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  1. scunny1

    Somerset 2020

    Thought Edinburgh, as the senior club, had first dabs on Friday nights?
  2. scunny1


    School nurse used to do 300 BCG jabs in one afternoon session, so all we need is NHS to get their fingers out. Doctors- does anyone remember them, seem to be in hiding since March???
  3. scunny1

    Somerset 2020

    No ,he will ride for the Scorpions again.
  4. scunny1

    Jason Garrity

    Move on Jenga, Garrity didn't ride for the Scorpions, his last club was Birmingham- even shirley knows that!
  5. Speakers in the carpark work better than the ones in the stadium. Rob needs to invest in some new equipment. If he is going roving microphone, he needs a proper sports mic with wind defector as we can't hear a damn thing. Noticed the other presenter whilst he was on the infield, he was holding the mic around his belly button, maybe that's why he is inaudible!!! Can we also have exclusion lights in a different place so to be more visible from the stands, or get someone trained to update the scoreboard.
  6. Kemp, Bickley and Palin. At the last meeting Archie Freeman looked a good prospect.
  7. Been complaining about the speaker near the stand after the finishing line being poor. Its bad enough the announcer is poor added to the inadequate speaker , folk around me are constantly asking for results, riders etc.
  8. Sorry but there was lots of social distancing. I suppose you personally know all the groups of friends and relatives that can legitimately stand together? A good proportion of supporters (presumably more at risk folk ) were also wearing masks. Certain clubs are trying hard to give supporters some form of Speedway, give them credit ,rather than just knocking their efforts.
  9. Crowd limit of 500, with local Councillors in attendance to probably report back their observations. Crowd well spaced out, with 20% perhaps wearing face coverings.
  10. scunny1

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Think I can evacuate far easier from the EWR than I could Cardiff. I don't think the local authority will count people through the gates for such a low ranking meeting-unless the council worker is on overtime! Lets face it how many speedway meetings in UK are at full capacity in good times never mind with a Pandemic lurking.
  11. scunny1

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    First come, first served and there will be a limit . However if Rob gets a crowd of over 6902 I am sure he will be delighted. If he gets over 400 it will be a bumper crowd for a youth meeting.
  12. scunny1

    Boris Talks About Speedway

    20 minutes and you are at the EWR.
  13. scunny1

    League to run over two seasons

    Think its quite obvious that we will get little speedway this year. Premier league looks a bit of a mess with travel and rider disruption. Championship will run North and South split league -probably one home and one away meeting at most? Cardiff GP cancelled until next year? Looks bleak and we just know as soon as any sort of programme is put together this balmy weather will be a thing of the past and rain offs will further destroy the proceedings. Who would be a speedway promotor, or track owner right now when half your potential customers fall into the at risk category to compound the serious problems even more.
  14. scunny1

    Somerset 2020

    Bunyen for Sam Masters was a pretty poor replacement for the Scorpions too.
  15. Such a trick track, it was voted Track of the Year again! Wide with many lines and so much passing, pity the recognised Homer's tracks are not as forgiving.Open all year for Amateurs and for practise It caters for all riders from World Champions to beginners.

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