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  1. Bandits 1 Aaron Summers 2 Jye Etheridge 3 Dany Gappmaier 4 Kev Doolan 5 Nicolaj Busk Jacobsen r/r 6 Coty Garcia 7 Leon Flint Scorpions 1 Jake Allen 2 Danny Ayres r/r 3 Stefan Nielsen 4 Josh Auty 5 Ben Barker 6 Ryan Kinsley 7 Simon Lambert A rare midweek home outing for the Bandits against a Scorpions side filled with riders who have all gone well at Shielfield in the past – Ben Barker recently so when guesting for Somerset. Should be a comfortable home win but as heat 15 on Saturday showed it’s best not to take anything for granted. Both sides operating rider-replacement. Housekeeping notes: gates open 6.30pm. Anyone who was at the Eastbourne meeting already has a programme containing the racecard for Wednesday night. If you forget to bring it, weren’t there on Saturday, are a supporter of Scunthorpe, a 15-match Bandits’ season pass holder determined to get their full entitlement or just have a thing for buying programmes they are on sale as normal, priced £3. As usual accompanied children are admitted free. Friends and Family deal operating. Obviously if you already have a programme it doesn’t make financial sense – but life is all about making choices so if you insist we’ll let you pay an extra quid. Anyone wanting to join the new 5-1 Draw should waylay a member of the Supporter’s Club – most obviously on the third bend or in the B&G after racing finishes. Only 120 numbers and they were filling up fast on Saturday night. Monthly prizes of £500 and £100. £600 to the S.T.A.R.S. Project, first draw August 31.
  2. cleared by a combination of muscle power, a tractor and a chain virtually before the post-match interviews had been completed. Plenty of laps completed by the juniors before the curfew kicked in as, despite the aftermath of the heat 15 crash the main meeting was still over by about 8.45. Reports are reaching me that bearing in mind we have a home meeting on Wednesday as well as Saturday this week that a second pint of diesel has been ordered ... just in case
  3. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    shelf stacking boring? - i can't believe anyone could think that way
  4. Full details on other channels but, briefly, Supporters' Club are backing and running the club's new 5-1 Draw. 120 numbers, £10 a month, monthly draw £500 first prize, £100 second and £600 to the club. Then they presented the club with a cheque for £1,000. Brilliant stuff.
  5. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    ... and of course those tickets entitle the holder to £10 (their value) off admission at any Berwick meeting for the rest of the season - including double headers!!
  6. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    It's just me I suppose ... excited by the fact that two of the best side in the league will be in town on the same night - in what could conceivably be two meetings which decide who will, and who won't , qualify for the playoffs. It could be one of the great nights of speedway. But, people on here are right - I should instead be worried in case I'm crushed by a collapsing stack of mushy peas or poleaxed by a Prossecco cork worked loose by Northumberland's first-ever magnitude eight earthquake tomorrow morning, waking up as a Sunderland supporter and voting Conservative so I'll just concentrate on listing all the things that might go wrong rather concentrating on what is likely to go right. The sun's shining now ... but it'll probably go dark soon, might even be hit by a Tsunami. Right, I'm off for a pint with my mate Eeyore - at least he sometimes looks on the bright side.
  7. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    suppose that's where the heavy cost of employing double medical cover pays dividends
  8. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    Peterborough 2017 is the last time I can remember a main meeting which went anywhere near the curfew. But a delay-free first meeting without rider-replacement and a referee with an itchy two minute trigger finger would be welcomed
  9. No a new programme which contains racecards for both meetings this week - the rained-off Scunthorpe programme was used with an insert for the Leicester league meeting
  10. Matchday magazine for Saturday night also contains the racecard for Wednesday's meeting against Scunthorpe - bring it with you and save yourself £3 midweek ... or you can buy it twice and save nowt. As always it's a question of personal choice. Georgie Wood is a bit of an injury doubt for Eagles having missed a couple of Isle of Wight meetings with neck and back injuries. Possibility of r/r if he isn't fit (or injures himself at Armadump). Looks like a healthy turnout of travelling Eagles taking in the three-match tour, so the atmosphere should be good. Friends and Family (two adult admission plus two programmes for £35) and accompanied kids/students free as usual, otherwise it's £17 adults £13 concessions, £3 Matchday Magazine.
  11. to be fair there are only one or two that aren't!
  12. He didn't state an opinion. In the hours leading up to the Somerset fixture he posted: speedway's off". Which was a lie. Had he said "in my opinion it's very unlikely to go ahead" that would have been an opinion and no-one would, should or indeed could have taken exception. If the reaction has made people think twice before publishing lies then that's good for the world in general and this forum in particular - most wouldn't anyway. I repeat that, in my opinion of course, no-one is saying whether they think it will be on or not because there are too many variables to take into consideration. Maybe they are even taking a responsible approach and will only give an opinion when they have one. I don't believe for one moment that anyone is frightened to offer a sensible opinion. Numpties such as POD might be keeping their little fingers off the keyboards in case they get burnt again.
  13. Utter drivel. No-one can tell because no-one knows. Quite blatantly it all depends whether the forecast rain arrives, how long it lasts and when it stops. Scunthorpe was called off in line with the forecast and the forecast was wrong. Somerset went ahead despite heavy rain up until around 2pm. Too many variables to be definitive. At the moment hot and sunny.
  14. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    yuppie flu?

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