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  1. Robbobee

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    RIP Roman Matousek Concur with the comments about him being a strong lad - recall it being said he had the strongest forearms in Speedway at the time and you certainly not want to arm wrestle him !! An entertainer for certain - never a dull moment when Roman was on track - not sure his own teammates were entirely comfortable riding with him ? lol I see to remember him as being essentially a 5-6 point rider who showed glimpses of better talent on occasion - recall one meeting at Coventry where he was a reserve and took 4 rides on the trot against some team - the first three races won in blistering form and the fourth he was leading until the Bike went bang big-time - never the same rider after that as believe it was a catastrophic and expensive bike loss. 55 Years of age too young for anyone to pass away - thoughts are with his family.
  2. Robbobee

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    That's exactly what GB Speedway needs ... "riders on a level playing field and they can all beat each other on any given night" .... good close racing !!!
  3. Robbobee

    Sheffield 2020

    Swindon might have signed better riders so far you mean - how many GSA points have Robins signed v Sheffield so far ? Anybody know what GSA Nicki Pedersen will start on ?
  4. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Would be happy with something like .... Nick Morris Ryan Douglas Kyle Howarth Josh Bates / Ellis Perks Connor Mountain Danyon Hume / ANO 4.00 pointer Joe Lawler - possible Thompson 2.00 Does it fit ?
  5. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Massive thanks to the departing Scott Nicholls for his efforts as a rider and as our influential captain in Season 2019 - huge respect for the guy as an accomplished speedway rider over many years .... hope the future holds good things for you wherever you end up Scotty !!
  6. Robbobee

    Sheffield 2020

    With Simon Stead remaining in charge - maybe a possibility of attracting Martin Vaculik back to the uk ??
  7. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Not sure of the rules for next year of having just the one rider or more over 8.00 GSA ? If we are bale to have two then I would personally like to see both Scott Nicholls and Richard Lawson as our twin spearhead for next season, keep Ellis Perks and try and have Danyon Hume & Joe Lawlor at reserve Need two more engine room riders then .....
  8. If Paul Starke had been riding .... If Rasmus Jensen hadn't fell ... If ... If .... well who's to say if Richie Worrall had been riding then he may well have done a lot better than his brother did on the night and in any case it doesn't matter because Lions won ...... Gotta say that Glasgow were a strong team over the two legs but not as strong as us !
  9. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Don't think Ryan will be with us if he is set on riding in Poland too ? Ellis Perks has to be number 1 priority - only getting better
  10. Robbobee

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Any idea of teams for the return leg at Beaumont Park ? Presumably Lawson could guest for Lions on Sat at home ( given the +5% rule ) if needed so he could be involved in the semi finals for both teams ??? lol
  11. Robbobee

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    With the meeting off now until Fri 4 Oct - presumably means no Lawson as guest for R Worrall but also no Broc Nicol for Nathan Greaves either ? Weather forecast not good for Sat night either .....
  12. Robbobee

    Ipswich 2019

    Personally I think any team should not entertain bringing in a rider in the last few days before the transfer deadline who quite obviously did not want to commit to a full season in GB in the first instance, even if it does strengthen their chances of play-off success ...... it's all at the expense of riders who were committed to GB I reckon .....
  13. Robbobee

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Well and truly got out of jail with that win tonight ! Terrible performance from Ty Proctor tonight - looked way off the pace - worrying for the future unless he is riding injured or something? Mistake IMO to pull the impressive Ellis Perks out and tac sub Scotty in Ht 6 - should,ve targeted Palm Toft with tac sub ( Schlein or Douglas ) in Ht 7 in place of Joe Lawlor ... Impressed with Rasmus Jensen …. very lucky in Ht 14 after Sam Jensen fell whilst leading ,,,,,, Ryan out of his depth in Ht 15 albeit no matter ... Worried about Ty Proctor …..
  14. Robbobee

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Well I for one am very pleased Craig Cook is riding for the Tigers against Lions on Sat night - as a Lions fan , I want us to try and beat a strong Glasgow team with arguably the best rider in the Championship this year as opposed to one without.....
  15. Robbobee

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Apologies - didn't realise that was the case ....

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