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  1. Looks like the excitement got to the texter, that fantastic double pass in heat 13 was not on lap 3 but bend 3 on lap one. Amazing times from Georgie Wood, I never imagined that anyone would get near Adam Ellis' NL Track Record ( He missed it by1/ 10th of a second) but this last few meetings have shown what great condition the track is in. Extra shale which gives an outside line as good as the inside has meant some superb passing for anyone prepared to ride the fence and made for some great racing. I remember too well the slick track of the Elite League and coming away recalling that there was only one pass in any position all evening . Former fans who will not watch NL don't know what they are missing. I still think Mildenhall will emerge victorious because I am convinced that they will get Max Clegg in for Danny Ayres. Clegg had a bad early season and dropped nearly 2 points from his average but is now back at his best . The Eastbourne 'tail' is poor at West Row and will probably be without Spiller as it is midweek so they will be totally dependent on the three heat leaders. I have no doubt they will try hard but they will have to overcome the tendency to start slowly. In the first four races last night the tigers were racing out of the gate with some ease except against Mark Baseby who gated well. If the same thing happens on Thursday the game will be up to all intent and purpose by Heat 10.
  2. I think it is because Eastbourne had the 2nd leg of the cup at home so Mildenhall get the second leg of the Play off at home. The 2nd leg is always more interesting and likely to pull a better crowd. We had a similar situation a couple of years ago with Birmingham and that was how they worked it then. On that occasion Eastbourne had the 2nd leg in the Cup and won it so the presentation was in front of there own fans and Vica versa Birmingham had the presentation as champions in front of their fans. If that's an omen then Mildenhall will win the League title at West Row on Thursday.
  3. With our form at West Row we are going to need at least a 20 point lead tonight. It all looks very tight and I think Charlie Brooks may hold the key. Josh Bailey cannot possibly be as bad tonight as last week. Mark Baseby found his gating skill last night at Leicester which could also make a difference if he repeats it.
  4. Hunters

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Injustice !! Last year Eastbourne topped the league and lost the play off final, in 2015 they won the play off final but that year they decided to call it the Gold Cup not the League play off and if you go back further to early 2000's they topped the Elite League but had an injury and lost the play off final to Wolves. They are long overdue a change in fortunes where the League Pennant is at stake. However I don't think it will happen because if they make the right decisions then Mildenhall should still win.
  5. Hunters

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Hard to imagine that at the start of the year Charlie Brooks was a complete rookie and struggled to even get a point. I wondered why they picked him as he only had a couple of youth championship meetings in 2017 and failed to score. Now look at him, must be the developer of the year from a zero base. Martin Dugard puts a lot of effort into helping the youngsters and it pays off.
  6. Hunters

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    I did not realise that Halder was back at reserve, He goes pretty well at Arlington for a reserve and Laurence has a lot of experience there. The biggest plus is r/r for Danny Phillips who cannot master the track with 12 points from last 13 rides. Horses for courses this Bees side is stronger than their declared 7 but should still have a mountain to climb (no pun intended).
  7. Hunters

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    We don't know the teams yet but if you are right it will make Coventry stronger not weaker. I'll take Stoneman over Armstrong any day of the week at Arlington where Armo really does struggle and the prospect of MacDonald even getting a point would be remote. If they have to go r/r for Armstrong it would not be a disaster with Mountain getting an extra ride and a couple of extra rides for Luke Harris who has plenty of experience at Arlington and looks better every time. I expect Luke to be in double figures on Wednesday. The way the Eagles are riding and with Charlie Brooks coming on leaps and bounds at No 7 they don't need to be plotting to get an advantage only to make sure that mechanically they are sound.
  8. I think 14 to 16 loss will make for a thrilling heat 15 on Saturday but I fear they will do well to hold the Fen Tigers to 20 tonight.
  9. What a farce and if Georgie Wood does not get his bike sorted the same will happen to Eastbourne..... Twice.
  10. Hunters

    Play Off Run In

    Weather forecast for Leicester good tomorrow with no rain. Presume Mildenhall will avoid picking Eastbourne in the semi's as their only loss this season was at Arlington in the Trophy and possibly in the league to come. Hope they take Kent as we already have them in the KO Cup and Coventry will be a change.
  11. Hunters

    Play Off Run In

    Have you any idea why? They are not very good at giving reasons to the supporters for their decisions. If they don't beat Mildenhall on Saturday or it is rained off then they could be out. Surely with Baseby and Powell plus anybody else missing they could use guests? It is unbelievable that they would be prepared to take that risk. Fixtures still have to be completed by end October so they could be second in the final table but out of the play off's. Makes us wonder if they are going to pull the plug in 2019.
  12. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    I had a feeling that was a strategic decision, watching the weather forecast a few days ago there was a possibility of rain this weekend in which case they could stay over and run on the Sunday. Better to risk possible 4 points missed at Buxton than 6 at Arlington. I don't think Baseby and Powell missing at Buxton would have bothered them unduly but who knows what circumstances there are behind the scenes. If it means missing out on the Play offs that is just too bad after all there is not a hope in hell of beating Mildenhall on aggregate.
  13. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    Except that it is the two away fixtures Stoke and Buxton last weekend being rained off which have caused the problem , not the home ones which should be finished in time. Please tell me which away meetings he had the power to cancel whilst " waiting for Spiller " as you put it. With just 9 days to go Buxton have 5 outstanding home matches so even with double headers somebody has to lose out and it has been Eastbourne. The fairest solution would be to put the Plymouth match which now has no bearing on the Play offs back to October freeing up a spot for the Eastbourne match. Nothing can be done about Stoke it seems because they both ride on Saturdays.
  14. Hunters


    Dream On. I'll have some of what your on. Mildenhall will pick Kent and then clean up the winners of an interesting Brum / Eagles semi.
  15. Hunters

    Kent 2018

    Huge problem for Kent now. Time to call up Jake Knight otherwise play offs out of reach? Don't see anyone but Jake available.

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