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  1. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    Isnt it better than someone else has tried to do something different? If it ends up on the scrap heap then it will be a shame, but at least someones trying...
  2. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    At last! A speedway magazine with a decent front cover!
  3. Matt Davis

    Champions League No Go

    Would be a farce of a competition
  4. Matt Davis

    Champions League No Go

    Well blow me down!
  5. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    Heard a rumour that the GPs are being shown, with the EL coverage being dropped!
  6. Matt Davis

    Darcy Showing What A Pro He Is Again

    Also regarding Middleditches comments, what about all those teenagers who look up to the likes of Darcy? Team manager says its ok to do what he's done - it ok to drink drive, smoke pot an run from the Police. What an absolute pair of tools
  7. Matt Davis

    Darcy Showing What A Pro He Is Again

    Time to bin Darcy out. This is not the first time is it? Middlos comments are un real. Beyond stupid.
  8. Matt Davis

    League Sponsorship - How Much?

    This thread is odd.
  9. Matt Davis

    Uk Speedway Series

    What if the organisers call it something different than 'speedway'?
  10. Matt Davis

    Eating Dust

    What a crock of crap! Anyone with atleast 2 brain cells to rub together could see this was a non starter - I just hope noone lost any serious money..
  11. Matt Davis

    Uk Speedway Series

    Im pretty sure I know who's behind it, but does it matter?
  12. Just read the article - What a crock of sh*te!
  13. Matt Davis

    Leicester Training Day

    Any space on the 9th?
  15. You mean no one actually forces Speedway riders to ride and they make their own choices?
  16. The poor buggers! Imagine being forced to do something to entertain the paying public. Like a dancing bear or something
  17. Sub has just posted on Facebook about some deals being offered in Poland. The riders in question are Nicki Pedersen and Emil Sayfutidnov - Pedersen has reportedly been offered the equivalent of £429,292.76, and Emil £370,722.59. Not sure what that includes, but either way its a lot of money for 8 months work from just one league
  18. Matt Davis

    Teaching Speedway!

    Ahhh! The good old days
  19. Matt Davis

    Teaching Speedway!

    Yes but this time youll have a ex world ranked speedway rider with you :lol:
  20. Matt Davis

    Teaching Speedway!

    Hope youve been practising/watching videos in preparation for a few weeks
  21. I would hazard a guess that the top 5 in the world wouldnt be far off being millionaires
  22. Matt Davis

    Eastbourne Speedway Open Practice/ Training Session

    No training on the main track this year?
  23. Matt Davis


    Cba to read all the replies. Has Dave actually been banged up?
  24. Matt Davis


    Sidney - It certainly is a lot more enjoyable now BFD isn't around, for whatever reason that is! Long may in continue
  25. Matt Davis


    The bloke is a tool

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