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  1. salty

    Two Legends World Final records. Fundin v Briggs.

    You're welcome.
  2. salty

    Two Legends World Final records. Fundin v Briggs.

    In the Christmas issue of Speedway Star there was a lengthy "Where Are They Now?" feature on the 1972 Crewe Kings. 8 pages with detailed updates on the likes of John Jackson, Dave Morton, Dai Evans and Phil Crump. Only a small update on Gary Flood, says he went back to motocross Down Under and won numerous championships and awards as well as being inducted into the Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame. Also says he's an introvert who shuns the limelight. In the Phil Crump piece he says he keeps in regular touch with Garry and talks about his expertise with motors.
  3. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    Thirded! I thought it was a great read and very moving.
  4. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    Sorry, but that's rubbish. Obviously we are constrained by our living memory, but any list of great British riders would include the likes of Craven, Collins and Lee all who rode well before your 1990 cut off.
  5. salty

    West Country Gazette

    Good spot!
  6. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    Getting back to to Wimbledon memories, the most recent issue of Backtrack has a feature on Wimbledon second half riders from the Backtrack era. Certainly rang some bells with the track obviously a magnet for young hopefuls in the early 70's, but less so in the later 80's. Plenty went on to good careers elsewhere, others less so. From my time going to Plough Lane from 1981, Phil Vance was a regular as was Jay Pleece and other names like Ian Hunter, Paul Hilton and Chris Standen.
  7. salty

    Best Race Jackets 1964-65.

    The pub just outside the stadium was called The Victoria. Sadly I'm too young for 1965, my first meeting coming up to my 7th Birthday was September 1968, though it was against the Wasps. Chris Julian was my instant hero, sadly he left Cradley at the end of the season to go to....Newport.
  8. salty

    Best Race Jackets 1964-65.

    Have to agree about the red and blue of the West Ham body colour. Put it as my first choice on the similar thread about the 70's. My second ever meeting was a end of season clash at Dudley Wood with the Hammers. A drizzly October night and the lights reflected brilliantly off the red and blue along with the black leathers. I suppose the West Ham, London lettering was somewhat superfluous, but it was what I knew from the start and I liked it. In recent years the football club have used the same words on their badge.
  9. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    The latter. In the same shared posts. I believe they originated from Rodney Payne. Nothing against share.
  10. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    So his name and a photo of him in a Wimbledon team pic is not a specific mention? If you want people actually naming him in their posts it's unlikely as there are few actual posts on that site just lots of shared stuff. Incidentally, his name is also mentioned in a newspaper article in the same shared post. Leave Tel alone! He was a good 'un!
  11. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    Remember seeing Ali ride at Hackney in the NL Pairs in 1985, looked great that day considering his relative lack of experience. I'd forgotten about that off track accident.
  12. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    It didn't take me long to find mention of Terry Mussett on the Facebook page linked above. Nice picture of him in a team pic in a post initially shared by Jon Stevens and then put up by John Hyam.
  13. salty

    Wimbledon Memories

    Tiger Terry was great entertainment in his time as a Don. Certainly couldn't fault his effort. Another one of my favourites of that era was Nathan Simpson. Thought he was going to kick onto international class, but the move to Eastbourne seemed to stall his progress.
  14. salty

    Manchester White City

    Don't think so. I suppose the feeling was one track in Manchester was sufficient. I know there were Stocks there throughout the 70's and the last dog race was 1981. Stadium was left empty for some time after it closed, I wonder if was ever considered as a replacement for Hyde Road?
  15. salty

    Why is it?

    And I didn't want to quote your whole post(Mr Ore) but I agree 100%. Nothing worse than the coverage of the Olympics in my book, where coverage of seemingly every event is so GB biased. I sort of understand it but it gets to the point where coverage of events with no GB interest gets forgotten. Going back to Speedway and the 1983 Final, it's true that British Speedway was in a trough as the country struggled. I seem to recall a lot of comment in the Speedway Star that the 1983 season had been affected by the lack of a World Champion plying their trade and a repeat in 1984 would be another big blow for the domestic product. Then there were comments like these in Peter Oakes post Norden report. Alongside respect for Egon's achievement there was " he will in the days and weeks ahead be labelled the champ who buckled on the title belt because the track was tailor made for his own particular ability" " there were even pit whispers that HE commanded the interval work". Then Billy Sanders...."I know I'm a better speedway rider than him - how's the sport going to benefit?" and finally Bob Radford "a general feeling.....he isn't the World Champion that Speedway needs"

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