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  1. On 7/19/2020 at 3:15 PM, spiegal said:

    That is absolutely correct. I seem to recall that an origination of a sponsorship is possibly around 20%...but any subsequent re-negotiation the commission goes down to 10%...again this is pretty much standard in all sports/commercial deals. Also 80% of a wedge is a bloody sight better than 100% of **** all.

    Again from experience the effort that Terrence put into ALL aspects of Speedway has far,far outweighed any rewards he has received. At times the BSPA was full of people who did nothing but grizzle and moan about their share, whilst doing absolutely nothing to improve their business or the overall good of the sport.

    Our local football team employed someone to garner sponsorship on the understanding anything he bought in he would keep a percentage.  This seems common practice.

    To put it in simpler terms.  If someone legitimately offers you £100 and all he wants in return is £20 back would you take them up on the offer?

  2. Yes, regardless of your own club allegiance it would be great to see a famous Speedway name return.  The sport needs more Clubs and I am sure this would be a tremendous boost.

    Regardless of the state of Brandon when it re-opens I am sure most fans will be just happy to see the return the track-action.

    Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

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  3. I have just been looking at Google Earth at the old Smallmead site and you can still see the outlines of both the main track and training track - but unsure if this an updated image or not.

    If the site is still in place and the current financial climate regarding development post COVID has anyone explored the idea of trying to re-open at the current site.  With this in mind I am only suggesting what would basically be relaying the track with a couple of portacabins for changing facilities and portable toilets.  Fans facilities would be basic - but it would be a chance to get the sport back - even if even on a short-term lease and would also allow would be prospective promotors the chance to gauge the desire for a full-time return.

    Just and idea and no doubt someone has already thought of it but I would just throw the idea out there.


  4. Mine hasn’t.  Sadly Friday is more the norm. Saturday sometimes and on a couple of times it has been Monday.

    i can’t blame it on Covid either as it was like this before. It may just be coincidence but it seems to have got more erratic since it moved away from the brown envelopes.

  5. No doubt it is a fantastic coup for the Witches and a boost for the sport in general.  I remember the excitement when it was announced the Falcons had re-signed Ivan Mauger (for home meetings only) in our ill-fated return to the British League in 1984.  Although he still managed an average a fraction over 8pts - which is today's standard would be good - he was a shadow of the rider he once was and was at time beat by some pretty average riders who would not have got near him when he was in his pomp.

    It may have been only a fraction of a second out of the gate but in modern racing it made all the difference especially for someone who prided themselves on their gating ability.

    It was similar for Verner when he returned - although not renowned for his gating - his fence scraping escapades that made him such a favourite was largely gone.

    No doubt some of the hunger must go also as well as the realisation of the risks must be greater.

    Still all were great riders, Mauger the greatest, Verner one of the best all action riders around the County Ground and as for Jason Crump I would urge anyone if you get the chance to see him in action to make a special effort to go and see one of the greats of modern Speedway.

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  6. One of the or problems is the league in its present structure isn’t big enough to have a play-off structure in place.

     If you wanted to keep it why not seed the winner of the league direct to the final (so at least there is some reward for finishing top) and then have second and third in a play-off to see who faces them.


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