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  1. Birmingham 2018

    Strange reaction to Walker. Have only seen him at Arlington but was impressed how he attacked the track. Better than Atkins. Birmingham perhaps not the best team but will be one of at least five challengers in what looks like a competitive league so far.
  2. Birmingham 2018

    I am afraid you missed the point. To get a 21 point max at PB requires 7 rides which can only be had by a reserve, Thank you I will have a nice Christmas. You too.
  3. Birmingham 2018

    Does that mean you think he will drop down to reserve?
  4. Plymouth 2018

    But how do you get a good 3 and 5 with only 12.51 points? Three Mid 4 pointers is an unusual way to build a starting team unless you have a Drew Kemp type on 3.0. Be interesting to see how they complete the team but it looks like it may be another struggle this year as it was last year before they had Roynan on a false average.
  5. Eastbourne 2018

    Do you really think that they would include him again if they did not think they had changed his attitude. They have proven that they will do whatever is necessary in the team interest. Make or break for Kelsey.
  6. Eastbourne 2018

    So you think Brennan is not likely to match Jenkins, that is a very bold statement, so far they have been an exact match although Brennan was a very small .02 ahead on average. Be an interesting competition between Dugard and Kemp at No 2 as well and Brooks v Marson is anyones guess. I agree Midenhall look stronger but certainly not man to man in 6 out of seven positions.
  7. Mildenhall 2018

    Any idea's why Midenhall are not defending the National Trophy? with one less League team I would have thought they would welcome the fixtures. Having all teams except the Colts would give much needed status to the event.
  8. Eastbourne 2018

    Well the die is cast. Interesting that 5 of the 7 are the same as last years first declaration with only the two 3.0 pointers coming in.
  9. Eastbourne 2018

    Suspense until the last minute. 9.06 left so it looks certain to be Baseby or Mountain at No 1. Fingers crossed it's Mountain
  10. Eastbourne 2018

    Very attractive looking 5 so far, all sure to put points on their averages. The big issue now is how they spend the last 14.68 on two riders. Not very keen on the Baseby/Powell combination. I know Mark Baseby surprised us last year but there is not a lot of room for more and some tough No 1's to contend with, heats 13 and 15 are often crucial. Charley Powell improved last year and looked a lot better toward the end of the season but difficult to see much further. I really like the Clegg/Hunter suggestion which would give them a fighting chance against Mildenhall but I cannot see Clegg coming back to the NL. However Friday night Lakeside stay over for Saturday Eastbourne might be attractive? They could even fit in JPB for Baseby wouldn't that be something?
  11. Nl Agm 14th December.

    I hate to criticise the NL Promoters who have done so much to keep the sport alive for many or us but I think this is a disaster. When the final teams are declared there will be a load of promising riders without any ride at all. If they were going to do this they might have at least have stipulated no doubling up. As it is we already have Hulme and Morley in two leagues and probably Ayres, Smith and JPB. In will come a dozen 3.0 pointers many of whom are not yet ready. Five have been signed already. With one less team it is double disaster and should mean about 15 to 20 riders left out including the likes of Bacon and Bowtell. This could have been covered to some extent by no double up and an age limit for this league. You cannot take this sort of action without excluding the likes of Atkin, Armstrong,Bowen Hurry, Boxall and Roynan.
  12. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Where did that come from? his average is about mid way in the top dozen NL riders so not too high unless they are going to do without a top no 1.
  13. Eastbourne 2018

    Got to be a bit of Connor hype. After their performance of the last three years we cannot ask for anything more. Shake up's come when you are in trouble not when you have won the KO Cup three times on the trot with three runner up pendants in the League. It was just unfortunate that the time they won the play off it did not count and when they topped the table they lost the play off. In reality they have done everything. Please no shake up just more of the same.
  14. Eastbourne 2018

    Well it comes to 43.46 points so would need a surprising change in limits. At 43 a whole new opportunity would open up.
  15. Eastbourne 2018

    That was good news. Two of my wanted five confirmed. Now with Knight, Wood and Brennan there will be 8.85 to 11.85 available for two second strings. Another competitive team although Mildenhall look like favourites.