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  1. On this we agree, it will be interesting to see the take up of the live stream to ascertain whether it is something viable to consider in the future for other events too.
  2. I haven't mentioned anything to do with following or not following the law. I have asked you, what you disagree with in the facts I have posted. Once again, you are unable to disagree with anything. Here's another fact for you. Death Certs mentioning Covid-19 this year: 51,917 Death Certs mentioning Flu/Pneumonia this year: 73,770 Again, official stats taken from the ONS.. although the flu/pneumonia figure is higher as a lot of certificates have both Covid and Flu recorded on them, but are only included as Covid on the figure.
  3. More inane childish nonsense. I have only posted the facts. Indisputable facts, as provided by the government. The fact you get so worked up about them because they contradict what the media has told you speaks volumes. Keep scaremongering.. Keep killing.
  4. I've not given an opinion. I've given facts.
  5. Covid is out of control you say. Interesting. Week ending 14th September: Deaths involving Covid-19: 98 (up from 79) Deaths involving Flu/Pneumonia: 1127 (up from 874). We are heading towards winter. Death from respiratory viruses are going to increase, they do EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Christmas and New Year sees very high levels of deaths, far far higher that what we are seeing at the moment and far far higher than anything we have seen this year other than the couple of weeks when Covid was at its peak. If you are advocating a lockdown now, then we should be locked down in the winter months every single year.
  6. It was Jason Lyons. Pretty sure didn't go into the fence either, PK just blocked him (aggressively) off so Henka came through. Definitely not excluded as race ended a 3-3 and score 54-53.
  7. I remember it, pretty sure he wasn't excluded though?
  8. Pointless? Of course it isn't, it's highlighting the importance of the race. Great commentary with Nige and Kelv tonight. They're getting better and better. And I'm someone who wasn't keen on him when he first started.
  9. As usual you arrive with a personal vendetta. Numerous people discussed it.. and I didn't raise it. As for complete nonsense, everything I have said is 100% factually correct. You are right though, let's stick to the meeting. Glad it is going ahead at Prague, may not be the best race track but does offer something different to the Polish tracks. I agree with you that it's a chance for Woffinden to post some big points although he'll need to be gating well. Are the Anlas tires still banned?
  10. Funny that as the deaths are the highest in the Democrat states. Don't let truth get in the way though.
  11. BWitcher

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Good for you lockdown fanboy.
  12. By a test that doesn't test for Covid.. (it tests for coronavirus). There's been increasing numbers for nearly two months. The numbers only increase because tests increase. There is no 'other side'. Whilst 100 people are dying with Covid on their death certs, 1000 are dying with flu/pneumonia on their death certs. Folks just aren't told that.
  13. I've not given a viewpoint. I've given facts. What part do you disagree with?
  14. Of course it's the argument. Even if I CAUGHT Covid-19, I'd still have more chance of being stabbed than being hospitalised from it. You're acting as it its some kind of death sentence. Right now it's the least of your worries with flu/pneumonia involved in 10 x the deaths and hospitalisations.

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