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  1. speedy den boy

    Lakeside 2013

    I see simon Stead is riding in both the premier and elite leagues in 2013,have i missed something with Lewis Bridger?.Is there a reason why he is not riding in the premier?,infact i dont think hes riding antwhere else!!!,that cant be good for him as last season saw big gaps in fixtures in the elite league,he needs to be race fit,so does anyone know why he is not riding more?
  2. speedy den boy

    Riders Costs

    Think it went down hill when citron estate cars with pump up rear suspension went out of fashion!!!! The amount you could get in one of those always sticks in my mind!!
  3. speedy den boy

    Monster Energy World Speedway Invitational !

    Anyone know what the situation is with riders machines? will they be on borrowed bikes?
  4. speedy den boy

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    I first came into speedway by chance at Hackney when i saw a sign and poster with details on while stuck in traffic!!!! From the first meeting i was hooked and couldnt wait for fridays to come around quick enough.For years i was a season ticket holder and loved every minute of it while at Hackney.Maybe it was the track itself that produced top class racing(be interested to read anything from somerset fans who i think are lucky enough to have quality racing most weeks,if they are unhappy with the speedway product.)But for me over the years the biggest problem is riders and the many countries they race in,its complety stupid that they are allowed to do this with no regulation.let them race in 2 countries because a meeting to top class riders is just a blur and number,they just want to move quickly as possible onto the next meeting,no respect for the fans.Maybe i was lucky again as Hackney had Barry Thomas who was always a laugh at the bar !!!The sport for riders has gone beyond mixing with fans,they are robots and there are no Kelvin Mullarkeys(wrong spelling i know) !!!!Also give the start marchal more power to warn riders ,even exclude them,add a bit of drama.
  5. speedy den boy

    Pre-agm Meetings

    ANYONE think a speedway match,plus ending the entertainment with a some form of one off motorsport event would bring in extra fans.I was thinking of along the lines of banger races between teams that wanted to enter a league that could run alongside speedway.maybe demolition derby Quad race again in league format between teams Kart race again in league format. Anything that would keep the fans interested for the whole season-one off races at the end of each meeting.Maybe us on the BSF could get up a team to race the varios club tractors that are used to grade the track!!!!
  6. Match off track!!,sorry pitch waterlogged!! .i got so used to seeing track waterlogged throughout the season,now its pitch waterlogged!!.no news yet if the football match will be restaged.
  7. speedy den boy

    Speedway Star 1967

    I dont always agree with mr Rising ,but its great to have him on this forum,keeping the mag going must be hard so fair play to him.
  8. speedy den boy

    Ward Out For Season

    Steve when you see the churchill arms shuts at 11pm each night,and the police were called at 1.20am,then midlo puts himself at the scene but then he doesnt you have to wonder surely why they dont come out with clear facts ,and thats where the problem lies.
  9. speedy den boy

    Ward Out For Season

    very strange the facts so far police were called at 1.20am !!!! attack happened outside pub middlo and other were still inside pub not fact was ward drunk was pub properly licened to be trading at that time of the morning. any damage to property cctv camera if any being looked at.
  10. can anyone put a little bit on here how sam went? good to see he had a race win..whos bike did he borrow.?I know hes 51 but could he still mix it in any league racing?Thanks in advance.
  11. congrats again to Chris Holder,but does anyone know what perks he gets for being world champion?IF he gets the chance to spread the speedway word on chat shows,opening of varoius buildings,or even represent speedway at globel motorsport shows i think hes the man to do speedway proud,because he doesnt speak like a normal Aussie,he even puts himself down sometimes,thats unheard of in an aussie!!!! and speaks well .So in general hes a breath of fresh air for the sport,but will speedway make the most of him to promote the sport i wonder!!!
  12. As others have said Holder earned it over tthe GP series,100% deserves all the credit coming his way when it didnt start off good in NZ.Seems a very down to earth person when speaking on sky and comes over really well,even putting himself down at times(why cant the Aussie cricket team be like that!!) My final word to Phil is did he watch the interview on sky and does he still stick with all 4 back?Would you Phil admit it was such a bad call if Holder himself says he was lucky? Would you ever change your mind on this?
  13. In all my years in speedway, i thought id seen it all with the way rules are applied, but Phil you have left me gobsmacked in what you are saying,it may well be true but when was this rule last put into motion on the 1st bend.So you should tell nigel pearson be careful with his wording if the rider tangle on the 1st bend,Nigel is going to be calling a lot more unsat starts is he? To me an unsat start is a rider jumping or the tapes not goin up,or riders tangle before the 30 metre line,what you are saying is new to me.Did you speak to Eric Gundersen ,he was fuming and he should know a thing or 2 about the starts.
  14. Phil im sure you havnt got anything against Nikki,same as i havnt against Holder,but please answer my question when Holder decided to cut the corner (not pushed to do so,but what he has done at the same corner all season)is he asking for trouble by jumping the curb ? yes or no

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