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  1. salty

    Les Owen

    Was great for us in his only season, averaged about 6 and a half I think. Provided us with much needed stability with Michanek and Bernie both being shown the door mid-season.
  2. salty

    Dougie Templeton.

    Sad news, RIP Dougie.
  3. salty


    The BAGS deal has always been the lifeline for many tracks, but as betting shop turnover on dogs has fallen then the bookies desire to pay relatively big money to the tracks is on the wane. Oxford dogs wouldn't be viable long term without some sort of streaming contract.
  4. salty

    The first race you saw

    28th September 1968. Cradley v Newport. Graham Coombes(R), Chris Julian(B), Jon Erskine(W), Cyril Francis(Y). Finished in that order. 72.8
  5. Have to agree that it is a fascinating interview. GG was one of my favourite opposing riders of the early 80's, big and forceful on a bike, who was on the verge of international success when he made his mistake. Like others I feel the punishment by the Speedway authorities was draconian, but glad to see he's happy in life. Well done to Backtrack and all involved in getting the interview in print. With 90 plus issues under their belt there are less fresh interviewees to cover, but this one and the fairly recent Tony Lomas article have been top quality.
  6. salty

    Ted Hubbard RIP

    Sad news, RIP Ted.
  7. Ta, hopefully get mine in the next couple of days then....
  8. I'd love to read the GG interview, but sadly my copy has yet to make it's way to deepest Ulster. Anyone know when the subscription copies were sent out?
  9. I'd guess we won't see Troy again tonight.
  10. That was brilliant. So pleased for Wright. Some cracking racing in front of a decent crowd. What's not to like?
  11. salty

    Barry Duke

    If I remember correctly Barry moved to Custom House from Cradley in a swap with Mick Handley, but it was quite late in the season. Glad to hear he's ok.
  12. Dreadful advert for the sport so far. Sparse crowd, terrible track, dull racing.
  13. salty

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    Joe was one of those riders who always rode well at Cradley when in opposition, but when we signed him he (as luck would have it) had a tough year. Even then he always stood in the car park patiently signing autographs every Saturday night, which made him one of our favourites. Was good to see him have a bit of an Indian Summer at Wimborne Road when he left Cradley. Really enjoyed the feature on him in a recent Backtrack issue. RIP
  14. salty

    John Chaplin

    Sad news. Loved his writing, both in the Star and his books. RIP.

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