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  1. I remember two seasons ago when Berwick had a bad start to the season (the time of Lewis Bridger and Dmitri Berge) that a lot of fans were going to stop going because the team was losing. When pointed out to them that the racing was probably the best we had seen for a while at that time, they responded they did not care, all they wanted was the win. Now, apparently, it doesn't matter if you are winning, it all depends on the racing. Speedway fans, don't you just love them?
  2. This sums up the forum for me
  3. topsoil

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    With a very weakened team, you could promote a meeting however you want, but fans will not attend, which in turn would be a financial disaster. Just what a club, which looks like it is already struggling, needs. And if the person responsible was the promoter, would you like to see him resign? Then what?
  4. It's scary how much the crowds have dropped off from last season. In spite of a very successful run of results at the end of last season and beginning of this. I hate to think what the crowds would be if the team was losing.
  5. Armando Castagna admitted in a Speedway Star interview at the start of the season that he did not want to put the riders in a position where they had to choose between a Polich league meeting and a GP practice, because he knew that by missing a league match the riders would lose so much money, he knew what their choice would be. That tells you everything you need to know about where the power lies in speedway.
  6. I thought he had said "should he be withdrawn, IRR would come into play"
  7. Very rarely find a reason to go on to the forum these days because of the depressing nature of a lot of posts. Any sign of a debate and it soon descends into somebody becoming a "troll".
  8. Eurovision? really? I hope that was tongue in cheek. Not much you can do about the length of time it takes to run a meeting like tonight, because of all the accidents. I was actually amazed that none of them required ambulance delays, especially the Kennedy and Etheridge (heat 3) crashes. i actually thought the racing was better tonight, more passes than usual, maybe the rain overnight actually helped the track? The crowd tonight was very poor. It was more like a typical Berwick Rangers crowd than a speedway crowd. Very concerning given the good start to the season the club have had. Imagine what it would be like if the team was getting beat like Berwick Rangers?
  9. topsoil

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    Why would speedway supporters and the promotion in Leicester be concerned at a Manchester club being in the F A Cup final and as for being worried about clashing with the Eurovision Song Contest? I really hope this was tongue in cheek.
  10. topsoil

    berwick bandits 2019

    You've been listening to the voices again
  11. topsoil

    Edinburgh v Berwick 3/5/2019

    I take it Nicki Barrett won a 80 / 125 / 250cc title? I was only concentrating on the actual World Championship / Grand Prix. No wonder I was stumped :-) Love teasers like this though.
  12. Don't think any of us sitting at a keyboard is in any position to mock a rider who has come back from such a serious injury. He gave it a shot and hats off to him for having the balls to do it. But it was best for all concerned he stepped down.
  13. topsoil

    Edinburgh v Berwick 3/5/2019

    Unless this is a trick Anthony Barlow ice racing or Richard Hall / Theo Pijper longtrack answer I'm stuck.
  14. topsoil

    Edinburgh v Berwick 3/5/2019

    I missed a lot of the 90s and early 2000s so I'm going to guess either Nicki Pedersen, in his Newcastle days, or somebody in the 1991 season, as guests?
  15. Having been on the wrong end of Edinburgh more than a few times, that was sweet tonight. An extra meeting to look forward to now and a big night for the club.

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