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  1. I know. And when you have to pay to get in, blimey the difference it makes.. for some.
  2. Christ.. if you really want to kill the sport of, the above is a sure fire way to do it. As for the racing, you just simply don't remember all the tapes to flags and strung out racing in years gone by.
  3. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    As if Flange, Drop a Cog cannot get any sicker the username 'brumsmomisdeadhaha' pops up liking the above post. The owner of this forum needs to take action immediately against this vile character or he is complicit with his actions.
  4. He's an attention seeking (see the post above yours).
  5. BWitcher

    Ipswich 2019

    Which is why I can't class him (as some do) as one of the very best ever. Certainly up there on tracks that suited.. but for me, the very best rode EVERY track at a very high standard. That's not a knock on Gollob, one of the most entertaining riders of all time.. just that he's a level below the Nielsens, Rickardssons, Olsens, Maugers etc
  6. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    Hello again DropaCog, FredFlange, FledFlange, Thunderbird2 and others.
  7. That's the entire point. You cut the quality and leave the price the same (or indeed increase it) the result is less customers. That is the case in ANY business, yet that is all speedway has done for a long time now. It's simply a slow death. An attitude of focus only on retaining current customers is also a sure fire way to kill the sport. The current supporters are an aging fan base. ALL sports lose fans as they grow older.. however, they work hard to replace them. I agree with many points in the post, but not focusing on the current fan base.. the current fan base is the biggest killer of the sport.
  8. Yes, cut the costs. It's been working brilliantly.
  9. BWitcher

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Indeed Hackett was above the level of many of the reserves. Riders such as David Haynes, Mark Robinson, Jon Bostin, Anthony Boyd, Mark Meredith were way below the level of any rider you see riding now in the EL.. there's a theme there if you look Andy Meredith was another at Coventry, I think David Clarke as well? Chris Clarence, Bryan Larner, Anthony Hulme, Phil Disney, Darren Pearson, Richard Smith, Darren Grayling, Scott Swain, Max Schofield, Alan Farmer, Craig Hyde, Tom Grinstead, Darren Spicer, Andy Mountain, Robert Ledwith, Jon Surman, Peter Lloyd, Kevin Pitts, Spencer Timmo, Darren Andrews, Roger Horspool, Anthony Barlow, Lance Sealey, Matthew Cross, Martin Willis, Andy Sumner, Lee Edwards, Carl Bodley, Ade Hoole, I'm sure there are many more who were no more than decent junior riders. This is why the 'myth' of how much better the racing was then to now is not necessarily the case.. you'd often have races with two of the above names against Sam Ermolenko and Jan O Pedersen for example. Of course there was some fantastic racing, but there were also a lot of races where it was a hell of a lot more strung out than recent years. Of course, the big names and the better crowds meant we didn't care.
  10. BWitcher

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    The league as a whole was a lot stronger, but the reserve riders were not necessarily the case. Many sides had complete juniors at No 7, some at both 6 and 7.
  11. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    Correct. Not only the pressure, but when you move from No 4 to No 1 you go from Heat 14 to Heat 13... that alone will have a hit on your average.
  12. BWitcher

    Wolves 2019

    The same reason as Thorssell. Riding at 1, compared to 4 is anything from 1-2pts difference on an average. Hence, we have both riders on bargain averages for this season.
  13. BWitcher

    Poole 2019

    You are claiming there is no money to be made from the business of racism? Seriously? Now that would be daft.
  14. BWitcher

    Poole 2019

    Nothing daft about it. Racism is a business. When business is becoming slow, new ways are found to ensure it's continued existence. Gullible folks like you are the perfect promotional vehicles and boy has it been successful. The tweet was in very poor taste. Simply state that and pretty much everyone would agree with you. Instead you try and convert it into something else and create a split.
  15. BWitcher

    Poole 2019

    The post wasn't racist. It doesn't matter how you try and twist it. I understand, you are desperate to ensure racism stays alive and indeed increase and wish to promote it at every available opportunity. I'm not, I abhor racism and want to see the back of it. Perhaps, like many, you have a financial investment in ensuring it stays alive.

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