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  1. Dreadful advert for the sport so far. Sparse crowd, terrible track, dull racing.
  2. salty

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    Joe was one of those riders who always rode well at Cradley when in opposition, but when we signed him he (as luck would have it) had a tough year. Even then he always stood in the car park patiently signing autographs every Saturday night, which made him one of our favourites. Was good to see him have a bit of an Indian Summer at Wimborne Road when he left Cradley. Really enjoyed the feature on him in a recent Backtrack issue. RIP
  3. salty

    John Chaplin

    Sad news. Loved his writing, both in the Star and his books. RIP.
  4. salty

    Time for a change?

    Personally, I think there's enough of the 70's and 80's yet to cover that there is no need to stretch the timeline. Whilst most of the big name riders have been covered, often its the (relatively) lesser lights who have the more interesting stories to tell. For example, the recent Tony Lomas interview was fascinating, particularly his memories of Charles Ochiltree.
  5. salty

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Much prefer the Winter editions. Over the past couple of years I've really enjoyed the "Where are they now?" feature, hope that's going to continue.
  6. salty

    AGM November 2018

    Slightly surprised to see this...."The British Premiership, Championship and National Development Leagues have entertained a growing and more diverse audience by consistently delivering speedway of the highest quality". That statement doesn't exactly chime with many of the supporters on here, not to mention the number of promoters who've been pleading poverty (both financially and in terms of crowd numbers) over the past few months. Seems that contrary to popular belief everything is just hunky dory.....
  7. I would imagine it was a massive, noisy crowd basking in a fantastic nights racing, helped by a strong ref who got every decision right.
  8. 16 points - which was the same difference as at the end of Heat 4. From that point of view Lynn did well to let it get no worse, but considering they got it down to 8 at one point they'll be able to say with some justification that the call to exclude MPT cost them big time. Not only was it -imo- the wrong decision, but he also was out of his 7th ride.
  9. salty

    Wild Cards 2019

    Sad to see Nicki miss out, won't be the same without him. Glad that Zagar and Vaculik got in, but Matej's had 2 not so good years and really needs to step up next year.
  10. Anyone know how Golden heats will work with only 5 riders?
  11. Somerset running on empty, can't see them giving Doyle the support he needs. Means we have another week of listening to how Lynn are massive favourites - yawn, yawn.
  12. salty

    Good luck Robbo

    Always happy when a rider walks away at a time of their own choosing. Top rider, top bloke. All the best in your retirement.
  13. salty

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    I moved to London in 1981 and watching Simmo round Plough Lane was one of the highlights watching the Dons for the next few years. Thought his book was a good read and also enjoyed his column in Backtrack.
  14. When you get racing like that, there's still hope for this sport. Cracking stuff.

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