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  1. Hi, I have already booked my Cardiff hotel for 2019 but whilst searching stumbled upon this on Roomer that I thought I would share - It is for the Days Inn at Magnor near Newport, I have stayed there in 2018 and it is easily accessed by car from the M4 and only a short trip from Cardiff. Click for details.
  2. a4poster

    Plymouth 2019

    Any news of the Falcons in 2019?
  3. a4poster

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Regarding Royal Mail I used to always receive mine on a Thursday (with the odd exception) but when they changed their internal work practices a few years ago things are more sporadic - I would say it is more a 70/30 split in favour - but being a supporter of a defunct track I am not in such a hunger for my weekly fix.
  4. Hi, when is the next issue due?
  5. a4poster

    Team body colours.

    Thanks for the reply. Basically I am building a app that would provide directions to the different tracks in the UK. I was hoping to include a image or part image of the racejacket as an image/icon.
  6. I am thinking of creating some designs that incorporate teams body-colours. Are these subject to copyright?
  7. Wasn't it four Czech riders in for Exeter? Ales Drymyl, Zedenek Kudrana, Jan & Vaclav Verner. I remember going to the 'Western Winner' grass track event back in the seventies where I think Vaclav was competing and hearing about how his car ran on gas - as I was around nine or ten I spent all afternoon sh*****g myself that the thing would explode!!
  8. Does anyone know the result of today’s British Masters?
  9. Slightly off-topic Speedway wise but there is a link when you read the story and the people involved: https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/torquay-united-unveil-huge-plan-1821661 Another pipe dream? Sounds good but with the history of these people I can’t see it ever happening. (Sounds like another racino!)
  10. With the SGP being held in September next year will the pairs still take place the previous evening? Or, as it is so late and depending on the league structure how about replacing it with the PLRC?
  11. Are there seats still available?
  12. a4poster

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Is it Sky’s fault? Imagine giving a relation the opportunity of a lifetime in terms of money and in Speedways case TV exposure only to find that any potential gain in from the deal in terms of re-building and re-branding the sport had been squandered.
  13. a4poster

    Rye House 2018

    Why has the statement about Rye House been removed from the SpeedwayGB website?
  14. a4poster

    Rye House 2018

    If the powers that be really need to look at some of these threads as the people who are posting on here are the remaining die-hards that the sports has. Lose us and the sport will be gone for good!
  15. a4poster

    Rye House 2018

    I am talking now as a fan in exile with no local track but I look back to Colin Hill's promotional reign at the County Ground. Often are teams put together weren't the best but we knew that under his ownership barring a failure to re-negotiate a new lease we would have Speedway. I guess that could be the same at Rye under Len Silver - not always the best side but under his stewardship Speedway would run. Like in all walks in life there are always people who think that they can do better than the present incumbents - only to fall flat on their faces and leave the sport at those particular venues in a perilous state. Hoddesdon was on our 'todo' list this season but we were told not to bother by some fellow 'Falcons' who informed us of the BMX track obstructing the view of the Speedway Track. Fingers crossed though that next season Speedway does return to Hertfordshire.

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