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  1. topsoil


    Does he belong to you?
  2. topsoil


    In theory yes it is. That would be the ideal scenario. In practice, however, it may prove a bit more difficult to carry out.
  3. topsoil


    The difference is that the promotion now also are working men who have to put in a day's work before they can think about speedway. Peter made his money mainly from renting out property and had a lot more time on his hands.
  4. topsoil


    The track isn't great, that's there for all to see. The entertainment hasn't been close to what it was last season. But my point is that we are having extreme weather conditions this summer, which for the man in the street are excellent, but for those trying to prepare a track must be a nightmare. It's easy for us sitting on the sidelines to complain and say "just do this" but in this heat it will almost be a full time job keeping the track in good condition.
  5. topsoil


    So all that it takes is to find somebody with the spare time to go down every night of the week and spend a few hours soaking the track. Which, bear in mind is 368 metres long, so will take a while. Then you have baking hot temperatures the next again day, so anything you have done will dry out in no time. As for the influence Nick Morris had over track preparation, you can only speculate about that. Only those who carry out the work will know the truth as to what the difference is between last season and this. Whether they are doing anything different, or if it down to the weather this summer. Those of us on the sidelines can only guess.
  6. Just about summed it up there. My own personal take was that he took on too much himself and was stubborn to a fault. I've known Peter for a long time and the stories he tells are very entertaining. I just find it funny how hypocritical a lot of posters can be on here.
  7. Interesting to see Peter Waite being lauded, when back in the day, I bet you could go onto these forum pages and see him getting slated by the fans.
  8. The point I was making was that a poster claimed no work was done on the track from one week to another. That is wrong. As for the reasons why the track has changed from last season, we can all guess.
  9. You obviously don't see them down at the track during the week doing work and also Saturday mornings and afternoons then?
  10. If Workington ride anything like they did in the Championship Shield this will be a tough one
  11. My first visit to Redcar and very impressed with the racing on the track. Plenty of food and drink outlets, plenty of toilets, meant no races missed due to standing in queues (please take note Somerset). Decent prices and not over charged like some venues. Sadly the days are gone where you need to accommodate 4-5,000 fans for a shared event, so no excuses why the likes of Redcar shouldn't host events like this. Dust yes, but unavoidable, given the temperatures. Overall, would say well done Redcar, a lot of other clubs and venues would do well to look and learn.
  12. So you want rid of Spud and Doolan, who would you suggest as replacements?
  13. Northern clubs, with Berwick, Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular, have had problems in the past persuading British riders to sign, as they don't fancy the travelling. This is probably why these clubs also have a history of recruiting, especially from Australia, for young riders to come over and live locally. Berwick currently have Gappmaier, Etheridge, Pijper and Summers who all live locally, cutting down on travel costs. As for struggling to bring on young British riders, all three clubs have teams in the NJL and Berwick currently have Luke Ruddick, Leon Flint and Keiron Douglas, all riders who have came through their after meeting rides, riding in the National League.
  14. Going to take a minor miracle to get that deficit back. Yet another Armadale nightmare. Doesn't matter what the line up is, Berwick seem to have a mental block going there. Will take a hell of a turnaround now.
  15. I have a feeling you will see a very different Edinburgh to the one which got well beaten at Shielfield a couple of weeks ago.

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