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  1. You just know Steve and TJ will find some pace and score heavily
  2. scunny1

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    Danny Ayres fantastic lad on and off the track. Always gives 100% effort and always gives the fans a wave and thanks. We have had the pleasure at Scunthorpe to listen to his after match comments several times this season and he comes across as a genuine nice guy, quite humble, fiercely self critical and keen to learn to improve at every opportunity. Hope his injury today at Mildenhall has not put paid to his excellent season. Get well soon Danny.
  3. I will settle for a draw but not even hopeful of that with our away form. Probably be a dust bowl with the strong breeze drying even the wettest track after a few heats.
  4. Unlucky heat 15, when on a 5-1 Ben Barker sheds a chain and is spat off the bike gifting Brummies a draw. Curse of the number 1 position continues for us. It was obvious to one and all Jason would take loads of points from this meeting to show Rob the error of his ways. Bright note was young Ryan Kinsley showing his gating skills and his liking for riding the fence.
  5. Light shower over the track now, but blue sky right behind it, so perfect speedway track
  6. Hope Rob has plenty of spare air fence panels.
  7. Only 30% chance of rain ,that's pretty good odds on it being fine. Get some water down Rob and get an outside line to work to give us a fair chance of a win.
  8. scunny1

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Danny Ayres heroics in heat 19 of British Championship can be seen on sports page on Scunthorpe Live site. An awesome ride!!!
  9. So what you are saying is, don't have a progression through semis, but just draft in who you fancy? Quite insulting to those who supported the semi finals and to those riders that qualified through them!
  10. If you read my post, my spy said it at 1.34pm
  11. scunny1

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Josh Auty now in British final replacing Robert Lambert. Good luck to Simon and Danny too for tonight's big event
  12. Auty looked far better than Cook last night.
  13. scunny1

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Fair play to the Tigers your heat leaders did what was expected. For us, Danny had his only poor meeting since joining and I am sure he will be totally gutted, as he wears his heart on his sleeve somewhat. Rambo should have had more points with his experience and Ryan is on a too long a lean spell-another victim of young lads making the big jump up a league and struggling. The biggest shocker was the track again. No outside line is a massive hindrance, with our boys searching for dirt that was just not there and going backwards. For a track that had supposedly 1000s of gallons taken off it yesterday, it seemed totally devoid of moisture, with dust flying everywhere from heat 2 onwards. For people saying what a great meeting it was, well perhaps the regular fans have been spoilt and most saying the racing was not so good this week. Josh, Stefan Jake and Ben battled hard but they like riding the fence and we did not prepare the track for home advantage. We can only hope lessons are learnt. Last complaint , How long do we have to endure crap public address system ? Can someone teach Roger to work the P.A system in the bar too!!!
  14. My spy in city centre says not raining and just cloudy, but hey ho, just go up the M18 for a speedway fix at Scunny.

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