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  1. I think they will end like this: Ros-Lej Smed-Pir Ind-Mas Vet-Väst Ros-Pir Dack-Mas Dack-ind That would make: Lejonen +3 Smederna +2 Indianerna +3 Dackarna +6 Vetlanda +3 Piraterna +4 Final standings would then be 1. Dackarna 29 2. Vetlanda 27 3. Västervik 25 4. Lejonen 25 5. Smederna 25 6. Indianerna 21 7. Piraterna 16 8. Masarna 9 9. Rospiggarna. 3rd ,4th and 5th would be decided by points quota and I think it will be advantage Lejonen due to facing Rospiggarna. Currently Västervik have 1.1218354430379746835443037974684 -> 1.122 Smederna have 1.0485584218512898330804248861912 -> 1.049 (I think) Lejonen have: 1.0350076103500761035007610350076 -> 1.0350 So smederna have a little better at the moment.
  2. Michelsen, Fricke and Lambert would be the three I hope will qualify.
  3. Smederna will use R/R for Lindgren (claimed to have a knee injury).
  4. No it's a bit east of Målilla, on the coast. Http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Stockholm&daddr=Västervik&geocode=FStLiQMdZLQTASnLC2QZMXZfRjFmd51n0ycNqA%3D%3D%3BFRNQcQMdL9z9ACnZ0XKKQUJYRjG69bt3S2nUZg%3D%3D&dirflg=d
  5. For Målilla I agree. It is very prone to rain as it is located on the South Swedish highlands. Imo next year they should try to have one GP only in Sweden and have it in Västervik.
  6. Doyle has an X while Zagar has a 0.
  7. There is no way you can get 16k into G&B arena.
  8. Just checked now and it is still 8p behind to be allowed to use a tactical sub.
  9. So according to a newspaper article Masarna was allowed to use Berge due to Lindbäck and Bellago being injured. However Bellago is riding in Poland today in Koronę B. Chrobrego tournament in Gniezo and thus he is no longer injured which means that Masarna no longer have any justification for using a guestider. Masarna claims that they didn't know that Bellago was supposed to be in the meeting in Gniezo, only that he intended to try and ride there tonight. Link to article (might be paywalled). https://www.dt.se/artikel/kaftsmall-for-masarna-efter-protest-fran-piraterna-nye-fransmannen-far-inte-kora-dagisfasoner?fbclid=IwAR0MqwXksWac0KuPLTNvtdHw7JfWBQVbsnynUfO8DLprJYWWY-PANb4UDbU
  10. I don't know much about this but Masarna says on their FB page that Piraterna handed in a protest today about Masarna's use of Berge which Svemo approved.The rules are a bit unclear but foreign riders in Allsvenskan are allowed to be used as temporary measure (Guest rider) for an Elitserien team heavily affected by injuries just so that they can get above the average floor. The guest rider this needs to approved by Svemo as well as the foreign riders own federation (the rider must be allowed to ride in Elitserien). Berge is listed as a guest rider for Masarna so somehow Svemo must have approved it and now suddenly disapproves.
  11. Ghostwalker

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Chugnov has signed a new 2 year contract with Smederna.
  12. Mjj+Lebedevs vs Laguta and Kurtz.
  13. Attendance about 1900 (Smederna claims 2900).
  14. H14 Miedzinki+Lindgren vs Zmarz + Woz
  15. I don't remember if they changed it back to 6p but it has been 8p for a couple of seasons now. I think Lebedevs and Jensen in heat 15 vs Zmarz +Laguta. Lindgren + Pawlicki heat 14 vs Kurtz and Wozniaki.

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