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  1. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    Gates opening early - from 5.30pm - in anticipation of a decent crowd. First race on the nose at 7pm
  2. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    FFs somebody make it stop
  3. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    Obviously there are posters, thousands of fliers, social media posts, articles in the local press and on the website and Facebook about the offer but sometimes nothing can beat just telling your mates - or sharing the electronic media - to make sure they don't miss out. Thanks for doing your bit
  4. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    single g&t would be ok - beer is usually belhaven, john smiths or carling - not sure what holiday camp lager is but what's on offer is the same stuff we've sold for the past three seasons with few complaints
  5. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    any. hot, cold, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, can, cup, pint from either of the bars or the tea-bar
  6. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    Look it's not happening. The deal is £10 - adult, concession, Berwick, Edinburgh, Timbuktoo, Third Rock from the Sun. Buy a programme get a free drink. Kids go free and get entry into a draw for a body colour. There's enough Scots happy to travel to Berwick to stock up on cheap booze - well on Saturday week they can pop into Shielfield for a tenner before filling the boot at Asda and taking it back over the border. When a speedway club gets £8 million TV money per meeting perhaps they can spend some of it subsidising away admission - although most promoters would love the idea of £25 being "reasonable". Also heard that a lot of old faces are threatening to return - let's hope they do which would surely encourage the promotion to repeat the exercise on a regular basis.
  7. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    Really? I thought Newcastle and Arsenal in particular were infamous for charging away fans more and giving tiny allocations of tickets to away fans. Worked security at a lot of Midlands grounds and can honestly say not one of them charged visiting fans less than home fans. Really think the concentration is on people in the Borders and in particular Berwick. Any Edinburgh fans would be considered a welcome bonus but the focus has to be on people locally who used to come and say that they now don't because it is too expensive. Well on this night it's not so hopefully we'll see them again.
  8. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    ... wonder if a justgiving page could cover the cost of an exclusion order
  9. The Bandits trying something different for their next home meeting, the visit of the Monarchs. Taken from their Facebook page £10 SPEEDWAY & KIDS GO FREE! In association with our sponsors we are proud to announce that the next match at Shielfield Park Stadium vs Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway on Saturday the 15th of June will be £10 entry for both adults and concessions and kids will attend free! We hope to entice new and old fans to come along and enjoy the Saturday night Shielfield Park experience and we want you to help us spread the word. We will also be continuing our offer of a free drink with every programme purchase. Fathers Day falls on Sunday the 16th of June so this is a great opportunity to treat those Dads out there that deserve a night out and a drink! Please feel free to Like, Share, Comment and spread the word on this fantastic promotion.
  10. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    not my question, not overly interested in the answer - assumed the questioner had made the obvious move of asking someone who might have the answer rather than making a snide comment just for the sake of it. My bad Now if he/she wants me to try and find out, I'll do so to save him/her the trouble. Always happy to help - it says so on the back of my t-shirt at work
  11. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    or golden. Think that Duns in the winter/early spring in the borders is a pretty desolate proposition. Once the weather improves perhaps there will be some action - it was the end of may last year for similar reasons. What did the club say when you emailed them the question?
  12. leave my niece out of this - she works hard so she can get to the speedway on a saturday night
  13. too much like work for old blowjob ... much better to get paid for doing nowt aint it collyboy and then whinging about those who don't
  14. George Dodds

    Shield semi-final

    So there's a law governing how to do the draw for a speedway competition semi-final ... well you live and learn.

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