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  1. Matt Davis

    Bspa Shows It's Ugly Side Again!

    Does the likes of Craig Cook really earn circa £3k per meeting?!
  2. It seems some loonies in Norway are touting a stupid rule being introduced into uneven football games. Instantly reminded me of the stupid double point rule we have in Speedway http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/oct/30/norway-fa-12th-player-rule-change
  3. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    We would 100% cancel our Sky Sports subscription as well
  4. Matt Davis

    James Cockles Video Blogs

    Not keen on specsavers either it seems
  5. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    I dont think Speedway on the BBC will be happening - It would be like them broadcasting Pigeon racing which is probably more popular in the UK
  6. Somehow he will turn fact into dope induced Australian fiction
  7. Matt Davis

    David Howe Vs Tai Woffinden

    You and me both mate! What a girl
  8. Matt Davis

    Kelvin Does Set Up

    Your right.. in my haste to let you all know such information, I mistook the 17 thats written in my book for a 15
  9. Matt Davis

    Kelvin Does Set Up

    Just checked my little book that I keep notes in for set ups at each track, the last being Scunthorpe (last December! ), and I had a 57 on the back wheel, 15 on the engine and 14 on the countershaft. As for the rest of the set up, I couldnt possibly let you know, you will all steal it!
  10. Matt Davis

    Kelvin Does Set Up

    Dont see why not. Rear sprocket sizes means next to nothing! For example.. Holder could say he's got a 58 on the back. So what? Doesnt help Harris on the other side in the slightest. How does Harris know what sprocket Holder has on the engine? or on the countershaft? How does Harris know what Holders ignition is? What jet he has in the carb? How much PSI is in his tyre? How long is his bike? Thats before we go into what Holder has in his engine compared to what Harris has in his...
  11. Matt Davis

    John Poseltwaite / Bsi Etc ?

    How on earth did you remember this thread from 5 years ago Humphrey?!
  12. Funnily enough, I just posted this on Twitter before seeing this topic.. "Tonight is the first time I've missed an EL on Sky meeting in about 4 yrs. didn't miss it one bit, due to sh*tty rules, regs and politics"
  13. Matt Davis

    Riders' Wage / Pay

    So very good money I would say. Not as much as other sportsmen, but relative to its fan base i'd say they get a good deal. Add into that sponsorship and he's got it pretty sweet I reckon!
  14. Matt Davis

    Riders' Wage / Pay

    There was a paper report on here that said Holder earnt between £25-£30 grand a week And what do you do? I see Geoff replied to a quote that was directed at JJR... Hmmm
  15. Matt Davis

    Heat Winners

    One for the stattos!
  16. Matt Davis

    Track Covers

    Why would the covers only last 4 meetings? Even a cheap tarpaulin from B&Q would last longer than that surely?! We use one for weeks on end as a drive/path/garden cover when mixing cement in a mixer - Which has work boots, wheel barrows etc as traffic. These covers would only surely have rain water on them?
  17. Can't say I saw any shale on the dog track but then again I wasn't looking for it. The covers were on the dog track on the corners but don't think they were on the straights so I'm guessing that's where the problem was
  18. If posts on Facebook are the be believed, it seems Shamek Pawlicki has signed for Poole as AMs replacement. Matt Ford must be laughing his socks off!
  19. Matt Davis

    Oxford Stadium Ladbrokes To Buy ? ?

    Fingeres crossed this results in good news in one way or another
  20. Matt Davis

    Cycle Speedway

    I see Horspath lost against Newport at home yesterday!
  21. Not a chance Werz! Taking photos maybe - less chance of looking like an wally that way

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