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  1. Draw for riding order made on Tuesday morning 1 Luke Harris (Cradley) 2 Anders Rowe (Somerset/Kent) 3 Tom Brennan (Eastbourne/Cradley) 4 Leon Flint (Berwick/Belle Vue Colts) 5 Nathan Greaves (Redcar) 6 Drew Kemp (Sheffield/Kent) 7 Jack Smith (Redcar) 8 Kyle Bickley (Glasgow/Belle Vue Colts) 9 Jack Thomas (Leicester) 10 Jordan Palin (Belle Vue Colts) 11 Harry McGurk (Berwick/Cradley Heath) 12 Dan Bewley (Belle Vue) 13 Ryan Kinsley (Scunthorpe) 14 Zach Wajtknecht (Swindon/Birmingham) 15 Jason Edwards (Mildenhall) 16 Robert Lambert (King’s Lynn) Res Henry Atkins (Somerset) Res Alex Spooner (Kent) Referee Dave Watters (Coventry)
  2. merchant charges, minimum monthly fees, transaction fees, rental of equipment, connection charges to landline/mobile network, all chip away at the amount being collected. It's why so many small businesses have a minimum spend on card transactions? Big companies can afford to swallow the fees and probably can negotiate not to pay them in the first place.
  3. well why not pay cash and give 100 per cent of the money to the club/rider running the testimonial rather than 15 per cent to Barclays or whoever the payment has to be processed through?
  4. excellent news ... always enjoyed the Tiggers fans at Shielfield, they help to create a cracking atmosphere
  5. suppose you could always take a more radical approach and get a job like the rest of us
  6. Blatant plug alert.... and continues to be good news as, with programmes (which are included in the price) now costing £3 buying a standard pass at £229 represents a saving of £41 over the remaining 14 meetings and for those aged 65 and over, disabled or students (ID proof needed for these three) a saving of £45. Buy and pay via the club website http://www.berwickbandits.co/content/buy-season-passes
  7. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    It was and of course it was quite a bit wider, especially on the straights and the fence was along the line that the current wall takes. No need for a netural zone in those days. Start/finish was just in front of the football tunnel, leading to a much longer drag race to the first bend. Not too great metrically but believe 440 yards is 402 metres
  8. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    was also 34 metres longer!
  9. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    Fairly certain you'll find there is somewhere outside the turnstile to collect so, no, you won't have to pay twice
  10. George Dodds

    Capacity of Speedway Stadiums

    Berwick is 4099 for football (1,366 seated) - probably squeeze a few hundred more in for speedway. On the non-league website Glasgow's capacity is stated at 3,500 with 600 seats -again that's for football.
  11. George Dodds

    Kings Lynn 2019

    but you have to admite his attempt to introduce "inconsideration" into the English language
  12. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    Strange thing is while often a lack of passing in a meeting is, in some minds, held as proof of a lack of entertainment; Trownson over the Owens, Powell over Hancock and Hamill, Dougie Wyer blocking every move from Ivan Mauger and Denis Sigalos at Sheffield are races that still stick in my mind. Speedway Updates would have dismissed them all as: FTG. Good racing isn't just passing and repassing - although a good swoop from high on the banking never did any fan any harm!
  13. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    no, no both of them in the same race and when DT was an frustratingly inconsistent reserve, before he stepped up a notch or two. Genuinely the stuff of legend
  14. George Dodds

    berwick bandits 2019

    Good reserve pairing with FLINT .... (Gary) be a pretty good average reduction surely?

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