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  1. Hopefully, a close and enjoyable meeting. Somerset not as strong because of the absence of the reserves but Drozdz has never seen the track and I'm not sure that Etheridge has either. I will be surprised if we can gain an advantage from Somerset's weakness but Tungate will have a point to prove and Cook, Fricke and Bewley could do well. A point is certainly possible.
  2. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Belle Vue did average 1500 last year but significantly below it this year with Monday night racing. However, I wouldn't have expected a good crowd last night when your top 3 are missing and you're using 3 guests. Many fans will no longer support select teams.
  3. Jason has put on Facebook this morning that he is just waiting for an operation.
  4. The point I was making was that we missed the total points Cook, Fricke and Worrall would have scored. Kurtz rode well and may have got what Cook would have scored but overall we lost out significantly. But as I said, all if's and maybes. The problem choosing guests was that only 2 PL teams not racing last night so we didn't have a great choice. Kurtz was a gamble based on his last NSS appearance and current form and Garrity deserved a chance after his recent good form in the British semi final and for Scunthorpe but was not impressive before his unfortunate injury.
  5. King's Lynn deserved the win with an overall solid performance. It was good to see Iversen doing better, not yet anything like his best but hopefully, he's getting there. It was good to see that one or two Stars fans have made the long journey. We certainly missed Cook, Fricke and Worral with the guests not matching their likely scores but that's what if's and maybes. We'll just have to put this one behind us and hope that we don't have another fixture where we have to use so many guests. Bewley was unlucky that Kurtz blocked his move down the outside of the back straight in heat 6 but by recent standards this wasn't one of his outstanding nights. Lambert wasn't dominant either but had some good races where he showed determination. Assuming that Cook's recent performances indicate a return to form I would give him the SON team slot and If you were judging on tonight alone you would probably give Lambert the nod for the reserve slot although Bewley has been far better at the NSS than either of them managed tonight.
  6. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    You might want to ask yourself why only Wolves had a Monday race night when teams we free to choose. You might want to ask yourself why the entertainment industry regards Monday as the worst night of the week to get people to attend. You might want to ask yourself why crowds dropped at the dog track when we had to move from Friday to Monday. You might want to consider that attitudes to keeping children out late on school nights has changed since clubs like Wimbledon were operating. You might want to ask yourself why our previous promotion said there was no future for the Aces unless we could build a new stadium and change our race night to Friday You might want to ask yourself why crowds have dropped so significantly at the NSS this year when the only change is the race night. You might want to ask yourself if you want to put at risk the future of the NSS.
  7. Cook is averaging 8.44 with bonus points at home this season and Fricke 8.19 so we'll have something to compare with Kurtz and JG 's scores. Hopefully, the racing will be up to the usual standard and we'll have an enjoyable meeting despite having only 4 of our own team. I'm looking forward to seeing Lambert, he didn't race at the NSS last year but seems to be on good form and making good starts so I'm expecting him to do well.
  8. Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    I think it's more about the mind of those that have the skill. I don't think you get anywhere if you haven't got the skill but some with less skill than others get further because of their application and mindset.
  9. Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    So far, if you don't count Woffinden.
  10. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    He wouldn't be the first to underestimate Dan. I think Bewley did remarkably well for his first attempt at this level. Wrong helmet colour in his first ride, probably wasn't aware of the different FIM rule, last in his next ride when he was losing compression and his engine eventually gave up the ghost, a third behind KK and NKI, a second behind Kurtz and then a win in front of Lambert. I'm sure some lessons learnt and valuable experience gained and enough points to show he has nothing to fear at this level.
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    Hopefully, that's a good sign that the new equipment and practising in Poland has sorted out his lack of speed.
  12. It's, Brady Kurtz, Josh G and Jason Garrity. Let's hope that Mark Lemon can get more out of the Poole riders than Middlo has this season. If not we could be in trouble. Garrity is in good form so hopefully he can get a decent score.
  13. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    I don't disagree with fixed nights in principle. What I do disagree with is the fixed nights we have ended up with. It is an agreement that could be the cause of teams facing serious financial difficulties and that is not acceptable and outweighs any perceived benefits. What if any or all of those teams close or apply to join the CL? If 2 or more teams went there will be no PL or FNR.
  14. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Crowd numbers increased from the amalgamation of the league in 1965 and it was because of that success that the second division started in 1967. There were many factors which added to that success, the emergence of top class British riders, which resulted in the dominance of the national team, local riders progressing through the second division to become international stars and the Belle Vue and Eastbourne training schools, which produced many good riders. However, it was the amalgamation of the leagues and that rebirth which made possible most of the other things that then happened. Without that rebirth things would have continued as they were no doubt with the two warring factions of the National and Provincial League escalating their problems. Speedway would have stagnated with very likely no opportunities for riders from the Provincial League to move up and progress. They would have probably been blocked from doing so because without the eventual agreement in 1965 those Provincial League tracks would have been unlicenced and the riders banned from SCB licenced tracks. Thankfully, the National League realised that they could not survive alone and the results of the inquiry were accepted by both sides.
  15. Poole 2018

    I was referring to Neil but doesn't Ken live and breath Poole? Certainly a good servant of the club.