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  1. topsoil

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Only my opinion, but I think the reason that Keiron Douglas' progress may have been hampered is because of his lack of track time and competitive action, only having NJL matches to ride in and no National League matches. If he's included in the Bullets team we will soon see if he, hopefully, progresses this year.
  2. topsoil

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    In theory now the club has a set up which provides a stepping stone for any riders starting out in the NJL from a very young age, to the National League, then the full team in the Championship, so creating their own asset base from within. Hopefully the new project will be backed by the fans, I know the NJL racing was. Gives fans more racing, whether as part of a double header, or filling in blank Saturdays. All round win for the club.
  3. If only anybody listened to you
  4. topsoil

    May 17th

    So you know more about Kings Lynn than Dale Allitt? And who charges £20?
  5. So is 21st June the date for this Great Reset?
  6. topsoil

    Newcastle "BTS" Gems 2021

    Two of my favourite articles in the Speedway Star this winter were on the Ipswich and Mildenhall teams of the late 70s. Both made up almost entirely from homegrown riders. If speedway wants to re-generate interest in the fans, that's a big way of going about it, producing local talent. Also sponsors are more likely to come on board for a local lad.
  7. Looks like we'll have to disagree on this one. I can under stand the choice care homes made to wrap a protective ring around residents. They've put plenty of procedures in place to keep in touch with residents.
  8. Good luck explaining segregation to someone with dementia. Its not going to end well.
  9. So to put your idea of segregation into practice, take my mother for example. Since moving into the car home she has made big pals with another woman in there, the two of them are inseparable. Say one of them wants to see their family, the other chooses not to. Do you segregate the two of them in the home, telling them they cannot see each other? Do they have to make a choice, friendship or family?
  10. I should add that families were allowed to visit right at the end
  11. Given that the vast majority in there are suffering from dementia, the choices would be made for them by those running the home, with the residents best interests at heart. Like I say, frustrating though it is, the consequences would have been disastrous and the decision is totally understandable.
  12. I can speak from experience on this topic. As frustrating as it has been that i haven't been able to visit my parents in the care home i can fully understand why they were locked down. The virus getting in there could have ben disastrous.
  13. I wonder if Bill Gates has a similar Wolfsbane obsession?

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