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  1. salty

    Good luck Robbo

    Always happy when a rider walks away at a time of their own choosing. Top rider, top bloke. All the best in your retirement.
  2. salty

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    I moved to London in 1981 and watching Simmo round Plough Lane was one of the highlights watching the Dons for the next few years. Thought his book was a good read and also enjoyed his column in Backtrack.
  3. When you get racing like that, there's still hope for this sport. Cracking stuff.
  4. salty

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Yet last week you described the Poole meeting as "very mediocre" with "passing at a premium". Though to be fair you did later call it the best televised meeting of the season. I know what I saw, backed up by the comments on Speedway Updates.
  5. salty

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    The meeting last night had a 2 or 3 good tussles, which was definitely more than what we got at Wimborne Road the week before.
  6. Edgbaston hasn't had the crowds for T20 that other counties have enjoyed either. The Oval has always been a tad pricey compared to other grounds, but you can't argue with their attendances which are excellent. Nonsense to say T20 is a snorefest. The Cricket is generally exciting enough, but all the other aspects of the presentation and facilities are what help make it such a success.
  7. salty

    Rider Rivalries

    I'm currently reading the Bert Harkins book (free on Kindle unlimited). Some very interesting snippets about Middleton from when they rode together out in Australia at the end of the 60's.
  8. I'd have to agree. My kids jump at the chance of a night at the Ice Hockey. They have no real interest in the sport, but enjoy the "event". My local team, Belfast Giants, get good crowds and the atmosphere, facilities and presentation are enough to encourage them to attend. The last time I took a couple of them to a domestic Speedway meeting (an awful drawn out affair - damp,cpld and boring) they wanted to leave before the end.
  9. salty

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Sad news, RIP TJ
  10. Only the close scoreline to maintain any interest because the racing was fairly dull. Amazed how many jumped starts the ref let go, so fair play to Bomber for doing it in the last to clinch the meeting.
  11. salty

    Bradford To Return ?

    The Taylor Report was after Hillsborough. Popplewell reported on the Bradford fire and the report has subsequently been subject to some criticism. Not so much for the effect it had on changes in the law re stadium safety but for not investigating the causes of the fire itself with sufficient rigour. See Martin Fletcher's book for further details - the Bradford chairman at the time seemed to have a number of businesses that were unfortunate when it came to fires.
  12. Great meeting. Well deserved winner and a great second from Young Dan. Hats off to Garrity as well - he rode his socks off.
  13. I just dont get why Tai chased Laguta down! He should have let him go and concentrated on slowing Emil down. It was all about not finishing 4th! I know its easier said than done but was the only way to win
  14. Much more enjoyable than Saturday's fare. Good to see the riders from the lesser nations getting stuck in and upsetting the big boys. You see the advantage of the pairs format as it allows France, Finland etc to be more competitive than the WTC format.
  15. Team riding is definitely a dying art. Too many tracks where the outside line is too fast meaning its close to impossible for the guy on the inside.

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