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  1. a4poster

    Swindon Robins 2020

    If the new stadium is actually built then to suspend this season makes perfect sense as building work at present can continue during the Lockdown. Unfortunately the track record of CO and his cronies and what has happened when they have been involved with other tracks doesn’t bode well for the future of the Robins although I hope for all Swindon supporters I am wrong.
  2. I am talking about the Royal Mail. Another national treasure that since privatisation now see profit over service. I write this once again as my Speedway Star has failed to arrive. They can blame the Christmas rush or COVID-19 but the bottom line is when you purchase the postage you enter into a contract with them to deliver your items within a certain time span. Something that it appears to be failing all too often.
  3. a4poster

    Rye House

    There was a rumour of a ‘covenant’ on Exeter’s County Ground. Sounds like they are not worth the paper they are written on especially if you know the right people.
  4. a4poster


    Ironically at work I and my fellow Speedway cronies would always refer to the Speedway Star as the Bible!
  5. a4poster


    No Speedway Star again - I think it has arrived once on a Thursday in the last six weeks. Not really a problem but just a little annoying.
  6. There is a nice article in Peter Oakes’s “Off The Beaten Track” in this weeks Speedway Star.
  7. Plymouth Gladiators have launched a Christmas Charity Song to raise money for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund (The Ben Fund) and CLIC Sargent. The song contains members of the current Plymouth management, riders and former riders lip-sync to an all-time Xmas classic. All of the participants have donated their time for nothing. With the current pandemic decimating the UK Speedway season the SRBF has been particularly hit hard as they have been unable to carry out their usual collections at UK tracks. To read more about this project and how you can donate to these two fantastic charities head over to the Plymouth Gladiators website. Link here: https://plymouth-speedway.com/gladiators-charity-xmas-song/
  8. a4poster

    Talk Speedway Podcast

    Hi, I would just like to say to the guys who produce this podcast - well done - it is brilliant. If anyone out there hasn't listened it is worth tuning in - not only to these guys but the other Speedway podcasts. Thanks guys!
  9. a4poster

    SON 2020

    With tighter restrictions due to Covid just being announced in the North West, Midlands and West Yorkshire when do you think BSI will make an announcement regarding the Speedway of Nations? From a personal point of view we have purchased tickets and booked our hotel but we are currently holding out on buying the rail fare. Thanks.
  10. a4poster


    Yes, sadly down here in Exeter it is a similar situation. More of a novelty in recent weeks to receive it on a Thursday. As an aside, is it possible to swap the remaining issues on the paper-based magazine to the digital version? Thanks in advance.
  11. a4poster

    Brandon Update

    Our local football team employed someone to garner sponsorship on the understanding anything he bought in he would keep a percentage. This seems common practice. To put it in simpler terms. If someone legitimately offers you £100 and all he wants in return is £20 back would you take them up on the offer?
  12. a4poster

    Brandon Update

    Yes, regardless of your own club allegiance it would be great to see a famous Speedway name return. The sport needs more Clubs and I am sure this would be a tremendous boost. Regardless of the state of Brandon when it re-opens I am sure most fans will be just happy to see the return the track-action. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.
  13. a4poster

    SON 2020

    I just hope we have enough advanced warning one way or the other.
  14. I have just been looking at Google Earth at the old Smallmead site and you can still see the outlines of both the main track and training track - but unsure if this an updated image or not. If the site is still in place and the current financial climate regarding development post COVID has anyone explored the idea of trying to re-open at the current site. With this in mind I am only suggesting what would basically be relaying the track with a couple of portacabins for changing facilities and portable toilets. Fans facilities would be basic - but it would be a chance to get the sport back - even if even on a short-term lease and would also allow would be prospective promotors the chance to gauge the desire for a full-time return. Just and idea and no doubt someone has already thought of it but I would just throw the idea out there.

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