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  1. Wolves 2018

  2. Poole 2018

    Never mind Ivan Mauger, it casts doubt over whether he would ever have won a single senior World Title. Even without that issue there are absolutely no guarantees. Let's not forget Emil Sayfutdinov was described as an absolute certainty to win World Titles too.. he may still win one or more, but he's not opened his account yet for varying reasons.
  3. Belle Vue 2018

    I've posted about it in the Wolves thread, try and move it over there
  4. Wolves 2018

    For the benefit of Stevebrum who is polluting the Belle Vue thread with his jibberish. Jacob Thorssell achieved his average riding at a second string position last year, No 4. That is a lot easier that riding at 5. It's not a debate, it's not up for 'opinion', it's just reality.
  5. You're clearly living in some alternate world.
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Nobody has ever said that. What is being said is riding at 2 or 4 is a hell of a lot easier than riding at 5 and will make a significant difference to your average.
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Steve, kindly just shut up and stop being a ****. You must be the only speedway fan on the planet who doesn't grasp that no 4 is a far easier position than no 5 but as always you will keep arguing and make yourself look a fool. Leave you to it.
  8. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Fair enough, not seen this week's.
  9. Belle Vue 2018

    Steve, this is a Belle Vue thread, leave the nonsense for elsewhere. Positions 1 & 5 are the hardest positions, i.e. heat leader roles, 2,3 &4 are second string roles in terms of opponents faced. That's reality. Why would I be telling you he didn't finish 2nd in the averages when he did? Whether he was the 2nd best rider though is another argument.
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    He wasn't wrong. As regards the signing of Cook, can't for the life of me think of any reason why Belle Vue wouldn't want to sign him. He is passionate and puts his heart and soul into racing for the club. The kind of rider you LOVE to have in your side. He may not make a successful GP rider (then again he might) but the sport would be in a better place if there were more Craig Cooks in it.
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    What are you wittering on about? He rode as a second string. No 4 is a second string position. Second heat leader would be riding at No 5 and having Heat 13 every week. Sam Masters rode there.
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Significant difference there, have a think.
  13. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Can't speak for Bjerre but highly likely Lindgren wouldn't be interested in riding for another team in the UK.
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Irrelevant. That has nothing to do with the ability of the riders. It's to do with size of the league, heat formats and bonus pts. Case in point, the top division in Poland, the strongest league there has ever been, it wouldn't come close to your criteria.
  15. Race Nights

    Yes, but the post I was replying too was saying they should stick to the nights and Championship should have the Monday. Clearly they've discussed and decided it's beneficial for Premiership to have the Friday and Championship the Monday.