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  1. RS50

    Scunthorpe v Sheffield 19/4/19 CS

    Decent size car park next to stadium
  2. RS50

    only way

    With Buxton not having track lighting I think weekends were the only option. With Sheffield being so near and switching to Sunday I assume they thought running against them would prove difficult. Possibly Saturday could be a future option for Buxton?
  3. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Greyhound racing earlier in the day.
  4. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Didn't they agree to do the Sheffield match before signing for Newcastle?. Also would have thought they would prefer to be earning whilst getting some practice in.
  5. Sheffield 20th March 5pm.
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    He is still on website as being Sheffield"s track man and practice still on per fixtures. No idea if previous statements are correct
  7. Seem to remember he rode second halves at Sheffield. Not sure how long ago.
  8. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Anything interesting said at last night's STAARS meeting?
  9. RS50

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Well if Kings Lynn management like drip feeding why not offer it back to them? Send them an email telling them you will attend this season's matches but only if you can drip feed paying for admission. Lets say an offer to pay £5.00 on the day of the match and a further £ 3.00 each day after until paid in full. If they like drip feeding so much they should love this offer.
  10. RS50

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I don't know the team so could someone in the know tell me.
  11. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Would be good to get a few extra races.
  12. RS50

    Premiership fixtures

    Is this for all leagues?
  13. RS50

    The oldest active rider

    Seem to recall hearing recently about an ice racer aged 93. Think it may have been mentioned by the speedway commentator on freesports. Sorry I have no more information other than this vague recollection.
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Anything interesting said at yesterday's STAARS meeting?

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