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  1. a4poster


    Yes, we are really spoilt for content at the moment.
  2. a4poster

    Swindon Stadium

    Don’t forget Eastville.
  3. a4poster


    Nice to see the Star printed on better quality paper again. It gives the magazine a different dynamic and matches the quality content provided on a weekly basis.
  4. a4poster

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2021

    When is it next on Eurosport.
  5. a4poster

    SGP website.

    Ok thanks.
  6. Is the official website for the SGP down?
  7. Ok thanks. I had to purchase mine direct through the stadium as I required a disabled ticket for one of our party. Anyone know about these refunds?
  8. For the ones who have received a refund can you tell me if you booked online or through the stadium direct?
  9. Anyone received theirs yet?
  10. a4poster

    Sgp 2022

    Is the contract with the WRU for racing at the Principality stadium also up?
  11. We were due to stay at a Travelodge (Newport) in 2020 for two nights. As we went into Lockdown and all but essential travel was permitted Travelodge credited the value of the booking as an e-voucher. Moving on to booking in 2021, the price substantially increased and now our two nights was worth only one night. Now this year has been cancelled I have tried to move the date to later in the year but have found that you have to pay the full price instead of any difference as per usual. Unless we go to stay as planned (not much point really) we have lost the full cost of our stay.
  12. Hi, does anyone know or when the venue for the Premiership Pairs that is usually held on the night before Cardiff will be announced. We usually travel up the day before but if it isn't on we will do Cardiff up and back in the same day. Thanks in advance.
  13. a4poster

    Swindon Robins 2020

    If the new stadium is actually built then to suspend this season makes perfect sense as building work at present can continue during the Lockdown. Unfortunately the track record of CO and his cronies and what has happened when they have been involved with other tracks doesn’t bode well for the future of the Robins although I hope for all Swindon supporters I am wrong.
  14. I am talking about the Royal Mail. Another national treasure that since privatisation now see profit over service. I write this once again as my Speedway Star has failed to arrive. They can blame the Christmas rush or COVID-19 but the bottom line is when you purchase the postage you enter into a contract with them to deliver your items within a certain time span. Something that it appears to be failing all too often.

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