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  1. staechmann

    Tomorrow meeting

    No, In case of injury the team manager is allowed to change the squad.
  2. staechmann

    Scunny & Hull recordings

    Hi, I'm interested. Sent you a DM. Best regards Jan
  3. staechmann

    Mike Leach - Mlv Productions

    Just for information - I have been in touch with Mike's family, and am sad to say he passed away in 2010...
  4. staechmann

    Wanted Oxford Speedway Dvds

    Hi, Lots of original Oxford videos available at www.classicspeedwayvideos.com as well Regards Jan
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get in touch with Mike Leach from Reading, from MLV Productions. The number I have for him is no longer working. Can anybody help please? Phone number or email address would be great. Please send me a private message, or email at jan (at) staechmann (dot) com. Thanks in advance. Cheers Jan
  6. Blatant plug - for anyone wanting to relive some of the classic meetings of the 1980s through 1990s. Over 1500 meetings available, all converted using professional equipment and transferred to dvd. Website: www.ClassicSpeedwayVideos.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/classicspeedwayvideos Twitter: @ClassicSpeedway Current collections include: MBI Video JSD Video Heathens on Video KM Video Regards, Jan
  7. staechmann

    'speedway Riders - History, Results'

    Moxey63 - please let me know offline how to complete that purchase
  8. Hi everyone, Pardon the shameless plug: For Christmas stocking fillers check out Classic Speedway Videos.com. Hundreds of titles and the collections of: MBI Video (Bradford, Coventry, Eastbourne, King's Lynn, Long Eaton, Mildenhall, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Peterborough, Rye House, Sheffield, Wimbledon, Wolverhampton) JSD Videos (Coventry, Long Eaton, Oxford, Peterborough) Heathens on Video (Cradley Heath, Stoke) Over 1500 titles at very reasonable prices. New titles added regularly as the videos are transferred to dvd. Discounts given on large orders. Thanks for looking. Regards, Jan www.classicspeedwayvideos.com
  9. Hi everyone, Blatant plug: As some of you know, I have bought the above 3 collections, including copy- and distribution-rights. Eventually the near 2000 titles will all be converted to dvd, and made available online. Check out their respective websites for news and updates: MBIvideo.com JSDvideos.com HeathensonVideo.com Requests are welcome. Best Regards, Jan
  10. staechmann

    Wanted Long Eaton Dvds

    Hi, Just to let you know that I have bought JSD Videos, including the back catalogue, and the rights. Check out jsdvideos.com which will eventually contain the full collection. Requests are welcome. Regards, Jan
  11. staechmann

    Uk Speedway Series

    Not according to what I have read. Don't forget - the SCB license was brought in for a reason. Which is why in the second post I had looked into - It's all in the rulebook. However - what I had "remembered from years ago" was still the case Just trying to provide some facts / info. That was all.
  12. staechmann

    Uk Speedway Series

    Yes, they have not.
  13. staechmann

    Uk Speedway Series

    I've asked around and got a bit more info on this, but it is pretty much as I said earlier: The ACU is an umbrella organisation that covers all motorcycle sport in the UK. Anything to do with speedway, under the ACU, has to go through SCB. All speedway tracks must have an SCB track license. All speedway riders must have an SCB license. Speedway tracks cannot run a meeting not sanctioned by the SCB, or they will lose their track license. Speedway riders will lose their license if they participate in an unlicensed speedway event. The MCF cannot sanction a speedway meeting at a speedway track. Only the SCB can do this.

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