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  1. Cannot see this one surviving the heavy rain in the forecast.
  2. TonyE

    Play offs

    I don't doubt your figures - may be it is a case of not being able to find any opposition willing to visit on those dates.
  3. TonyE

    Lakeside memories

    He was also riding one of Leigh Adam's bikes that night.
  4. TonyE

    Play offs

    Not exactly achieved much have they? Quite the opposite more likely.
  5. Note 'the smiley' You didn't have to pick Lakeside for the play-offs but the prospect of one home and one away leg for the Panthers and two away legs for the Hammers was too hard to resist no doubt!
  6. You can lay the blame for that firmly at Peterborough's door.
  7. TonyE

    Play offs

    My point exactly, without the move, it would not have been strange for Lakeside at all.
  8. TonyE

    Play offs

    Your thought processes may have been a little different if the Hammers hadn't moved!
  9. Just had a good long look at my video footage, Cook loses it as he starts to come out of bend two and his bike clatters into Morris. Doesn't look like any intent whatsoever but he should not have been in the re-run.
  10. I thought the track lighting, particularly on the bends to be poor and needs improvement. Never too bothered with music/ presentation - it is not what I go for.
  11. It certainly did but I suspect from your regular attendance there, you will disagree!
  12. If they meet that many times then both sides will feel at home!
  13. Yes they did. Thereafter the crowd were invited to walk the track and take anything they wanted as a souvenir - most opted for some shale.
  14. R/R being run in both meetings and, for the Newcastle one, used by both sides. That is bound to prolong the evening.
  15. From where I was, the Vissing move on Alfie was deliberate and worthy of Nicky P.

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