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  1. BWitcher

    Corona virus

    They haven't 'introduced' it. The government has stopped funding it.
  2. BWitcher

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Where's all the deaths from the recent BLM protests all over the country? Where's all the deaths from the beaches being packed? Where's all the deaths from restrictions being eased? The death rate has continued to plunge. The reality is, lockdown did nothing. Flu/pneumonia deaths remained at their normal levels. Had lockdown been effective, they would have tumbled. They didn't.. They still haven't.
  3. BWitcher

    Corona virus

    Good, the absolute best news possible. The sooner people realise Covid-19 is no longer a thing the better. It might push the government into restoring some freedom to our lives. None of you have an issue with walking round a supermarket in January, in weeks where 3,000 people are dying from respiratory diseases (before Covid was even here).. but now there's only around 1300 dying from respiratory diseases (INCLUDING covid-19) and it's still panic stations. To put it simply, it's not Covid-19 you should be worried about NOW. Week ending 26th June, 1167 deaths with flu/pneumonia 606 with Covid-19. Covid figures have continued to fall since then. So if you were never worried about flu/pneumonia, you shouldn't have any concerns whatsoever now. Things may change again come the winter, but the reality is, that is how things stand.
  4. So he was the biggest bottler in the history of the sport then if what you say is true.
  5. You seem to be one of those operating in the belief that nobody died before Covid-19.
  6. BWitcher

    Rest of the GP series

    Please share this wisdom with the bookmakers, so we can all get rich.
  7. BWitcher

    Wimbledon Memories

    I'm intrigued by the metion of messrs Norman Parker, Ronnie Moore and Barry Briggs. What level of success did they achieve in the world of sprint cars speedway?
  8. BWitcher

    Wimbledon Memories

    Do you mean local to Jens Rasmussen and his place of abode or local to yourself. Is this local place a common haunt for speedway riders given the other two examples? Here is a list of English towns and I don't see one called local. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_towns_in_England Here is a link to the website of Jens Rasmussen: http://www.jensrasmussen.org/
  9. BWitcher

    Wimbledon Memories

    Could you define the term 'dancer' and why you have enclosed it so.
  10. BWitcher

    Cardiff 2020

    Been on the beer again I see.... or something stronger.
  11. BWitcher

    Cardiff 2020

    Yet for many their best ever meeting is Wembley 81, where the racing was not that good.
  12. BWitcher

    Cardiff 2020

    Cardiff. End of conversation.
  13. BWitcher

    Mr Garrity

    Nah, very different.
  14. BWitcher

    Mr Garrity

    Can't see it, he would stand out surely?
  15. BWitcher

    Glasgow 2020

    Whilst understanding your point, that's not correct. Football is 55-60 minutes Rugby Union is around 35 minutes

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