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  1. Robbobee

    Ipswich 2019

    Krystian was certainly a racer when in the right frame of mind - also very good out of the gate especially from the outside gates ..... seemed a bit nervous if another rider gave him a shove or two but it was early days at Leicester - pleased he is back in GB ......
  2. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Not really as surely Connor Mountain is a shoe-in reserve for the team whether they rider 'Premiership' or 'Championship' in either case ? Would have been surprised if we had announced Hans as the new asset given the uncertainty over the League formats for next year .... Connor would appear to be a good signing though for the Lions ! Cheers
  3. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Oh well - as they say when you bottom of the pile as we more than likely will be come the end of the season .... the only way from here is UP !!! This season is now gone .. so gotta look to next year and hope that we at least some some effort from the riders as they see out the rest of the year.... gotta say I don't think it helps when one of the Promoters comes onto the public microphone after last weeks home match to slag riders off about their form or effort and so on ... not saying it shouldn't be done but do it in private and face to face at least IMHO. Lions need support now when times are tough or there won't be any speedway at Leicester before very long - so stick with it through the bad times is the most important item on the agenda at the moment .... come on you Lions ! Cheers
  4. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Now that the new averages are out perhaps we could bring back Todd Kurtz for Connor Mountain - who let's face it is out of his depth - Kurtz should do ok at No 7 and the lesser reserve as opposed to being the main reserve as he was with Sarjeant ? Kurtz 4.02 Mountain 2.79 Difference = 1.23 makes Lions Total = 42.47 ? Means we are a bit stronger anyways .... Cheers
  5. God help us I reckon - will be a field day for Klindt at reserve and if you're right about Hans being missing ... we'll be lucky to score 30 at home .... never mind I will be there supporting on the night as always but can't help feeling it's onwards and downwards
  6. Just watched this pitiful match on tv and get over the irony of Rosco calling Leicester Beaumont Park just a Gate and Go track ! All sorts of Pots and Black Kettles there I reckon !! Apalling and Dangerous !
  7. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Reasonably confident there wont be any more changes after these 4 given the closeness to the Aug 12 Cut-Off date whereby no changes are allowed unless through rider injury god forbid. True that Nicholls, Robson and Auty not renowned for their Gating prowess but also as most of remaining matches are actually away from BP ( 4 H 9 A ? ) not such a bad thing .... Anyway at least we have a team of triers now - not much more we can do .... Cheers
  8. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Nicholls for Bjerre - yepp Auty for Pieszczek - not sure at this stage but Auty is riding well this season Robson for Kurtz - yepp ( based on his last BP showing ) Mountain for Sarjeant - not sure but does have BP experience and should mean we go through less sets of tapes.... Cheers - onwards and upwards !
  9. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Fits if you replace Kurtz with Connor Mountain as I said ... although sure what benefit we would gain apart from a bit more solidarity in the team proper. Cheers
  10. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Excuse given that Lions riders not used to track conditions since changes ??? Thought they could practice whenever they wanted - were any riders out practicing after the meeting last night ? Just not good enough I am afraid but hey ho - I will be there every week hoping they go better next time !! Todd Kurtz not on the pace at all and Pieszczek going backwards I fear - replace both riders with Nicholls and whoever fits ( Connor Mountain ? ) Reserve will still be weak but no weaker than Kurtz and Nicholls should be far more consistent and probably cheaper than Pieszczek ? ...... just a thought Cheers
  11. Robbobee

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Leicester promotion have publicly come out and said Reserves need to do better - will be tough against Ty Proctor and was really tough against Nicolai Klindt ! Also need to publicly come out and tell Kenneth Bjerre to do better too I reckon - he has hardly shown No 1 form so far this year and needs to do a lot better if Lions are going to do anything this season. We get to Hts 13 and Ht15 usually in front but cannot do against other team big guns ! KL have got Iversen and Lambert ..... PS : Poole next week with guess what Klindt at reserve ! Cheers
  12. Is Klindt at reserve for this one ? If so he can do some serious damage from there at BP ! Need the real Kenny Bjerre to turn up for this one .... Cheers
  13. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Agree stevethelion ... which worries me a bit ! unless we are due to make changes elsewhere?
  14. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Despite a reasonably good performance against Wolves away on Mon night , I do hope Lions take advantage of the 2.3 odd points we have to play with as far as team strength is concerned as by doing so would surely mean a better chance of a play-off spot come the end of the year ... Assuming both Danny and Kyle come back off injury ok - then Charles Wright or Lasse Bjerre for Todd Kurtz - Todd has done well enough but not as good as either of those two and it would also mean Newman drops to reserve ... If Kyle or Danny out for long period then a rethink needed - Ricky Wells ? Erik Riss ?
  15. Robbobee

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Surely Lasse Bjerre still carries an Premiership Average of 6.10 from last season anyway regardless of his Championship form this year ? In that case he could replace Todd Kurtz meaning Newman drops to reserve.... Danny King hopefully gets better and resumes his place in the team if not we could replace with a rider up to 6.79 by my reckoning - not sure who though ? Prefer King back !

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