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  1. We'll no doubt have to endure yet another show dominated by the thoughts and opinions of the narcissistic Graham. Doubt Derek will get the last word in on anything. Not that he ever does.
  2. Josh Pickering posting on SM "#safetyfirst".
  3. Have been patiently waiting today for those who chose to defend their promotion as a priority to then do the right thing and mention the injured riders. Suppose I should know better!
  4. If, as Edinburgh claim, their crowds are up - why take the risk of preparing a track that doesn't provide entertainment and peeing off paying customers?
  5. Looking forward to reading the spin the Monarchs' PR put on this one. No doubt the usual whitewash.
  6. Harkess pre-meeting EMTV interview on FB "they're probably used to a slicker track than what they're gonny get tonight". Backfired.
  7. Reading the updates on this meeting and whoever is posting either has little knowledge of speedway or it's the usual "kings clothes" approach when reporting on Edinburgh. The track is badly doctored - that's why riders are "forgetting to turn".

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