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  1. Speedway called off for a football match on television. Isn't there a speedway fan who knows how to set a DVD timer or sky + machine?
  2. RS50

    Tales of the Unexpected

    Did we ever get the official statement about why Buxton"s match on 10 June was postponed?
  3. RS50


    Did we ever get the official statement about why the match scheduled for 10th June was called off?
  4. RS50


    Why was the natch cancelled?
  5. RS50


    Well just for the record I am not trying to create any anti Buxton feeling. I was thinking of going this Sunday when I looked at the fixture list to see if the Birmingham trophy match had been arranged. Surely if this Sundays match is off better to let everyone know as soon as possible to ensure no one travels needlessly
  6. RS50


    Just been on Buxton fixtures website page and it is showing no fixture 10 June previously was home match against Mildenhall. Per Mildenhall fixture list match still on. Also the National league match against Birmingham seems to have disappeared. And is the final match against Stoke still showing as TBC ever going to get final confirmation?
  7. RS50

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    What's the weather like in Buxton?
  8. Why isn't.Bjerre riding?
  9. RS50


    Do they still have the burger van there on match days?
  10. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Just heard that Todd Kurtz replaced Palm Toft at Leicester. As Palm Toft was replacing Bates does this mean Josh return Is some way off? Thought I heard it would be late April when he would be back
  11. RS50


    Just been on Sheffield Archives Section, and looked at 2006 season, noted that season, they held 32 home matches (with 3 post-poned dates). Certainly a lot more than will be run this year. It was evident prior to the season that there would be less matches, with the Championship Shield replacing the second round of league matches. Also look at the pricing. Admission on the night increases, but season ticket prices reduced. I realise that some call off are inevitable, but what I find annoying is the speed at which they are called off, and the slowness with which they are re-arranged. Last year, Newcastle V Sheffield, called off April, re-arranged for October. This year, four matches I would have gone to have been called off (2 Scunny, 1 Buxton, 1 Sheffield). Only 1 has been re-arranged. The sooner dates are announced, more likely I will go to them. If promoters don't bother, then why should I? They lose money, I save if I don't go. Even when promoters re-arrange dates I feel they could communicate better with fans. 2 years ago Sheffield re-arranged a match to be on a Wednesday. I only noticed this by co-incidence, as I was looking at fixture list for other information (according to another forum poster the stadium was not available Thursday so why was the match originally scheduled for this date?). Why was this never brought to fans attention?. In the programme for the match it was stated this was Sheffield's first home match on a Wednesday for nearly 50 years. Simple communication can help
  12. RS50

    Scorpions 2018

    Since the fixtures were published about 3 months ago, the home match V Glasgow Sunday 22 July has had a start time of 5pm (TBC). Can anyone confirm when the start time will be confirmed and announced to the public. Was hoping to go to this match, but will not keep my options for this date open indefinately.
  13. RS50


  14. RS50


    With less than a week to the first home match does anyone know? 1 Are prices same as 2017? (2017 prices only still on website). 2 Who qualifies for concessions? 3 Is the Stoke home match September 16th still TBC?
  15. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Was it half price? I thought it was £5.00 off.l Admittedly I did not take too much notice being a season ticket holder.
  16. Any news on a re-staging date?
  17. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    So does with Josh Bates unlikely to be fit for the first match, can we use R/R for him. Seem to remember a few years back, when Proctor was signed to replace Roynon, and Proctor was not available, there was no facility for R/R or a guest, other than National League eligible rider only.
  18. Aaron Summers and Peter Kildemand to complete.
  19. RS50

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Was thinking more of guests needed for injuries. No doubt the draw will be fixed to ensure no foreseen clashes happen.
  20. RS50

    Bt Sport Coverage

    With 2 other Premier league matches and a British semi same night hope no guests needed.
  21. RS50

    Track sharing

    Sheffield Eagles rugby league have also played at Owlerton.
  22. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Personally I will be glad the gantry has gone. Will now get a better view of the riders on the outside gates at the start.
  23. RS50

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    So has Rob announced who his number 7 is?
  24. RS50

    Sheffield 2018

    Will rider replacement rule be available from the start of the season?

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