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  1. They've been bailed out by Motala kommun once before and are now asking for another loan, not sure if they repaid the first one (which was very generous with partial write offs annually).
  2. Elitserien section updated with social media links (not all teams have twitter and instagram though).
  3. Mikkel Michelsen have signed with Indianerna.
  4. Doyle to Västervik. Apparently it was only one rider presentation today from Västervik and not the entire team.
  5. Nicki Pedersen to Rospiggarna. Not a good move IMO. Nicki hasn't been riding much the last couple of seansons due to injury. Västervik will announce their team tomorrow at 14.00 CEST.
  6. Surely a stickied thread on top of the page is easier to find?
  7. Will not occupy one of the 8 slots in the squad.
  8. More or less the same as always.
  9. I don't know, probably not. I agree that Målilla is much better then Hallstavik but GP at both Målilla and Västervik will not happen since they are too closely situated geographically.
  10. Already posted here (and I still think it is unnecessary to have two threads on the same topic).
  11. .... and Doyle leaves Rospiggarna.
  12. Wouldn't mind letting Västervik having a go for a GP (instead of Målilla).
  13. Pontus Aspgren signed for a 4th season at Smederna.

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