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  1. fliss44

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Well done Kent. Look after him -- he has served most teams well and been a great Captain. Leicester's loss but Kent's gain -- wishing you well Scott and hope you have a great season.
  2. A great service provided and one which I will never take for granted. For the first time in quite a few seasons I have not been motivated to get off my backside as I mourn the loss of my beloved track and team so I have relied heavily on the updates site as I follow the 'closest ' team to the one I supported since a kid. Well done Sue and your team.xx
  3. fliss44

    Poole 2020

    Shhhh -- a very quiet message from division 2 --- we would be ecstatic if Poole remained in division 1.
  4. fliss44

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Just when I was thinking I would return albeit with a little persuasion/nagging. Good luck Scott -- you have been a great Captain and brought a smile to my face throughout your racing career.
  5. I agree -- why fix something when not broken?
  6. fliss44

    Poole 2020

    This is surely no surprise? You have summarised it excellently.
  7. Well done Leicester.
  8. It's ok for you Gavan but I mainly only read posts on the Championships (I have followed the Premiership play off posts as I have watched them on TV) and now we are going to be ''blessed'' with Poole posters.. (This is light hearted banter before anyone may call me nasty)
  9. 2 teams turn up and race on the same track. The 2 teams that were successful made the final.
  10. If it helps I am tone deaf!!
  11. fliss44

    Ipswich 2020

    There were 2 grand prix riders tonight both who have suffered setbacks and Doyle despite ending in the dirt twice and being run over accidentally by his team mate managed to score 11 from 4 finishes and NKI won 1 race.
  12. fliss44

    Ipswich 2020

    Apolo Apologies if I have offended you but Niels didn't appear to be up for it tonight.

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