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  1. a4poster

    TV new deal?

    One of the or problems is the league in its present structure isn’t big enough to have a play-off structure in place. If you wanted to keep it why not seed the winner of the league direct to the final (so at least there is some reward for finishing top) and then have second and third in a play-off to see who faces them.
  2. a4poster

    TV new deal?

    Or the comedy channel.
  3. Ending soon on Ebay, two nights (Fri/Sat) just outside Cardiff ideal if you plan to go to Somerset the night before. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-Cardiff-British-Speedway-Grand-Prix-Twin-Hotel-Room-For-Two-Nights/202759490225?hash=item2f35684ab1:g:Si0AAOSwARpdMds~
  4. Hi, is it possible to provisionally book three seats but I will confirm on Tuesday lunchtime?
  5. a4poster

    Cardiff Tickets 2019

    Hi, has anyone or does anyone know when the Cardiff GP tickets are being sent out? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi has anyone got or know the result from today's British Masters?
  7. There is a hotel listed on eBay for the Cardiff GP weekend - 2 nights - ideal if you want to go to the pairs the night before and stay over the night of the GP. Details Here
  8. I have just checked on the hotels website and the dates I have stated are now completely sold out. If you still looking for a room PM me.
  9. I have a room for sale near Newport (just off the motorway). It is a double room with twin beds and is booked for two nights (friday & saturday) - so is ideal for anyone who wishes to go to the Pairs at Somerset the night before and then can enjoy a relaxing night after the GP before travelling back home. Currently the room rate for the two nights are - £155 (checked tonight 11/6/19) and is sure to go up nearer the event. I am prepared to sale for £120 - message me if you are interested or have any further questions. Thanks. PS, Apologies as I have previously posted this on the Speedway & International Events messageboard on here but thought more casual supporters are likely to look on this board instead.
  10. Can anyone advise me when the tickets are sent out for the Cardiff GP?
  11. Update: I have just checked and there are now only two rooms available for those date. Also, I should have stated that the room I am selling has two single beds.
  12. a4poster

    Speedway on the BBC

    Was the period of no Speedway on the TV and the pig-headiness of some of the promotors during that period the cause of today's problems? Not only during this time did Speedway fall from the public's conscience but now when you go to many meetings and look around it is now a largely elderly audience who most probably remember the halcyon days of the sport. Sadly lacking are the age group between 25-35 year olds who would have been the age most affected by Speedways lack of coverage both on TV and mainstream media press (pre-internet). Sadly though and perhaps more of the problem it is that age group who are now have offspring of the age that Speedway so desperately needs to attract.
  13. a4poster

    Reading v Exeter

    Reading .v. Exeter, oh the memories of the Bank Holiday double-headers! Full credit to the people who are keeping the names of these two proud Speedway clubs alive but just so sad that both teams have come to this.

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