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  1. salty

    Zenon Plech RIP

    A super rider and, by all accounts, a smashing fella. RIP.
  2. salty


    First time I saw him play was for Argentina at Wembley in (I think) 1979. Two runs he had that day were like nothing I'd seen before. An outrageous talent who changed his game after being kicked to bits at Barca. The 1986 World Cup is synoynmous with him - mainly for the great play , but also for that handball. rip
  3. salty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Last week she was - "Sidney.Powell" (no further words necessary). Yet another post that doesn't look like it will age well. Bit like "Watermarkgate"
  4. Just to be clear (politic speak) I totally agree its plain stupid! Surely in an Australian summer no better place to be than outside. Did I not hear that the SA lockdown has now been partially lifted?
  5. I'd have to agree that measures such as no exercise and no dog walking are excessive. However, at least you can't accuse the South Australian authorities of being half-hearted. Draconian as they are, bound to be more effective than the dogs breakfast of measures that we are subjected to. For example, over here in Norn Iron coffee shops can re-open today after being closed for 4 weeks, but will be closing again next Friday!
  6. But what's the point of having a process and then ignoring (largely) the findings of that process?
  7. salty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Not to mention sacking the head of CiSA for deigning to have a differing view and refusing to support Trump's accusations of electoral fraud.
  8. salty

    Best/Worst Christmas Songs

    Can't beat the Phil Spector album "A Christmas Gift For You".
  9. salty

    Stadium Design

    I might be wrong, but when the short lived London Lions rode at the short lived London Stadium I think the pits were in front of the main grandstand. Certainly can remember away riders being situated there.
  10. Sad he's leaving the sport, but glad he's fit and healthy. Loved watching him celebrate the title this year and have really enjoyed his riding over the years.
  11. salty

    Arnold Haley

    Saw him riding for Cradley at the start of 1981. It was sad to see him struggling so much, Peter Adams ran out of patience and replaced him with John McNeill. Prefer to remember the quality rider he was in his pomp round Owlerton.
  12. salty

    Pete Seaton

    Brafield still operating....http://www.spedeworth.co.uk/venue.php?name=northampton Sorry to hear of Pete's passing. RIP
  13. salty

    'the Donald' Trump

    This didn't age particularly well.
  14. salty

    Last ever Hyde Road meeting

    Superb footage. Thanks for posting.
  15. salty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Agree. I guess DT has never been told no in his life and has generally got his way, so struggling to cope with defeat. As for Giuliani, I saw him being interviewed just now and he looks and sounds a tad demented.

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