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  1. A fabulous day so far
  2. Make sure he’s paid his tenner before you launch him back over
  3. One thing that certainly can’t be faulted at all up here is the promotion being done! They deserve huge crowds and all the success going for what they are trying to achieve! Hopefully another win and nowt to be taken away by the Monarchs. A great start to my honeymoon it would be
  4. Well, we were as pish as the track was! P45s should be threatened really with some individuals! If we want to progress in competitions we need people who are going to score home AND away! One positive.. take a bow Leon Flint! Think we are going to have to have to enjoy him whilst we can!
  5. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Very true... we need to believe/ hope we’re gonna get double figures from Aaron, NBJ and hopefully Starke and if Coty can get close to replicating his form from the Shield match I’d like to think that will be enough to balance out Dany’s already expected score!
  6. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Advantage Newcastle for sure but we've got to believe Aaron will score more than 6&1 tonight... aye, it would have been more had he not been baulked by Worrall in Heat 1 but still, what’s done is done! At least we are taking an advantage of some sort! We’re looking for a whopper of a guest performance from Starkey though.. hopefully he goes in at 4 to split up Jye and Dany!
  7. Well, we’re definitely through on 14 points.... at the worst you need a draw at Edinburgh then I’m not sure after that!
  8. Bandits4eva

    berwick bandits 2019

    I’d imagine that our promotion have thought ahead to that and have plans in place for it!
  9. It won’t over till it’s over folks. Don’t get complacent. Wells will score a hatful for sure.... Sedgman tends to be very annoying in heat 8 at our place from previous meetings... Pickering is phenomenal to watch and to be fair never gives up... Heeps has blown hot and cold at our place... I’d like to think we can do it easily enough given the fact that everyone can take a ride tonight for NBJ and we should see Dany scoring some points.... fingers crossed!
  10. Taking nowt for granted but haway lads.. finish the job
  11. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh v Berwick 3/5/2019

    I should be over the moon that yet again we’ve taken points from Armadale but at the minute I’m feeling gutted because it could have been so much more. And that close considering we only had 4 scoring riders too. id like to think that all being well and we win our home meeting tonight , with the Monarchs taking nowt, we should be safely into the Semi Finals
  12. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh v Berwick 3/5/2019

    A very important weekend for us... If we take anything from Friday I’d be over the moon... a home win for each team though still puts pressure on others to top us!
  13. Nobody’s having a pop but it would have been nice to see a handshake considering how hard they rode to ensure he didn’t pass!
  14. Very wary of this fixture... if we get out of this with a win I’ll be happy
  15. Bandits4eva

    Glasgow v Berwick April 12th

    If we somehow keep the standard of gating up that we displayed last night at Newcastle then we will stand ourselves in good stead. We ran Glasgow close last year... crossed fingers for the same again

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