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  1. BWitcher

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    You call yourself a speedway fan? That has been a fun part of the sport ever since I've been following it (1984).
  2. BWitcher

    AGM November 2018

    It's not funny at all, it's perfect sense. Many fans are tired of paying the same, or increased prices for a product that is being consistently lowered in standard. No business can expect to survive in that fashion.
  3. BWitcher

    Swindon 2019

    Legally.. but it's all a game of favors..
  4. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    He was suggesting a Wolves team
  5. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    Thorssell hasn't been poor, he did exactly what realistically could have been expected, actually slightly better in my opinion. He doesn't have an inflated average from riding at No 4 as he did the previous year, or as Schlein and Masters do from this season. As for Howarth, he had an injury blighted season that sees him on a much lower average. Basically, Thorssell and Howarth have to be the first two names on the sheet along with Morris if he wishes to join.
  6. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    No, not like that at all. Two riders have a crash and get injured. One is mentally strong enough to overcome it and resume his career at a higher level, the other isn't.
  7. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    Would be a very good signing whatever level the league is at.
  8. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    If you read his post he clearly states which. I guess this is another of your 'I know something' posts.
  9. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    That's the whole point, some riders over the years have been able to cope with such things better, meaning they go on to achieve more success in their career. It's an important ingredient to the longevity and success of a career as I mentioned earlier. Take Ermolenko and his injuries in 89. For many riders that would have been the end or they would have come back a shell of the rider they once were, yet he came back even better. He then had a further smash at the end of 93 and broke his leg again and was never quite the same again.
  10. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Another ingredient is luck. Someone like Greg Hancock for instance has been able to ride for as long as he has because he has managed, for the most part, to avoid serious injury. Now much of that is down to the way he rides, but even the safest of riders can be wiped out by others.
  11. BWitcher

    Wolves 2018

    I meant nobody paid to watch him ride on Monday. As for Cradley, completely agree.
  12. BWitcher

    Wolves 2018

    You didn't pay to watch him.
  13. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Of course it is. The ability to recover mentally from a crash, the ability to recover mentally from seeing others in a crash, these are ingredients that can make one rider more successful than another. There are many riders over the years who were 'never the same' after a crash, not always a major injury either. Sam Ermolenko for instance came back better than ever from his horror smash in 89, whereas someone like Joe Screen was never quite the same after his bad leg break. With regards to Wolves riders, Mikael Max had a crash in Australia at the end of the GP, he was never close to being the same rider again, whereas Freddie Lindgren had similar crashes and came back even better. So no, it's far from 'ridiculous', it's a major ingredient.
  14. BWitcher

    Wolves 2018

    From comments across social media many were attending solely because of Tai being there.
  15. BWitcher

    Wolves 2018

    Yep, I can remember the final.

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