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  1. Great to hear from you Kevin. Always enjoyed the discussions we had on email. Brisbane and Gold Coast is an area i haven't been to since the Brisbane Exhibition Ground closed. I believe Labrador closed 5 or more years ago. North Brisbane staged a round of the Australian Championship maybe 3 or 4 years ago but i am not sure what they are doing these days. Best guy to contact would be Gavin Elmes who is very switched on about Speedwa in Queensland. 

    Like me Gavin writes for Peter White's Speedway World. The October edition is due to be in the newsagents tomorrow. Peter would have his email address.

    I am retired from full time work now but i have retained my University of Sydney Email address as since 2015 i have supervised exams in 2 dedicated periods each year. 

    I am happy for you to have my personal email address which is;- Glenn.Russell54@bigpond.com 

    Hope you are enjoying yourself in oz.


    Glenn Russell 

  2. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    It would not be difficult to formulate some key attributes, although the relative weighting might take a bit of thought. The limitation is that many of these attributes other than averages are going to be subjective, and of course there's no ready source for these. Averages are easily obtained and (at least until recently in the Elite League) a fairly accurate measure of rider ability. Of course, you might also want to have track attributes as well, which would have an impact on results.
  3. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Useful to know. There was an issue in earlier versions (pre-Windows) whereby the results seemed to be too predictable, so I tweaked the algorithm to improve the unpredictability although I may have overdone it. My observation though was actually the opposite to you though - I still thought the top riders won slightly too much, and the 3-pointers lost slightly too much. I also thought the number of maximums seemed about right, but I can't say I did any empirical analysis on that factor. You probably have more practical real-life experience of running the programme though, so I certainly don't dispute your observations. My suspicion though, is the average is the limiting factor, and however you tweak things you're going to see a drift towards the median. The fact the algorithm works on probability means that over the long-term it's never going to be possible for a rider achieve a 12-point average, and by definition that will mean the average of other riders will drift up. I guess other metrics need to be introduced to improve this aspect, but I didn't have 20-odd years of data when I first wrote the program.
  4. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    It's sort of been on my mind to develop a library with an API that does the result generation part. That way others could use the work in their own projects. The bottom line though, is that anything to do with speedway is going to have be a labour of love. The market simply isn't there to recoup what will be a substantial investment in time, especially as speedway is a something of a unique sport and many of the components of any modern game or simulation will need to be developed from scratch.
  5. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Well that to some extent is speedway in real life! Speedway Meeting introduces some degree of randomness in terms of engine failures, falls, injuries etc.., and that randomness adjusts depending on whether a rider is good, bad or indifferent. There's other seeded randomness for gate positions and some other things. To keep things simple I only used averages as the determining factor because they're readily available, but you can also introduce other metrics as well. For a season-by-season speedway promoter type of game, you'd probably also want to introduce a 'potential' or 'improvement' metric, but whilst you might initially be able to base that on real life, if you're running a long-term simulation then effectively that's going to need to be a random thing too.
  6. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Well I wrote Speedway Meeting which was originally written on a ZX Spectrum and eventually ported to VB6, so the code base is quite old now. VB was chosen because of the legacy code and that it was easier to build a Windows UI that way. The basic result generating algorithm is quite simple though, and it should be fairly easy to port to something else. Most of the effort went into calculating the various probabilities of particular events happening (which required going through a year's worth of Speedway Stars), and then tuning the algorithm to ensure realistic results. Even the tactical, R/R and reserve substitution 'intelligence' is inherently straightforward, and I can explain it if you want to PM me. Most of the programming work actually went into the scripting language and parser, as well as making the user interface configurable for every type of meeting. I realised early on that the speedway changes its meeting formats almost every season, so there needed to be a way to easily create new meetings. If I was starting from scratch, I'd do some things differently as really everything needs to be linked to a database so entire seasons can easily be run and league table and averages compiled. However, that wasn't the original design criteria and I was somewhat more limited by things like available memory at the time. Equally though today, applications are moving to smartphone and tablets, and whilst I've given it some thought, I'm not really sure how the UI could be transposed to them. One problem I encountered early on is because so many text input fields needed to be fitted into one screen, I needed to use a system that displayed widgets in the most compact way possible, which just wasn't possible with HTML at the time. As to language choice, well of course things have moved on over the past 10 years so some C derivative may no longer be the best choice. Other languages and frameworks come-and-go whilst C is usually portable over the ages, but most of the effort is in the UI anyway so it's probably not a huge amount of work to transpose the underlying algorithms to whatever's the current flavour in programming.
  7. Kevin Meynell

    Flying Shale/roo Games

    I think I still have the installation files somewhere. If the author has disappeared and is no longer selling it, I could make it available for download somewhere. Another speedway game is Speedway Meeting, although it's a bit old now.
  8. Kevin Meynell

    Number Of Heats, Rules, 2011.

    Have a look at http://www.meynell.com/meeting-formats/
  9. Yes, but a one ride maximum (especially if your only result was an awarded win in Heat 2) is hardly comparable to a 4, 5, 6 or even 7-ride maximum is it? Yes, there no official rule, but as I said, you historically had take all your programmed rides to be credited with a maximum.
  10. For an explanation of which rides count and which do, and in which circumstances, see... http://www.speedway-faq.org/british.html#rides With respect to maximums, they were traditionally only credited if a rider took all their programmed rides, in addition to any others. I suppose an exception might be made for a reserve who might conceivably have their programmed rides switched around with the other reserve, provided they took an equivalent number of rides.
  11. Kevin Meynell

    20 Heat Indiv Formula

    If you get bored with that format, you can find a reasonably comprehensive selection of heat formats at http://www.meynell.com/meeting-formats/
  12. Kevin Meynell

    Best Reserve At 6 Or 7?

    Don't the top two riders have to be programmed at Nos. 1 and 5? Of course there are going to be exceptions, which is the point of having some flexibility to programme where riders actually ride. However, the theory is to have balanced pairs which is why you usually pair oppositely averaged riders.
  13. Kevin Meynell

    30% Or 2.5%

    Riders developed in Britain should stay on a 3.00-point average until they're 21, or whilst they're in the first 3 years of their careers, provided they continue to ride for the same team.
  14. Kevin Meynell

    Best Reserve At 6 Or 7?

    I think the idea is usually to have balanced pairs of riders, so you pair a worse lower-order rider with a better heat-leader. When riding away, the No.6 is paired with the No.5 twice (often the best rider in the side) and the No.3 once, whereas the No.7 has to partner both the No.2 and No.4 who are weaker riders.
  15. Kevin Meynell

    Speedway Star Travel Club

    To be honest, that isn't much of a selling-point these days. To return to what's being discussed on another thread, practically everyone involved in the European tourist industry speaks English to some extent these days.

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