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  1. Thankyou for watching and for all the info this season guys and girls
  2. Well I did NOT see this coming.
  3. Five minutes to air.
  4. Well, at the studio for the last time this year. Can Smederna make it three out of three, or will Dackarna win their first title since 2007?
  5. Thankssss on air in 15 minutes.
  6. Let us know the definite riding order when we find out, many thanks
  7. Have filled in two racecards for tonight just to be sure
  8. Hello everyone - all ready to rumble with tonight's first leg!
  9. Dave Goddard

    0-0 ?

    I've got that one on a DVD and it's like something out of a circus. In the first running Ayres knocks off Jason Garrod and both fall off, for some reason Garrod is excluded. In the rerun Ayres falls on his own, as he tries to get up the two Cradley riders knock each other off half a lap further on. Greaves remounts but thinking the race has been stopped due to all the carnage rides back into the pits leaving the ridiculous sight of Ayres and Phillips trying to push start their bikes half a lap apart. With the crowd laughing their heads off the referee waits for a bit and then excludes both of them for exceeding the time limit thus ending possibly the funniest and most ridiculous speedway race I have ever seen!
  10. Saying nothing, I will jinx it.
  11. Hello from the studio
  12. Second legs are Dackarna v Vastervik and Vetlanda v Smederna, they take place next Tuesday and the former will be televised.
  13. Which thanks to Krister Gardell rushing the meeting through and a fast taxi driver, I didn't need!
  14. And before anyone asks - I have booked a room for tonight and rebooked a flight for tomorrow.
  15. Track still being relaid.

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