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  1. Could agree more, anyone watching for the first time would certainly have switched over in the beginning
  2. Buttons

    Polish Speedway on TV

    We will have Sudden Sam's commentary to look forward to tomorrow on Eurosport. !!!
  3. That's if they will risk it, many won't
  4. Buttons

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    Seems to me if a Promoter wants a certain rider and that rider wants a certain sum say £60 a point, and the maximum pay rate was £50 a point, the promotion would get a sponsor to pay the extra £10, so how could that be checked and made sure that club adhered to it.?.
  5. Buttons

    Corona virus

    On BSPA site Speedway suspended with immediate effect, will be reviewed again on April 15th. Don't think the virus will be gone by then !
  6. Buttons

    Corona virus

    Not without ambulance/Paramedic cover you can't
  7. Buttons

    Corona virus

    The minimum of 12 weeks for the over 70's to not attend any gatherings, and I would think that is a good percentage of Speedway fans so that takes us to June.
  8. Buttons

    Corona virus

    I think that crowds will certainly be effected, many of the elderly won't risk it, and as Speedway seems to have many elderly supporters It will effect the income of most clubs. Clubs will have to think carefully as running with fewer supporters present is going to mean a loss.
  9. Buttons


    Somerset supporters are very quiet on their opinions on the team for 2020, has anyone anything to say?
  10. Buttons

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    Reading the Eurosport page on Speedway, it sounds as though the live matches will be streamed through Eurosport Player etc, and the highlights will be shown on TV
  11. Buttons

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    Rumour about that Sky & Discovery (which includes Eurosport) have fallen out again, as in 2017 and are leaving Sky, anyone heard anything ?
  12. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    I understand he had a couple of good scores towards the end of the season, but on Chris Harris' engine ! he will be ok as long as he has the machinery under him
  13. Buttons

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Why don't you just ignore him and don't bite, he would soon get tired of talking to himself as such. ?
  14. Buttons

    Newcastle 2020

    Good Luck Diamonds
  15. Buttons

    Somerset 2020

    According to Somersets website they have 14.79 left for the last three riders

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