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  1. Which is the best way to get to the GP? As none of us (Family and mates) have never been before, we were wondering which is the best way to get there? Car - Traffic conjestion, no-really wants to drive, and we'd probably end having to take two cars. Car parking? Train - How close is the station to the stadium? How reliable are the trains? Coach - Are there any places left on the coaches leaving from the Oxford area? Any help appreciated.
  2. Matt Davis

    Transport - Cardiff

    Thanks CH..Ive been away for a few days and only just got your message! Will it be ok the speak to Scorpio as i know what he looks like?
  3. Matt Davis

    Transport - Cardiff

    We arent planning on stayin overnight..I will have a look at train timetables, as it looks most likely way of gettin there. Thanks for those that helped
  4. Matt Davis

    World Championship Odds

    I reckon Sully might be worth a tenner on their odds
  5. Matt Davis

    World Championship Odds

    Thanks Steve, that was the part of betting I didnt understand
  6. Matt Davis

    World Championship Odds

    How does 13/8 work? :shy
  7. Matt Davis

    Welcome to the new forum.

    Grrrrrr... you gotta like Scotty, come on! Oh and the one and only Tony! Heh . Nope, Trickys too good! Nicki P all the way!
  8. Matt Davis

    Welcome to the new forum.

    Hi all, im Matt (Hense username) im 16, and im from Oxford. Ive been going to speedway since before i was born, and i support the Oxford cheetahs Silver Machines. I ride cycle speedway for Horspath and next year will by first full season. Favourite riders inclube Nicki P, Lee Richardson, Leigh Adams, Ermo and Johno.

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