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  1. 5 hours ago, Chairboy said:

    Re the car park at the stadium itself - I had a quick look round recently and found that the main part of the 'old' car park (at the 3rd/4th bends end of the track) is no longer part of the stadium complex. 

    Correct it has been boarded off 

  2. 4 hours ago, BuxtonTiger said:

    What will the crowd limit be at Oxford?

    Capacity is 2500

    Which is exactly the reason why the tickets are online at the moment. 
    Can you image the chaos of 3000, 4000 turning up on race night and having to turn away 5-1500 people?

    There will be tickets on sale on the day but you risk not being able to get in if the stadium is at capacity!

  3. 2 hours ago, HGould said:

    If rumours are true they are paying top $$$ for riders; including reserves on more per point than some Clubs are paying Heat Leaders.

    JC  is a legend and great role model but won't be doing Team Management for peanuts and expenses like some TM's do.

    I just hope for the sake of everyone at Oxford and for the Sport in general that the guy in charge of the Stadium has deep pockets.

    Wish them every success. 

    Whilst I admit I don’t know the facts about pay, I would be very very surprised if there was any truth what so ever in these “rumours”

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  4. 34 minutes ago, ray c said:

    you will find godfrey stopped them from using there traditional race day 

    Well be kind of did and kind of didnt

    with 4 other tracks already racing on a Friday, meaning 8 teams already in action, doesn’t it really make sense to allow another team to ride on a Friday too?

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  5. 10 hours ago, Bagpuss said:

    Yep huge congratulations to all at Oxford for achieving something which must have seemed a million miles away not that long ago. Particularly pleased for @Matt Davis who will be able to take his kids there as he went as a lad, dream coming coming true stuff for him and his family :approve:

    Thanks mate - absolutely over the moon. 

    14 long years. Hard to believe I was 21 when the speedway shut! 

    Now… where’s the best place to find riders averages? Need to get fantasy  team building :party:


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