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  1. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Like many before him - Gary Ballance springs to mind - excellent at County level but found out at Test level.
  2. salty

    Peter Adams in the Star last week

    Aye, Gledhill was a reserve at the start of the season but struggled and was replaced by Verner half way through. The other reserve at the beginning was Reid but he got injured early on and was covered by the aforementioned Jackson, Barratt etc until he recovered. Joe Owen (the declared number 8) was used just once to replace Penhall early in the season. Checked what few programmes I have after Penhall's leaving and you're correct re him being covered by R/R - if I remember right Cradley had a bit of a battle to get the facility. I'm guessing Wigg was only used sparingly as they didn't want him to jigger his average for 1983?
  3. salty

    Peter Adams in the Star last week

    " My one big regret is falling out with Charles. I think it was 1982, it was when BL teams could name four reserves and use any two of them for any meeting. One of my four was Simon Wigg. It was near the end of the season...." Goes onto explain that Ochiltree wanted to know the team a week before so he could print extra programmes. Adams offered him six names but wasn't sure on the seventh. Ochiltree replies "It better not be Simon Wigg". Of course it was. I'll dig out my programmes to see if that can shed any light. I know Cradley had started the season with Joe Owen as number 8, Drury at 9 and Pullen at 10 and used a number of riders to cover injuries to Andy Reid at reserve - Wayne Jackson and Bill Barratt spring to mind.
  4. salty

    Howler from Top of the Pops

    All About Eve were on to perform "Martha's Harbour". Whilst we could hear the song, they couldn't hear it in the studio so were sat waiting motionless rather than miming. All About Eve - Martha's Harbour - Infamous TOTP Appearance! HQ - Bing video
  5. salty

    Peter Adams in the Star last week

    Adams definitely quotes 1982. The context was that Charles Ochiltree contacted him a week prior to Cradley's visit to Brandon to find out which reserves would be riding. Adams said he declined to confirm and subsequently he and Ochiltree never spoke again. He mentions the use of Wigg, but as I recall he was only used following Penhall's departure and not as a replacement for one of the other reserves.
  6. Just wishing to pick the brains of the BSP gang. Last week in the Star's feature on "Greatest Gaffers" Peter made reference to a rule whereby in 1982 BL teams could name four reserves and use any two of them in a meeting. I don't have any recollection of that rule myself, though I can remember Cradley declaring their numbers 8,9 and 10. Anybody got a better memory?
  7. salty

    Football 2020/21

    2 years ago Bothroyd had these players in his squad Dean HendersonAaran Wan-BissakaFikayo TomoriDemarai GreyJames MaddisonDominic SolankePhil FodenRyan SessegnonHarvey BarnesMason MountDominic Calvert-LewinTammy Abraham They failed. Now admittedly there has been 2 years development since then, but that squad of players should have done a lot better at the last tournament and Bothroyd should probably have been shown the door then. The complaint about losing players to the senior squad is age old and hardly a situation unique to England. Given his mediocre management record at club level (one good promotion with Watford and nothing else) its obvious he's out of his depth. His complaint that he loses players to the senior squad is hardly unique is it?
  8. salty

    Frank Worthington RIP

    Hudson was particularly unlucky. His debut was an impressive 2-0 win over West Germany, for which he was lavishly praised by the London press, followed by a more prosaic 5-0 win over Cyprus (I think). Never played again! I guess he rubbed Revie up the wrong way.
  9. salty

    Football 2020/21

    The man with the biggest hands in football!
  10. salty

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    Loved that - was on their first album if I recall. My nomination for the OP would be all the over-produced Simon Cowell efforts, most noticeably the version someone did of "Hallelujah"
  11. salty

    Worldwide town and city game

  12. salty

    Return of "Frasier"

    I didn't get where I am today watching repeats of Reggie Perrin.
  13. salty

    Return of "Frasier"

    It was great, but it had run its course.
  14. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Umpiring is always a contentious issue. England got the benefit of a lot of umpires calls last summer, against the Windies in particular, but there was no excuse for their petulance today after the Stokes decision. I think Root was a bit more justified to moan about the stumping call, but you couldn't really complain about any of the lbw's against the English batsmen. The real issue was the poor quality batting.
  15. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Some poor batting from the top order. Missing balls that hardly deviate.

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