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  1. salty

    Bernt Persson

    My first Speedway hero. 1969 was my first full season and Bernie quickly became the darling of Dudley Wood following his arrival from Coatbridge. His Cradley career sadly petered out in a plethora of missed meetings, but in the early 70's our Bernie was, for us, the greatest. So close to winning at Wembley in 1972. RIP
  2. Can't begrudge BZ that win. Fantastic ride to win the final. Hope he goes on to win in Torun.
  3. salty


    The packaging is definitely the issue I reckon. I subscribe to a monthly Music Mag that has been consistently late by up to 2 weeks in recent months. Changed from clear packaging to paper this month and arrived on time.
  4. salty

    Issue Number 50

    Looking forward to reading Triggy's account of that night at Cradley. I was there as a wide eyed 7 year old, but standing on the second bend was obviously unaware of the gun incident. For the onlooking crowd the abiding memory of the night was Mike Gardner whacking Middleton on the head with his crash helmet following an incident near the end of the meeting, after which the nearest anyone in the crowd got to seeing Middleton was a blanket in the back of a car as it inched out of the stadium.
  5. Which brings us to Adam Roynon. I'm sure he would have gone a lot further in the sport if not for the injuries.
  6. Previously every point counted towards the title. According to Bellamy to ensure the riders keep riding throughout the meeting they change it so now they don't. I work with kids with Severe Learning difficulties and even they would see flaws in that logic.
  7. salty

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Newcastle 1982? The year they got Joe Owen and Bobby Beaton on relatively low averages as they came down from Hull.
  8. salty

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    Maybe I should have put "generally attributed to"!
  9. salty

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    Close. It was Gary Player - I think!
  10. salty

    Most hated (respected) rider!!

    Sadly I didn't start going to Cradley until the end of the 1968 season, by which time Ivor was injured prior to his retirement. So I never got to see him ride. I guess the major hate figure for any young Heathen at the start of the 70's was Ole. I suppose as a young kid we were very black and white so it was probably more hate than respect. Not only did he ride for Wolves, but he was bloody good. The local paper also never seemed to miss an opportunity to sing his praises, whilst our Bernie was never given the same plaudits - or so I felt at the time. By the time the Penhall/Carter rivalry came around I was a bit older and never really bought into it. In fact I quite liked Kenny. In later years I probably like to see riders like Pedersen and latterly Lindgren get their comeuppance, but that's a long way from hate.
  11. salty

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    I remember that feature, Steve, I'll have to dig it out. Having said that, it is just opinion. I think Ivan would have probably bagged more titles in the early 70's, but that would be counterbalanced by possibly not winning in '77 and'79? But who knows, riders tailored their approach to the format that was in place at the time and we'll never know how it would have looked under a GP system.
  12. salty

    Alan Wilkinson

    Really sad news. RIP Wilkie.
  13. salty

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Teromaa was signed during the 1979 season to replace Stevie B who was transferred to Birmingham after a major bust up with Dan McCormick. Ila only rode a couple of times in 79 as he was cup tied. The success of the team in 1979 meant that it fell foul of the points limit and Schwartz had to be loaned out. As for Sid's point about reserves, that was the price you paid for having a strong top 4 and why Dave Shields was so important in 1981. To be fair to Nigel Leaver and Paul Fry they came later when teams had to track a junior (if I remember correctly).
  14. salty

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    They certainly were a strong side as evidenced by their winning of 2 Cups. I think by the end of the season they were the best team in the league, but injuries to Erik, Kristian and Stevie B earlier in the season cost them. Imo a stronger septet than the one that finally delivered the league title 2 years later.
  15. salty

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Would have to agree, I loved my Speedway in the 70's. Particularly enjoyed the Johnny Boulger years at Dudley Wood watching Stevie B develop. The all conquering team from 1983 meant that a lot of home matches were less than entertaining.

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