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  1. fliss44

    Leicester 2019

    17th March cannot come too quickly for me. I cannot wait and have the added bonus of being able to bring my dog to the stadium (the 4 legged one) not to mention Scott Nicholls . Have had a couple of years in the ''speedway'' doldrums with work commitments and fixed race nights not to mention the grieving over Coventry closing (I appreciate this sounds a tad dramatic but it made me very sad ). Onwards and upwards! See you There Gemini x
  2. fliss44

    AGM November 2018

    Harris work and start the season prepared and fit???? I'm not sure his self inflated ego would agree with that.
  3. Glad you're happy. I rarely use Facebook now but do remember a certain conversation with you when you were friendly and thanked me for some good advice. Continue to enjoy your speedway.
  4. Well I don't remember saying that -- I think your immaturity is showing. Instead of having a dig at me why not just enjoy Poole's achievement (whatever the circumstances are) ? You never know what may be round the corner and I can assure you if you are a true speedway supporter you will be heartbroken if your track closes. ''Top league'' British speedway is on a downward spiral and your club needs other clubs to race against. Enjoy it while you can and remain dignified.
  5. Sorry you are incorrect I have little interest in speedway since losing Coventry (apart from the GP's) Poole were our rivals and I had a healthy bias towards my home team then. If I were to follow a team at all it would be Leicester as it's closest to me. Methinks that you still wear rose tinted glasses along with your mate Steve. I watched both legs on TV and the decisions by the ref. against King's Lynn were dreadful (perhaps the ref. is a little richer now) As for your track -- don't even get me started -- slick and boring. However if it rocks your boat enjoy!!!
  6. We will agree to disagree -- the track on Monday was awful as were the decisions made against Kings Lynn by the ref. BTW I am a neutral.
  7. So do you think Poole gave us a decent track?
  8. At least it's a decent track
  9. ''Top drawer speedway'' apparently.
  10. Oh dear oh dear -- this forum continues to sink (no pun intended to Poole Pirates )
  11. Terribly sporting of you old chap to speak direct to Bomber
  12. Did you mean it's their profession?

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