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  1. topsoil

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Or form a Limited Company with a large share issue? Fans can then buy shares with spare cash whenever they want, on the understanding that the shares have little value and the chance of a return is minute. In other words they are effectively making a donation to the club. You may think it sounds crazy, where will you get people with money to throw away, but i've seen a few sports clubs funded this way.
  2. topsoil

    'the Donald' Trump

    The irony of a man who lost his deposit saying 'please run again'
  3. Disappointing result to finish the season for Berwick, I thought we had a chance to take the points tonight. Poor way for Spud to go out, but he's had a poor season overall. Glasgow looked much sharper tonight than they did in the Cup, especially Sam Jensen. Tom Brennan continues to impress. Rides well wherever he goes and conducts himself well when he speaks in interviews. Has a good future if he keeps going like this. Berwick just don't have the top end strength to compete. On the plus side, there was probably the biggest crowd of the season tonight. Glasgow always bring a big following and create a good atmosphere. One thing that puzzled me tonight, on the Leon exclusion. If it was an unsatisfactory start, should he still be excluded for being the cause of the stoppage once the race has started? Racing was also poor tonight. Struggling to remember a genuine pass.
  4. I must live in a parallel universe because Berwick were riding against Glasgow tonight. Failing indeed
  5. Are New World Order a tribute group? Loved Blue Monday
  6. That doesn't sound great. Maybe it says a lot about modern engines / bikes and why we see a lot slicker tracks these days.
  7. "I've heard", "presumed" and "if true" all seems very definite to me
  8. Often the case. You need good machinery under you and the ability to use it well.
  9. Not for me. I don't think he would pick up points consistently enough. Any successful Berwick team has been built on big scoring reserves. Stick with the Bullets, enjoy his riding and help the young riders on.
  10. Not a chance. A National League rider. Entertaining, yes. All action, yes. He's been a breath of fresh air for the Bullets this year. But that's his level.
  11. We've got very different views I guess. Speedway definitely hasn't got stale for me, I still look forward to my Saturday nights out.

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