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  1. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Kasper Andersen back.
  2. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Check the website story. Does say a brand new number 1 for the club. Would rule out Garrity as he has been at no1. Proctor and Wells don't think they have been at 1 for Tigers.
  3. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Per website two signings to be announced.
  4. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    A brand new number 1 would rule out Garritty.
  5. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Or could just give up. Better for the promoters to work with the fans than against them
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    For those of us not too happy about the change of race day management could have at least told us the starting time so we can have a think about how we can fit it in to our plans. Should help them too. An early publication of fixtures would also be useful.
  7. RS50

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    Per AGM 2 teams will be in the championship
  8. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Change to Sunday racing. No mention of start time. Big reduction in points limit. Wonder how that will work out.
  9. Buxton v Coventry unlikely to be raced as well.
  10. RS50

    Why win the league ?

    Only a money spinner for the teams that make the play offs. We want ALL teams back next year.
  11. RS50

    Why win the league ?

    How about having the play offs, then if play off winners and top of the league are two different teams, have a further play off between the two.
  12. RS50

    Outstanding Fixture

    Buxton to ride Eastbourne on 28th October. No mention from the promoters of if or when the final match will take place. I suspect it won't.
  13. All the comparisons to Laurel and Hardy are completely unjust. Remember that Laurel and Hardy were talented people trying to look like fools whereas the people running the sport are????
  14. According to updates Allen crashed and injured last night but carried on.
  15. RS50

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Why is so much of the Scunthorpe 2019 thread about Danny Phillips? Will he be back next year? Don't think Rob has announced next year's team yet.
  16. RS50

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I went to the abandoned match myself. Forecast was not too bad on that day and the downpour caught most people by surprise. What was also annoying that by having to wait for re admission tickets to be stamped on exit took considerably longer to get out than to get in.
  17. RS50

    Scunthorpe 2019

    May be the promoters policy. Does not necessarily mean fans agree with it.
  18. RS50

    AGM November 2018

    Anyone know the exact date of the AGM?
  19. 2010 season. Tigers lost 59 31 away won 61 31 at home.
  20. Rode for Sheffield I believe.
  21. RS50


    Will Buxton complete their home matches? Nearly October now. Four home matches outstanding. Four Sunday's in October but no fixtures at least as per website. Don't think there has been an official date for Buxton v Stoke National League.
  22. If no team wishes to move up will 7 teams be enough for top division?
  23. Anyone explain what TFFT means?

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