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  1. Roger Martins

    KOC Sat 4 June - Glasgow v Edinburgh

    Would it not have been better to have just cancelled the meeting and rearrange when all riders are available, Huge meeting for Edinburgh and are having to use guests for their 2 best riders, and then people ask what is wrong with the sport.
  2. It was not a shock to see the crowd was low for the first meeting when it was up against Newcastle United playing football at the same time, I know the game was in London but there is always a huge following to support them, and it was on Sky Sports, and that could have been the reason for the crowd being as low as it was, Start of a new season and you are wanting as many new supporters to attend as well, and to return for the rest of the season. I know its hard to arrange meetings but just seems crazy to have the opening meeting to be on at the same time as the football, Hopefully next week will see a much improved attendance against Redcar.
  3. Roger Martins

    Berwick vs Newcastle 21st March 1992

    The Speedway researcher shows Wayne Garratt missing his last ride because of a F/X in his third ride and Max Schofield having 5 rides so i thing it would be Schofield in heat 13.
  4. Roger Martins

    Newcastle 2020

    Clerk of the course Graham has been told his services are no longer needed after doing the task for about 26 years, but he is being rewarded as he can gain entry to the first meeting for £5 instead of the full price of £10. Now thats not bad for 26 years service.
  5. Roger Martins

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Anders Michanek
  6. Roger Martins

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Thank you Phil, this is great news, its just that for 50 years of following this sport and buying and collecting this great magazine we have always had race details and times, whenever i go back through copy's from years gone by i always look to find who was the quickest at the meeting and not just the points scored. So once again thank you.
  7. Roger Martins

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Could i ask why are there no race times included in the racing record section this year and it just doesn't look the same. we need our race times back please.

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