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  1. That comes with experience as you learn to project your voice and let it "flow" rather than overthinking what you are saying. Listen to some of my early stock car commentaries from ten or so years ago and you'll hear that I certainly didn't "have it" then.
  2. Because Freesports and Premier show different things at the same time
  3. Hello all. I can now explain to you all what is happening with Freesports live speedway commentary this season. As "someone" has said above, with the decision to show the Polish meetings live instead of delayed in 2018, I am unable to cover the events due to having many commitments in the world of car racing at weekends (I write this having just returned home from Donington Park) and therefore a new voice had to be found for the live coverage on Sundays. Commentating is not a job that you can learn, in my opinion, other than by learning it "on the job" as you go, as Will (the new Polish coverage commentator) is doing today, and as I had to do a few years ago during my first live TV broadcasts on Premier. It's not an easy thing to do especially when it's a sport that is new to you and you are having to learn and pick up things as you go through the meeting. I know that sports fans in any discipline will always instantly pick up on anything negative (I've been the same in the past) but perhaps in this case some leeway could be given to him while he learns his new craft and builds his confidence. I have listened in to some of the coverage this afternoon, and I am quite impressed with what I have heard - Will is learning rapidly and has picked up some good knowledge of speedway from his research. In other news, I can confirm that I will be providing live commentary on the Swedish Elitserien on Tuesday nights once again this year, beginning in May, plus some of the delayed coverage from Poland as well when our new commentator is not available. So I'm sure you will have plenty to complain about then. All the best Dave Goddard.
  4. Speedway Music

    I have been trying to find out what that piece is called for YEARS, many thanks for that!
  5. Speedway Music

    One thing I would is for clubs to stop playing "The Final Countdown" before heat 15 at every single meeting - I don't like the song one bit, and I swear the only track which doesn't play it is Birmingham.
  6. Promoter's Agm!

    You've got this entire forum memorised, haven't you? That was a very funny read.
  7. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    Thankyou everyone for your assistance and entertainment during 2017 - it's been wonderful. Special thankyou to Ghostwalker for his assistance and endless stream of info - many congratulations Eskilstuna Smederna. See you in 2018!
  8. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    I am not sure what the ruling is actually if we finish level on aggregate - not expecting it to be so close, I didn't look it up before start time. Anyone advise?
  9. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    This match is insane!
  10. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    Hello from the studio for the final time this season any team changes tonight?
  11. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    Yes, my Twitter page.
  12. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    I think I know the answer but will PM you, can put that one out tonight then too.
  13. Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    That is going out as a quiz question in tonight's broadcast, thankyou.
  14. Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    Has a decision been made?