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  1. Have to say in my teaching career I must have been blessed, because all of the Inspectors I met were very fair and understanding. Maybe in Northern Ireland they are a different breed than those over the water. Edit: Just read the report on the BBC about Ruth Perry. Awfully sad and a damning indictment of the Ofsted Inspectorate process.
  2. The terms of the Inquiry are far more than "merely" assessing the impact of lockdown. Structure of the Inquiry - UK Covid-19 Inquiry (covid19.public-inquiry.uk) The link gives you an outline of all the areas that will be examined and even the current module - 2- is about far more than assessing lockdown.
  3. What’s the betting at some point today that amongst the evasive answers and deflection of blame, Boris says “we got the big decisions right”?
  4. salty

    University Challenge 2023/24

    I'm a million miles from being a metalhead, but the only Birmingham metal band I know are Sabbath, so I knew I would get one of the 3 bonus questions right.
  5. salty

    University Challenge 2023/24

    12 for me as well. You must have got Sabbath? Glad Manchester won, they really looked like they were enjoying it.
  6. So another thread gets taken down the virus/non-virus road, similar to the "What Offends Me" thread. Any chance we could re-open the Covid thread and leave the other threads alone?
  7. salty

    Football 2023-24

    Just saw the highlights of the Accrington v Swindon match. Incredibly, Accrington nearly scored a 4th straight from the kick-off after their 3rd goal as Swindon messed up a pass back to the goalie. Took a goal line clearance.
  8. salty

    Shane MacGowan RIP

    Sad news. A flawed man, no doubt, but The Pogues were a great band.
  9. salty

    University Challenge 2023/24

    8 for me last night. Glad UCL won, they look a nice bunch.
  10. A fair few years ago "Classic Speedway" magazine did a top 20 of the 60's. Compiled by a "respected author".... Obviously is the whole of the decade rather than the period in the OP..... 1. Nigel Boocock 2. Ken McKinley 3. Peter Craven 4. Mike Broadbank 5.Eric Boocock 6. Ron How 7. Martin Ashby 8. Ray Wilson 9. Terry Betts 10. Dave Younghusband Focusing on the BL era, would see Craven and How removed from the list and probably higher positions for Eric B and Ray Wilson.
  11. salty

    University Challenge 2023/24

    Nine for me.
  12. salty

    Football 2023-24

    Which is why Leicester, Leeds et al are raging. There is a massive difference between the Everton case and the City/Chelsea ones. Everton admitted guilt over a fairly obvious overspend, whereas the the other two cases are mired in a complex labyrinth of financial shenanigans. The fact is Everton have been sailing close to the wind for sometime, they got away with a far bigger "loss" on the books due to Covid than any other team, but they continued to spend and gamble on staying up. As Screm says, the gamble has paid off as they stayed up the past 2 seasons and even with the points deduction they will have every chance of staying up this year as well. Remains to be seen what claims they have to fight off from the clubs who see themselves wronged though.
  13. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    The round robin format is far too long winded, but more matches equals more money so no surprise that's what we end up with. The one thing they could not countenance was an early exit for the host country, this system at least ensures they are playing until a week before the final. Not many close matches, but some entertaining performances and it was good to see Afghanistan doing so well. England were dreadful.
  14. salty

    University Challenge 2023/24

    Ten last night. The team from the OU were a bit too quick for me a lot of the time.
  15. Always an interesting read. Thank You. I remember the name change to Cradley United well, I believe it was the brainchild of Harry Bastable who had taken over as Team Manager prior to the 1973 season. I still stuck with my CH programme board though! Four seasons as United with improving fortunes - we had a pretty attractive side in 1976. The United moniker might have been swept away when Dan McCormick took over, but the red remained part of the Heathens colours for a lot longer.

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