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  1. so passports on entry to gatherings of people, does this mean speedway/ and motorsports? ffs
  2. blood clots didnt seem to appear last year before vaccine rollout, yet now they do after the vaccines this year.how strange
  3. angry village idiot, and being called a muppet to. i feel blessed. tata
  4. you really are a snidey little sh..t. little do you know where i am at race meetings and it aint on the terraces
  5. another brainless prat making snide comments as per usual
  6. just lay down and take all the sh.te from from the goverment then. another sheep to the slaughter. lol
  7. you really think youre king of the castle dont you? you come across as a grumpy know all miserable old sod. what you say about me is really a fair description of you.
  8. yes gone on protests, never worn a mask since day one, not having the jab, i walk in the opposite direction of arrows put on the ground for the sheep like you, and as for the vaccine, or the experimental gene altering poison, its being made abundantly clear that people like me, will be unfairly discriminated ,you think thats fair? well youre just a lab rat like millions of others , so the likes of me and many others like me will not sit down and obey orders from heil johnson and co..
  9. yep, just roll over and follow everything the goverment machine throws at you, in other words youre brainwashed and cant be a..sed to do f a
  10. absolutely, spot on. why oh why would this woman make this up?
  11. absolutely brilliant idea
  12. comedy gold, i mean you cannot be serious? ! sensible committed people running this country" ? more like brainwashing and duping sheep like you.
  13. so predictable. what a f ...ng t ..ser. oh well mass protest in london tomorrow so another super spreader event for all the bed wetters to worry about
  14. theyve been rumbled by more and more people. at last the sheep are waking up
  15. lol, yet massive protests in london with tens of thousands of people and the death rate have plummeted. ffs

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