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  1. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Cardiff 2017

    Have to say so think she was having a nightmare during that section, I was listening rather than watching and she was all over the place!
  2. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Polish Horror Crash On Sunday-they Both Walked Away

    I think we need clarification if 'primary' in the context of the speedway exclusion is actually used in the context of 'first' or more in its context of 'main' or 'chief importance' (or whether it's indeed left deliberately ambiguous) primary ˈprʌɪm(ə)ri/ adjective 1. of chief importance; principal. "the government's primary aim is to see significant reductions in unemployment" synonyms: main, chief, key, prime, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, predominant, paramount, overriding, major, ruling, dominant, master, supreme, cardinal, pre-eminent, ultimate; informalnumber-one "the police believe that crime detection is their primary role" 2. earliest in time or order. "the primary stage of their political education" synonyms: original, earliest, initial, beginning, first; More Because primary does not always mean first. I can see both sides - The first incident was the engine failure of course, but I can see the argument it doesn't necessarily mean it was the incident of chief importance which actually caused the stoppage. Perhaps in this case it is slightly more clear, but certainly in other situations the first (or primary time wise) incident isn't always the incident of chief importance which actually stops the race or results in the exclusion. Can see both sides, interesting debate.
  3. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Bruce Penhall

  4. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Phil Morris In The Star

    Or Erik Gundersen or Jan O'Pedersen!
  5. Just been reported on Talksport that Lee Richardson inquest is due today. Whilst this is obviously in the saddest of circumstances I do think it's fitting that it's getting national publicity and he's not forgotten.
  6. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Asset System Flawed

    Isn't there a fundamental difference though with football due to the average system which means riders who are assets can't sometimes be used even if the club wanted to. In football clubs can sign and play however many top quality performers that they want to. Therefore the argument exists that clubs should be compensated with a loan or transfer fee as they are not being allowed to build or manage the club in the way they want that is best for their business. In effect, some are saying that it's restraint of trade that clubs / the bspa don't let a rider become a free agent at the end of their contract, but surely it could be argued that the true restraint of trade comes from the average system, as it forces clubs to release riders they may want to use. It's a bit chicken and egg, but I can see why in some respects an asset system is valid in some form, as a club may sign a rider they wish, in all good faith to have at their club for the long term, but due to the average system (which lets be honest who's rules seem to change annually) they can't, so being forced to release the rider to another club, so receiving a loan fee at least seems fair enough as they may wish to have that rider as part of their team in future and see them as a fundamental part of their club, but obviously due to no fault of their own with the average system can't. So a loan fee or transfer fee is almost like a form of compensation to the parent club created by the bspa's own rules because the parent club can't use a rider they wish. And as we know a club not being a me to use the riders they want can have a massive impact on a club and fans, can so negatively effect the business by having to release riders who are crowd favourites and so on (Maybe not too much of a stretch to think that in some cases the average system has in some cases been close to putting clubs in jeopardy) Therefore I quite like the idea mooted earlier by Wolfhound which if I understand correctly that a rider would have to be away from their parent club for at least 2 seasons before becoming truly free again, as at least this would enable the parent club the chance to bring the rider back. I also do understand why there is an average system - I'm not particularly arguing against that here - that's a different discussion, I'm just seeing the asset system in a bigger context taking the average system into account.
  7. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Bikerfm Speedway Show - Every Tues 8pm-10pm

    Yes I also can't access the website at http://www.bikerfm.co.uk/ anyone know is there something obvious i'm doing wrong?
  8. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Hitler....and Speedway

    Quality, very creative and really well done! Big up. Also found some other links on youtube to the same clip where people have changed the subtitles over the rant to apply to other stuff like music of 'questionable' quality shall we say! Also made me laugh:-)
  9. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Heat Times Of Races-how Is It Done?

    Yes, i'd often noticed if you listen closely that the time which you can hear announced over the tannoy at a Live sky meeting is different to the one which Sky show at the end of the heat. I'd wondered before whether they use their own timing system. Obviously can then give some kind of indication how far out the manual timing can be! Or perhaps could even note down the Sky times at the end of each heat and compare them with those published in the Star or from someone present at a meeting.
  10. How do you know what role / influence / impact Kelvin Tatum has on Scott Nicholls? No offense intended but to me when i read such a flippant remark it just makes you sound a bit ridiculous, and difficult to take anything you may write with any degree of seriousness. Granted his results the last two GP's haven't shown any marked improvement (which is from what i can tell is when Kelvin has certainly been with him in the pits, though admittedly i don't know how long he may have been helping him before) but to me your comment reads as disrespectful both to Scott Nicholls who obviously is trying to improve his set up and performance and to Kelvin Tatum, who as a former Individual World Champion (albeit longtrack), British League and International Top Liner OBVIOUSLY knows a thing or two about what it takes for a successful set-up. Even if Nicholls GP results don't significantly improve while receiving help from Tatum, (and i do acknowledge that Speedway is a results business) i would still imagine even then it would be very difficult for any outsider to the Nicholls Camp to quantify what influence Kelvin Tatum may or may not have played in that, or indeed what other aspects of Nicholls set-up he may have helped with. Somethings take time or who knows maybe he would be struggling even moreso without help, or perhaps he has just reached his GP level. I hope not, since as an outsider looking on there doesn't appear to be too many stand out reasons why he shoudn't more consistently win races. By this i mean when i watch him ride the bike there doesn't seem to be anything particularly wrong with his style / skill or determination, and also when i see him being interviewed i interpret what i see as a person who is trying to reinforce self belief in himself in the face of difficult results and who appears motivated, and indeed somewhat frustrated by his current run of form. On top of this i also see someone who is obviously not scared and indeed willing to ask for others help and advice in order to improve his results - by previously recruiting Havelock and now Tatum. For me then, those ingredients seem on the surface to all be right - style / skill / determination, motivation and a willingness to receive help. Of course what i don't know about is why he consistently doesn't get out the gate and often seems relatively down on power! - And of course i guess this is where your Havelock's and Tatum come in. Good Luck to them i say.
  11. HeathenatOdsal85!

    Kelvin Tatum

    Kelvin and Nigel made me smile tonight, agreed there was one shot right at the end when Kelvin looked absolutely soaked and a bit(!) 'in himself' so to speak but i thought there was a great moment in the previous segment with him and Nigel (before i think they cut to showing the final from Malilla) when they came on and they were laughing as they were getting absolutely drenched and Nigel put his arm out onto Kelvin. I really liked that moment as at that point i could see them really as Speedway fans, all the Sky showbizzy type stuff asides (well the studio anyway) and there they were getting absolutely drenched with the rest of them! Infact even moreso from what i can tell as the regular fans could get under better cover! Quite funny that as Sky do so much to try to present the Sport as best it can in often quite lacklustre stadia, with the high tech gizmo's and studio to give a professional feel and in those few moments they obviously couldn't do anything except stand there and wait in the rain (as fans often do) for the clips to finish from Malilla (i kept thinking isn't there anywhere else they can go - and then kept realising obviously not since their wouldn't be anyone left to present if they abandoned ship) Anyway as i say they made me smile tonight, say what you like about them and other aspects of their roles such as their commentary styles and so on, which they often get criticised for but for me what often stays around most in my mind is the obvious genuine enthusiasm they have, think is a great quality, and aware that people can often focus on what they do wrong or criticise, so feel it's only fair to also acknowledge, from my point of view anyway that tonight they have bought me some joy! Thankyou, Speedway Souls!

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