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  1. RS50

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Well if Kings Lynn management like drip feeding why not offer it back to them? Send them an email telling them you will attend this season's matches but only if you can drip feed paying for admission. Lets say an offer to pay £5.00 on the day of the match and a further £ 3.00 each day after until paid in full. If they like drip feeding so much they should love this offer.
  2. RS50

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I don't know the team so could someone in the know tell me.
  3. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Would be good to get a few extra races.
  4. RS50

    Premiership fixtures

    Is this for all leagues?
  5. RS50

    The oldest active rider

    Seem to recall hearing recently about an ice racer aged 93. Think it may have been mentioned by the speedway commentator on freesports. Sorry I have no more information other than this vague recollection.
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Anything interesting said at yesterday's STAARS meeting?
  7. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Thanks for the info. Any idea what date it will be staged or what format it will be?
  8. RS50

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    Does this also rule out the possibility of open meetings?
  9. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    No the June meeting is 23 June
  10. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Per BSPA statement Official meetings not to start until April. Not sure if this would affect any possible challenge matches
  11. RS50

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    Do not know about Buxton's finances but I think two of their problems could be Sheffield running on Sunday this year, and not a track which is easy to access without your own transport. Wonder if it would be viable for Buxton to run Saturdays if Sheffield continue to run Sundays in years to come. I hear that Buxton may run some meetings. To help make it viable for them, perhaps anyone going to these meetings, if they have spare car room could offer a lift to someone without transport. I am sure a few extra supporters and a few extra £,sss at the turnstile would be appreciated by Jayne and co.
  12. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    According to Startrax fixtures their dates at Owlerton are 14 April, 23 June, 4 August and 6 October. All Sundays 12.30 start so presumably no speedway those weeks. Incidentally, does anyone know of any other Sundays stadium not available. Info would be useful for planning weekends away.
  13. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Kasper Andersen back.
  14. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Check the website story. Does say a brand new number 1 for the club. Would rule out Garrity as he has been at no1. Proctor and Wells don't think they have been at 1 for Tigers.

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