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  1. Buttons

    Big decisions in November.

    This is Dated 31st January 2017 !!
  2. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    We can only hope that Eurosport will up their game, and not start showing some of the qualifiers or European Ch. or whatever it was from Ht17 !! Money talks unfortunately.
  3. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    I hope it is
  4. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    Eurosport maybe ok as long as they get the right commentators, I remember Keith Hewin from Superbikes (I think) in the studio when it was with Sky, he was poor, it needs to be someone connected with Speedway.
  5. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    What Charlie (How important was it for you to win that race) Webster, no thanks
  6. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    Well if it is Eurosport lets hope the coverage is better than what they have dished up in the past, starting the broadcasts at Ht17 etc, Sky were definitely the best, and BT would have been ok if they had covered more meetings. Just an opinion.
  7. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    Most of the Grand Slam tennis has gone to Amazon Prime !
  8. Buttons

    TV new deal?

    I agree, I find they are the same with many sports they cover. Freesports (Premier Sports) or whoever don't do a bad job with the Swedish coverage.
  9. Buttons

    Poole 2019

    Maybe he was happy there who knows
  10. It seems the usual response when riders are interviewed re the state of Somerset's track is Its different every week, it obviously was not right again last night and not watered enough as their was dust blowing all over the back straight, its a shame as I used to enjoy my visits, but the last two visits have been totally different, last night it was very processional with very few passes, yet last week against Glasgow the racing was good. Once the ref had asked for more work to be done on the track last night the racing improved. Who is the track curator now at Somerset ?
  11. Buttons

    Somerset v Glasgow

    I should imagine May can only do what he can do with the budget he has to work with.
  12. Buttons

    Well Done Charles Right

    That wouldn't suprise me, I shouldnt imagine they have to many top rider assets left on their books !
  13. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    Depends how much money you have to spend, last years No 1 didn't help I should imagine.
  14. He may still think he is a GP rider but.....
  15. But Harris is not a top man anymore, he also rides in the Championship in uk, he is no longer in the GP's and is not at the same standard now.

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