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  1. Very pleased to read how good the racing was last night. It proves that the track can still produce the quality racing we are used to at the EOS. It's just a matter of preparing it properly.
  2. Aces51

    Photographers in British Speedway

    I have been impressed with some of his photographs. I have no idea if you have to be 18 to get a pass but it would seem odd if that is true when you can race when as young as 15. Equally, I can understand older photographers feeling aggrieved if they feel that a competitor is getting an unfair advantage because of his connections. However, you don't deal with that by bullying the person concerned. You deal with it by taking the matter up with those you feel are allowing what you perceive to be unfair competition.
  3. Aces51

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    We see the same riders at the NSS as at every other PL track and yet they give 100%, they try different lines and racing is often fast and close. The only conclusion I can draw from that is that the problem doesn't lie with the riders but with the tracks.
  4. Good to see that Zach and Dan Bewley were at the No Limits event at the NSS today receiving help and advice from Jason Crump. I'm sure that both will have benefitted.
  5. It seems strange if it is riders that are asking for the track to be graded differently. It is Fricke, Bewley and to a lesser extent Bjerre, who have made so many passes and gained so many points by using the wide line. At the moment we see Fricke and Bewley trying the wide line and losing ground until it comes into its own in the last third of the meeting.
  6. I recall that there were a fair few on here criticising the trips that Chris and David made as pointless jollies.
  7. To be fair Lambert's form hasn't been that great in Poland either but hopefully, after his good performance on Saturday, we shall now see an improvement everywhere.
  8. I know this is speedway and that working together is a foreign concept. However, you would think that those who have recently built a new track, those who have made alterations to try to improve their tracks and those who had good racing tracks and have managed to make them into one racing line tracks might all be knocking on Chris's door asking for advice. Maybe they have but they've kept it very quiet if they have.
  9. Should be an entertaining meeting with Doyle and Batchelor, who do well at the NSS, Ellis can score a few points and the two Poles should also find it to their liking. I Our reserves are stronger, and we will at least match the Robins at heat leader and second string level. I feel optimistic, 50-40.
  10. Aces51

    Warsaw 2019

    Plenty of exciting racing, a fair few surprises and well done to Robert Lambert on reaching the semi final stage. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
  11. The NSS has always produced much better racing when slick. The most obvious example was the World Team Cup race off and final. For the race off it was grippy, Iversen set the track record, racing was fast but processional. For the final on the following night it was slick, race times were slower but the quality of the racing was superb. As Acef said, it is best slick but with enough dirt on the outside to be useable.
  12. The fact is that the Stars were a two man team and no team can win league points away if only two riders are performing. The only heat winners for the Stars were Lambert, Palm-Toft and Proctor and they only managed 4 between them. Nonetheless, it was a very entertaining meeting with plenty of passing and close racing.
  13. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2019

    I am sure that the council will have carried out their due diligence and perhaps they preferred to delve into the facts rather than rely on newspaper reports.
  14. Not sure it would be an upset. Most of the Stars team have done well at the NSS and Palm-Toft can be and has been, a match winner. He seems to excel on his visits to Belle Vue and can be used to great advantage at reserve. Having said all that I think we will win but it will be close. We need our heat leaders to take points off Lambert as well as the other two heat leaders and I think they will but Wells needs to score at least his average and Berge to ride as he did in the SON. 48-42.
  15. Aces51

    Photographers in British Speedway

    There may be others I haven't seen but I know that Craig Cook is being very supportive of Taylor on Twitter and Instagram. Good to see and typical of Craig. Those photographers involved in the disgusting behaviour should be ashamed of themselves. It says a lot about them and about the quality of Taylor's work if they're jealous of the competition.

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