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  1. The Cov. fans do have stories -- they will make any excuse possible because they see him as a hero. I am in the minority of Cov. fans who do not agree with the ''hero worship/love in'' of Bomber. He can be spectacular to watch at times and has provided good entertainment . No more no less.
  2. fliss44

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Can't wait to see Leicester V Rye House -- The Bees will win!!
  3. fliss44

    Poole 2018

    Wishing Starman a good recovery x
  4. fliss44

    Wolves 2018

    Not so long ago my beloved Dad died of cancer and he asked me to put into simplistic terms what cancer did. My explanation was just to say that cancer eats away at the goodness in life. Hope that helps.
  5. fliss44

    Glasgow 2018

    Am hoping to make it to Glasgow next season can anyone tell me if dogs (4 legged) are allowed in the stadium please?
  6. fliss44

    Glasgow 2018

    Do you think Sarj is overly concerned?
  7. fliss44

    Coventry 2017

    Ooooh pleeeeease -- he loves it as it gets him the attention he craves.
  8. fliss44


    BUT bless 'em all -- they need their sunshine booze up!
  9. fliss44

    Coventry 2017

    I am utterly and totally confused and don't know what to do for the best next season. First and foremost I love speedway and I attended many of the 'Storm' meetings which I enjoyed. There is nothing more I want than for Coventry Bees to get back on track albeit a new track as Brandon is out of the equation. Last season I got my speedway fix at Peterborough (my favourite track since Brandon closed) Somerset (always a good visit),King's Lynn on ''Holdergate'' evening (less said the better) and Sheffield --- (1st time) Wow! I wish I lived closer and they accepted dogs into the stadium. So am I really going to be helping Coventry Bees get back on track if I spend my well earned cash at National level or am I wasting my time? I can just go to Leicester and possibly see a few of the ex Cov. Bees riders race?
  10. fliss44

    Workington V Glasgow 23/9/17

    I thought it was just me!
  11. fliss44

    Workington V Glasgow 23/9/17

    Dodgy weather -- I'm guessing if it rains it will be James's fault?
  12. I think you're looking for a scapegoat. I would be more interested in the ''issues''. If 10 people don't choose to return because they don't like 1 rider -- how are you helping and being loyal to your already struggling club?
  13. You honestly believe that ONE RIDER has ''just about finished Workington Speedway''? I am a neutral but that sounds a very naïve statement to make.
  14. An honest question -- have the Workington riders always been paid on time? You do hear of clubs that aren'd doing very well and losing fans struggle to pay riders.

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