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  1. BWitcher

    Poole 2019

    Also worked with numerous top riders over the years in their individual careers of course.
  2. BWitcher

    John Chaplin

    RIP John. Very sad news.
  3. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Lee wasn't injured. He hadn't got what it took. There's more to success than just ability. There are no excuses, he hadn't got the package to be the best over a consistent period of time.
  4. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    It's a false argument though really. Once one incident/moment is changed, everything thereafter changes so there is no guarantee that he would have won the subsequent titles, likewise he may have won more. It's the same in football when a team wins 2-0 and people say it should have been more, for example if a penalty was given early on.. if that penalty was given, the rest of the game as you saw it doesn't happen. Different events unfold. Not having a pop at you, we all do it!
  5. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Ah Bless. You realise he flew out the gate in that race before losing concentration as his dream was already secured. It was actually his third bike on the night, also one of the engines that carried him to an 11+ average that season. Seems someone is harboring a grudge
  6. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    The system was exciting but had flaws. Most systems are usually fair as it's the same for everyone, but that one certainly wasn't with someone like Rickardsson being able to take four gate 1's (or whatever was advantageous).
  7. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Like someone scoring 9-10 every qualifying round then 14/15 in the World Final and being World Champ. Another rider could have scored more in every other round. Who was the best rider that year? Another tick in favor of the current system.
  8. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    And Tai has done that more often. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. BWitcher

    Most unfortunate team

    Spot on. He'd beaten Hancock and Hamill in his first two races I think? Morten Andersen was the rider in question.
  10. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    You're correct. The GP fields are a lot tougher.
  11. BWitcher

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    I agree with much of what you're saying, but not sure it applies quite as much in Sam's case (although perhaps a little). He still came 3rd in the world again, won BLRC's etc, averaged 10+. He just wasn't quite the same, primarily I think because his riding style changed after the 93 smash. Also quite a bit older too, harder to recover the older you get.
  12. BWitcher

    Most unfortunate team

    Agreed regarding Mildenhall. Wolves were already missing their two 'best' riders when they took that victory at Blunsdon. Nothing changed between that match and the 2nd leg. Were they unfortunate to have those two injuries? Yes they were. However, that is balanced out by them being extremely fortunate to even have made the final as most agreed at the time that Lindgren should have been excluded in his collision with Bjerre in the semi. That is why, in my opinion, that particular example doesn't come close to being in the frame.
  13. BWitcher

    Most unfortunate team

    No I haven't, the fact that you and Lucifer Sam have to fabricate things speaks volumes. I've simply dismissed your ridiculous pick. Wolves 2017 were extremely lucky to have even been in the final. They don't belong in this discussion.
  14. BWitcher

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    Wrong again. The claim was that winning races has nothing to do with judging how GOOD a rider is. I correctly stated that is ridiculous. It was never about most memorable, nor most entertaining. They are completely different conversations as was explained to you, but rather than act like an adult and accept you got the wrong end of the stick you try to drag it on. Now as you say, most memorable riders and races IS completely different... One that stands out is a run off between Ryan Sullivan and Mikael Karlsson (Max) at Peterborough. Passing and repassing and very hard riding Another from the other end of the Spectrum was Hynek Stichauer winning his first race for Wolves, again at Peterborough, producing a great passing move and then hanging on to the end. I remember going crazy in the main stand much to the chagrin of the Boro fans. There are of course many, many races that could list, even more if you include those seen on TV. For sheer atmosphere alone (by modern standards), as well as a stunning finish, Chris Harris winning the British GP with his last bend pass on Hancock has to be up there.
  15. BWitcher

    Most unfortunate team

    It's a shame you can't post objectively regarding my posts. First of all you falsely accused me of having sour grapes., a claim easily dismissed. Now you're accusing me of being unable to accept 'alternate answers'. Again a claim easily dismissed. I've not questioned almost all of the alternate ones.. the only one I have questioned is the ridiculous one put forward of Wolves 2017. You will also note that Moxey has been very clear in not accepting it either. Oxford 1965 does indeed sound a very valid argument, as does Cradley 82.

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