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  1. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 6, 19 June

    Smederna wins again. Indianerna were unlucky with lots of X:s on Miedzinski and an injury on Thomsen who have been really good so far this season. Masarna poorer then I expected (and hardly no supporters showing up to the meeting). Vetlanda did their job against Lejonen. Smederna still on top with 5 victories and 1 draw.
  2. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 6, 19 June

    It is very windy and sunny today so the tracks might be a bit dry despite lots of watering.
  3. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 6, 19 June

    From what I've read it is the same as with Protasiewicz. It is claimed that both have requested to not have to do this round due to dislikes of the respectively tracks.
  4. Ghostwalker

    Leon Madsen

    To be fair though, Michael Jepsen Jensen has been really good so far this season, averaging almost 2.000 in Poland and 2.440 in Sweden. Andreas Jonsson is Swedish and his selection as a wild card for Hallstavik has nothing to do with Madsen.
  5. Preliminary line-ups for Elitserien round 6. Masarna - Dackarna is the main tv-meeting These meetings are back-to-back which means there will also be aggregated bonus points for this round's meetings. Weather forecasts look good for this round too. Masarna - Dackarna (36-54) Masarna Kim Nilsson Antonio Lindbäck Tai Woffinden Linus Sundström Przemyslaw Pawlicki Adrian Cyfer Emil Millberg Dackarna Greg Hancock Hans Andersen Oliver Berntzon Patryk Dudek Maciej Janowski Pawel Przedpelski Joel Kling Västervik - Eskilstuna Smederna (30-60) Västervik Nicki Pedersen Grzegorz Zengota Peter Ljung Mikkel Bech Peter Kildemand Bartosz Smektala Anton Karlsson Eskilstuna Smederna Fredrik Lindgren Krzysztof Buczkowski Michael Jepsen Jensen Andzejs Lebedevs Niels Kristian Iversen Alexander Woentin Pontus Aspgren Vetlanda - Lejonen (45-45) Vetlanda Artem Laguta Szymon Wozniak Tomas H Jonasson Brady Kurtz Bartosz Zmarzlik Robert Miskowiak Filip Hjelmland Lejonen Jaroslaw Hampel Rohan Tungate Piotr Pawlicki Maksym Drabik Kacper Woryna Kenny Wennerstam Timo Lahti Rospiggarna - Indianerna (43-47) Rospiggarna Jason Doyle Samuel Masters Robert Lambert Max Fricke Andreas Jonsson Tero Aarnio Jacob Thorssell Kumla Indianerna Vaclav Milik Bjarne Pedersen Kenneth Bjerre Anders Thomsen Adrian Miedzinski Victor Palovaara Ludvid Lindgren Live results as always at http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/ http://www.elitspeedway.com/liveresultat/ https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/live/zuzel/elitserien Elitserien can also be followed at https://sverigesradio.se/sida/gruppsida.aspx?programid=179&grupp=7514 (web radio) Heat schedule: http://www.svemo.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_14025/cf_44/K-rschema_2-15.PDF
  6. Ghostwalker

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Nominations for the individual Swedish championship: Andreas Jonsson (Rospiggarna), Jacob Thorssell (Rospiggarna), Peter Ljung (Västervik), Fredrik Lindgren (Smederna), Linus Sundström (Masarna), Antonio Lindbäck (Masarna), Kim Nilsson (Masarna) och Oliver Berntzon (Dackarna) have all been given a direct nomination to the championship. The others who have to qualify can be found on this link: http://www.dagensvimmerby.se/sport/speedway/e/22545/gladjebesked-for-dackeforaren-en-av-atta-som-fatt-en-plats-i-sm-finalen/
  7. Andreas Jonsson has been given the wild card with Oliver Berntzon and Kim Nilsson as track reserves, http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/6664/aj’s-sgp-homecoming
  8. Ghostwalker

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    I have not forget but I still think that he doesn't bring anything to the SGP series. He is a good gater but not much more.
  9. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

    I think Smederna were that good even if Västervik also was a bit poor. Västervik had done a few good away meetings earlier this season so I expected them to do better then they did. Smederna on the other hand have been very strong so far this season with the last heat decider over Dackarna at home and two large wins over Indianerna (away) and Masarna (home). Hightlights from Smederna - Västervik. I agree with the referee's lack of action in ht 13.
  10. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

    Averages ranking list after 5 rounds: http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/Elitserien2018/Rankinglista/ Rank - rider - team - number of meetings - number of heats - points - average (= points dived by heats). 1. Maciej Janowski Dackarna - 5 - 25 - 62 - 2,480 2. Bartosz Zmarzlik Vetlanda - 5 - 28 - 69 - 2,464 3. Fredrik Lindgren Smederna - 5 - 25 - 61 - 2,440 4. Michael J Jensen Smederna 5 - 25 - 61 - 2,440 5. Artem Laguta Vetlanda 4 - 19 - 46 - 2,421 6. Jason Doyle Rospiggarna 5 - 25 - 57 - 2,280 7. Anders Thomsen Indianerna 3 - 15 - 34 - 2,267 8. Greg Hancock Dackarna 5 - 23 - 48 - 2,087 9. Vaclav Milik Indianerna 5 - 26 - 53 - 2,038 10. Tai Woffinden Masarna 5 - 25 - 49 - 1,960 Michael Jepsen Jensen have almost doubled his average so far. From 1.310 to 2.440 Anders Thomsen have increased his from 1.522 to 2.267
  11. Ghostwalker

    Team Hancock Haj

    Well, I have mentioned this several times as something that is likely to happen sooner or later. We already have sponsor teams in Speedway best pairs and most other motorsport championships have teams that employs the driver/rider.
  12. Ghostwalker

    Denmark 2018

    Mikkel Michelsen injury update. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj7PA4YFswuCXjFt6TdZS1B7zgWTyWO0vZDU8s0/
  13. Ghostwalker

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Swedish speedway news website speedwaynyheter.se have announced that they will do some sort of webb-tv and the première will be tomorrow.
  14. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

    Attendance tonight Smederna - Västervik 4758 Lejonen-Vetlanda 2580 Dackarna-Masarna 2940 Indianerna - Rospiggarna ? Standings after 5 rounds: http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/Elitserien2018/Serietabell/ Smederna, 4 wins, 1 draw 9p Dackarna, 3 wins, 2 losses, 6p Rospiggarna, 3 wins, 2 losses 6p Indianerna, 3 wins, 2 losses 6p Vetlanda, 1 win, 2 draws, 2 losses, 4p Västervik, 2 wins, 3 losses, 4p Lejonen, 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses, 3p Masarna, 1 win, 4 losses, 2p Next round (19 June) Västervik-Eskilstuna Smederna (30-60) Vetlanda-Lejonen (45-45) Masarna-Dackarna (34 - 56) Rospiggarna-Indianerna (43-47)
  15. 50 heats on the same track in one day sounds a bit much imo and then there is the risk off rain off. If I could choose I'd do OneSport's Best Pairs as a Pairs world championship with national teams in 3 events on different tracks. I wouldn't mind having semi-finals and finals in all three events but they should. like in the SGP, only count for the points. Then have a proper SWC sometime in June/July/August.

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