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  1. Glasgow 2018

    As the corners are being taken in to widen the entrances, the straights as a result are widened.
  2. Glasgow 2018

    Taken in as much as possible, pitch has to be within regulation size.
  3. Glasgow 2018

    Photos on Tigers FB page mate.
  4. Glasgow 2018

    The sport needs every club to do this. All that's happened at Glasgow is a few like-minded people have been galvanised to get the job done. It costs nowt. Any club telling it's fans otherwise is misleading them. There is nothing to stop every single poster on this Forum to do the same thing - volunteer your services to your club. If you can type a message on here, you can run an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page. IN OTHER WORDS - STOP MOANING, STOP HIDING BEHIND FINANCIAL COST MYTHS - GET UP OFF YOUR ARSE AND DO SOMETHING TO PUBLICISE YOUR CLUB/SPORT. The only downside - you might have some fun along the way!
  5. Glasgow 2018

    Spot on mate. In 2016 and 2017 it was all done by volunteers, not one penny paid in wages. Not one! Those clubs/people who don't even try to emulate us on the basis of cost are short changing their own fans. Anyone can do it. Anyone! The question is not finance, it's whether or not the club/individuals have the will to do it.
  6. Glasgow 2018

    Aye, he's read Wolbert's autobiography.
  7. Respect cyclone. Genuine post. Edit: Was referring to your Like of my post
  8. Clouseau invariably gets personal on here and takes things too personal. Needs to get a life. Strange how he consistently slags off the Glasgow supporters with social stereotype remarks - yet he keeps coming back for more. Maybe he likes a bit of rough? Strange guy.
  9. Pity we didn't get 15 heats last night as the racing was the best it's been for a long time. Ultimately that's what I want to see first and foremost.
  10. Firstly, I'm glad our correspondence has been in the right manner as all too often on forums it deteriorates into personal slanging matches. Thanks also for you "thanks". Since going into the social team I've had my eyes opened. The amount of work that goes into it and the amount of personal time people give up to promote the club and help supporters is considerable. I never realised we received so many FB private messages - especially on match days, mainly weather update requests, which is understandable when people have long distances to travel. Often we're not even at the track in a position to advise - personally I'm en route doing an hour's drive (taxi service for kids!) to and from meetings. We enjoy doing it, and rarely complain when flack comes our way. It's mainly one person who deals with all these messages (as well as other club duties) and he should be commended for the amount of person time and professional pride he puts into it. We take it as compliment when supporters, riders, etc judge our output think we have an extensive media team - we don't. And we're not the only volunteers who help to bring speedway to the supporters - there are many at Glasgow and other clubs too. And many "outside" the club such as Updates texters and admin. We do speak, and when unjustified or inaccurate criticism comes our way we do question why we're doing this - when you could be spending time with the family. Was my cage rattled? I'll admit it was. We work hard and with little or no thanks. So criticism (yes, sometimes our perception) can get to you if you let it. The circumstances we have to work with because of the nature of the sport (mainly late cancellations, or team line up decisions)are not easy - but we try our best. I can fully appreciate the essence of what you're saying. We do report however what is being said "on the record" though. I have genuinely tried to help you and others understand what goes on behind the scenes. I hope I've done so in some way. Thanks again!
  11. Some people really need to get out their little bubble and see there's a big bad world out there.
  12. So some Edinburgh fans and one connected with the club posting on Facebook and Twitter their disapproval that the new date clashes with their end of season dinner dance. One suggesting it's a deliberate decision. Perfectly illustrates what is wrong with the sport nowadays. Parochial, self indulgent attitudes.