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  1. topsoil


    His crash at Berwick was one of the worst ive ever seen. How anybody could come back from that beats me.
  2. topsoil

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Great way to end the season for a team that was supposed to finish last.
  3. Exactly, but because this is Poland and Poland can do no wrong, nothing is said. Must admit, this was my first taste of Polish speedway this season, usually I haven't got time to watch anything, but tonight I had a bit of spare time. I watched the first half dozen heats, all processional, massive long gaps of silence in the commentary and when he does speak, he shouts at nothing exciting at all. For all that moan at the Sky / BT coverage, they should get a load of this and be thankful for what they have. i switched off after heat 6, I couldn't take any more of the shouting and the racing was boring me. Give me live action, where I can speak away to friends after races any day. Had this been a British meeting there would have been no end of "another nail in the coffin" comments.
  4. topsoil


    Was always going to be the case, as other teams catch up with their games in hand. Might sneak 7th but more likely to be 8th, unless unexpected away points can be picked up. Decent finishing position, given that we were expected to finish bottom by many in pre-season predictions. Finished the season strongly at home with cracking big wins against Edinburgh, Glasgow and Peterborough, all possible playoff teams.
  5. I would be very surprised if we see GP riders in Britain for a long time and I am happy with that, if it means security for the clubs in the long run, as it is obvious it would be financial suicide to try and match the wages riders can attract in Sweden and Poland, along with their other demands. I could see a few fans being attracted back, but not near enough to meet the additional costs. There has been a lot said about the 8 point rule and I don't know if this rule is the cause of this, but the league table, minus one team, is a lot closer than usual this season, which should, in turn, have created a more exciting finish to the season.
  6. topsoil

    Meaningful Second Halves anyone?

    I think you misunderstood me, I would like to see every team run a junior side as part of second half racing, not as a separate team on a different night. These juniors would be part of the NJL, MDL, SJL set up, rather than National League. It would be set up for riders starting off in the sport and on 125, 250 and 500cc, a stepping stone towards the National League. I realise in the past many clubs have tried to run second teams in the National League and yes, it is very tough financially. Only clubs who are lucky enough to own their stadiums can really justify it, which is a shame, because I still think in the long run, it is the best way to establish riders in the sport.
  7. topsoil

    Meaningful Second Halves anyone?

    I would like to see every team run a junior team and have fixtures every week. Every team should enter into the NJL, MDL or SJL, even if it means adopting teams like Reading, Weymouth etc. This gives younger riders much more track time and lets them develop quicker. Would probably encourage more youngsters into the sport if they knew they were guaranteed more track time as well and would be a natural stepping stone into the National League.
  8. They may well end up chasing the big money, if they attract the interest from Poland. Good on them if they do, they should come back better riders, with more experience of continental tracks and big match pressures if that is the case.
  9. topsoil


    A Bordernapolis meeting was announced last night
  10. Mel Gibson must have snuck in when nobody was looking. FREEDOM!
  11. Not a bad performance. Add in Robert Lambert and we would have been a lot closer to second. Considering "the sport is dying" and the number of nails in the coffin, there is actually a decent future for the country at national level, if we can continue to give them support, guidance and leadership. Runners-up at senior level, third at U21 level and a possible world individual champion. We've had worse seasons!
  12. topsoil


    Great to see tonight the Supporters Club make a donation to the club. Makes total sense that the two parties pull together. The Supporters Club have a lot of members who are daft for the club. Can only be good for the future.
  13. A great way to finish the season, with big wins over Glasgow, Edinburgh and Peterborough. By the time everybody else catches up, I can't see it being enough to qualify for the playoffs, but even if it isn't, this team has over-achieved this season. No big names, no egos, just a good team ethic. Strength in depth has been the watchword all season and tonight again it was reserves that made the difference. The racing was better tonight than of late. Coincidence that there has been a bit of rain this week? Scott Nicholls was a class above. Outgated a few times, but a nice cutback on NBJ in heat 15, a swoop round Theo in heat 11 and a hard move inside Jye in heat 5. But for me the move of the night was David Howe and his cutback up the inside of Simon Lambert in heat 11. Pure class.
  14. Peterborough will miss Ostergaard, but they are still full of Berwick specialists. Be great to finish the season with a win, but will be a tough one.
  15. topsoil

    Edinburgh 2018

    Has there ever been any news on the training track that Glasgow were looking to start, on the land next to Ashfield? That would be an ideal start in the search for local riders. I like the fact that both Edinburgh and Glasgow have teams in the NJL this season. Small steps I suppose. Both these teams (along with my own, Berwick) really need to concentrate on producing young, local riders, to engage fans. Regular second half racing, NJL matches and training days will all help.

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