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  1. You got that right! You should see me during the season, sometimes almost tearing my hair out trying to get everything organised whilst also going to work, looking after my parents etc. However, I wouldn't be able to do what I do, or the site be as good as it is without the absolutely amazing team I have around me....they need a medal for putting up with my sometimes very stressy and increasingly desperate text messages! To everyone else, huge thanks for all the kind messages, it really is very much appreciated.
  2. I've said on here before (several times) but mine were lost because of the cost. Two of mine turned 16 early in the school year so despite still being in full time education and doing GCSEs and thus unable to go out and get a job, they were expected to pay full adult price. The student price (which was still too high) was not available to them because they were not old enough to get a student card, a requirement of the student admission price. Eldest is now 26, he has been to a few of meetings in the years since, no more than 5 I would say. Middle son is 23 and hasn't been since the day he turned 16...both still like speedway but firstly university (neither went anywhere with a track in close proximity) and now careers/partners/saving for mortgages etc has got in the way. Youngest is the outlier, he didn't much care for speedway at league level and stopped going before he reached 16 but would go to GP speedway in a heartbeat.
  3. crazysue

    Where has my thread gone?

    Well one bonus of the thread going missing was the post that appeared I was talking to myself about something that hadn't been talked about has gone along with it..…
  4. Still looking for a texter for this meeting, is anyone able to help please? Thanks
  5. Is there anyone going to this meeting who would be able to text updates to the Updates site? If so, could you please send me a private message which includes your mobile phone number. Thanks
  6. I'm not entirely sure they would to be honest, I think cost is actually one of the major factors behind why crowds are falling so increasing it to silly amounts would probably kill it completely within a season or two.
  7. Oh yes, I'm the fat lady....not sure if that should be or
  8. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    Nope, diverting attention to take the heat out of a thread when it starts to get a little eeky and nasty and then get it back on topic in a nicer frame.
  9. I'll say what I used to say when things didn't go our way...oh begger! It's going to be tough to overcome that scoreline but I'm not singing yet......
  10. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    I can understand your point Lisa although I don't readily agree with it. I see people as individuals rather than a collective and try not to tar everyone with the same brush, if I did, then I would see all Poole fans as tongue in cheek wind up merchants thanks to Steve (loves ya really Steve ). Instead I take each person as they come and work out the individual personalities and go with that. As for not posting, I did cover that further up. Updates, work, family and this season, a multitude of mad dashes to hospital in the middle of the night (for parents) leaves precious little time for reading let alone posting on here. Alongside this, I have had struggles with my mental health and a crisis of self confidence over the last few years which led to a massive reduction in posting not just here but on Updates (although I was still doing my normal organisation and chasing, just not active posting) , social media and other non speedway related forums preferring to be very much in the background. I realised just how much I had withdrawn a few weeks back when everyone was posting about Cardiff and have gradually over recent weeks, forced myself to stop hiding and to become more involved again.
  11. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    Thank goodness for that, for a moment I thought I was trapped in a parallel universe where my evil twin had been upsetting everyone....
  12. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    Just in case anyone thinks the Sue is me, I don't think it is...at least I hope not! I do the opposite, I am too busy with Updates to post more than my usual "Looking for a texter" drivel during the season, so post and read more during the winter, although I do tend to have a complete speedway break for a few weeks either prior to or just after the Aussie champs.
  13. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    I've only ever been nice, it's not in my nature to be nasty (silly and maybe sarcastic at times but nasty, nope) and I do find that comment quite hurtful to be honest. As for Poole, the top league would be a poorer place without them but if it is essential for them to drop down to survive then it is understandable, it is better to drop down and survive than to try to stay up and close, possibly permanently...now that really would be unthinkable. We of course dropped down a league for more than a few years and by goodness it was a shock to my system. Initially I was very against it and would look at the top league with envy, however I soon got over myself and my drama queen tantrums (I was a real drama llama over it) and realised that things were just as good as before, the smell was the same (ish) and I soon got used to the new sets of fans that came from other teams. That said, I was over the moon at our move back for this season.
  14. crazysue

    Poole 2020

    Yep, nothing scarier than seeing your child attached to machines with tubes running everywhere. It focuses the mind somewhat...

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