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  1. Aces51

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    DanBewley was the most improved rider and his progress had been nothing short of exceptional but Robert Lambert was the rider of the year because of his step up to be an outstanding number 1 andthe best British rider in the averages.
  2. I can't see that a super league structure with a second team at Championship level will work. It doesn't matter how it is dressed up, fans will regard the championship level team as the reserve team and it will not attract fans in sufficient numbers. In 2017 the Aces had an average crowd of over 1400. The Colts averaged less than 500. Arguably, the racing was as good and the facilities, presentation etc., the same but fans wanted to see the best on offer and for that and for some, not being able to afford to attend both, voted with their feet. It would be a big financial gamble to run a super league team. Clubs would no doubt have to increase the admission cost to pay for the super stars and it could be a financial disaster if fans didn't then turn out in sufficient numbers for either, or, both teams.
  3. I agree with everything you say which is why I said, if we have to go with fixed nights, meaning either Monday, Wednesday or Monday, Thursday. In my opinion to continue on a Monday will be commercial suicide. Mark Lemon did say in this week's SS that crowds had improved as the season went on but that he didn't know why. I suspect that school holidays, the prospect of getting into and then being in the play offs and the latter stages of the KO Cup may have played a significant part. As for returning to Saturdays, even putting aside all of the practicalities, I am not sure that it is now a better option than Friday. Saturday is the night when TV puts on it's most popular programmes, many football games are played and the main night for people to go out. The competition for the leisure pound is much greater now than it was when many tracks operated on a Saturday whereas Friday has the advantage of no school the next day and people still have Saturday to go somewhere if wife/husband/partner is not a speedway fan.
  4. I haven't seen that Thursday has now been approved by the FIM for Sweden. In this weeks SS Damien Bates, was discussing which league Sheffield and Leicester may race in next year and it was said that a change to the Monday and Wednesday fixed nights introduced last winter could be a key factor in his decision. Bates said, it's said that following pressure from the three CL clubs who race on a Thursday, as well as Poole, who were keen to keep their Wednesday race night, Monday and Wednesday were picked for the PL protected evenings............ With only Swindon making use of Thursdays currently, Swedish Elitserien clubs are now pushing to occupy that night and make the move from Tuesdays. This pressure could force Premiership teams to revert to Thursdays and race on that day. From that it would appear that If a decision has already been made by the FIM giving Thursdays to Sweden, Damien Bates doesn't know about it.
  5. If we have to go with the fixed nights then it should be Monday and Thursday. Wolves, King's Lynn and Poole on Mondays and the remaining existing PL tracks on Thursdays. Any newcomers to be allocated to keep the numbers on each night as equal as possible.
  6. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2019

    I wouldn't judge any rider on one performance. I am amazed at the number of times I see fans claiming we should sign or drop a rider based on one good or bad performance at the NSS. Over the season Tungate did a good job for us and as Halifax Tiger said, provided some brilliant entertainment.
  7. Aces51

    Leicester Lions 2019

    So you pays your money and takes your chance that they will qualify for the semi and final of the KO Cup and the play offs. If they do you've had a good bargain and if they don't, much less so. I think I prefer to know what I am getting for my money and what my saving is going to be but it's a matter of personal choice. Meanwhile, back to the Leicester Lions. It looks as if they have a good idea of the riders they have in mind. Let's hope that the happenings at the AGM next week don't disrupt their plans. They've had a difficult time since they moved up but I think that the addition of Stewart Dickson could see their fortunes change.
  8. Aces51

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Belle Vue include the KO Cup but not the semi final or final, or the play offs, because there is no guarantee that they will qualify. The price plus any added benefits compared to the number of guaranteed meetings is the only way to assess if it is value for money.
  9. Aces51

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Different clubs seem to have a different approach to season tickets. At Belle Vue you save a relatively small amount over paying at the gate, I think when I worked it out it was something just over £1 although I can't now quite remember. However, you do get a free programme, which costs £3, so it seems to me a good deal if you normally buy a programme, which I do but probably not if you don't. Belle Vue also arrange centre green visits for season ticket holders, give them priority to book their usual seats for meetings not covered by the ticket and this year included the KO Cup semi final to make up for the lost Rye House meeting.
  10. Aces51

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think a fair few of us are hoping that he dedicates himself solely to King's Lynn next year.
  11. Aces51

    Wolves 2019

    Apologies. When I read your original post I did take your original meaning to be that being pointless and a tweet can often be the same thing, hence my laughing emoji. I wasn't laughing because I thought you believed it to be an oxymoron. I took your question mark to indicate that you were being ironic.
  12. Aces51

    Wolves 2019

    I think we should agree to disagree. That's an oxymoron.
  13. Aces51

    Wolves 2019

    Bit of a pointless tweet if that's what it means.
  14. Aces51

    Wolves 2019

    Any Wolves fan know what this means? It seems to be implying a move to Tuesday night racing but would seem to be an odd decision if true.
  15. Aces51

    AGM November 2018

    It's true that quite often fans want different things but anybody reading through the BSF would see that there are many things that most of us agree about. Most agree that the sport needs to reduce the amount of messing about at the starting gate and the time spent at the pit gate before a re-run. We mainly agree that the presentation needs to be slicker and geared to the 21st century. We agree that the fixtures need to be better planned to provide continuity and to avoid the chaos at the end of the season and we mainly agree that there should be a continuity of riders in teams to allow fans to better identify with "their" team. Any professional organisation would look at those and all of the other issues of concern raised by fans and where fans express different views, analyse those opinions and try to identify remedies that would appeal to the majority and not alienate the rest. What is certain is that any organisation in the entertainment business will fail if it does not provide what it's customers want.

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