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  1. The Hammers' promotion can do as much to the stadium as can the Peterborough promotion do to theirs - which is nothing as neither own the venue they race at.. You are perfectly entitled to your view of the racing/entertainment at Arena - FTG is a description that appears in many, many 'updates' across a wide variety of tracks. You are right that our team is racking up good scores at home - we have a good team this year (surprise) that is also averaging an away score of 43 to 47 (again, very unusual for Lakeside) so, no surprise we see a preponderance of high scores at Arena. I have been following the Hammers long enough to easily recall away teams regularly doing very well on our 'trick' track. So, in essence, we all know your dislikes to the point that you no longer need to repeat them ad nauseum.
  2. Jon has stated in the past, Lakeside would only enter the Championship if they could have Fridays - any other day (excl. the odd Saturdays) would be financial suicide and see the end of speedway at The Raceway. Therefore, on the basis that we are in the Championship, Fridays were agreed. The current situation appears to be as a result of self-interest and potential abuse of power.
  3. If that was the case, Jon Cook would not be so p**d off that the Friday fixtures have been wiped.
  4. Lakeside is Friday with an occasional Saturday.
  5. You are nothing if not consistent in your anti Lakeside rantings. You may think your comments are meaningful but they just exemplify exactly what you are . After experiencing a truly awful track at Peterborough and then being lied to by the then promotion, I vowed never to go there again (and haven't) but I do not constantly post anti Peterborough comments. You need to get a life!
  6. Nothing in the forecast to cause any concern.
  7. We have suffered a lot of different initiatives from our beloved BSPA over the years. A recurring theme is that as they seek to address one problem they cause another and the spiral continues.
  8. The fact that this is the Hammers sole home meeting in July speaks volumes for the state of modern speedway in UK. The Hammers will be back to tracking our full 1 to 7 and, hopefully, an entertaining meeting will ensue.
  9. Not much point as there is no one behind him!
  10. Ben has been in the wars recently and, possibly, is yet to be back to full fitness (makes him a typical speedway rider). Kyle possibly in the same situation. Nevertheless, well done to Glasgow - look forward to seeing you at Arena.
  11. Newman not yet recovered from his injury - so R/R for the Hammers.
  12. Zach W named as Lakeside reserve.
  13. A very tasty meeting in prospect - let's hope everyone stays safe until then. Hammers kept it close last time they were there - can they do better this time?
  14. Attendance wise, competing against the World Cup must have some sort of impact which is a shame given both the good weather and the quality of the team this year. As others have said, it was great to see Alfie get his win - he has come on a treat and isn't afraid to mix it when the situation arises. Everyone of the team got a win or paid win (in the case of our guest) and, in regard to the latter, you could see the influence of Henning Bager when watching the lines taken by NBJ. Top of the table meeting at Peterborough next - bring it on.

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