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  1. RS50

    Is speedways refund policy even legal?

    But if it did get called off after race 6 the promotion would not incur as much costs as a full match. Can remember meetings when it was raining and announced AFTER race 6 the ref would inspect the track usually to moans from the fans. Could just as easily inspected the track one race earlier.
  2. RS50

    Is speedways refund policy even legal?

    Not everyone buys a programme.
  3. RS50

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Are BT covering all these fixtures?
  4. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    That team looks very poor compared to the team that was originally declared for the start of this season. Considering we will finish bottom not very inspiring.
  5. RS50

    Buxton vs Kent

    I believe it is on Kent's website nothing on Buxtons when I last checked.
  6. RS50

    Sheffield 2019

    Read on Facebook that Zaine has an English grandparent which could possibly reduce his starting average.
  7. I believe Ben Wilson had averaged over 7 in 2nd division at some point.
  8. Quite sure none of the three riders you mentioned will be eligible. Perhaps someone can quote the exact rule.
  9. Is he called that because everyone walks all over him?
  10. RS50

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    Seem to remember that Mildenhall lost many matches not sure if all the last season they rode in 2nd division.
  11. Ok I did not check his average but the point I am making is that it gives Rob scope to pick whoever is on the best form or goes well at a particular track.
  12. So just pick someone like George Wood who has just scored a fifteen point maximum for Eastbourne today.
  13. Should be enough time from 8pm to get to station for your train. If catching tram back to station make sure you get blue route heading towards Halfway. All stops are announced on tram. Get off Sheffield station.
  14. Go to the tram stop. Get the tram for either Malin Bridge or Middlewood. Get off at Hillsborough walk a bit further forward then turn right on to Bradfield Road. At the other end of Bradfield Road you can see Owlerton. If you want to know about tram times journey times etc put Sheffield Supertram in search engine and look at the blue route.
  15. Are you sure? Looked on the EPG no speedway showing.
  16. RS50

    The need for reserves?

    You mention tape offences. Very often a team manager has 3 choices. Put the offender off 15 metres handicap or assuming it's not a reserve committing the offence use number 6 or 7 as replacement. How about as an idea to make starting offences potentially less beneficial let the opposition team manager make the decision.
  17. I'm sure Jayne will be flattered by your choice.
  18. Doubt if it would be at Buxton.
  19. RS50

    The need for reserves?

    Possibility because a reserve may get injured in race 2 and the other reserve will need to cover his remaining three races.
  20. Which team? Neither doing too well.
  21. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Whoops predictive text badly used.
  22. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    I believe I heard that Sheffield were contractually oblidged to the stadium landlords to stage 20 meetings minimum this year. Can anyone confirm if they are aware of this? The CLRC will be the 19th match at Owlerton. Will we get a 20th?
  23. RS50

    Completing Fixtures

    Complete the fixtures or get the fine? I presume you mean the former but beginning to wonder. Has the explanation re the post poning of the Buxton match on 10 June been made yet? I ask as I was waiting for this before deciding whether to go to the Buxton match on July 8th. As I had not heard anything decided to go to Scunthorpe instead. Also a home National League match against Stoke which was Tbc on the fixtures now removed. Has this been cancelled altogether?
  24. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Would Josh Grajzconek converted average be less than Charles?
  25. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Thanks. Thought there was some rule like that. Hope they get decent guest.

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