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  1. a4poster

    Cardiff 2022

    It was the Stadium.
  2. a4poster

    Cardiff 2022

    I purchased my tickets over the phone but have had no confirmation. The person who took my order said the transaction had gone through and the tickets would appear on the app but as of yet nothing. Has anyone else had the same experience?
  3. a4poster

    Cardiff 2022

    Does anyone know what time the SGP2 starts on Sunday?
  4. Hi, does anyone else get this page when they try to log on to the official SGB website? If they do, what is it and why?
  5. Many thanks for the replies - a great help.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Out of curiosity in the unlikely event that a reserve scores enough points too get into the semi-finals are they allowed too take there place? If not would the semi-final take place with only three riders? Thanks.
  7. With the Speedway Grand Prix I know the top eight scorers progress to the semi-finals but how is it decided which riders go into which semi-final?
  8. a4poster

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Is the pairs included in your season pass?
  9. a4poster

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Same here, signed in but nothings happening - PS, It did state you could log-on from 6:30pm.
  10. a4poster

    Championship Streaming Channel

    I created an account a few days ago but didn't buy a pass. I have now just logged on with the view to buying a season long pass at £109 but it looks like the only way to do it is send a gift voucher to myself that I can then redeem. Seems a bit strange that I can't just buy direct from my account. Also, once I had entered all my details and pressed send the website seems to have froze so I am not sure if the transaction has gone through! It doesn't fill me with too much confidence going forward.
  11. a4poster

    Cardiff 2022

    Thanks for your replies, really appreciated.
  12. a4poster

    Cardiff 2022

    Hi, can anyone who has purchased tickets for this years Cardiff GP tell me if their chosen payment method has been charged yet? I purchased mine the first day they went on sale but as of today no money has been taken. Neither have I had a confirmation email? Can anyone advise me?
  13. Move it to Belle Vue. Roughly the same sized stadium and a better race track.
  14. HI, I thought I would create a thread where individuals can list the names of Speedway Podcasts that are currently available - some are regularly updated although some are not. To start with: Humans of Speedway, The Five - 1 Speedway Show, Memories of the Coventry Bees, No Brakes, No Fear - The Official Podcast of British Speedway, The Speedway Podcast, Talk Speedway Podcast, Tatum & Pearson, The Inside Line. The Speedway Tavern, Speedway Chat Show, Talk Speedway, The Grasstrack Banter Podcast.

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