heats 13 and 15 made the score look a lot more comfortable than it ever felt. Fortunately for the Hammers, Lawson and Morris were superb, and it's that spearhead that may make the difference for us when the trophies are handed out.
  7. Bryce

    Rye House 2018

    Workington are stating they have to rearrange all their Friday fixtures after this week, and that 2 other Championship clubs are also affected. Nothing about this on Lakeside's site as yet. One thing I'm sure of, if Lakeside are not going to be allowed to keep their traditional Friday night, that could well be the death knell for the club. I really hope this isn't going to be the case.
  8. I'm astonished that a club reported to be struggling financially would want to ban a loyal paying customer for expressing an opinion. Having read the offending posts I can't say that I found them to be all that outrageous. Perhaps not the politest, and maybe some offense could have been taken by Mr Whitehead, but surely criticism from fans is part of the job in sport. Jenga has made a fulsome public apology for any offense caused, I would hope that would be the end of it.
  9. Bryce

    Rye House 2018

    Much as I hate to say it, the silence from both the club and the BSPA is rather ominous. If it was a simple one off issue with the track or stadium, then surely that would have been stated to stop all the doom and gloom speculation. I've attended all but 2 of the fixtures at Rye this season and there has been a noticeable drop off in the size of the crowds. I do believe a lack of fixture continuity and racing on fixed nights have impacted negatively on attendances. We'll never be told the financial details, but it seems very plausible that the club is making a loss every time it runs a speedway meeting. That can only go on for so long before the plug is pulled. I hope I'm wrong, I really do. We've lost too many clubs.
  10. Likewise. I sighed with resignation when heat 15 had to be re-run twice. Then Ellis has an EF at the tapes. It summed up a dissapointing meeting for me. On the plus side, at least Alfie got some rides and a decent points total.
  11. I believe the logic behind the Aussies team selection is that Fricke rides for both of the tracks the meetings are at, and Doyle is the world champion. Pretty straightforward thinking in my book.
  12. I must admit I expected a much closer match. The Comets were poor bar Campton and Proctor and never looked like threatening a powerful Hammers side. I may have missed it, but was anything announced regarding how the young lad (Jacob Clayton I think?) who crashed badly before the meeting is doing? The air fence took a lot of the oomph out of the crash but he still came down hard on the stock car tarmac.
  13. Bryce

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    A great result for the Hammers in the circumstances. Best wishes for a rapid recovery to Ben Morley. He's had a very solid start to the season and it would be a real shame for that to be disrupted due to this injury. Going 10 - 2 up and then losing like that at home isn't good enough. I'd be very concerned if I were a Bears supporter.
  14. Bryce

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    Morris will have to be a lot better than he was last night at Rye House, he only got 4 points. Hopefully that was a one off bad night and normal service will be resumed. If Lakeside are serious about being title contenders this is the sort of match we need to take something from.
  15. An enjoyable evening of decent racing and good company. Scott Nicholls produced a couple of terrific passes in particular.

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