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  1. Poole 2018

    Tripe with a bit of vinegar, nectar from the gods. Don'tget confused though. Tripe is what we eat up north and what they speak down south.
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Like many I want to know the full team but I can understand the drip feed approach. Last week the announcement of Worrall resulted in a sizeable article in the local press. This week's announcements will probably do likewise and so will the remaining announcements. From the clubs point of view that is much more publicity than they would have received from announcing everyone at once.
  3. Poole 2018

    If you are looking at value I think Tungate is likely to add more to his average than Morris or Kurtz. He was on fire at the end of last season, unbeaten in the Australian GP and now the outstanding rider in the Australian Championship. His confidence is going to be sky high.
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Congratulations to Tungate and Fricke, first and third in the Australian Championship.
  5. OAP concessions, why?

    SCB, even taking your view, don't forget that many pensioners paid into the system and paid the full admission price at speedway throughout their working lives and subsidised whatever benefits you think they now receive for those who were pensioners when they were younger. You can argue about statistics as to which group was relatively better off 10,15 or 20 years ago but the fact is that few, if any of those who are now pensioners begrudged the older generation a few "perks" when they were working. We thought they had worked hard all their lives and deserved a few benefits in their later years. However, put all that aside. The fact is that many commercial organisations offer discounts to many different sections of the community because they see it as sound commercial sense to do so. Teachers, civil servants, members of certain organisations. people who buy certain brands of products, are all offered discounts ranging from buying insurance, to holidays, to purchasing many different types of goods and for entertainment and leisure activities. There's nothing altruistic in offering pensioners these same discounts. It is done for exactly the same reasons as for any other group, because businesses think it commercially advantageous for them to do it. Much as it may grieve you I suspect that as a group we will be offered even more discounts because we shall be even more attractive to businesses as there will be more of us because we are living longer.

    It's free for him to watch the Colts. A good way to get him and his mates interested.
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Don't be stupid. So every club that uses a rider one year is responsible for giving him a team place the following year or even two years later if nobody else does. If that is true then presumably Wolves have potentially ended Perks career.
  8. Belle Vue 2018

    I understand it isn't easy for those who have difficulty grasping facts but as Jacobs has said he needs to double up to continue racing it follows that Belle Vue couldn't have had him instead of Drozdz unless he was also offered a CL team slot. My opinion is that the culprits here are the BSPA who have abandoned the two Brits per team rule. They should've instead implemented it in both the PL and CL instead of encouraging teams to sign more foreign riders. That wouldn't necessarily guarantee Jacobs a team place but certainly helps British riders to get places and to progress.
  9. Why 2 Leagues

    I think you might be in trouble suggesting that Cradley are Wolverhampton's NL team. Belle Vue are the only PL team running a NL team. The crowds for the Colts were decent at that level but way below those for the Aces despite the excellent racing and admission fees of £10 for adults, £8 for concessions and free admission for anyone under 18.

    Rightly or wrongly it was regarded as one of the best world finals at the time, nothing to do with looking back. You can look at it now on video and I agree, there are only a few good races but at the time it was the expectation, the hype, the massive crowd, Wembley, the atmosphere, the Penhall races and the Penhall factor. He was without doubt the biggest personality Speedway had and that coupled with the way he won and all of the other factors made it a fantastic and memorable experience for those of us who were there. I attended many World finals at Wembley and they were the only meetings where I always had butterflies in my stomach as I sat waiting for the meeting to start. Wembley finals were a fantastic experience regardless of the quality of the racing which never, ever, compared to what I regularly saw at Hyde Road but as an overall experience there was no comparison. For those asking about the Speedway boom years. The 1930's, the immediate post war years, by far the biggest crowds speedway has ever attracted and 1965 to about 1980. Regardless of the number of tracks the sport has never attracted so few paying fans as it does currently. Even in what was regarded as the poor years of the late 1950's the 9 or 10 remaining tracks were attracting crowds that would now be regarded as massive.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Do what they do at Belle Vue and stream the press conference on Facebook. That enables those of us who have a long journey home to watch it when we get home or the next day.
  12. Somerset 2018

    Celebrating the signing of Doyle.
  13. Rye House 2018

    I thought there was a fixed rate scale for loan fees. I can't think that anyone would want to buy KK.
  14. Belle Vue 2018

    Looks like our 90th Anniversary Meeting is going to be on Saturday 24th March. The longest continuously running speedway team in the world.
  15. Assessed Averages

    It would be ludicrous to change the assessment now that some teams have signed riders so yes, it probably is true.