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  1. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    I understand he had a couple of good scores towards the end of the season, but on Chris Harris' engine ! he will be ok as long as he has the machinery under him
  2. Buttons

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Why don't you just ignore him and don't bite, he would soon get tired of talking to himself as such. ?
  3. Buttons

    Newcastle 2020

    Good Luck Diamonds
  4. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    According to Somersets website they have 14.79 left for the last three riders
  5. Buttons

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Sounds a great idea, would certainly be up for that one
  6. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    Don't think either of those will happen.
  7. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    It could be that Schlein is going to be Somerset's number one, with no big signing to come
  8. Buttons

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Team sorted quickly and looks like a good side.
  9. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    Yet another rumour out of the blue, unless your in the know
  10. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    Stoneman needs good fast equipment, the Oak Tree is a fast circuit .
  11. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    But don't the majority of top league riders ride in the lower league?,
  12. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    That's all very well, but top guys want big money, signing on fees, vans etc, with crowds that British Speedway are getting where is the money coming from, most of the riders ride in both leagues anyway, (not Doyle of course), so if Somerset go for the top riders and pay big money, would that make you attend? if so you may enjoy it for the season, as after that the club would probably go bust.
  13. Buttons

    Poole 2020

    I reckon Poole will stay up and run on Wednesdays
  14. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    well surely the crowd should have voted for him ?
  15. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    I believe the Somerset paying public voted before the signing was announced, so probably wouldn't have made any difference

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