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  1. Nevs

    Godfrey Spargo

    Sad to this hear this news from Liz this evening.Godfrey always had time for a chat and a natter when he attended Exeter speedway events.Nice guy. RIP Godfrey.
  2. Nevs

    I Wonder Why....

    Still gutted all these years later-Adshel bus stop sign putter uppers let me have a huuuge Havvy Lucozade one-was at the top of the stairs for a fair while-mysteriously disappeared one day whilst at work-no one has ever admitted responsibilty-even lucozade no longer have one..I will feckin get one one day again..in the meantime The Falcons fly at Somerset next Friday second half which will be nice -guaging supporters interest for a possible home track in a few years? Up the Falcons-and I want a Havvy Lucozade Bus stop poster back one day-check your lofts-someone must have one. Have a great season guys and girls Cheers for alerting me to this thread Gems x As an aside-if any of you lot need to cancel a family cheap family room at Cardiff nearer the time please let me know-Ickle nevs now drives and has her own car and is willing to be chauffeur-She has demanded I book a hotel-how the years pass and the kids grow up
  3. Just gone up to £32.50 Corny .Family room available for Fri and Sat night for £65.00 total (Non refundable) or £96.95 (able to cancel up until midday on day of arrival and receive refund)
  4. Tony Lethbridge has recently posted this message on The Exeter forum-Sound's like it should be a good day for those able to attend-Up The Falcons The Great Falcons' Gala Get Together will take place at the Twisted Oak Inn, Little John's Cross Hill, Exeter (sat nav EX2 9RG) on Sunday 26 August 2012 betwen 12 noon and 5.00pm. Admission is free. Guests of honour include Vaclav Verner, Richard Green, Peter Jeffery and Jack Geran who joined the Falcons 60 years ago this season. Hopefully plenty of other former Falcons will also be there depending on racing commitments. There will be an extensive display of Rob Doran's famous memorabilia collection as well as bikes and items generously loaned by other collectors. The pub is laying on an all you can eat BBQ at £6 a head, and of course the bar will be open! Come and meet up with old friends. Hope to see you all there.
  5. Glad to hopefully have been something of some help even if years before i was born-Up THE FALCONS
  6. Have sent a message to Tony lethbridge Knowle quoting your post-will let you know if he gets it and replies. Have sent you a pm Knowle.
  7. Nevs

    Speedway Related Xmas Presents

    Some personalised speedway wall clocks going on ebay, got this for me lad for his birthday,Ok it aint the County Ground,but something to remind him of when The Falcons flew and doesnt break the bank.My linkThey are actually good value for money if looking for a cheap pressie-other tracks available.I was sceptical when I ordered it, but was pleasantly surprised,something for him to stick on the wall in his bedroom.And it does arrived framed.
  8. Nevs

    Speedway Advert - Grit

    No luck yet again,but at least Lucozade rep managed to reply-(I like the bit "This promotion ended some time ago") Umm yeah I do realise that!! Thank you for your email regarding our Lucozade posters. Unfortunately this promotion ended some time ago now and we do not have any here in the office so are unable to send one to you on this occasion. May we suggest you look at some online auctioning sites where you may be successful in finding one. Please be assured your comments will be passed on to the Lucozade brand manager for future consideration when next reviewing this product. Kind Regards Lucy Consumer Care Representative I didnt want a poster-I wanted the huge Bus stop version but thanks for replying Lucy-more than your colleagues have managed over the past few years
  9. Nevs

    Speedway Advert - Grit

    You don't come home from work and expect your 6ft Lucozade/speedway poster on the stairwell to have suddenly gone during "redecorating", bloke from Adshel went out of his way to get that one for me-If anyone still has a full size one I will buy it,and stick it back up again as a surprise xmas pressie for meself whilst paulipops is cooking the xmas turkey 15 years later (she is gonna love that not)-seriously if anyone has the full bus stop version I will buy it--I have emailed both Lucozade and Adshel(bus stop advertisers) 3 times over this over the years and none of the buggers have replied
  10. Nevs

    Mattie Bates & Exeter.

    Was just great to see the Falcons fly again
  11. Nevs

    Mattie Bates & Exeter.

    It was great to see the Falcons Flying again and the supporters turning out to see them,also the Long Eaton Invaders race bib making a reappearance. You could tell as they came to the line in heat 1 that this was no demonstration. I have three of the heat times,Heat1 61.87 Heat 2 61.25 Heat 4 61.06 ,but I missed the times for heat 3 and 5. Have to agree the Old guard didnt look out of place and meant more for falcons fans to see them flying again.It was a great evening .Hope Matt can get them flying again soon,for a young rider to take on these sort of arrangements to get everything sorted is a huge credit to him. Up The Falcons
  12. Nevs

    Mattie Bates & Exeter.

    Couldnt let this one go without wishing Matt and all concerned the very best wishes for later today when The Falcons will fly again
  13. Nevs

    Cardiff 2011

    Won't make the same mistake next year by buying tickets on the day. Did anyone else have problems with the cheapest tickets being sold out? Wanted to go on third or 4th bend top tier and move around-Was told on the day they would be £60-whereas last year we bought them on the day at the cheapest ticket price. Ended up paying £40 a ticket for five seats on bend two slap bang at the top at the back up against the back wall and the five of us were seperated into 2 and 3 by a pillar with another few steps to climb.-Yet look over to the third bend top tier and hundreds and hundreds of free seats. Spoilt the event to a degree but my fault I guess for buying on the day. How the hell the old lady with her walking stick and the blind gentleman managed to climb that high I have no idea.
  14. Nevs

    Mauger's New Book.

    Ivan was at Exeter last night with Vaclav Verner,on the start of his tour. It was a brilliant evening. If he is coming to a location near you I would highly recommend going along.
  15. Gems has just text back and said Yeay thats cool with a smiley face Aint told her yet she will be sat 400ft up in the gods and they will look like ants-Hope the big screen is working this year!!!

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