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  1. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Spring Media will make an announcement on April 2nd on whether or not there will be any televised coverage of Elitserien. There will still likely be an internet broadcasting portal of some sort.
  2. Ice Speedway Meetings 2017/2018

  3. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    The new heat schedule http://www.svemo.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_14025/cf_44/K-rschema_2-15.PDF
  4. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Speedway news website Speedwaynyheter.se will re-open on Monday March 19th. http://www.speedwaynyheter.se/
  5. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Smederna writes in their website that Tommy Jansson's father and former speedway rider Joel Janssom have died at the age of 93. http://eskilstunasmederna.se/smederna-i-sorg/
  6. Swc 2018

    I agree jeffster. If you say A then you have to say B and if you don't want to say B then don't say A.
  7. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    I've updated the fixture list for Elitserien but round 9 and 10 are scheduled for Tuesday July 17th and Wednesday July 18th. I think it seems a bit strange to do that and I don't know if it is correct.
  8. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Full fixture list http://www.dagensvimmerby.se/sport/speedway/e/17657/sa-kors-elitserien-i-speedway-2018-en-riktig-derbysommar-vantar/
  9. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    The fixtures for 2018 have been released today. I haven't seen the full list yet though. Smederna's home meetings 2018: http://eskilstunasmederna.se/grundseriematcher-2018/
  10. Speedway Music

    Faster by Within Temptation.
  11. Swc 2018

    A little more info about Smederna's interest in arranging SWC. http://www.aktuellspeedway.se/fim/world-cup/eskilstuna-kan-fa-vm-final/ Basically Smederna have sent in a notification of interest and are awaiting a more substantial reply. Once they know more Smederna will then evaluate FIM/BSI's answer and then decide if they still are interested or not depending on economical factors and etc.
  12. Swc 2018

    The same could be said for Sweden/Denmark (Kalmarunionen)
  13. Swc 2018

    I have only read the head line since the article is behind a pay wall but the headline says "Smederna might get the SWC final": "https://www.ekuriren.se/sport/smederna-kan-fa-finalen-i-lag-vm/" on the news paper's FB page it says that Smedernas club president Håkan Ringkvist says that they are waiting for a definite answer. https://www.facebook.com/eksporten/posts/1745688802169008
  14. Swedish 2017 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Filbyterna claims that they were asked pretty late in the process if they were interested. Filbyterna realized pretty early on that they wouldn't be able to get the track in order since there was allot of things that needed to be fixed. New airfence, new outer fence (spectator fence) as well as move all of the flood lights from the area between the inner and outer fence. Filbyterna says that these necessary changes are way too much for them to manage on such a short notice since they wouldn't be able to afford it. I don't know all the details but there was a conflict between Filbyterna and the rest of Linköpings MS last year I think. Filbyterna had managed to get enough money to be able to buy a new airfence but somehow Linköpings MS took the money for themselves claiming that it wasn't Filbyterna's money or something like that so a new airfence didn't happen. There are several other more or less dormant tracks like Örebro and Karlstad but I don't know the status of them more then that Kalvholmen in Karlstad were pretty ruined by a man named Roland and the club Solkatterna which he hijacked in the name of speedway för alla (or something like that). Anyway here is Filbyterna's statement regarding their decline to ride in Allsvenskan. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1518980358184296&id=496486130433729 Full statement in the spoiler below: