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  1. RS50

    Sky and Bt sports

    BT and Sky may not be under any legal obligation to cancel subscriptions for anyone under contract. However, they should remember that these contracts do not last forever, and how they treat us now could affect how much business they have in the future.
  2. RS50

    Sky and Bt sports

    Just read that Sky may let you suspend your account. Not sure how that would work though, if you wanted sky for the films, but did not want to pay for sports until live transmission can be resumed.
  3. RS50

    Sky and Bt sports

    I suspect Sky and BT will try to get out of paying for the sports they are unable to show. They may also save on production costs, camera operators commentators etc.
  4. RS50

    Premiership Junior League

    Are they? Or will they meet just once home and away?
  5. Per Speedway GB website. Date/time, is Sunday 14 March 2020 (no start time given). Hope anyone going realises 14 March 2020,is Saturday and does not go Sunday. Hope they also know the start time 2pm. Line up also needs a few names adding.
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Anything interesting said at last night's STAARS meeting?
  7. RS50

    2020 Fixtures

    May be as well to look at when football is on the telly. Promoters seem to like calling off matches for this.
  8. RS50

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    I could be wrong, but didn't they just stop broadcasting on the Virgin Media platform?
  9. RS50

    2020 Fixtures

    I remember fans complaining years ago, that they would like fixtures by Xmas so they could book leave to go to away matches. Pity they can't be done sooner as tracks need all the income they can get. Or maybe does not matter as much because more fans will have reached retirement age. Only 4 team places available in premier league and 2 in championship.
  10. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Anything interesting said at last night's STAARS meeting?
  11. RS50

    2020 Fixtures

    Well do we have a new record? First fixture amendment and not even half way through January.
  12. RS50

    2020 Fixtures

    Per Rob Godfrey fixture planning is in a well advanced stage.
  13. RS50

    Transfer Window

    What is the rule if a rider decides to retire mid season?
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Anything interesting said at last night's STAARS meeting?
  15. RS50

    2020 NL Season

    Hasn't Ben Wilson retired?

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