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  1. £50 Bewley more £50 Thomsen more
  2. salty


    Two more and a Rising Star to go! Saw "The Delines" on Saturday night. Highly recommended.
  3. Thanks for doing this again. Bewley over £25 Lindgren over £25
  4. salty

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    What terrible news! Was a fantastic advocate for the sport. A sport that will miss him terribly. Thoughts with family and friends. RIP.
  5. Maybe the staff at Lichfield Grammar spent their time during COVID having a wee drink in the staff room at the end of the day. Doubt it though.
  6. Anyone want to hazard a guess how many Tory MP’s get wheeled out tonight to tell us now is not the time to change our leaders with the Ukraine, cost of living crisis blah, blah. Already Fabricant has said it’s just the same as all those teachers and nurses who congregate in staff room for a drink at the end of the day. What schools and hospitals does he frequent?
  7. Sadly it’s the nature of horse racing that the horses get injured. Personally I think some of the changes to the National course in the name of safety have been counter productive. For example making the fences less forbidding has meant the speeds are greater which is more dangerous.
  8. salty

    University Challenge 2021/22

    First time I've watched it this series. Agree there were too many Latin and Science questions, not to mention the classical music round. However, the Irish rivers and the River Waveney questions were right up my street, got a few others as well - Burma, Rice Burroughs, Wim Wenders.
  9. salty

    1986 Run-offs to decide first place, please

    The Laurels in 1986 was run with 12 riders and the top 8 going into Semi-Finals and thence into a 4 man Final, which Nigel Sparshott won.
  10. salty

    Ireland's Speedway Tracks

    As far as I can tell this the current "Lambeg" Stadium, Lisburn, currently known as Drumbo Park. From what I can understand at the time of being used for Speedway it was a trotting track, but then got re-configured to be used as a football stadium to house Lisburn Distillery, who moved from their old ground in Belfast where they had been known as just Distillery (Derek Dougan's old team). Greyhounds were also introduced and are still held at the stadium. Drumbo Park When I moved to the area in 2000 it was known as Ballyskeagh and has undergone a few changes of ownership since then.
  11. salty

    Shane Warne

    Just got home and my son was telling me. I said - "no, you've got the wrong end of the stick it's Rod Marsh who died. You've probably heard Shane Warne talking about him" Wish I'd been right. Iconic player. RIP As for Rod Marsh just as sad. How he moved on from the "iron Gloves" nickname. RIP
  12. Shameless. There have been some poor Education Ministers over the years but Williamson absolutely plumbed the depths. Must have something on Johnson from his days in the Whips Office or in Cabinet.
  13. salty

    Gary Brooker. Sad news. RIP

    First gig I ever saw was Procul Harum at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - I think in 1974. My tastes changed over the years, but kept a few of their albums, including the excellent "A Salty Dog". Mark Lanegan passed away yesterday too, so a sad couple of days.
  14. salty

    Most League Title Medals

    Enjoyed this thread, but..... Arnie Haley is in the list with one? Sheffield never won a title so assuming it refers to his time at Cradley in 1981, but he never rode for them in th BL.
  15. salty

    Most League Title Medals

    Jason Doyle?

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