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  1. I thought it best not to confuse the poor soul with that one, he (?) was having a hard enough time trying to get their head around the fact that mobility impaired people have difficulty walking
  2. I've explained my own situation on this thread, I have a wheelchair but I am not able to self propel or get it out of the car, I don't have a mobility scooter (I could borrow one) but I have the same issue, I wouldn't be able to get it out of the car I currently attend speedway on my own, I am lucky that at my track, the parking is very close to the first available seating...much closer than even the old arrangements at Peterborough. I am also not alone in going to speedway as a singleton and I dare say there are a few who go to Peterborough as singleton disabled people where the previous arrangements may have just been within their capabilities but the new ones completely impossible. Their only choice would be to pay to have someone come with them to push a wheelchair, or pay even more than that to have a hoist fitted to their car and a powered chair or mobility scooter to do it themselves. These are not cheap items and for a lot, it will be a barrier to them attending.
  3. Usually and normal are keywords there. Even if you allowed me an hour I would not be able to walk 300 metres, I would be collapsed on the floor unable to go any further way before even a quarter of that distance was completed. I think the main issue is that you are just not quite getting that one of the requirements of having a blue badge is not being able to walk an even shorter distance than the one you are talking about, if they could walk 300 metres in five minutes (or even 10, 15, 20 minutes), they wouldn't be eligible for a blue badge.
  4. My car is adapted....fancy that, something changed so that a disabled person can access stuff, such a novel idea.
  5. I have a wheelchair but I can't self propel nor get it out of the car on my own. I don't have a scooter but could borrow one...but can't get it out of the car. Uber? Erm, not sure if you quite understand the issue, an Uber wouldn't get you any closer to the stadium than their own car. I am completely unable to walk 300 metres, there are a fair few times I can't even walk the less than 5 metres from my bedroom to the loo! I am pot less and even if you offered up a shortbread millionaire rather than a toffee, I still wouldn't be able to walk it. The only way I could adapt would be to pay for someone to be with me (someone strong who is able to push a wheelchair plus me over uneven ground, not an easy feat) which includes paying for their entrance which would (and would for a lot of people), make going unaffordable. A much simpler option would be to more effectively manage the provision that is already there, a low cost option that would solve a lot of the issues for everyone, including the promotion.
  6. The thing is, there is only so far they can adapt and only then if they pay out a significant amount of money for hoists, wheelchairs, scooters or a carer to assist. That in itself will be a barrier and they will just find somewhere else to spend their weekly speedway money as there really wouldn't be a choice. To an able bodied person, 300 metres or a five minute walk is nothing (I used to walk miles without even a thought), for a mobility impaired person, 300 metres is like a marathon, twice over. I couldn't do it now, hell, having to park a further 20 metres away from my house at the weekend left me collapsed and in bed in significant pain and having to cancel all plans for yesterday. Having a disability can be isolating and provision/thought is essential to allow those who are experiencing a disability live some kind if semblance of a life. Now the situation at Peterborough doesn't impact me directly, I couldn't do the distance in the old arrangement let alone the new one unless I paid someone to be with me but it will impact more than the cost of a person who can 'police' the parking more effectively.
  7. 300 metres may as well be 300 miles to someone like me.
  8. crazysue

    Ipswich 2020

    Absolutely devastating news, an all round entertainer and nice guy, an absolute pleasure to watch. Rest in peace Danny
  9. I can give you a daily diary of my life if you like? With and without carer to show the difference..... Suffice to say, without a carer, going to the supermarket was/is a no go area let alone a precinct or shopping centre and it is only recently I have actually had a full time carer. Before that, my life was extremely limited and isolating. However, at 49 years young, I do still like my independence and anything that allows me to have that, I will grab onto for as long as I can. Thankfully I have an extremely understanding and flexible employer who is good at spotting changes that can be made even before I do to make my life easier and ensuring I can still work while my body deteriorates ever more and now a carer to deliver me to my desk and collect me afterwards. Re Peterborough and their changes, for a singleton disabled person, it makes it nigh on impossible for them to attend because the distances are too great unless they then also find and pay for a carer to attend. For most, this would be outside of their affordability.
  10. crazysue

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I have a wheelchair, unfortunately I can't self propel and also am unable to afford a powered chair. I usually go to speedway alone so need to be able to park as close as I can to where I am sitting to be able to attend (although even this will change this year as I am no longer able to get from the closest parking point to the closest seating area anymore and that is a hell of a lot closer than even the previous BB parking at Peterborough and I will have to pay for a carer to come with me). A mobility scooter is an expense I can neither afford, not actually be able to get out of my car (I can't get my wheelchair out on my own so a much heavier and more involved mobility scooter would be an impossibility) I don't actually attend Peterborough speedway on a regular basis (had I known there was a carer facility if a request was made in the past, I may have gone but never even thought to ask!) and any future attendance would probably be with a carer anyway due to the driving distance, so these changes won't impact me at all but for a fair few who like me are disabled singletons to speedway, it will and will make attendance for them an impossibility. It is not them being negative, it is not them not thinking of the bigger picture or not wanting to find other solutions, it just makes it impossible. .
  11. Link is http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/19597/australian-championships-r4-mildura-20
  12. I played a part too.....lol For those who are unable to stream for whatever reason, we are covering the second round, link is http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/19595/australian-championship-albury-wodonga-2020
  13. crazysue

    Ipswich 2020

    15 and under are free. I'd like to see a carer concession (free or at least reduced) as for some that is the only way they can go and it can make for an expensive night out if they have to pay full whack for someone to take them.
  14. crazysue

    Ipswich 2020

    I also agree, Nicki was great with my three (well two as youngest wasn't the most sociable) and was showing them around his bikes, explaining everything to them. It was an absolute godsend as we had been queuing for hours for the world team cup and the boys were getting a tad antsy. I've got another two riders to add to the list - Scott Nicholls was brilliant with my eldest although seeing him now would probably make Scott feel very old indeed (eldest was around 10 or 11 at the time, he's 26 now!) when eldest was out trick or treating and again whilst at the track. The final rider is Hans Andersen, one of the few people that youngest felt comfortable with. I'm not sure if Hans was aware of youngest's autism and his difficulties in social situations but he always took the time to come down to his level (and youngest was and still is, very very small) and talk to him, even though youngest would be away from the crowd and visibly struggling. One particular occasion was after the Ryan Sullivan meeting, youngest had just got into photography but was struggling a little with the noise in the after party/social, Hans picked him up (I held my breath when he did that as youngest hated to be 'handled' let alone picked up but he was all smiles...a very rare thing indeed at the time) and helped him to take a few photos which not only calmed him down but also gave me some welcome relief from the building stress!
  15. crazysue

    Ipswich 2020

    Ooh I don't know, I've done it in the past in just under and just over the hour from Felixstowe...and I'm a boring driver who sticks to the limits. Half an hour though is slightly too quick.....

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