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  1. Clean Cut Sports, who video at a number of tracks, submitted the video and the BSPA decide whether to show it on their website. I have just looked back at the videos on the Speedway GB website last year and this is the first one I found from a Belle Vue meeting. A 4-2 to Leicester.
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    I think 5 away is better than 3 at home but I wouldn't use a score in one match to try to prove anything. I appreciate that you haven't had the advantage of seeing Worrall this year but those of us who have could see the marked improvement over his performances at the NSS last year. That coupled with knowing the efforts he has made to be in excellent physical shape and to lighten and improve his machinery is why I feel confident that he would have had a good season. Nobody has predicted he would this year develop into a GP rider, a PL No. 1 or an international star but the signs were there that he would improve significantly on his starting average. That is why it is so difficult to replace him.
  3. The video is from the Speedway GB website. As SS said, "probably the best race of night" and it was of course won by a Poole rider but then 10 minutes later he had second thoughts and said a different race was "a better race" but suggested there was some sort of bias in not showing it. That's the first time I've heard the BSPA being accused of bias against Poole.
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Where did I say 3 league meetings. I was being generous, the Peter Craven meeting was a higher standard than a PL meeting and Kurtz's average isn't slightly lower it's more than half a point lower but bearing in mind Monday's performance I didn't want to be unkind.
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Including Swindon his average for his 3PL level meetings is 7.75, just slightly higher than Poole's no. 1.
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Hougaard had some good performances at the NSS in 2016 but was not impressive on his visits last year and is certainly not an adequate replacement for Worrall. Steve has stepped up a gear this year but even last year Hougaard's average of 6.09 against Steve 6.77 shows the disparity between them. I think the jury is still out on the Drozdz, Starke comparison. Far too early to make a realistic assessment of Drozdz but he scored 5 on his home debut and looks to have potential. Starke did well at Poole, a former home track, scoring 8 but was poor at the NSS, scoring only 3. He has the advantage of knowing the UK tracks but doesn't show signs to me of a rider about to improve his current average. At the moment I wouldn't put one above the other but would prefer to see Drozdz given the chance to show how good he is.
  7. Leicester Lions 2018

    Bjerre is an excellent signing if he rides as he did for Belle Vue last year. Many Aces fans were sorry that the only one 8 and above rule prevented his return this year.
  8. This meeting starts at 6pm and is the Peter Craven Memorial Meeting. Belle Vue are the only Speedway club in the world to have run continuously since 1928. The first two riders announced are World Champion Jason Doyle and British Champion Craig Cook.
  9. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    I would have assumed that those negotiating the fixed nights would have ensured that the Thursday CL teams were in agreement and prepared to change their race days or, move up to the PL, before they agreed Monday and Thursday for the UK PL with the FIM. It would appear that either, they didn't do that or, the CL teams reneged on the agreement and we ended up with Wednesday when Denmark have precedence. Whatever the circumstance you can't blame Swindon.
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    I think there is a suspicion, which may be totally unfounded, that his Polish club may decide that the opportunities for him to develop as a rider in the UK are outweighed by the risk of injury. Similar thoughts have been expressed about the risk of further injuries to Vaculik. Time will tell if they have any truth.
  11. I wonder where Matt Ford pinched that idea from All they need to do now is copy the Aces and Colts and show it live on Facebook. That way anybody can view it when best suits them. What Manchester does today Poole do two seasons later. I don't get this calling for team changes now. I'm sure Poole will come good just give them time to settle down.
  12. It's good to read that fans were impressed with the meeting last night. It shows that the promotion are aware of at least some of the issues that cause fans to walk away so well done to them doing something about it. Also good news that the injury to Lewis Rose isn't as bad as at first feared.
  13. A good and deserved win for KL. I thought we would have done better but 4 riders scoring 4 or less tells its own story. Good to see Robert Lambert and Dan Bewley doing so well.
  14. That's just rubbish. As Sidney has rightly pointed out many foreigners have been employed when Brits just as good or better have been available. I understand your philosophy of win at all costs but it is just plain wrong if you want the sport here to prosper. It was no coincidence that the last boom in the 70's coincided with a period when British riders were the best in the world. A successful British team gets the national media interested, which increases crowds. The selfish attitude of we've got a full trophy cabinet does nothing for anybody other than your team and now the novelty has worn off and the running streak faltered your crowds are also suffering.
  15. Belle Vue stood by Cook and Worrall during their formative years because they could see the talent they possessed and are now doing the same with Bewley and Bickley. It's in the best interests of the club and UK Speedway to put the time and effort into developing British talent but unfortunately some teams prefer to bring in a stream of foreigners and to disregard the need to help young Brits progress.
  16. I think this one could go either way. I'm not sure how Lasse Bjerre usually goes at KL but I can't see him doing as well as Worrall. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Lambert could do better than Etheridge so we might gain an advantage there. I just hope it's a close meeting with no delays and some good racing.
  17. Ivan Mauger

    1977 final was in Gothenburg. That was the final where Peter Collins rode with a badly broken leg but finished second to Ivan. The Intercontinental Final was at White City that year but won by Peter, Ivan was fifth but John Davies was excluded in the race where he met Ivan. Maybe you're thinking of the 1979 final, that was at Chorzow.
  18. For anyone interested the post meeting press conference is on the Belle Vue Speedway Facebook page. Already had over 1k views.
  19. Some close fast racing with a sprinkling of passes, not up to the usual NSS standard but nonetheless good entertainment. Grajczonek and Kildemand the best of the bunch for Poole. The two Poles did enough to show they will outscore their artificial averages. Kurtz and Sundstrom were poor and Shanes had a bad night. But as others have said, it is early days and too much shouldn't be made of one disappointing performance. Bewley was again very impressive, it's difficult to believe that it is only two years since his first competitive race. Fricke continued his good form and Cook was solid. Tungate was poor but did show some signs of improvement in his last two rides. Bjerre did as I expected and had a decent night but Worrall would have scored significantly more. Starke and Grappmaier also scored less than Drozdz and Etheridge did against Swindon. Those claiming we wouldn't be weakened can now see just how wrong they were. Overall, an excellent result for a weakened Aces team against the team expected by many to be dead certs for the title.
  20. Tungate is the key providing that nobody else on either side has an unexpected stormerr or shocker.
  21. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Sad news. Having watched Speedway for over 60 years Ivan was, without doubt, the best rider I have seen and his record speaks for itself. My thoughts are with his family and those closest to him.
  22. I said at the beginning of the thread that although Worrall's absence makes it more difficult we should still win by 4/6 points and I see no reason to change that, providing that Tungate has a decent night.
  23. As I said he can be good at the NSS. 15 from 6 rides when Leicester visited last year but 8 from 5 when he guested for us in a later meeting. Not picked up by a PL side this year so difficult to assess his form at this level but not as good as Worrall has been this year.
  24. Lasse Bjerre guesting for Worrall. He has had some good performances at the NSS but not in the same class as Steve.
  25. Different track and different promotion unlike the Poole v Lakeside meeting. Sometimes it's better for people in glass houses not to throw stones.