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  1. Six out of eight teams make the playoffs in Poland. Same in Sweden. Are they doing it wrong as well?
  2. How we must yearn for the good old days when teams like Scunthorpe and Workington would go to Eastbourne and Rye House and regularly get beat 64-14. Now THAT was entertainment.
  3. topsoil

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    So it's really a glorified challenge, invented by Poland, taking place in Poland, for the benefit of Polish TV. Great.
  4. topsoil

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Do we need a European Team Championship?
  5. * figures taken from wemadethisup.com
  6. I don't know, I used to look forward to reading about all those David Icke conspiracy theories. Gave me a good laugh anyway
  7. Scaremongering if this is what 'scares' you then your life must be brutal
  8. First it was #population control Then it was #vaccine passport Then it was #credit system Then it was #chem trails Then it was #they will take your savings Then it was #vaccine jabs Bloody drama queen
  9. I look forward to the posts. Always give me a good laugh.
  10. You say 'it was never about the climate' then post a headline claiming 'it's about climate change'. Make your mind up.
  11. As long as there isn't a Lucky Loser, the league might have some credibility
  12. topsoil


    Very true. Think of all those jokes that need to be changed now
  13. She took away milk from schools
  14. topsoil


    Walk "into" a bar... If it's not copy and paste you're useless

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