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  1. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    So the Articles are unjust and wrong and should be changed, but of course the people who control them are the people who benefit from them. Same as no Assets for NL teams. NL Promoters like Buxton and Stoke are dedicated to keeping Speedway alive in their area all against the odds but have to operate with rules they have no control over . As so many have said on here they should have declared UDI for the NL 2 or 3 years ago. They just need to find a modern day Mike Parker. Hope it does not come too late, after they have thrown the towel in.
  2. Hunters

    Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    With last night and tonight to shake the cob webs out of the system I feel an Eagles win is most likely. Question is whether they can get all four points. Hope I have not put a jinx on them, which I have been known to do.
  3. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    Great start to the much delayed campaign last night despite Kelsey obviously having mechanical problems and Charlie Brooks will need time to adapt from Long Track. Have they banned reserve switches this year? Edwards for Brooks in heat 12 was an obvious one but did not happen. I can imagine what was going through Mark Baseby's head prior to heat 15, determination not to lose. It looked to be a real captains performance. Blue sky and sunshine at last, should be a good home opener tonight. Hope Ben Wilson and Connor Coles are at their best because the Hit Man tail looks rather fragile.
  4. Hunters

    British Under 21

    Agree with your observations but after Shanes fell trying to power around the outside in heat three they rode rather than raced. Get adventurous and you get into trouble. Very disappointing after 4 or 5 days of good weather to see the track still looking heavy at the start as proven by the first two races when Clegg and Mountain produced times of 60 and 62+ very slow for them. Then it started to rain, very light but non stop through to heat 20 and times went as high as 68. I fear anyone new to Speedway will not come again after that. From an Eagles perspective Tom Brennan was slow at the gate which is so important in these conditions and even when presented with a simple heat 20 which if won would give him qualification he missed the gate and did a replica of the Shanes move with the same result. On the plus side Jason Edwards justified his status as a top 3.0 starter this season and adapted well to the conditions. He was also in that heat 20 wanting the win to qualify and with Brennan out of the way he got it. Difficult to assess Charlie Brooks, he looked a bit out of his class mostly but having his first meeting at this level as opposed to Long Track and with these track conditions it would be unfair to expect much else. He did however gate pretty well but lost any advantage going around bend one. That will be an advantage once he gets settled into normal conditions.
  5. Hunters

    British Under 21

    Really up for this tonight, weather good and an attractive list of riders. Heat 17 should be best with Mountain, Shanes and Clegg, poor old Charlie Brooks has to make the number up in this one. Tom Brennan has a good chance with his second ride being toughest against Mountain and Zach but he has gate 1. He gets compensation in his last ride and should win from gate 4. Fancy it will finish 1 Zach 2 Shanes 3 Clegg 4 Bailey 5 Mountain 6 Brennan 7 ?? anyone from about 6 particularly if they pick up a bonus point from a fall or E/F by one of the favourites.
  6. Hunters

    British Under 21

    Still don't understand why it was Kelsey who was switched to Newcastle venue having originally been drawn at home when others like Josh Bailey live a lot closer. He might have had a chance at Arlington of 7th place but no hope at Newcastle despite that being a much easier group.
  7. Hunters

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    J Smith 8.20 D Kemp 3.00 J Thomas 7.43 K Bickley 6.67 G Wood 7.61 L Flint 3.00 J Edwards 3.00 38.91
  8. Hunters


    George Hunter is still free and looks a decent prospect. Hoped to have him at Arlington this year.
  9. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    The changes to the under 21 Semis have made them very lopsided. Originally the Arlington venue had five riders (Shanes, Zach, Bailey, Clegg and Perks) all at 8+ average with Newcastle getting only four (JPB, Greaves, Mountain and Smith). If they all qualified as expected it left two spare places to be fought out at Arlington and three at Newcastle. Now JPB and Perks are out which was one from each venue but with Mountain joining Coventry they have had to switch him to Arlington but instead of moving one of the better riders up to Newcastle they made it Kelsey Dugard. This only leaves two at Newcastle which becomes easily the weakest line up. Kelsey must be a very unhappy bunny having to give up his home track and travel all that way. It is easier to qualify up there but he has probably never even seen the track before.
  10. Hunters

    Kent 2018

    Could it not be that the curfew would not apply that early?
  11. Hunters


    I don't think they would have brought him back unless they thought so too. I think there is much more to come from him and in any event must be a bargain on 3.50, if Edwards moves up Kelsey will clean up in the reserve spot. For me the jury is still out on Kinsley having only seen him at Arlington occasionally and he was pretty dire but that won't be a true reflection.
  12. Hunters


    Time to be bold. Based on initial declarations I see very little challenge to the top four but can see some surprises thereafter. Plymouth will not be happy with me once again putting them bottom but this time I cannot see another 'Roynan' incident to save them. I fancy a long overdue improvement from Stoke but am very dubious about Coventry. 1. Mildenhall 2 Eastbourne 3 Birmingham 4 Kent 5 Stoke 6 B Vue 7 I.O.W. 8 Coventry 9 Buxton 10 Plymouth Now let the feathers fly !
  13. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018

    The Web site says March 31st for the second leg of the Easter Chase which is Easter Saturday instead of the normal home and away on Good Friday the 30th. Is this certain or a typing error ? I need to know in order to fit another engagement in and Speedway comes first. Perhaps anyone attending the Staff meeting Sunday could ask the question in case it is a typo.
  14. Hunters

    Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Are you real ?? It was about comparing two individuals, one of the observations was that one had to compete against a team with better riders than his own team whilst the other competed against the weaker of the two sets of riders which must give him an advantage when it comes to individual points tally. Could you not understand this, or are you suggesting that Knight, Bailey, Wood and Powell are as good as Bewley, Smith, Shuttleworth and Mellish who were all eligible for a r/r for Payne, because that is not what everyone else thinks or the individual records show. Now I know why I don't usually involve myself in these arguments. Too many blinkers around.
  15. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2018


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