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  1. RS50

    Jubilee League

    What happens in the final if the teams all have one injured rider? With 6 man teams, do they have to use the 6 fit riders? Obviously would be more disadvantaged to have a top rider out. Or can r/r or guests be used?
  2. RS50

    Sheffield v Kings Lynn 8 Aug

    Is Craig Cook likely to be fit for this one?
  3. Moving on, from the blame game, anyone know the cut off date for the play offs? Not too many Premiership nights when Tigers not racing, between now and mid September. Also if the GB championship re arranged, another ruled out for a match. Also still got the League cup final to arrange.
  4. Just seen this on the BSPL website. Birmingham name Lewis Kerr, Kye Thomson and Jason Edwards as guests for injured/unavailable trio Josh Auty, Claus Vissing and Jason Edwards. So, Jason Edwards is guesting for???
  5. RS50

    UK speedway slowly dying

    Personally, I don't think I will ever go to a match that is on Eurosport. Not because of any need to save the money, but they do seem to make it drag out. Much rather record it, start watching around 9pm and fast forward all the boring bits.
  6. Just checked BSPL website and found some matches have been run (much to my pleasant surprise). However, did look at racecard for one match, and found both teams used rider replacement (hardly in the spirit of the league), and also, no dates for fixtures not yet raced. Surely by now dates should be agreed, or a statement saying teams have pulled out of the e.
  7. As it is now 10 weeks since the finalists became known, I have started to wonder if there will be a final. Now only a few days before August, quite a few fixtures in the next few weeks, and also very likely that one of the teams (probably Sheffield) will be in the play offs. Why the delay in setting dates. Kings Lynn holding out until they can make changes?
  8. RS50

    SpeedwayGB website?

    Not sure where they get the "up to 5 seconds from". If the same 5 seconds was used at the starting tapes, be a few burnt out clutches.
  9. If it's on Eurosport, about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time should be early enough.
  10. RS50


    The reason given for the original postponement was stadium unavailability. However I do believe that this date did coincide with Nigel's funeral.
  11. I believe the curfew at Sheffield was brought in, after stock cars once ran until around 11pm, and local residents complained.
  12. RS50

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2022

    See Sheffield have a re-arranged match on Monday 8 August. Anyone know if this is on Eurosport? Thanks
  13. One thing I am curious about. Do the Brits, who choose to ride abroad only (Woffy, Bewley, Lambert) get invited to compete, or do they choose not to?
  14. How about starting at the advertised time of 7.30 (not the actual time of 7.50). An extra twenty minutes could have seen the meeting fully concluded.
  15. Do injury replacements count?

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