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  1. They are running out of steam & riders
  2. You have only had 3 heats for heaven sake !!, Jack probably out too, so plenty of time for Poole to come back.
  3. Can see no farther than a Poole win.
  4. Great to see B V fans offering congratulations to the opposing team, a pity another play off clubs fans aren't so generous !!
  5. Who makes them favourites, Poole fans putting the pressure on I wonder !
  6. As I said before one man cannot win on his own, the rest of the team need to play their part, your own team manager as said as such, I don't think Somerset are clear favourites, I think it will be very close.
  7. You can't win a Championship with one rider, the others need to play their part, and no way did i think Somerset would do as well as they have, as all the pundits thought in the S. Star at the beginning of the season ! .
  8. Absolutely right, whatever happens Somerset have done well.
  9. Speedway RACING ? Could possibly be had up under trade descriptions !!
  10. Absolutely dreadful gate & go, boring.boring
  11. You couldn't make it up could you, all certain Poole posters do is moan about other teams, as if they have the best race track in the uk !!!
  12. Buttons

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Yes, I thought they would have picked the second leg as they finished above Poole in the table, they would know what they have to beat then, very odd
  13. Can't believe Doyle just left Allen ,Somerset on a sure 5-1, Doyle needs to team ride if they want to have any chance in the playoffs

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