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  1. salty

    Bradford To Return ?

    The Taylor Report was after Hillsborough. Popplewell reported on the Bradford fire and the report has subsequently been subject to some criticism. Not so much for the effect it had on changes in the law re stadium safety but for not investigating the causes of the fire itself with sufficient rigour. See Martin Fletcher's book for further details - the Bradford chairman at the time seemed to have a number of businesses that were unfortunate when it came to fires.
  2. Great meeting. Well deserved winner and a great second from Young Dan. Hats off to Garrity as well - he rode his socks off.
  3. I just dont get why Tai chased Laguta down! He should have let him go and concentrated on slowing Emil down. It was all about not finishing 4th! I know its easier said than done but was the only way to win
  4. Much more enjoyable than Saturday's fare. Good to see the riders from the lesser nations getting stuck in and upsetting the big boys. You see the advantage of the pairs format as it allows France, Finland etc to be more competitive than the WTC format.
  5. Team riding is definitely a dying art. Too many tracks where the outside line is too fast meaning its close to impossible for the guy on the inside.
  6. To be fair the TV feed had the correct scores displayed, but I agree its daft that Pearson and Tatum are having to rely on their own scoring. I'm sure someone mentioned earlier in this thread that in the early days of Sky's coverage Bryn Williams used to make sure that Tony Millard was kept au fait with the permutations of the scorecharts.
  7. Not the Not the point. A professional sports presenter/commentator shouldn't be making such a basic error. Last day of the Football season when promotion/relegation scenarios are changing all the time the comms teams always seem to be on the ball. As it happens I think the Nige/Kelv partnership do a good job, but it was a bit of a ricket to not realise that Heat 21 still had a strong bearing on the meeting. By the way tomorrow I will be on the mike for about an hour and a half hosting a presentation in front of about 150. No doubt I'll make a mistake at some point!
  8. But they're doing their jobs wrong aren't they - or Nigel is anyway. Telling us before Heat 21 that Slovenia and Latvia were both out and Ukraine were in Heat 22. Keeping the score correct shouldn't be beyond the capabilities of the commentator should it?
  9. Got my copy yesterday. Again I have to echo the sentiments of Steve and TWK, it is a superb publication. Well done to the Backtrack team!
  10. salty

    Cyril Francis

    Rode in the first meeting I saw in 1968. RIP Cyril.
  11. salty

    Characters of the sixties

    Malcolm Brown?
  12. salty

    Jim Airey Interview

    Belatedly saw this. Apology accepted - legal hounds have been called off. But it's Salty, not Salt.
  13. Mike Curoso? Always seems a bit of the forgotten man when we talk about the American invasion. Two years at Hull and one at Poole. As I recall he was a solid second string who was certainly capable of making further progress. Can't remember why he didn't return, I'm sure he would have had a good enough average to get a work permit. Having said that my main memory of him is pushing his bike for the best part of a lap at Dudley Wood one evening.
  14. salty

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Just saw this. Rotten to hear, but given the way he'd suffered in recent years I guess its a wee bit of a sweet release. The man was immense and brought the professionalism of the sport to a whole new level. RIP.
  15. A terrible precedent that was set a few years ago when Poole called off a meeting against Lakeside as it would affect their planned team changes.

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