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  1. I believe this is for 2 weeks only with last Sunday being the last one. Anyone confirm?
  2. Former Hull speedway rider Frank Auffret in the line up.
  3. The match tonight 16th August is off. The title of this thread is the match on 18th. This match still on as far as I know.
  4. Hoping to get a 12 day ban commencing 1st November?
  5. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Yes I made a wrong guess.
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    http://www.sheffield-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2762. Sounds like a buyer has been found.
  7. RS50

    Reshape existing tracks

    Seem to re-call hearing a few years ago, that Neil Machin wanted to cut in to the centre green at Sheffield to make it wider, but was refused permission. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?
  8. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Don't have to support the team. Would not be surprised if attendance down at our next home match. Can't help but wonder if a buyer is lined up.
  9. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Why not keep R/R for him. With new averages meaning Proctor eligible for 1 ride would have been stronger than before.
  10. RS50

    Speedway Star idea

    Hope the dirt deflectors work well if they do.
  11. RS50

    One League

    Trouble is, the way speedway is going, could be one big league next year, one small league in about 5 years, and then?
  12. The bells the bells.
  13. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Would you rather give your money to the Bates family or Rob Godfrey? Another conundrum.
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Be interesting to see how many turn up for Sheffield's next home match. Wonder if a buyer has already been lined up for Sheffield Speedway.
  15. Leicester 2nd team are away 3rd August. No home match 3rd August.

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