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  1. RS50


    If you don't like the adverts, just record everything on sky+ and fast forward, when they come on. I've been doing this for years.
  2. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Rode for Leicester 2018, 10 matches averaging around 3 and a half. Josh Auty also rode for Leicester and averaged over a point more.
  3. RS50


    Have heard that BT sports could be available through a sky package soon.
  4. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Jack Holder.
  5. RS50

    Leicester Lions 2020

    What exactly are Leicester planning should they have any fixtures prior to the Thompson"s 16th birthday?
  6. RS50

    Kent Kings 2020?

    As opposed to Leicester who have signed two rider's with a combined age of 30.
  7. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Anything interesting said at last night's STAARS meeting?
  8. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Wasn't it half of a 60's pop duo, Petersen Lee? Welcome home.
  9. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Seen a lot of speculation about Nikki Pedersen but what average would he start at?
  10. RS50

    Cradles Golden Hammer

    Speedway rider's getting even younger?
  11. RS50

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Rafal Konopka?
  12. RS50

    2020 teams

    If Buxton want to ride Sunday should not have to worry about competing with Sheffield. Possibly a few Stoke fans may fancy going to Buxton. Seems a bit more viable for them compared to previous season.
  13. RS50

    Unusual speedway prizes

    A few riders recently, have just won the sack, without potatoes or carrots.
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Hi, I could be wrong about Machin wanting to cut in to centre green. Heard something a long time ago, memory could be playing tricks.
  15. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Has been used for rugby league but the team were not keen as the pitch too narrow. Sheffield Eagles now have a different stadium to use so unlikely to go back. Believe it was once used by the local American football team and Sheffield FC football team. Not sure what they are doing now. Was regularly used by stock car drivers, despite being told regularly not to do so. I seem to recall that Neil Machin once wanted to cut in to the centre green to make the track wider, but was refused permission by stadium owners. Perhaps someone could confirm or deny this?

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