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  1. Can we pull back Somerset's lead of 14 points? Going to be very difficult but not impossible. We need everyone to be on form and to score at least 8 from Dan's rides. Jonas B Andersen guests for Riss. He scored three at the NSS when riding for Wolves, so could do a bit better at reserve but not going to be easy as Somerset have a strong reserve pairing. I'm going to be optimistic and despite our previous close encounters say we will either do it or, get close to doing it.
  2. I would think you're right about Jye. The return leg is on 1st October so any guest may be affected by new averages.
  3. As I've mentioned Andersen scored 3 from 4 rides on his visit with Wolves at the end of August. He was in the 1-5 but that doesn't really give any cause to think he strengthens us. His away average for Wolves is 2.46. Riders like Andersen and Riss might have a good night but might have a bad night and on average have far more bad nights than good. We might just be lucky tonight, I hope so.
  4. It's always easy with hindsight but it was the correct decision at the time. Jye did a good job at the NSS but was doing nothing away and we needed to pick up points away to get into the play offs. Riss was ok prior to his injury and his away average shows he did the job expected.
  5. Being realistic we are obviously weaker without Dan and the underdogs. If we are going to win all four of our remaining top five need to do well in both legs, we can't afford any weak links and at least one of our reserves also has to put in a good performance. That's difficult but possible and I'm sure that all of the team will be determined to do it. I was pleased to see that, despite fears expressed by some Poole fans, Somerset produced a track that made for an enjoyable meeting so let's hope that both tracks for these meetings are also prepared to produce some excellent racing.
  6. lisa-colette will be after you and opening a King's Lynn v Aces thread for the second leg of the play offs. The missing ingredient is of course who rather than what.
  7. 2005 we weren't favourites. We finished top but Bjerre was injured after the deadline for new signings and we couldn't replace him. That's why Dan's injury seemed like deja vu.
  8. I thought this was going to be about our meeting on Monday but always like to stay on topic so here goes. 1993. A great year for the Aces winning the league in the last race of the last meeting of the season and made all the more enjoyable because it was away at Wolves. Bobby Ott, brilliant performance.
  9. It would be even more fitting if we win it in our 90th consecutive season. Unfortunately, Bewley's injury has probably put it beyond our grasp but who knows?
  10. An enjoyable meeting and a strong performance from Poole. There were too many weak links in the Somerset side. I thought that Holder, Allen and particularly Lawson would all have scored more at home but that's sometimes how it goes.
  11. Aces51

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    I agree and you save almost 70 pence per copy. It's excellent value for a quality magazine.
  12. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    You're right it probably would be on page 46 if it were Poole but that would be based on everybody's suspicions because of Poole's dubious history. That's also why you're jumping to the wrong conclusion. You're making a judgement based on how your club operates not how others do. Anyway, I think I hear your Mummy calling you.
  13. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    I think that Etheridge is our best bet at the NSS but we could only use him in the KO Cup semi final or the play off meeting, not both because of the 8 day guest rule. I would use him in the play off meeting. We will then have to review the situation depending on the averages effective from 1st. October.
  14. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    He averaged 4.00 when he did 4 matches for us this year although, that was guesting for Worrall so he may do better at reserve. His CL average is about the same as Riss. Looking at those available I don't think there is anyone guaranteed to do better. Etheridge would do better at home but was poor away. We could get lucky and get one of them on a good night but they can all equally have bad nights.
  15. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    16.5 FACILITIES 16.5.1 A Team may utilise a "Facility" to cover the absence of a Rider(s) who: j) is in dispute with his Club, provided that the circumstances have been accepted by the MC, who will determine the Facility and period of the rider’s inactivity The evidence that he is effectively withholding his services comes from his communication with Ipswich. I am not aware of a facility being refused in such circumstances. Precedent therefore dictates that a facility should and will be granted for both Ipswich and Belle Vue.
  16. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    They are not seeking a replacement but are entitled to a guest facility for a rider withholding his services. What's so difficult to understand?
  17. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    Zach has not impressed in recent appearances at either the NSS or at King's Lynn but he has the ability to do better and I would certainly consider him as a possible. I'd say on current averages the selection would be between Zach, Pickering, Etheridge, Starke, Jonas Andersen, Todd Kurtz and Robson. At home we are restricted by not being able to use the same guest within 8 days. Hardly a selection to give credence to the conspiracy theorists.
  18. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    That was Robson in the double header. He got 5 from 6 rides and 9 from 7 rides. Robson is one of my favourite riders, always gives 100% but not now a rider you could rely on to repeat those scores. Even so, considering the likely options, he might be worth considering and taking a chance on if the averages still fit.
  19. These two teams have had some close tussles this year and I can see this being just as close. Both teams are still in with a chance of doing the double and will be determined to get one over the other. We might struggle to beat them again in this leg but need to keep any loss to single figures, preferably no more than 6. If we can do that , we have already shown when we met at the NSS without Bewley that we can beat them in the return leg and hopefully get through to the final. Should be an entertaining tie, two decent teams and two good race tracks.
  20. Aces51

    Belle Vue 2018

    I can understand SS assuming this is dastardly plan by Mark Lemon to the play offs from Ford's grasp. As a Poole supporter his first reaction is always to assume that other teams operate as his does. Perfectly understandable when you live in a blue tinted world. The reality is that up to the end of this month we can bring in a guest for Riss with a PL average of 4.48 or CL average of 5.82. and those figures are likely to be lower from 1st October because his scores have suffered since his injury. Just have a look and see the riders that would qualify. I can't see anyone likely to score significantly more than Riss. They might score a few more or a few less, they are those type of riders and I certainly don't see any guaranteed match winners. All any of us know is what is said in the Ipswich press release. We do know he is carrying an injury and that his form has suffered and why would he say what he has said if he has been sacked by both clubs. As I have said above, it's not as if there are guests who will obviously do better.
  21. This meeting has now been brought forward from the 10th September. A sensible move for both teams rather than risk the chance of rain on the last day before the cut off for the play offs.
  22. Aces51

    Poole 2019

    If we want to talk recent history; 2015 Play Offs Poole 1st Belle Vue 2nd 2016 Play Offs Belle Vue 2nd Poole 3rd 2017 Play Offs Belle Vue and Poole = 3rd 2017 KO Cup Belle Vue Not much in it either way.
  23. Mark Riss was signed to pick up points away and Berge at home so in that respect Riss has done his job. Did we expect him to do better than he has, probably and he isn't riding as well now as he was when we first signed him but that is the risk you take with riders at that level.
  24. A bit of a mountain to climb now to claw back 14 points but we'll just have to go for it and see what happens.
  25. I can't see him doing that. I believe it's the only one ever made so must be very valuable. That's probably why Kelvin has cleverly disguised it to look like a screwdriver.

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