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  1. RS50


    That should make things a Hole lot better.
  2. RS50

    2021 speedway season !

    That would be a step up the ladder ☺️
  3. RS50

    Swedish Elitserien 2020

    How difficult is it to keep the camera on the race for approximately one minute?
  4. RS50

    SON 2020

    Curious! Why can't they be picked?
  5. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Per the schedule doesn't appear they are showing the 3rd 4th place play off at all.
  6. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Will the 3rd 4th place play off be on Premier?
  7. I was at Scunthorpe when it happened.
  8. Would still have lost. Broke them heat 4 at Ben fund match.
  9. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Anyone know when or if Premier are showing this round of matches? Per my EPG they claim to be showing the matches before they even start.
  10. RS50

    Swedish Elitserien 2020

    Thanks for the info. Is Dave actually at the meetings, or is he just watching it on a TV screen like us?
  11. RS50

    Swedish Elitserien 2020

    Is it just me or have a lot of the races shown recently on Premier frozen, then suddenly fast forwarded? And why do the bikes sound so quiet?
  12. RS50

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Not sure what the lowest number possible is, but in the Scunthorpe Newport match in 2006 only 5 different riders won a race.
  13. Anyone know if it will be on Eurosport?
  14. Is it likely to be on Eurosport if it happens?
  15. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Slightly off topic, but can anyone let me know the dates that the play off finals in Sweden's Elite and Poland's Extra Liga are scheduled for? Thanks
  16. RS50

    Swedish Elitserien 2020

    Reckon Premier Sports think EPG means every programme (is) guesswork.
  17. RS50

    British sport ratings

    Does your question relate to popularity as a spectator sport, participation sport, or both combined? From a participation point, some sports, especially motor sports would be less popular due to cost (and possibly the danger)
  18. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    The Grudziadz match live on Premier Sports, which previously disappeared from my EPG, has now gone back on it. I believe even Dave Goddard said yesterday it would not be shown live. About time Premier Sports started updating their EPG correctly.
  19. RS50

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Both live Sunday matches on Premier have now gone from my EPG listings. Looks like delayed coverage only.
  20. Considering they are not posting tickets, seems a high price for P&P
  21. I'm not too familiar with Swedish. Does this mean no league speedway at all?
  22. Would be ironic if there are more meetings in October this year than some recent years.
  23. RS50

    start date ?

    The 2nd/3rd tier in rugby league have abandoned the season. Can not make it cost effective if no crowds allowed in until October. Can not see that speedway can pay without crowds, and October too late to start. Would also need to consider how many riders with temporary jobs will want to keep them until next March.

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