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  1. Buttons

    Championship fours

    Its now the 20th June and the "Fours" are on the 23rd, and still nothing on the BSPA website, prices TBA, riders TBA, or have they announced it somewhere else?
  2. The Isle of Wight presenter did a great job.
  3. A really good meeting, everyone standing near me were really impressed with the presentation, the guy who was on the centre green kept moving things along and you could hear him!! As for the MUSIC, what a difference so much improved to what we usually get, what we they have been playing for the last two seasons I have been coming I am sorry to say has been absolute rubbish, all very modern stuff, last night fans were singing along and we even had music bringing the riders to the start line. The only quibble I have is why, when the young Aussie and Italian were going to be interviewed after the meeting they sent the bikes out so we couldn't hear them, its not as though time was short as the meeting moved along nicely. More of the same please.
  4. Buttons

    Rebels vs Pirates

    Keep going guys, very soon you will have no Somerset Speedway to moan about, some of us still enjoy our Speedway whatever!
  5. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    I think Speedway at the moment is in survival mode, and better to have Speedway than none at all. Its a vicious circle, riders want more fixtures and more money, so promoters need more fans to come through the gate, to pay riders more money, but the fans are not there anymore. It's too late for an overhaul should have been done years ago. Supporters have moved on, kids spend all their spare time on their phones or Xboxes and such like, even when you do see kids at Speedway invariably most of them are running around playing not watching the Speedway, you do not see kids out on bikes pretending to be Woofy, or Magic anymore, there are so many more things for them and adults to do today, not like it was in Speedways glory years. Promoters to don't help either by raising the entrance fee, that seem to be their only answer to dwindling crowds, with the latest being the avid fan who is probably now the wrong side of 60, is having to pay the same as adults at some tracks, which will probably make crowds dwindle even more. Time will tell.
  6. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    Obviously a better deal than Somerset offered !!, and there you have it, a team pleading poverty which proved correct in the end as they withdrew from the league, and yet offering more than Somerset did. Clubs need to be sensible with their deals, with tracks folding.
  7. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    No staying to Wednesday I believe, much better for anyone travelling than Friday, the M5 is horrendous
  8. Buttons


    Always been the same with SPOTY, if it's not one for their sports they are not interested, disgusting.
  9. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    But if the "Wright " riders decide to go elsewhere there's not much promoters can do, is there.
  10. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    Covatti signs for Poole.
  11. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    Many riders do that towards the end of the season
  12. Buttons

    Somerset 2019

    Nothing wrong with Wright going were the money is, but definately nothing wrong with Garry Many sticking to his guns and not paying anymore than the budget the club works to ...simples.
  13. Buttons

    AGM November 2018

    Absolutely right, great post. It's all about the money now.

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