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  1. Henrik Bergström announced today that he retires from speedway.
  2. Smederna have signed Krzysztof Buczkowski and the squad is now complete. Buczek is mainly intended to be used in case of injuries and is not initially considered for a place among the 5 regular positions. Can't say that I am particular thrilled about him (or Daniel Kczmarek for that matter). https://www.eskilstunasmederna.se/artikel/zslnaklhy-21m61/tuff-trotjanare-tillbaka-i-eskilstuna-smederna
  3. Ghostwalker

    World U21 Championship 2021

    ooooh, Strålsund. Interesting, what kind of track do they have?
  4. Pontus Aspgren signed with Team Rapid in Allsvenskan.
  5. Ghostwalker

    RIP Olle Nygren

    https://www.svt.se/sport/artikel/varg-olle-ar-dod It seems Covid-19 is cause of death according to this article.
  6. Svemo website; https://www.svemo.se/globalassets/speedway/dokumentcenter/korschema/elitserien_allsvenskan_2.15.6-7_2021.pdf
  7. Adrian Miedzinski signed with Rospiggarna.
  8. Big brother signed was well for another season with Masarna. https://www.masarna.nu/artikel/prunakkaz-33661/przemyslaw-forlanger-over-2021
  9. Piotr Pawlicki to Masarna. https://www.facebook.com/masarna/posts/10158934576497770
  10. Dudek confirmed for Rospiggarna https://vimmerbytidning.se/nyheter/artikel/har-ar-stjarnans-nasta-klubb-otroligt-glad/rxk18z8j
  11. Patryk Dudek to Rospiggarna, supposed to be announced tomorrow.

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