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  1. The Swedish elitserien teams have decided to postpone the start of the season to 2 June (4 weeks) . There will be no quarter finals either. Other changes are an increase of number of transfer cards from 3 to 7 and the average floor limit has been powered to 8.000 from 8.500. https://www.elitspeedway.com/artikel/lfxwak87i-21mi1/framflyttad-sasongsstart-och-nya-regler-i-bauhaus-ligan-i-speedway
  2. There might be an announcements on Thursday on how the clubs aim to handle the Covid-19 situation. https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=86&artikel=7437052
  3. No decision yet on how to handle the Covid-19 situation except that there won't be meetings run without spectators. Problems mentioned are also quarantine of riders / people that traveöl between countries. A rider cannot go ride in different countries if they have to spend a week in quarantine each time. https://www.elitspeedway.com/artikel/p8omak806-21mi1/ess-vi-kommer-inte-att-kora-utan-publik
  4. I haven't added them to the main post yet (May was far away in December). In the mean time fixtures are listed here:
  5. Lejonen will use on their transfer cards to bring in Piotr Pawlicki after round 2.
  6. Nothing officially decided yet but there are apparently plans that the 2021 Individual SM-final will be a part of "Sm-veckan" (Swedish championship week). Sm-veckan is a like a national mini olympics where lots of sports come together and have their Swedish championship in the same city during one week. SM-veckan 2021 is held at Linköping (Filbyterna's hometown) and if the plans become reality the speedway final would be shown live on SVT (Swedish equivalent of BBC).
  7. Ghostwalker

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Tomorrows Swedish final at Örnsköldsvik has been cancelled due to weather.
  8. Construction retail store chain Bauhaus have bought the naming rights for Elitserien for 2020. The new league name will be BAUHAUS-ligan. https://www.dagensvimmerby.se/sport/speedway/e/52742/har-ar-nya-namnet-pa-elitserien-i-speedway/
  9. https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier/ Then click each league name and then aktuella snitt. It is but the information is there is for the 2019 season and earlier.
  10. Ghostwalker

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Here http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/67537-swedish-2020-season-info-on-1st-page-with-signings-and-etc/ And here: https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier/Allsvenskan2020/Aktuellasnitt https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier/Elitserien2020/Aktuellasnitt/
  11. Serveral POlish sources are reporting that a Polish rider who likely is Maksim Drabik has been caught in a doping test. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/863320/doping-w-zuzlu-maksym-drabik-zlamal-przepisy https://www.przegladsportowy.pl/zuzel/pge-ekstraliga/zuzel-maksym-drabik-wpadl-na-kontroli-antydopingowej-groza-mu-cztery-lata-zawieszenia/7x7e8qs
  12. Next season's individual SM-finals will be held at Målilla. The main final is Tuesday 21 July and the U21+85cc finals are Saturday 1 August. https://m.dagensvimmerby.se/sport/speedway/e/51260/klart-sm-finalerna-till-malilla-2020/
  13. Svemo have also updated the list for next seaosn's team for Elitserien https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier/Elitserien2020/Aktuellasnitt/
  14. Allsvenskan schedule: (track name) = Which track the meeting held on for Team Småland which is a joint team between Dackarna, Lejonen, Vetlanda. Round 1 2020-05-13 Indianerna Speedway - Valsarna 2020-05-13 Team Rapid - Griparna 2020-05-13 (Målilla) Team Småland - Vargarna Round 2 2020-05-18 Valsarna - Team Rapid 2020-05-20 Vargarna - Indianerna Speedway 2020-05-20 Griparna - Team Småland Round 3 2020-05-27 Team Rapid - Indianerna Speedway 2020-05-27 ( Målilla) Team Småland - Valsarna 2020-05-27 Vargarna - Griparna Round 4 2020-06-01 (Vetlanda) Team Småland -Team Rapid 2020-06-03 Valsarna - Vargarna 2020-06-03 Griparna - Indianerna Speedway Round 5 2020-06-10 Indianerna Speedway - Team Småland 2020-06-10 Team Rapid - Vargarna 2020-06-10 Valsarna - Griparna 2020-06-17 back up day Round 2-5 Round 6 2020-06-22 (Gislaved) Team Småland - Indianerna Speedway 2020-06-22 Vargarna - Team Rapid 2020-06-24 Griparna - Valsarna Round 7 2020-06-29 Griparna - Vargarna 2020-07-01 Valsarna -Team Småland 2020-07-01 Indianerna Speedway -Team Rapid Round 8 2020-07-08 Team Rapid -Team Småland 2020-07-08 Vargarna - Valsarna 2020-07-15 Indianerna Speedway - Griparna 2020-07-20 & 22 back up day Round. 6-8 Round 9 2020-07-29 Team Rapid - Valsarna 2020-07-29 Indianerna Speedway Vargarna 2020-08-05 (Vetlanda) Team Småland - Griparna Round 10 2020-08-12 Valsarna - Indianerna Speedway 2020-08-12 Griparna - Team Rapid 2020-08-12 Vargarna -Team Småland Semi finals and finals tbc/tba.

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