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  1. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2019

    I have been thinking of next year's team for a while and came up with Wood and Bowtell at reserve and Brennan and Newman as second strings. The big question for me was No 1. Kennett may be local but I would go for Lawson. Signing Kerr rather restricts options for me as those six will be around 33.5 points and unless the limit is increased not leave enough for the final heat leader. Of course they could sacrifice Wood for Edwards which might let BWD back. The important thing is to get a more balanced side next year
  2. Hunters


    And Eagles now a 5 man team , Looks easy for Bears now.
  3. Hunters


    Marson for Bowtell is a big concern, Going to be tight now.
  4. Good report I was stood not far from you and would only add the following points:- Kennett came out in heat one and rode this claimed 'unrideable track' in only .6 of a second slower than the fastest time this year, which was also over 1.0 second faster than when Cook won the equivalent heat during Glasgow's success in the league match in May. When Cook did come out and win in heat five he was faster than that ride in May. The races between Cook and Kennet/Lawson were superb on this alleged bad track. Only 3 Glasgow riders rode round during the introduction, being lead by Cook were No,s 3 and 6 (Vissing and Bickley). The other three stayed where they were and were not involved in that particular incident. Vissing's bike packed up on the start line when the two minute warning was on, by the time he got it started the time was up and he was not ready to race. when he saw the Yellow exclusion light he petulantly went full throttle through the tapes. Hope the referee reports this and he gets fined.
  5. This is surely going to be one of the Matches of the year with a first class Glasgow outfit home and away and the Home side in good form. Eagles certainly missed Georgie Wood last week but his 14 at I O W last night shows he is over his illness and will be a significant player tomorrow. Lawson and Kennett are in great form and top scored with 11 each as Ipswich beat Belle Vue last night in the Premiership. (King 8 and Harris 1 puts it in perspective) Kennett produced the fastest time of the season last week and if he makes the gate in front of Cook we have a stupendous race on our hands. Tigers are even stronger I think replacing Sargeant who is weak at Arlington. It is boiling up nicely and any Speedway fan who could but does not go tomorrow is making a big mistake. I anticipate the tie being decided in a gripping heat 15 but cannot predict the outcome.
  6. Another massacre to be sure 57- 33. Home leg a little better than last time 48-42 Maybe. Aggregate no contest.
  7. Not so sure about that. They were only 4 points down with 3 heats to go last time and then got suckered in those heats for a 16 point loss. Kennett and Kerr had three wins each but Lawson had a poor night and Wood scored only 1. This time round could be different, Kennett is in good form with 11 for Ipswich at Swindon last night in the Prem and Newman could get more than the 3 Brennan got that night as he has more experience of the track. As regards Wood he has always had mechanical problems but with recent assistance and a complete overhaul they seem to be behind him now. More importantly he is improving all the time. A good measure is his times and on Sunday he posted the fourth fastest of the match only NIcholls managed to post one better for the Lions. There is no doubt his success at IOW's larger track is doing him a lot of good and that should start to reflect in his away CL scores. Normally I am a pessimist but this time I expect to see the Eagles wrap it up before we get to heat 13.
  8. Hunters

    Leicester 2019

    Are you sure? I understood Jason Signed for Eastbourne last year?
  9. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2019

    Another great initiative by the Eagles management. All members of the armed forces admitted for the Leicester Match free as their contribution to Armed Forces Day on Saturday. The way they have approached things this season they deserve success so lets lay off the Cook baiting please.
  10. Hunters

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Many Thanks, That means in Eastbourne's case it should be better to have a guest even at home and most certainly away. They almost have the pick of the crop tomorrow should they decide but I have a feeling they will go r/r and take a chance.
  11. Hunters

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Only if a Guest is allowed, not if compelled to go r/r which was the whole point of the question (Unanswered). Are they permitted a guest for missing 3rd heat leader or are they forced into r/r ??
  12. Hunters

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Lewis Kerr is to be confirmed. Missed Kings Lynn match last night with shoulder nerve problem from that accident a couple of weeks ago. If he is unavailable do Eagles get a Guest or is it r/r ? It should be a home win but r/r would make it a much closer match. Highlights the risk of building a team with 3 top heat leaders and a weaker bottom 4 if one of the 3 is missing.
  13. Hunters

    Eastbourne 2019

    Sorry but I cannot agree. Its a host of seemingly small things that add up All British side following on from NL. Continuity where possible with the return of Kennett who is still a local lad from an 'Eagles family' and of course last years two stars Wood and Brennan Communication from Ian Jordan through a very good new web site and programme. He also has much to contribute on race nights both on the mike and face to face. The inclusion of Lakeside riders giving it a bit of a joint feel and I believe several east London supporters. A team of racers not riders which sometimes is their undoing but makes them very watchable. I don't think the defeats make any difference they were just 1 point and unfortunate. Much better entertainment than the trouncing of Somerset and Berwick.
  14. Hunters

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Did not appear to be.
  15. Hunters

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    The collection for Tom Brennan came to over £1700. Well done eagles fans and it shows how much we care about him.

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