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  1. Why not just let the leading rider have first choice of gate position for re-run 2nd place gets 2nd choice etc.
  2. RS50

    My Top 20 Riders

    Just exactly what do the figures after the rider's names represent?
  3. Didn't stop him top scoring with 13 +1 in first match against Scunthorpe.
  4. RS50

    MY Top 20 Riders

    What exactly are the numbers after each rider's name meant to represent?
  5. Seem to recall that not so long ago Mildenhall called off a match, incurred the wrath of the authorities and a hefty penalty. Why is the Eastbourne Sheffield different?
  6. Not got enough spare starting tapes???
  7. RS50

    Another Saturday night

    Sadly the Boomtown Rats "I don't like Mondays" may be more appropriate.
  8. RS50

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Proctor now withdrawn from Berwick away match so he must be doubtful for Sunday.
  9. RS50

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Kennedy concussed at Berwick. Presumably will not ride Sunday. Not sure who best guest could be. Possibly Nathan Greaves.
  10. I believe they use the average.
  11. So round 2 of the KOC starts before round 1.
  12. Decent size car park next to stadium
  13. RS50

    only way

    With Buxton not having track lighting I think weekends were the only option. With Sheffield being so near and switching to Sunday I assume they thought running against them would prove difficult. Possibly Saturday could be a future option for Buxton?
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Greyhound racing earlier in the day.

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