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  1. The weeks of consistent weather has caught them out tonight.
  2. Blazeaway

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    Who are you, the BSF police?
  3. Blazeaway

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    #justiceforphil #philwasright
  4. Blazeaway

    Rye House 2018

    Absolutely bang on.
  5. Blazeaway

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Dickhead. Surely it's time for Matthew Davis to get a wildcard?
  6. Blazeaway

    In My View By Phil Rising

  7. I don't come on here very often anymore but it's nice to see some things don't change, you spouting absolute drivel as usual.
  8. Is "tactical country" a pseudonym for Kelvin Tatum?
  9. No it isn't, it's a crock of shyte which will be finished in five years unless some drastic measures are taken. But you just keep kissing Ford's ar$e and imagining everything is fine.
  10. No, the stupidest thing in all this is that people still believe that speedway is a professional sport.
  11. Blazeaway

    Bt Sport Coverage

    He deserves everything he gets to be fair. The bloke is an utter ****.
  12. Blazeaway

    Rye House V Somerset 23/8/2017

    Enjoyed last night more than last week, the racing was a bit better despite the score. They really need to do something about the inside line though, if it was ripped up a bit it would improve the racing immensely.
  13. Magic hopefully or anyone other than Doyle to be honest.
  14. Blazeaway

    Bt Coverage

    If you enjoy inane drivel, constant mistakes and screaming and shouting then "Kelv" and "Nige" are the men for the job.
  15. Blazeaway

    Poole 2017

    It's really quite staggering at times!

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