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  1. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good 1. That first meeting at a dark, damp Dudley Wood at the end of the 1968 season. Hooked straight away. 2. Becoming a Dudley Wood regular from the start of the 1969 season. Getting a first hero in Bernie Persson 3. Bernie getting so close to winning the World Title in 1972. 4. Cradley winning their first league title at Eastbourne in 1981. Hitched down from London, but was able to get a lift back on the supporters coach. 5. Late 80's at Wimbledon. Having moved to London 10 years before I became a Plough Lane regular but really enjoyed the Russell Lanning seasons with the "Montine" Dons. Bad 1. The riders who lost their lives or suffered life changing injuries. 2. Dudley Wood closing - and the subsequent loss of the legal battle with the loathsome Barratts. 3. Wimbledon closing - even though I'm long gone from London, watching the decline of the stadium under the stewardship of Luke Johnson and his money grabbing venture capitalists has been very sad. 4. Erik's accident at Bradford. 5. Watching the slow decline of the sport in the UK.
  2. Odd Fossengen R.I.P

    Sad news. Was only reminiscing about him on the Norwegian riders thread the other day. RIP.
  3. Poole 2018

    The problem with the averages is the inconsistency. Re-assess them all or none (as Najjer says). When some are done and others aren't then experience tells us that there are vested interests involved, with some teams benefiting at other teams expense. As ever, it is hard to see any logic behind the decision.
  4. My Norwegian memories...... Reider Eide was always a good value visitor (and Guest) at Dudley Wood in the early 70's. At the time I didn't understand why he moved clubs so much during that era. We only heard the tales about his allegedly difficult attitude in later years, but a top British League heat leader. My overriding memory of Odd Fossengen is when I went to Wimborne Road in 1969 and the Pirates were closing in on the League title. The summer holiday crowd seemed massive and under the covered stands the atmosphere was different to the one I was used to at Dudley Wood. The one rider who the home fans seemed to go mad for was Odd and he quickly became my favourite Pirate. No question who my favourite Norwegian was though - Dag. Afaik, he had a tough baptism in British Speedway at Newcastle in a struggling side but was persevered with (nowadays he'd likely be replaced by the end of May) and then blossomed at Reading. I remember reading an article where he spoke of riding round his garden as a youngster on his trike and waving flowers at the imaginary crowd following his "victories". Something that definitely struck a chord! Whatever the reason Dag became one of my favourite riders other than the Heathens and he always seemed brilliant whenever he visited Cradley and I usually managed to nag my Dad to take us to Monmore if Dag was in town. Imagine my delight when his elder brother turned up in Heathens colours at the end of 1973, unfortunately for only a short lived stint.
  5. Best Ever Norwegian Rider?

    Rune Holta is the top man in my supporting time (from 1968 onwards). His move to represent Poland internationally enables him to add a couple of World Team Cup medals to his CV not to mention a fourth in the world spot. As far as I recall his Polish citizenship was encouraged by his Polish club, but he also felt it allowed him to ride in the WTC and keep his profile high. Still riding at a high level as well. Had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times whilst in Prague for a GP and he was an absolute gentleman.
  6. I left Ladbrokes before league Speedway was televised and in the late 90's there wouldn't have been a market for Speedway betting. However, I would have thought the reporting limits for Speedway bets would be very low. Any out of the norm betting would be quickly spotted. Surely the perfect opportunity for a fixed event would have been the end of season play off between Sheffield and Leicester?
  7. Poole 2018

    Afaik Aces are allowed to votes on matters which pertain to the Prem only, but not allowed to vote on General Council matters.
  8. Antonin Kasper

    Saw him ride for the Bees, RIP.
  9. Poole 2018

    If one of my pupils had presented me with that, it would have received a C at best. Pirates and Poole the wrong way round.
  10. Poole 2018

    As far as I'm aware Matt can't stop any asset (who he's not including in the 1-7) riding elsewhere. Can make it hard by asking daft loan fees or "insisting" on a full transfer, but essentially it would be seen as a restraint of trade?
  11. Poole 2018

    Classic stuff from Brain dead Bob. Though it is surprising given that Matt has been chasing Vaculik since he was an embryo and the Slovakian himself has often said that he dreamt of riding for Poole whilst in the cradle.
  12. August 19th edition of the Star "it seems inconceivable they (Hancock and Holder) wouldn't be selected, especially with both key players for main SGP sponsor Monster Energy"Certainly at least one other piece in the mag where it mentions the sponsorship as a likely factor in the nomination choices.
  13. Second. He got one the year following his bad injury, which was fair enough. I would have been annoyed if he'd got a pick instead of Vaculik, but can't really get too mad about his selection. Having said that, I hate the thought of Monster's sponsorship playing a part.
  14. Not keen on the choice of Holder - would have preferred Iversen - but at least the Monster sponsored rider didn't get in at the expense of Vaculik, as that would have been truly unfair.
  15. Big Rune fan and its been great to see him still banging in the performances. However, a few years ago when he was one of the top 8 on a regular basis, he knew if he ever slipped out of the top 8 he was unlikely to get a pick as his dual national status counted against him. Was probably the reason why his late season performances were always so strong as he knew he needed to qualify by right, whereas other riders knew their nationality would help them get selected. A situation mirrored somewhat this year with the respective showings towards the end of the series of Zagar and Holder.