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  1. Serveral POlish sources are reporting that a Polish rider who likely is Maksim Drabik has been caught in a doping test. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/863320/doping-w-zuzlu-maksym-drabik-zlamal-przepisy https://www.przegladsportowy.pl/zuzel/pge-ekstraliga/zuzel-maksym-drabik-wpadl-na-kontroli-antydopingowej-groza-mu-cztery-lata-zawieszenia/7x7e8qs
  2. Next season's individual SM-finals will be held at Målilla. The main final is Tuesday 21 July and the U21+85cc finals are Saturday 1 August. https://m.dagensvimmerby.se/sport/speedway/e/51260/klart-sm-finalerna-till-malilla-2020/
  3. Svemo have also updated the list for next seaosn's team for Elitserien https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier/Elitserien2020/Aktuellasnitt/
  4. Allsvenskan schedule: (track name) = Which track the meeting held on for Team Småland which is a joint team between Dackarna, Lejonen, Vetlanda. Round 1 2020-05-13 Indianerna Speedway - Valsarna 2020-05-13 Team Rapid - Griparna 2020-05-13 (Målilla) Team Småland - Vargarna Round 2 2020-05-18 Valsarna - Team Rapid 2020-05-20 Vargarna - Indianerna Speedway 2020-05-20 Griparna - Team Småland Round 3 2020-05-27 Team Rapid - Indianerna Speedway 2020-05-27 ( Målilla) Team Småland - Valsarna 2020-05-27 Vargarna - Griparna Round 4 2020-06-01 (Vetlanda) Team Småland -Team Rapid 2020-06-03 Valsarna - Vargarna 2020-06-03 Griparna - Indianerna Speedway Round 5 2020-06-10 Indianerna Speedway - Team Småland 2020-06-10 Team Rapid - Vargarna 2020-06-10 Valsarna - Griparna 2020-06-17 back up day Round 2-5 Round 6 2020-06-22 (Gislaved) Team Småland - Indianerna Speedway 2020-06-22 Vargarna - Team Rapid 2020-06-24 Griparna - Valsarna Round 7 2020-06-29 Griparna - Vargarna 2020-07-01 Valsarna -Team Småland 2020-07-01 Indianerna Speedway -Team Rapid Round 8 2020-07-08 Team Rapid -Team Småland 2020-07-08 Vargarna - Valsarna 2020-07-15 Indianerna Speedway - Griparna 2020-07-20 & 22 back up day Round. 6-8 Round 9 2020-07-29 Team Rapid - Valsarna 2020-07-29 Indianerna Speedway Vargarna 2020-08-05 (Vetlanda) Team Småland - Griparna Round 10 2020-08-12 Valsarna - Indianerna Speedway 2020-08-12 Griparna - Team Rapid 2020-08-12 Vargarna -Team Småland Semi finals and finals tbc/tba.
  5. A correct prediction. Schedule for Elitserien was announced today. Pretty much the same kind of schedule as this year with Tuesday as the main day and an extra meeting on Thursdays. However no news about if ESS play will have live streaming or if that only will be on C-mores own streaming platform. https://www.elitspeedway.com/artikel/a1l7ak3si-21mi1/sa-kors-elitserien-2020 https://www.elitspeedway.com/spelschema/ess_2020_regular The meetings for the first two weeks: Round 1 2020-05-05: Piraterna - Lejonen 2020-05-05: Vetlanda - Masarna 2020-05-05: Indianerna - Västervik 2020-05-05: Smederna - Dackarna 2020-05-07: Lejonen - Rospiggarna Round 2 2020-05-12: Västervik - Smederna 2020-05-12: Masarna - Indianerna 2020-05-12: Lejonen - Vetlanda 2020-05-12: Rospiggarna - Piraterna' 2020-05-14: Piraterna - Masarna
  6. Rospiggarna have signed Jason Jørgensen which means that Ryan Douglas won't be registered with the squad initially.
  7. MIkael Karlsson is new team manager for Sweden U21 national team. https://www.svemo.se/Nyheter/Speedway/nyforbundskaptenforjuniorernaispeedway
  8. Daniel Davidsson is the final name for Piraterna. Apparently Greg have stated that he can't sign with a club at the moment due to his family situation. For 2020 transfer windows have been scrapped and replaces by transfer cards allowing teams to make three changes during the season from round 3 to when a team have completed 11 meetings.
  9. Miedzinki have signed with Rospiggarna.
  10. Piraterna have announced three more signings. Josh Grajczonek Grzegorz Walasek Thomasz Gapinski
  11. I don't know about Div 1. The Div 1 post is still probably a bit outdated. However WIth squad deadline being yesterday I assume that formal league participations will be announced by Svemo shortly.
  12. Smederna have signed Krystian Pieszczek. Greg Hancock will not ride for Rospiggarna so that leaves Piraterna if he will ride in Sweden next year. Vikingarna Speedway have announced that they are back in Swedish league speedway. They will ride in Division 1 bur their goal is Allsvenskan in a few years. They have signed Christoffer, Sebastian and Ludvig Selvin (brothers), Johannes Stark and Iver Sveen. Rholand Jensen will be Team manager
  13. Currently there are 23 licensed tracks in Sweden (for Speedway) https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Speedway/Banor/
  14. More like speculation then rumour though and Piraterna have said that they are "talking" to Greg. We'll see where he ends up, would be interesting to see him back at Rospiggarna now that Nicki is there too. Indianerna have signed Emil Pørtner for their Allsvenskan team. Vargarna have announced the reminder of their squad: Emil Millberg Jacob Thorssell Joel Larsson Jonas Seifert Matias Nielsen Lukas Fienhage Valsarna also have announced their squad which included a comeback by Robin Törnqvist.
  15. Teams are due to Svemo before midnight tonight.

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