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  1. Summed it up in one word there, gating. When the track is as slick as last night, gating is paramount. You could see Summers, NBJ, Howe all searching for drive round the banking, but nothing there. Hopefully next week the track will have a bit more grip on it, like the Glasgow meeting, because, if not, I fear for another defeat with Lakeside here.
  2. What a difference a week makes. Staggered at how we can beat Glasgow one week and get thoroughly beaten by Newcastle the next. Track was ultra slick tonight and when you add getting regularly outgated it spells trouble. Couple of really good races tonight, Doolan and Wilkinson, NBJ and Wethers, passing and re-passing, Summers with a couple of nice passes, other than that it was from the gate. As brilliant as Captain Kev was last week, he was poor tonight. Very impressive comeback from Matty Wethers, given that he didn't get a team place last season. Hope there is more grip next week or they really need to sort the gating out. On the plus side, another big crowd tonight, plenty of visitors, nice weather and meeting run at a decent pace, given a rider replacement.
  3. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    Nice little touch as well, to introduce the juniors to the crowd during the interval. It gives them exposure to the crowd, a little boost for them and fills the time in as well. Good to see Leon riding last night. There were a few youngsters round where I was going daft because he was racing. It just shows you the potential pulling power of having local riders in the team, who are identifiable and and who the fans can relate to and how important the training track is to all this.
  4. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    21 if you stayed to watch the juniors
  5. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    You've basically said everything I was going to say. Great meeting, some superb racing, Harris amazing moves, big travelling support, close meeting, juniors racing afterwards, in other words a great advert for the sport. What I would give to see Chris Harris racing here every week. A pure racer.
  6. Berwickbandits2018

    Good news and another feather in the cap for the promotion. It was great when the club hosted FIM and Ben Fund meetings. This might not be on the same scale but still a meeting to look forward to.
  7. Berwick v Edinburgh 7/4/18

    Fair play, they did everything in their powers to get the meeting on, but the weather beat everybody. It'll be an expensive call off for the promotion.
  8. Berwick v Edinburgh 7/4/18

    Covers are down on the bends but it is chucking it down
  9. Berwick v Edinburgh 7/4/18

    Only going to be one winner today, which is a shame because this meeting was throwing up some intriguing matchups like Lindman v Andersson, Etheridge v Pickering, how would Ruml take to longtrack?, second home debut for NBJ.
  10. It rained all day at the opening meeting last year, only stopping at tea time. I remember getting soaked watching the football in the afternoon. Covers saved the day last year.
  11. Been waiting for the first time covers fail to save a meeting, because I knew there would be people out there waiting to gloat. Speaks volumes about the mentality of some people.
  12. Good on them if they can make a living from it, they've got more balls than I ever will have, the risks they take. It needs authorities to step in and monitor costs, especially the machinery. I could see it happening in this country (standardised bikes), but not in Poland, where they can afford to throw money at it.
  13. Most riders these days have "teams" with them in the pits, simply because they see GP riders and think they must have the same. Far too many riders now trying to make a full time career from speedway and the sport just cannot justify this on crowds of 500 to 1,000 a week. Costs have spiralled out of control and most riders have become involved in an arms race, spending ridiculous amounts of money to try and get that tenth of a second quicker. Undoubtedly speedway has become a much more professional sport, but the costs can only be justified if they are met by money coming into the sport, from TV, sponsors or more fans. None of which is happening. Unfortunately riders are killing it for themselves.
  14. Berwickbandits2018

    So far from the truth. I go because I have good nights with friends, they make me laugh, make it enjoyable, that's why I go. The speedway accompanies this, gives you things to speak about, a chance to express your opinions (I actually have some). I can handle being a sheep, because sheep belong to flocks.