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  1. Terribly sporting of you old chap to speak direct to Bomber
  2. Did you mean it's their profession?
  3. Harsh -- I'm not partial to Doyle but safety 1st
  4. fliss44

    Leicester Lions 2018

    After being kicked out would he want to return?
  5. I very rarely look at the forum these days. I see not much changes with the swapping of insults. Thank Goodness for Gemini who is consistently unbiased and intelligent in her postings (even though we have had a disagreement over a certain ex poster ). I also love to see a Bomber/Nicholls race off although I do have a preference for a winner!
  6. Anyone have a clue what time it may be announced?
  7. The Cov. fans do have stories -- they will make any excuse possible because they see him as a hero. I am in the minority of Cov. fans who do not agree with the ''hero worship/love in'' of Bomber. He can be spectacular to watch at times and has provided good entertainment . No more no less.
  8. fliss44

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Can't wait to see Leicester V Rye House -- The Bees will win!!
  9. fliss44

    Poole 2018

    Wishing Starman a good recovery x
  10. fliss44

    Wolves 2018

    Not so long ago my beloved Dad died of cancer and he asked me to put into simplistic terms what cancer did. My explanation was just to say that cancer eats away at the goodness in life. Hope that helps.
  11. fliss44

    Glasgow 2018

    Am hoping to make it to Glasgow next season can anyone tell me if dogs (4 legged) are allowed in the stadium please?
  12. fliss44

    Glasgow 2018

    Do you think Sarj is overly concerned?
  13. fliss44

    Coventry 2017

    Ooooh pleeeeease -- he loves it as it gets him the attention he craves.
  14. fliss44


    BUT bless 'em all -- they need their sunshine booze up!

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