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  1. no-brakes-uk

    Corona virus

    And he used to have a record shop.
  2. no-brakes-uk

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Most riders already have their vans by this time of the year and the lease contracts signed.
  3. no-brakes-uk

    Corona virus

    Branson only owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic. The rest is owned by Air France KLM and Delta Airlines
  4. no-brakes-uk

    Eurosport 2020

    Anyone know if the 2020 TV deal with Eurosport is for domestic speedway only or if it includes GPs, SON and other FIM events?
  5. no-brakes-uk

    Speedway Agm

    Belle Vue will be running in 2017 so not all bad news.
  6. no-brakes-uk


    Peter Kildemand and Pob
  7. no-brakes-uk

    Tai Quits Team Gb

    Don't you do what suits you? I know I do.
  8. no-brakes-uk

    Tai Quits Team Gb

    The forum is ticking... 💣
  9. no-brakes-uk

    What Changes Have To Be Made In 2017?

    I still find it a bit odd how the formats of the world championships and the leagues turned on their heads. World championship - one off final to a season long campaign of total points. Leagues - season long campaign of total points to a one off final. So which one wasn't working out?
  10. no-brakes-uk

    Nigel & Kelvin

    i did have to s n I g g e r at the conversation during the World Cup last weekend: Nige: "...but here we are talking about the referee holding the tapes too long when really we should be talking about the riders." Kelv: "Well let's do that then!" It's not as funny written down...
  11. no-brakes-uk

    What Changes Have To Be Made In 2017?

    Bring back 13 heats, happiness is 40-38, monkey masks, world finals, sticking plasters for grips, jumpers for goalposts, chips for 20p and 'two-wheeling' slow racing on deep tracks because that wor 'proper speedway'.
  12. Is it any wonder Poland have won so many golds? Although they have now won in Denmark and UK as well.
  13. no-brakes-uk

    Should Greg Hancock Ride For Usa?

    They may or may not have had a suit made for him (it looked new to be fair) but I do know he didn't leave US until earliest Wednesday, possibly Thursday which would suggest to me it was a last minute decision to include him.
  14. no-brakes-uk

    Should Greg Hancock Ride For Usa?

    Becker was already in the first round as reserve so had his suit made. Broc has been wearing last year's WC suit (or the same design) all season in the states.

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