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  1. A bit of a walk up call for the Rebels last night, Doyle and Wilson Dean apart. Feel sorry for Covatti riding at number 3 as he should be a reserve, but Allen seems to have taken up residence there. The Rebels certainly left their gating boots behind last night, and some of their engines sounded decidely flat, hence the speed that the Belle Vue boys were passing the Rebels. Only five heats were won by the Rebels last night four by Doyle and one by Holder, which on your own track is poor, hopefully it's a blip!
  2. Pot, kettle, I don't think you have any room to talk considering the state of Wimborne Road's track
  3. What a stupid move by Summers
  4. Can see no further that a Poole win, Somerset Reserves are good, but so is Woryna on his home track, Lawson is hit & miss , and Summers who knows.
  5. Bad luck Rebs, Fricke or anyone never going to replace Doyle, if Lawson had come to the races Somerset would have got a point
  6. That was a false start come on ref no favouring the home side let's see a fair win
  7. I think Kings Lynn will be to strong for Somerset tonight.
  8. I would imagine they will be thrilled with all that dust on their windows, cars etc !!
  9. What a disgraceful showing from Swindon tonight, with British Speedway needing all the help it can get at the moment, Swindon serve up what can only be described as a dire., dusty borefest. The weather obviously doesn't help, but after attending the "Pairs" at Somerset on Friday they too have had the hot weather just the same and the wind off the sea to contend with as well, and their track was well prepared. No wonder fans are leaving in their droves, and that many riders don't want ride over here. Considering this was a televised meeting you would have thought Swindon would have made an effort to provide a decent track but obviously not, even their own riders were critical, lets hope Rosco enjoyed his red wine as he seemed more interested in it than the state of the track.
  10. Swindon will win, gate & go
  11. Buttons


    Absolutely, there was some great racing one of the best meetings on TV for a while.
  12. Buttons

    Somerset 2018

    Summers, I only hope Gary has a cunning plan !
  13. Buttons

    End of season playoffs to change

    This is how it should be, it's just ridiculous how they change the rules to suit whatever will be best for them, it is always happening. Is it any wonder no one takes the sport seriously.
  14. Buttons

    Somerset 2018

    Rather have Nicholls than Harris.....

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