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  1. Ghostwalker

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Smederna now have started the auction of the riders vests used at the Swedish championship. 50% of the money goes to Barncancerfonden. https://www.tradera.com/profile/items/4723072/smedernaspeedway https://www.facebook.com/eskilstunasmederna/posts/1852728498153963
  2. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Smederna - Indianerna heat 10.
  3. Everything is available online at WADA website and FIM rule book. Medications usually have warning markers if they affect your driving and etc. Medicine are also supposed to have markers but some athletes have tried to use it as an excuse to why they tested positive.
  4. That was kinda expected given that he has had two crashes recently where he have hit his head. One needs to be very careful with concussion and concussion like symptoms.
  5. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Highest placed team chooses opponent and whether to start at home or away.
  6. Ghostwalker

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Diamond Cup was supposed to have been run on this Friday but it has been moved due to TJ's death. http://speedwaydiamondcup.pl/2018/08/15/zawody-w-lamothe-landerron-przeniesione/ http://se.aktuellspeedway.eu/2018/08/15/premiaren-av-diamond-cup-flyttas-fram/
  7. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Smederna - Indianerna Heat 14.
  8. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Yep that's correct. 1p is all Smederna needs.
  9. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Västervik-Masarna will be held on Monday (20 August).
  10. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Dackarna wins the league if they manage 45-45 or better against Smederna. If Smederna win the meeting they win the league. Smederna likely need at least 1p in Målilla next week to finish top 2. Rospiggarna have Lejonen at home and I think that Rospiggarna will massacre Lejonen. Therefore Rospiggarna's point quota will improve significantly and they are not that far behind Smederna in that matter. Vetlanda are probably too far behind. 2. Smederna have 634 - 535 = 1.185046728971963 (won points divided by lost points) 3. Rospiggarna have 620 - 548 = 1.131386861313869 4. Vetlanda have 606 - 562 = 1.078291814946619
  11. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    It wasn't disappointing if you know what to expect from Gislaved and Hampel only scoring 4p was also expected. He is extremely aquaphobic. A few heats from Smedena-Indianerna. Having seen the replay, Lindgren's move wasn't as bad as it looked from my point of view in the stand. He goes under Thomsen and Thomsen bailed on his own.
  12. Ghostwalker

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Meetings are not televised, only available on streaming service. All clubs except one have over 2000 on average. My team Smederna almost have 5000 on average. It was 4200 yesterday but the rain probably scared away 1000-15000 or so. http://se.aktuellspeedway.eu/publik/elitserien/2018/ https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=1142
  13. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Winner of Dackarna -Smederna will win the league. If Rospiggarna wins big and Smederna looses then Rospiggarna will claim second.
  14. Ghostwalker

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Tomasz was honoured with a minute of silence before the start of all 4 meetings in Elitserien tonight.
  15. Ghostwalker

    Elitserien 2018 round 13, 14 August

    Smederna - Indianerna https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/85444/eskilstuna-smederna-kumla-indianerna A really crazy meeting. Smederna had allot of misfortune and struggle in the first half and were 8p down. Like always they fight they back but on three occasions in the last 4 heats I thought we were loosing. 1. After heat 12 were MJJ and MickMich looses with 1-5 and it's only three heats to go. 2. heat 14 when NKI does a TT but Michelsen won over Woffy and Milik in the re-run. The first bend was crazy 3 out of 4 riders where on their back wheels going out of bend 1 lap 1 but somehow they managed to avoid crashing. 3. In heat 15 when it looked liked Freddy had moved down Thomsen but where Thomsen eventually was excluded. Lejonen - Dackarna: https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/85443/lejonen-gislaved-dackarna-malilla Vetlanda- Rospiggarna. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/771508/elitserien-kontrolowane-zwyciestwo-vetlandy-swietny-mecz-zmarzlika-i-madsena

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