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  1. bringbackHalifax

    Race nights

    Doubt Poole will be allowed an occasional Bank Hol Monday in the championship.
  2. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    Well hopefully all now goes well. Hope Martin Philips is gone completely, hope George hangs around to help Granty through the coming season and then Rob can be his own man thereafter. Would like to recognise and thank Andrew Dalby who has done more than anyone in the last couple of years to keep Newcastle going without the credit he deserves. Hope he hangs around as miles better on the mike than Roy.
  3. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    Whoever comes in at this critical time needs to accept that this coming season will be tough due to riders getting/ already signing for other clubs, leaving scraps to be picked up. Ged may be thinking of coming in but will be busy contacting riders to see what sort of team he can put together before committing. By the end of next week the pool of riders will have shrunk and by the end of the month I reckon we will no either way. If Danny has gone to Redcar I would imagine his father and family will probably lose interest in Newcastle rather quickly. Worrying times.
  4. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    The next 48 hrs are going to confirm Newcastle’s fate. Their viability to financially compete with some of the deals being done suggest it will be tough to attract a competitive team. Need a big dose of sponsorship / cash investment or wooden spoon and the financial outcome of a bottom of the league season will come home to roost. Is it totally time for a honest man named John to step in ?
  5. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    GED + Peterboro could equal Hans now he has no Polish team. But more to the point, who else is available, because at 41 there are not enough riders
  6. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    As teams are settling on certain riders and the list of top Enders shrinks I hope Newcastle have someone in the bag like Hans Anderson already or could be faced with picking at scraps and a season as the leagues whipping boys. Not sure even the leftover hardcore would stomach that. Not exactly a good time for a third tier season either so I fear for the Diamonds. Hope behind the scenes they are well ahead and on the front foot.
  7. bringbackHalifax

    Edinburgh 2020

    If I am hearing correctly you are using 23.96 on two announced and 1 other done deal. That’s a big chunk on top 3 riders but will give 2 big hitters and cost a pretty penny. Won’t lose at home.
  8. bringbackHalifax

    Edinburgh 2020

    No, Belle Vue
  9. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2020

    There are definitely at least 2 leagues. I know of 6 riders who are signed ( agreed deals ) with top two leagues. The usual culprit has his one to seven sorted and hopes to be first to announce, did not stop them finishing near bottom half of table, 3 championship riders dropping the champs league next season, one club looking to bounce back from a poor year have two riders over eight, one already announced. They have some idea of what’s happening or one hell of a job backtracking to do.
  10. Not forgetting Rye House under Buster Chapman in the Premier. With half the teams he has a 50% chance of the title.
  11. bringbackHalifax

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    Doubt it. It will be over by ht 12.
  12. bringbackHalifax

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    Diamonds don’t have the fire power for this one. Stevie not the problem here, Matty will be fine but don’t see many points from anywhere else. I believe Redcar will probably win on the night to be honest. Hope it’s a good crowd and not too many put off by weather forecast.
  13. bringbackHalifax

    Newcastle 2019

    I would run the first leg at Brough otherwise it could be a financial nightmare anyway
  14. bringbackHalifax

    Wolves v King’s Lynn 2nd Sept

    Because he tells lies. He did not change bikes and did not alter anything on the bikes. If he was ill, fine, say that and stick to it. just be honest with the people who pay to watch I hope Nicholls gets a ban as when I heard the pay rates on Thursday, he was first name to spring to mind for not turning up. Charles Wright missed a meeting at Ipswich but rode either side of it, so he should have a ban. with no punishment it will carry on. The clubs should also get no facility to cover any bans for riders picking and choosing when to put in any effort or not.
  15. bringbackHalifax

    Leicester 2019

    Should get a 28 day ban to aid his full recovery.

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