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  1. No Russian riders in Swedish league racing. https://www.elitspeedway.com/artikel/4mfsal0i5-21mi1/ryska-forare-utestangs-fran-svensk-speedway-2022
  2. Ghostwalker

    Danish league Wednesday August 17th Live on TV

    No Russian or Belarusian riders in the Danish league for 2022. https://dmusport.dk/udmelding-om-forbund-atleter-m-m-fra-rusland-og-belarus/
  3. The original plan was to sign sign Grigorij Laguta but to current events and the uncertainty of Russian riders in European league racing Smederna didn't want to make a gamble with Grigorij.
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates, will finish it once the transfer deadline has passed.
  5. Hello all, long time no see. I've updated the teams for Elitserien today. Will try to get another update in soon.
  6. fixtures https://www.svemo.se/Nyheter/Speedway/schematklartforbauhaus-liganispeedway2022
  7. Ghostwalker

    Danish league Wednesday August 17th Live on TV

    Team Fjesteds team manager Thomas Eicke Hartzberg unexpectedly passed away about tw weeks ago at the age of 47. https://fjelsted-speedway.dk/nekrolog-thomas-eicke-hartzberg/
  8. Still don't understand why Smederna let him go but keeping MJJ.
  9. and Jakub Miśkowiak stays with Lejonen and Holder with Indianerna.
  10. Smederna have signed Patryk Wojdylo and Max Belsing.
  11. Krzysztof Buczkowski signed with Masarna.
  12. Linus Sundström has decided to retire. He says that the decision is due to his injuries the last couple of seasons. http://speedwayfans.se/linus-sundstrom-avlsutar-karriaren-jag-vann-pa-lotto-tva-ganger/
  13. Kim Nilsson has decided to stay with Rospiggarna.

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