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  1. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    Aye.... most will be in Cardiff anyways so an empty stadium would be expected
  2. Bandits4eva

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    You seriously reckon Scunny to outscore that Edinburgh pairing? You been on the loopy juice son!
  3. Bandits4eva


    Dany is frustrating! He’s fine at home but several times away has had very poor scores! We need riders to do it home and away. I’d personally keep spud as long as he wouldnt be number 1!
  4. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    Abysmal! quite gutting as well actually! To think of the hard work they'd done to keep it that close and then poof...
  5. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    There's a difference between you and Newcastle at no.1 alone. You actually have a rider whose decent away from his home track. Theres no balance left to this tie. You've done what you had to do last night. Aye, we may put a bearing on tonight but it still won't be enough... There's no way with Wells and Riss alone that you won't score 34!
  6. We got kicked out one year cos we couldn't field a team strong enough!
  7. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    I don't get it. 8 down after 9 and we go on to lose by 24. A shambles is being kind in description. A miracle is the only thing that will get us through on aggregate now!
  8. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    I live with someone who doesn't let me forget it!
  9. Bandits4eva

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    I'd like to think we can nick this one! Not seen us do too well in KO Cup for a few years now!
  10. People have quickly forgotten the other scores Aaron's bagged for us he's having a bit of a rotten couple of weeks.. We thankfully now have a couple of weeks to allow our team to sort things out! Good win tonight though for the Black and Gold boys and hopefully a warm up for what will be a cracking tie in the KO Cup!
  11. I'd like to think we could at least put up somewhat of a decent showing through most of the meeting but expect us to get mullered in the last few heats. NBJ seems to thrive on the small circuit of Rye so should be okay at Lakeside.. Theo and Spud used to ride Armadale.. Kev and David have had plenty good meetings on small tracks too... I fear for Dany though 12-14 point defeat
  12. Bandits4eva

    Sheffield 2018

    Typical that a team is going to change and strengthen up yet again just as we get to them
  13. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Not at all son! Hard racing is all it was! Jorgensen and Proctor tried hard on those 1st bends for rerun after rerun! As I said... Take your smoggy arse back down the A1 away from our "inbred" town! You were beat by the better team!
  14. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    What a twunt! Head back down the A1 with your sweet FA!
  15. Bandits4eva

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    You forget to mention TJ looking at Spud when he took him out! Muppet! EDIT; that was meant to quote homer.

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