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  1. Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen unavailable due to on-going physical and mental exhaustion. Jason Crump guests for the Bandits. Marcin Nowak named as Tigers' number six for what will be his first away match in the Red and White Stripes. Aaron Summers to make his last official appearance in Berwick colours having announced his plans to retire. Northern Junior League double header featuring Ashfield and West Lothian Wildcats. tickets berwickspeedway.com/tickets cash turnstiles on the night.
  2. George Dodds

    British Final 2021

    time for Britain to get more involved in staging SEC and GP qualifying rounds in addition to age group championships
  3. George Dodds

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Don't give up the day job
  4. George Dodds

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    or encourage those already coming to stay at home, watch it for nowt and save £17 - at least until the speedway stops running and then they wonder why there's no free streaming for them. Because something can be done doesn't mean it's an easy way to make money. Because it isn't being done doesn't mean nobody has thought of it. Probably that it has been considered, all the options properly costed and it would not only not make money but would likely add to the losses. No-one would argue that Glasgow isn't a leader in the use of social media, streaming, advertising etc. Let's not forget that before Covid their owners warned that the six-figure annual losses incurred on the back of that could not and would not be sustainable. There is no quick, cheap fix.
  5. George Dodds

    Is anyone losing interest

    I think for once there is a bit of long-term planning in the TV deal. If technology costs continue to fall there could come a time when streaming is viable - or someone may come in with a financial deal which underwrites its cost (unlikely but lots of things that were unimaginable two decades ago are now commonplace). In an ideal world a broadcast partner would be recording all meetings and then the stream would be available at no additional cost. But you have to laugh that many on here who claim that streaming is the future are the same that tell you that people won't go to speedway if they can't pay cash on the gate. If you're too doddery and internet inept to buy a ticket then what chance buying a livestream?
  6. George Dodds

    Is anyone losing interest

    Because it's £7 a meeting cheaper to stay at home. I don't know the cost base of ice hockey and, more importantly, do not know if the model they follow is designed to break even/make money. Perhaps they have a demographic which attracts sponsors to a level where they can substantially subsidise costs. Perhaps some of the club owners own streaming platforms/productuoin companies, perhaps they are able to use internal filming systems used by the venues for concerts etc. Does it make money or run at a loss? I know when I was involved with ice hockey in east London in the 1980s the rinks ran professional teams at a major loss because they were ways of attracting fans to the rink, in the hope that they could attract them back for public sessions, to use the bars etc. I'm not arguing that streaming is useless; simply that because one sport does it that doesn't mean it's a cash cow for every sport. Football, rugby, cricket all struggle to make streaming profitable. What I do think too many people who argue that streaming is the future ignore/don't understand/couldn't care less about is the idea that every stream sold is profit. That's just not the case. It only becomes profit once you've covered the cost of providing the stream in the first place. Otherwise it's just another loss-making element to a sport already living way beyond its means in this country.
  7. George Dodds

    Is anyone losing interest

    Because it barely made enough money to cover the streaming costs on two occasions when it was the only live speedway - indeed live sport of any description - available to watch in the world so there is little reason to genuinely think that on any normal night that enough people would pay for a stream to generate the profits need to cover the costs of team racing (bearing in mind the profit must be enough to pay rider's wages for the reverse fixture too). The three livestreaming clubs mentioned all currently have crowd capacities restricted to less than they would normally expect to go through the turnstiles in "normal" circumstances thus, theoretically, creating a demand for streaming. According to the on-screen counter of the Poole v Berwick livestream a "high" of 290 tuned in at £9. Less than £3,000. Can't imagine there was much left over once you've paid a production company and a screening platform. Bradford City's CEO said that when, during Covid, they offered streaming to fans the take-up was such that they took around half what they would expect to get from selling burgers at a normal match - and that was providing a Sky-quality multi-camera stream and for one of the better supported lower league clubs. Also a genuine question. Why would anyone pay £17 to watch in person when you could buy a stream for a tenner? Streaming might provide an alternative (lesser) source of income for clubs; I really don't seen how anyone who genuinely takes the time to balance out the costs/returns of staging meetings can see it as an untapped source of extra income.
  8. It isn't a case of not interacting with fans on social media simply requesting that questions for the club are directed through club@berwickspeedway.com where they will be always be answered promptly rather than left hanging in random threads across the internet where they may not if no-one from the club happens to stumble across them.
  9. George Dodds

    Leicester Lions 2021

    ... because Glasgow remains in Scottish tier 3
  10. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2021

  11. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2021

    Because there is no reason to think that will change.
  12. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2021

    At the moment there is no option - other than running without crowds.
  13. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2021

    I will answer despite what it says on the website as we are regular correspondents, almost pals . No. At least while the meetings remain all-ticket it is one price for however many of the meetings you wish to watch. As for meetings after May 22 ... tickets will be released in due course. If future queries could be directed to club@berwickspeedway.com then I can guarantee they will be replied to as speedily as is humanly possible. Any questions left hanging on social media might be answered but it depends whether any of us are reading social media and stumble across them. Better to go straight to the horse's mouth.
  14. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2021

    it isn't

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