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  1. Matt Davis

    Speedway Life

    Bearing in mind Jeff doesn't have to donate anything to anybody, I think £5 is a fine gesture of goodwill
  2. Matt Davis

    Promoters, Managers & Riders

    Good grief!
  3. Matt Davis

    Promoters, Managers & Riders

    Hes rite u no
  4. Matt Davis

    Rye House 2012

    I must admit if i was a Rye fan that line up doesn't exactly inspire me, although i like watching Garrity ride - he should provide some excitement atleast!
  5. Matt Davis

    Rye House 2012

    So the last signing is Jason Garrity, announced in the week if I remember correctly
  6. Matt Davis

    Bspa Agm 2012 General News.

    Why is it common sense? This time last year you were claiming teams who wanted two riders over 8 were greedy
  7. Matt Davis


    rosco has tweeted the agm has finished and he's happy
  8. Matt Davis


    What post?!
  9. Matt Davis

    American Eagles Touring Team

    Is this different to the two recent tours that happened this year?
  10. Matt Davis

    Arslan Fayzuln

    Looking through the photos, it looks like he went to Lonigo with Emil - Cant be a bad thing, looks a good prospect!
  11. Matt Davis

    Missing Your Weekly Sky Tv Monday Evening Fix?

    Not the best of meetings, but it was nice to see someone using the track
  12. I'd be very pissed off if I had to pay an additional £3-£5 ontop of the fee for Sky Sports as we only have Sky Sports through the Summer months and only watch it when the Speedway is on. If I could have the motors channel without Sky Sports then thats fine
  13. While reading about the new Birmingham owners on Speedway 365, I notice what I assume is, a computer generated advert - I thought I would share it with you, as it brought a smile to my face on a dreary and dull Monday afternoon http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/215/bspascam.jpg/
  14. Matt Davis

    How Many Riders?

    Plus a few lazy buggers like me who use day licenses because im too lazy to fill in and send off the form for the year license!
  15. Matt Davis

    Annual Awards

    What a great race and great support from the local fans
  16. Matt Davis


  17. None really jump out at me, but 2 I guess is my favourite
  18. Matt Davis

    Nathan Greaves

    Surely the prizes should be getting better every year not worse!
  19. Matt Davis

    Speedway Beginners Book

    Can now see why Greg was abit hacked off!
  20. Matt Davis

    Speedway Beginners Book

    I must say Chris that can't be the full email you sent out to potential sponsors. Its dreadful! Looks to me like a quickly edited version of the original email that was probably sent out. If anyone took you up on your offer based on that email they'd be mad! I wonder if anyone has a copy of the alleged pdf?
  21. Matt Davis

    The Smell Of Speedway

    The only thing methanol does when it burns on its on is make your eyes and nose sting..!

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