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  1. RS50

    PLRC and CLRC ????

    Was talk of a Premier League individual meeting, but assume it won't happen ( this year at least) .
  2. RS50

    Playoff dates

    Still not mathematically certain yet. Sheffield logical choice. Weak at reserve with Nielsen out, and Batchelor having been poor for Tigers.
  3. RS50

    Playoff dates

    As yet, don't know who will finish top and get to choose opponent.
  4. Possibly government thinking, that people will have the vaccine, rather than be kept out of football, night clubs etc.
  5. Can't blame the government for people not getting vaccinated.
  6. RS50

    Electric Speedway

    Would we have delays after every false start, while the riders re charge their battery, and a further delay should anyone have consecutive rides.
  7. Listed as 2.77 for premiership on Tigers website. Would have thought this is the one that counts.
  8. Anyone tell me if Nielsen rides, or who replaces him? Thanks
  9. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Possibly the transfer deadline does not apply to injured riders. I personally don't know.
  10. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Anything said about how long Nielsen will be out for?
  11. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Let's do a double header, and while we are at it, also catch up on the outstanding Premier Junior matches. Should be a good long night.
  12. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Greyhound racing at Owlerton on Tuesday.
  13. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Just looking at when the outstanding home match v Kings Lynn may be, and as far as I can see, there isn't either a Monday or Thursday, between now and the date the play offs are due to begin, when one of the teams does not already have a match. Not sure what the solution to this is. Ironically, if the match is not staged, then the chance of Kings Lynn finishing above Sheffield goes from unlikely to impossible.
  14. RS50

    Sheffield vs Belle Vue 2/9/21

    Just hope it's you that is right, not me.
  15. RS50

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    Whoops, forgot about that.

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