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  1. From what ive seen of Kemp at Foxhall this yr he's turned into a bit of a gating tart, makes the gate he's fine, misses it and he hardly ever makes an impressive, also seems to ride the away tracks better then his home track, just hope he's not another of so many b4 him who is hyped up to much to soon and amounts to nothing.
  2. kevin bass

    Ipswich 2020

    I think it was spoke about going to two RS next year per team, mind you it'll all change b4 then and probably not for the better either.
  3. Yeah Danny has been brilliant this year, it is a watered down league compared to what it was but just shows the older riders can still mix it with the younger ones, your got Danny the wrong side of 35, Harris 38, Andersen 39 and Nicholls 43 all having really good seasons, i think the new Rising Star boys can only dream about still being that good at that age, that is if they even get to that level to start with, and also have that long of a career in the sport.
  4. It was mentioned on the Edinburgh thread that rumour has it Kemp and Rowe don't get on as their now gonna be team mates at Edinburgh and Ipswich, dunno if there's any truth in it tho.
  5. kevin bass

    RIP British Speedway

    Back in the day yeah riders rode for one team year after year, and a small minority still do now, the question was riders who ride for the same team for 4 yrs or more, it wasn't mentioned it doesn't count if they double up or not, the isn't many riders in the so called top league or don't double up year on year nowadays.
  6. kevin bass

    Ipswich v Wolves. Today I think

    Rowe started off really well but has tailed off the last month or so, still unsure about Kemp, seems to ride better away from Foxhall, looks hesitant at times and backs off if things get tight.
  7. Is it really 6yrs ago, god how time cuts by, but yeah the speedway world was robbed of a special talent when Darcy had his terrible accident, for all his off track antics no one can say he wasn't a class act on it, a truly natural talent on a bike.
  8. kevin bass

    RIP British Speedway

    Danny King has done a lot more then 4 seasons for Ipswich, after that it's a struggle, Rory Schlien might be on his 4th year at Wolves.
  9. How does Douglas being as reserve for Wolves differ to Andersen or Harris riding in that position for P'boro.
  10. Yeah i wondered that also, same as Jenkins being mentioned earlier in the thread, he also isn't in it as to old.
  11. kevin bass

    Witches Vs Tigers

    Yeah it was a good call but it would of helped if some people who don't use social media/internet heard the news, my elderly parents (both in their 80's) rang the stadium like their done for years if the weather looked dodgy mid afternoon but no one answered the phone, the weather was still dry at half 6 so they set out on their 20 mile drive up to Foxhall only to get there a little after 7 to find no cars in the car park and the stadium locked up, it was only when they phoned me from the stadium that i had to tell them it had been called off at 11am, i hadn't even checked myself to be fair because i wasn't expecting such an early call off, they weren't none to impressed when i told them
  12. kevin bass

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Danyon was always good value when he was at Ipswich, bit rough round the edges but was to be expected as he'd not long converted over to speedway as i believe he came from another 2 wheeled background originally, he always had good bikes so happy to see his hard work finally starting to pay off.

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