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  1. Swc 2018

    How hard can be it to organise a pairs event?
  2. Of course they're not, even if we're talking about vastly different amounts of money. The F1 teams didn't think they were getting enough money out of the sport, despite the fact they provided much of the show, and took control of the commercial rights. Something that the professional speedway leagues should have done, rather than simply allow the FIM to sell them off and take all the money. 3 million is nothing like the profits generated by F1, but it's more than speedway is currently getting.
  3. I'm fully aware of how things were arranged, but that does not mean those arrangements should have been accepted by those employing most of the professional riders at the time. Very different in F1 where Bernie Ecclestone and the F1 teams didn't accept how the FIA were running things.
  4. The FIM should have been insisting on minimum facilities and city locations to host the World Final. Sweden and Poland had suitably sized stadia in cities that could cater for the spectators, but Denmark did not and that was the start of moving major events to fields in the middle of nowhere. In principle Germany also had suitable stadia such as in Munich, but a World Final should never have been allowed to be held at Norden or Pocking. And if the BSPA allowed the ACU to concur with these decisions, far less abdicating the commercial rights to the sport's premier competition, then it sums up what a short-sighted shower they were.

    Yes quite, but would you also describe Teterow and Hallstavik as world class stadiums?
  6. The C word ( chaos )

    I very much doubt you could write the rules of most sports on a sheet of paper (unless it was a very large sheet and writing was very small), especially a sport that caters for multiple formats. 'Tear up the rulebook' is just one of those silly mantras that gets bandied about by speedway people, and you of all people should know better than to repeat that. Whether or not there should be points limits, guests, averages and the like is one debate, but whilst they're deemed to be necessary by the sport, then there's always going to need to be a degree of complexity in the regulations. If there was nothing written down about these things, it would be total chaos and even more open to ad-hoc and biased decision-making. 'Four riders doing four laps' would frankly get pretty boring pretty quickly if there wasn't any structure to it. That's why the sport quickly evolved from ad-hoc scratch races to team events. And in reality, it's really only the team building stuff and certain technical elements that are highly contentious. The rest of the rulebook, whilst it might be better written, isn't controversial.
  7. Swc 2018

    Maybe the Under-21 rider will ride in a sidecar attached to the tandem?
  8. Swc 2018

    Not sure what the big secret is, unless of course the FIM/BSI haven't actually worked out what the format is going to be.
  9. Swc 2018

    Can only assume then, that the programmed rides of each team will be shared between the 3 riders (thus having 4 programmed rides each assuming 7 teams). Have a recollection that format might have been used in Poland or Sweden before.
  10. Swc 2018

    The format has been tried before and did little or nothing to grow the sport. The sport also needs to be focusing on its core markets rather than getting distracted, because it's dying on it's a**e even in the countries that support professional leagues. It's a bit replacing the Football World Cup with a five-a-side tournament in the hope of giving the minnows more chance to be competitive, but all you'd do is disinterest your main audiences, and the minnows will still be outclassed.
  11. Swc 2018

    Well assuming the classic 7-pair format and 3 riders in each 'pair', that makes for 21 riders per meeting. The SWC currently has up to 20 per meeting, although I think prize money is just paid as a lump sum on a per-team basis (and isn't very generous). However, the current SWC format needs 4 meetings (plus 1 or 2 qualifiers) and I'm guessing these are insufficiently lucrative, especially the Race-Off if the host nation isn't represented. You can realistically incorporate up 12 teams in just two rounds using a pairs format, whilst guaranteeing that the hosts will be in the Final, and offering the potential to run the whole thing over a weekend. Alternatively, you could have 14 teams split into 2 Semi-Finals, with the top 3 in each going through to meet the host nation in the Final. That requires 3 rounds. No idea though, what the other changes could be that would increase costs, unless they're talking about the prize money.
  12. Swc 2018

    How then it is a team competition if you're giving countries with only one decent rider the opportunity to dominate. You might as well combine the SWC with the SGP on that basis.
  13. Sec Events 1,2 & 3.

    Would be far better to have a GP in an more accessible place, like erm... Riga?
  14. Swc 2018

    Yes, but that's because the current format allows for the possibility of the race-off to happen without the host nation. It would be very easy to solve that issue. I think most people would consider a best pairs competition to be a diminished SWC, but let's see...
  15. Swc 2018

    A best pairs competition will only require 2 or 3 rounds, compared to the 4 or 5 for a 4TT. Similar numbers of riders involved in both a pairs and 4TT meeting, so similar per-round prize money can be offered.