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  1. topsoil

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

  2. topsoil

    Armadale Devils 2020

    I would have him in the Berwick team no problem, he has a great record round Shielfield.
  3. topsoil

    bandits 2020

    I just quoted the figures off "pieandbovril" website
  4. topsoil

    Fours qualifiers

    Interesting that some fans are calling for the return of the fours qualifiers on the basis that four meetings in four days would be an attraction, but the BSPA is being widely criticised for organising events either side of the British GP. How many fans can actually afford to go to four meetings in four days? You really think the interest level would be there on the fourth (or even third) leg for supporters of a team well behind from the first couple of legs? Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if one (or even more) of the legs is rained off? It's bad enough trying to get two teams to agree on a re-arranged date, never mind four. Fours qualifiers are best left in the past, when every day was sunny, every meeting was close, every race had passing and life, in general, was just better. Except it wasn't always so. Fours finals day can be a great occasion.
  5. topsoil

    bandits 2020

    A couple of weeks ago, the average so far for the season was 334. This included a couple of cup matches at the start of the season against higher league opposition which got 5-600. League matches have been getting 250-300.
  6. topsoil

    bandits 2020

    so who's the new chairman going to be?
  7. topsoil

    Predictions thread

    The promoters in Britain seem to get most of the blame for allowing doubling up, but I also think it is a domino effect from the wages on offer in Poland these days. You only need to look at the increasing number of riders who only want to ride in the GP series and Poland, or Poland and Sweden, or the likes of Kacper Woryna, who said in the Speedway Star this week that he would only return to Britain if the right offer came along. I read that as saying he would only return if he was to get a nice contract, the kind that promoters in this country can't afford. Riders' attitudes seem to have changed in the last twenty years. Why do they need to ride in Britain if they can get enough money racing a couple of times a week in Poland and Sweden. The only ways doubling up can be avoided, or one league, is to produce more homegrown riders in this country or reduce the number of teams.
  8. topsoil

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Spot on, regular competitive racing should help him on. Plus extra track time. The same could be said for Keiron Douglas as well.
  9. topsoil

    Newcastle 2020

    It reminds me of the path Berwick chose in 2001 when we decided to sign Adrian Rymel, Michal Makovsky and Josef Franc all on 9 point averages. We had to start off with a weakened team, but after a month and the averages kicked in, changes were made and look at the service we got out of those three. I don't imagine for one minute this will be the Newcastle team that will finish the season. It could be a case of short term pain for long term gain. Rob Grant looks like he has some ideas for promoting the club going forward, with the connections he says he has with his businesses, according to his interview in the Speedway Star.
  10. topsoil

    bandits 2020

    Yes, you can just click your fingers and make these things happen
  11. topsoil

    workington ..

    A couple of groats? Not sure how much that equates to in today's money.
  12. topsoil

    workington ..

    Glad you are still enjoying speedway after the closure. Since you ask, I'm a season ticket holder at Berwick. A mixture of finances and family circumstances mean I get to very few away meetings, but I did get to Cardiff and Wroclaw this year. Probably much the same next year, minus the GP's.
  13. topsoil

    Somerset 2020

    Berwick, in the Championship, last season, including a programme (this year it seems without) worked out at less than £13 a meeting for season ticket holders. They try and reach out as much as possible to families. Lots of people of minimum wage in the area.
  14. topsoil

    workington ..

    They're probably looking forward to next season. You?

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